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Brooke always knew her mom liked pussy. She watched her and the neighbor lady that morning.
Eighteen year old Brooke was just out of high school and on her way to college. Her mother Jan, Belgian by birth, and step-dad Bob were currently living in Germany. He was an Air Force NCO stationed at Ramstein AB. Brooke was enjoying her summer break in Europe. Sleeping late, the company of her mother, sightseeing and shopping filled her days.

This particular morning she slept late, as usual. Female voices in the dining room disturbed her slumber. She recognized the voices. Her mom and the neighbor lady, Dot. They were having coffee, croissants, and gossip. She pulled the blankets over her head and went back to sleep. Later, as she began to slowly stir out of her morning haze she listened for the voices, but they were gone. She was cozy, warm, and comfortable as she stretched and yawned. She rubbed her eyes, her face, then dropped her hands to her small breasts. She loved to feel her breasts in the morning. If she stopped soon enough she might be able to jump out of bed and get the day started. When she was on vacation and could linger in bed, she didn't stop rubbing her breasts till her nipples were rigid and she began to feel the warmth in her pubes. Both hands abandoned her small breasts and, held together as in prayer, squeezed them between her clenched knees and thighs. She pulled the panty crotch out and up tight against her labia. Her throat began to rattle quietly in the back of her throat. The fabric of her panty, pulled tight agains her cunt began to pleasantly agitate her clitoris. With both hands she pulled and pinched at her labia till it began to moisten. She dipped two fingers into her warm vagina then without losing contact she traced them wetly up to her clit.

"Mmmmmmm, aaaahhhh! Oh my gawd that feels good in the mornings," she thought out loud. She took her time about it. Rub two fingers down...back up to her clit. Rub gently. With her other hand she reached underneath her upraised knee to her pussy and pinched her labia. She slipped two fingers into her pussy. Her right hand fingered her clit. She paused once, breathing faster. She resumed the finger play. She paused again, to rub at her hard nipples, breathing harder yet. She couldn't stop herself, nor did she want to. She threw the blankets aside.

She came loudly and alone in her bedroom...most mornings. She was mostly alone with her mom in the apartment after her step-dad left for work. She startled. She remembered voices in the front of the apartment earlier. [i]I wonder if they're still out there[i], she thought. [i]Hope nobody heard me[i]. Her mom heard her often, she knew, but Jan was aware and told her about a young girl’s natural need for masturbation.

Brooke was fully aware of her mother's sexual preferences from many intimate conversations during Brooke's childhood. They lived alone or with an occasional live-in girlfriend until Jan married Bob. Brooke never knew who her real father was. Jan kidded that she never knew either and didn't care. It just happened. Bob was her first husband and the first man she could tolerate living with so she married him. He was an attractive man by any measure. He worshiped the cushions Jan sat on and that was just fine with her. She dominated him and he loved it. He knew she was not interested in any cock that came along. She fucked other men rarely, other women was another story.

"Bob, that new couple next door are hot, don't you think?" He knew from her tone that the question was mostly rhetorical and did not reply. "That tall skinny blond looks good and her husband is very, very sexy! I saw him up close in the parking lot yesterday and I said to myself, Oooo, la-la! What do you think, Bob?" Bob looked over towards the adjoining living room where Brooke was pretending to read the paper. Jan turned her head toward Brooke's direction then back to Bob and said, "What are you looking at her for? Is she going to answer for you?" He looked back to Jan.

"No honey, sometimes I'm just shocked at your sexual candor in Brooke's presence." So that's the way it went for him. On the positive side, if he was lucky, he might be allowed some occasional strange pussy. He loved her bisexual escapades.

Back in her bedroom on that memorable morning, Brooke got out of bed, running her hand through her red hair, readjusted her panties and top as she headed to the toilet. Brooke was taller than her mother by a head. She had small breasts with flaring hips to a luscious ass and long legs. As she sat and urinated she listened for her mom who was usually puttering around the kitchen after the usual [i]caffe klatsche[i]with the neighbor lady. They had been spending a lot of time together lately. Sometimes Brooke would sit and have coffee with them. The conversation was getting more interesting day by day. Jan, of course, did not censor her conversation with Dot just because Brooke was sitting there listening intently. They were not in the kitchen this morning when Brooke walked in and poured herself a cup. She leaned against the counter and, holding her cup with both hands, sipped her coffee. Then she heard them. Her mom was in the bedroom. Brooke could hear them talking....another voice...other noises. She thought, "They must be going through mom's wardrobe."

Brooke walked slowly, holding her cup gingerly so it wouldn't spill. Walking barefoot down the hallway carpet she reached the master bedroom and stopped at the door. It was basically a wooden frame with a full length frosted glass panel in the center. She could see movement and light, and other sounds. Brooke leaned forward before stepping through the door. She was always cautious entering her parent’s room. She always looked to see what was going on in there.

She saw blurred movements coming from the bed. The door opened outward toward the hallway so she stood just behind it. As she reached for the handle she froze. Brooke saw the figures of two women on the bed. Although Jan had told her daughter about making love with other women, Brooke was nevertheless surprised at seeing her mother and the neighbor lady bare-ass naked on the bed.

Jan had a long string of girlfriends that Brooke was aware of. During Brooke's childhood her mother had lived with several women. From time to time she witnessed her mother being intimate with other women and it was the norm to stumble from bed at night and walk in on them but today her reaction was definitely erotic.

She heard the moaning and groaning. She saw them, groping, hips humping, their mouths devouring each other. Whispering to herself, "Wow! Is that hot, or what?" Brooke felt the familiar warmth come back into her loins. She leaned against the wall and her left hand found her breasts again. She realized she still had the coffee cup in her right hand. With her bare feet still planted on the carpet, Brooke leaned against then slid down the wall. She carefully placed the cup on the floor next to her. Her knees were spread as she squatted behind the door. With her right hand she reached down to her clit and with her left from underneath, she rubbed her cunt lips anew. Brooke leaned forward again and peeked around the door frame.

"Oooooh, [i]ma cheri![i] You are so g-good to me! I am so lucky to find you....someone who knows how to love my pussy," Brooke heard her mother panting. "Men do not, mm, to eat p-pussy." Her mother was really enjoying her neighbor's company. [i]It sounds like mom is cumming soon[i], Brooke thought.[i] And so is Dot. I sure would love to have her eat my pussy. it's so hot! Look at them, look at them![i]

They had re-positioned themselves to scissor their legs, their cunts lip to lip. The wetness between them sealed their the union. Brooke had often considered when her first girl-girl experience would happen. She knew it would, sooner or later. Jan had told her that she would and should. Brooke was not a virgin. She had fucked a couple of teenage friends, but those experiences amounted to get in, get off, and get out. She would rather just jerk them off and avoid the mess afterwards. She had no memorable sexual experiences other than her own fingers. Till now.

Brooke leaned forward to look past the door toward the bed again. Jan was atop riding Dot. Brooke's eyes made contact with the neighbor lady's eyes. [i]Oh, fuck! She's seen me![i] But they continued without interruption. Brooke could not concentrate on her pussy. She was too busy maneuvering to see. Then she heard her mother cumming......loudly. Like mother like daughter. Brooke stood up against the wall with both hands in her panty trying, trying not to let her orgasm escape her. Then she heard her mother.

"Oh, honey, have you been there all the time?" Brooke removed her fingers from her panties and walked slowly toward her mother's outstretched hand looking and smiling sheepishly at Dot. "Come here, my little one," Jan said lovingly, "Come....Dot will not mind, will you Dot?"

[i]Dot is so beautiful,[i] thought Brooke as she stood there looking. [i]She has smallish breasts like mine. And her pussy! It's bald! Just a wisp of blond hair with such a big mound! Oh! look at that![i]

Jan and Dot sat up and leaned against the headboard pulling the sheet over their hips leaving both women’s breasts exposed to the girl. They invited Brooke into the middle where the two women cuddled her between them and laughed at her embarrassment. The girl had two naked women pressed to her. She felt warm and comfortable again and completely horny.

"Did you enjoy watching me and Dot?" Jan asked. Brooke made a feeble but positive response. "I know you liked it, didn't you, you naughty girl!" Then to Dot, "She likes to watch Bob and me too. We act like we don't know," then back to Brooke, "Huh, honey?" Brooke giggled, and they laughed together

"Are you still a virgin, sweetie?" Dot was trying to feel between her young legs as she asked. Jan answered for her.

"She fucked around with a couple of young friends, but she has never been with a woman, [i]cheri[i]. But, now I know who will teach her!" They all laughed again at the great fun they were having and how horny they were.

Dot told Brooke, "I was just your age, when someone showed me how wonderful another woman's love can be, sweetie. I was an exchange student in Paris where I lived with a nice family. I shared a bedroom with their daughter, Charlize. What fun we had! And her mother was the first to lick my little pussy." Jan was frigged herself again under the sheet and Brooke's hips were also humping slightly, her fingers roaming through her own folds as Dot told her hot little tale.

Dot told them how Charli and her would sneak down the hallway to her parents bedroom to watch them fuck at night. "We would run back to our bed and masturbate furiously. The mother, Claudia, came in one night and joined us."

Brooke brought her left leg over Dot's right leg. Dot took it as an invitation to reach down to touch and rub her outspread thigh lightly sliding down to Brooke's red bush. Dot rubbed the girl's cloth covered pussy. Her panties were wet. Jan, on her left side, rested her head on Brooke's shoulder and crossed her right leg over her daughter's right leg. Jan placed her hand on Dot's fingers as her new friend squeezed and rubbed her daughter's pussy lips outlined so clearly by the crease in her panty. Brooke's left hand reached between Dot's legs and not knowing quite what to do, she rested her palm on Dot's mound of venus and with her fingers, squeezed lightly. Brooke was breathing faster, panting through her mouth. Dot turned slightly toward her and first kissed her cheek. Brooke responded and turned her head to kiss her on the mouth. With opened mouths they sucked hotly for each other's tongues. Dot pulled Brooke's panty crotch aside and placed her middle finger into the girl's young pussy. Dot frigged the girl's clit with the thumb, and middle finger firmly ensconced in her warm, wet and tight hole.

Brooke's head was whirling, "Oh......m-my........g-god!" she moaned as she humped Dot's hand. [i]This is so much b-better than f-fingering myself[i], she was thinking. [i]Her tongue! I need her tongue down there too![i] Dot sat up. Brooke's eyes flickered in surprise thinking Dot had read her mind as the older woman lifted Brooke’s leg to get her head underneath and into the girl's private playground.

Brooke held her breath as she waited, but not for long. [i]She's going to go down on me. She's between my legs[i], she thought. She felt Dot's fingers part her red bush and she shivered. She felt a warm, soft wetness cover her pussy. Dot sucked in one labia and pulled. Then the other. Her tongue reached between her cunt lips and flicked into her hole. Brooke's hands found the head between her legs and held on tightly as Dot's mouth sucked on her clit.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her pelvis shivered, jerked and she orgasmed. After toying with her cunt till she was whimpering Dot kissed her clit then sucked it gently into her mouth. Brooke's mind was filled with the sensations, [i]Her fingers are wonderful and she's sucking on my clit again![i]

Jan lay close to cradle Brooke's head in her left arm and pulled her tightly to her breast. Brooke kissed her mother's breast affectionately. She watched Dot eat her daughter's pussy as she fingered her own with her right hand.

"Is it good, honey? Is it good? I told you would like it and I hoped Dot could be your first woman. Ummmmm, my pussy is still very warm. Suck mama's nipple, honey."

Brooke turned her head to look up at her mother. "Oooooh, yes, it's soooo good! It's heaven, mama!" Dot kept licking and sucking the young red-haired pussy, remembering her first time, Claudia.....yes, so good. She looked at Jan over Brooke's flat belly. She reached over the girl's right leg to Jan's pussy. Jan and Dot had eye contact all the time watching each other pleasure her daughter.

With her long slender legs wrapped tightly around Dot's shoulders, Brooke shook and trembled as she had yet another orgasm sucking on her mother's nipple.

Dot left Brooke's thighs and sat on the bed next to them and massaged the girl's swollen labia. Brooke continued to suckle on her mother's breast till they both recovered from their orgasms. She sat up on the edge of the bed, to kiss and hug Dot.

"Oh, Dot, that was marvelous! I want to do it again and again!"

"Now don't get greedy, honey. We will do it again, but if you haven't noticed, it's past noon already and I have to go home, do my chores, and get supper ready for my husband."

"Promise we'll do it again, Dot, promise!" She pleaded with Dot and hugged and kissed her again.

"Yes, sweetie, we will." Then Dot whispered in her ear, "You can come and hang out with me and Ted if it's okay with your mother. I promise you'll love it."

"Oooooh, I heard that!" said Jan. She was laying on her side watching Dot and her daughter. Jan's head rested on her elbow, slowly rubbing her pussy with her free hand. "Can I spend the night with you and Ted too?"

That evening Jan, as was her custom, tucked her daughter into bed. Brooke, blankets pulled up to her chin, whispered to her mother, "Mama, is it really okay to go with know, like she said?"

"Of course, [i]ma cheri[i]. I want you to be happy with your body and enjoy it as much as you want. But you must take precautions about sex because it can get you into trouble if you don't do it safely. I've been talking to Dot for a while now, and I like her very much. And we had a good time this morning didn't we? So, I know they can be trusted not to hurt you. But, I want to hear all about it afterwards!"

Brooke giggled, "Wow, mom! I didn't know it could be that good! I'll tell you if you tell me what you and Dad do. And what will dad say about this?"

"Don't worry about your dad. He'll go along with whatever I tell him. And besides, It turns him on too. [i]He turns me on too[i], thought Brooke.

"You think dad is interested in Dot?"

"Oh, don't think he would hesitate to get between her beautiful legs. Just because he doesn't say much doesn't mean he's not interested in......well, never mind." [i]You and him would probably enjoy a good fuck too if I let you[i] was what Jan was thinking.

"Tell me! What? Has he had other women since you've been married? Tell me!"

Jan did not hesitate. She knew her daughter was fully aware of her sexual appetites. "Sure, honey, he's had a few. But he's never cheated, really. He would not do it behind my back. I fixed him up a few times with my girlfriends, that's the only women he's had. He's too shy to get involved with anything like that by himself. But, he's has a good time once in a while."

"You fixed him up?" The girl wanted more. "What did you do?"

"What do you want me to tell you, [i]cheri?[i]"

"What did you do?" Brooke repeated herself. "Did you all go to bed together? Have you done threesomes with dad? How did it happen?" Under the blankets, Brooke's fingers were toying with her pussy lips on top of her panty. "Are you going to go with Dot and Ted?"

"[i]Oui[i], yes, yes. All of that. Some of my girlfriends always want to include your dad. Some don't. He waits till we till we need him." Jan laughed at her own humour. "A little wine, a little food and then my girlfriend and I start kissing, feeling and hugging. It doesn't take your dad very long before he has a big hard-on. But we tease him and make him wait."

"He just watches?" Brooke rubbed her pussy as she asked.

Jan noticed the movements under the blanket. "Are you getting horny again, honey? Kiss me goodnight. Then you can take care of that and go to sleep."

Jan brought her face down to her daughter's. Their lips came together then Jan felt her Brooke's arm come up around her neck to hold the kiss just a moment longer. "No, no! Don't go yet," Brooke whispered. "Tell me more, mama."

"Well, for instance, one afternoon last summer, when I had company. A friend. You know her. Marsha, Hutch's wife. Dot suggested I invite her over some afternoon cause she likes married pussy after she had her thing with Dot. Anyway, we were in the living room having drinks. We got a little I always do. We ended up talking about sex so we both got a little horny. We made ourselves comfortable on the couch and soon we were half naked and feeling each other up. I started playing with myself and she diddled herself too. We both sat on each end o the couch facing each other. Our legs straight out and touching. I was getting ready to have a cum when she stopped suddenly. She was looking toward the hallway so I looked and saw your dad standing in the hallway rubbing himself through his trousers. I told Marsha not to stop. I didn't say anything to your dad, so he just stood there and watched.

I knelt on the floor and Marsha moved down further so I could lick her pussy. She kept watching your step-dad playing with himself. I pulled her shorts and panties off. When Marsha and I got really hot, I told your dad to fuck me from behind. He came to us and dropped his trousers. He knelt behind me gave it to me good. When he finished with me and I finished eating Marsha I told her not to move and your dad fuck her right there on the couch. Is that making you horny, [i]cheri[i]? Are you cumming now, honey?"

"Oh, oh, oh! I'm cumming, mom!" Brooke moved her knees up and spread them as she frigged herself to orgasm. Still horny herself, Jan slipped her hand under the blankets to feel Brooke's hands still clutching her quivering pussy. She kissed Brooke on the forehead and slipped out of her daughter's bedroom and found Bob sitting up in bed waiting for her. Jan first kissed his mouth then worked her way down to his cock.

Saturday morning Brooke woke up with her fingers in her young pussy once again. She couldn't get the neighbor lady out of her mind. As her fingers did their pleasant morning chore she recalled Dot's warm mouth on her pubes and the sensations she had experienced the previous morning. She was looking forward to what the weekend would bring. Still dressed in her usual sleep attire, panties and tee shirt, she found Jan as usual at the dining room table with Dot.

"[i]Bon jour, ma cheri[i], did you sleep well?" Brooke beamed when she came into the dining room to join them. Dot smiled at Brooke as Jan greeted her daughter. She was in her usual bathrobe and Jan in her floor length, almost transparent, nightgown. Her breasts and bush were clearly visible to Dot's hungry eyes.

Dot greeted the girl, "[i]Guten morgen, schatzi</>, how are you today?"

Brooke gave her mother a peck on the cheek, "[i]Bon jour, mama[i]." She walked around the table and sat on Dot's lap with an arm around the older woman's shoulder. She kissed Dot on the lips, her tongue probing.

"My goodness, Brooke! That's a very sweet good morning!" Dot wrapped her arm around Brooke's waist as she felt the girl wiggle her buttocks into her lap and nuzzle her neck sleepily.

Jan laughed, "I don't think she has thought of anything else since yesterday."

"Well, we'll just have to satisfy her little hunger before she dies of anticipation. Can I have her this weekend?"

Brooke sat up, "Oh, yes, mom! Can I spend the weekend with Dot? Please?"

"Of course....go! Have a good time. You can tell me all about it when you get back."

"Come on then, sweetie, get dressed and we'll do a little shopping first." Dot brought her lips to the girl's ear, "Don't wear any panties. It's warm out."

Later, as Dot drove down the [i]autobahn[i] in Ted's 1972 Buick Sportswagon. Brooke dismissed all other subjects quickly. She wanted to talk sex.

"I guess you're not too interested in shopping today are you?" Dot laughed with the young girl.

They both wore flimsy summer attire. Dot was reminded and told Brooke about a girlfriend of hers that had sat in the same spot Brooke was sitting and played with herself as they drove home on the freeway late one afternoon. They had been with her soon to be ex-husband all afternoon. Fucking. One last fuck when Maxine delivered divorce papers and shared him with Dot. Brooke listened intently. She felt her naked cunt rubbing on the leather car seat through her dress. She was wet already as she listened and looked at the beautiful blond behind the wheel. Dot's dress was pulled up above her knees and Brooke knew she wasn't wearing underwear either.

As Dot reminisced about the afternoon with Maxine and Fred, Brooke listened and asked questions interrupting Dot constantly.

"Was she your lover? Was it good? You sucked his cock too?"

Dot knew the girl was extraordinarily horny with the new experience. Brooke rubbed her knees anxiously as she listened and kept asking for detail.

"Touch yourself, sweetie. Go ahead, I know how it feels to be horny and feel the itch down there. Go ahead, enjoy yourself. I'll enjoy it too and I'll keep telling you about it. And what I have planned for you with Ted." Dot let go of the wheel with her right hand and reached for Brooke's knee. She squeezed it gently and brought her hand up the girl's inner thigh. "Do it for me, sweetie."

"Ooooooh! Yes, please let me show you how horny I am." Brook slid down on the car seat and pulled her dress up to her hips.

Dot saw Brooke's red bush in the sunlight streaming through the windshield. The girl's fingers parted her bush and rubbed her pussy lips and a single digit pushed in between to find her wetness.

"Ohhh, D-dot! Ohhh, Dot! I'm s-so hot for you!"

Dot rubbed and squeezed the girl's thigh as they sped down the autobahn. Brooke took Dot's hand and brought it to her pussy.

"Wait, sweetie, I'll have to stop if you want something from me, okay?" Dot pulled off the [i]autobahn[i] at the next rest area. In the middle of the morning they found a secluded spot in the parking area. Dot moved toward Brooke and brought her right arm around the girl's neck to pull her mouth to mouth. Dot's left hand went to Brooke's pussy and Brooke groped for Dot's breasts. Dot spread her legs, "Feel my pussy, sweetie." They masturbated and kissed each other there in a far corner of the rest area in the warm morning sun shining through the windshield.

Dot slid down on the seat with her head near the steering wheel. Brooke lay on top of her. Dot's hands found the girl's buttocks and pulled her into her own pelvis. Brooke humped the woman's thigh and brought her lips to Dot's breasts, nuzzling them through the dress. Dot placed her hands on Brooke's shoulders and pushed down.

"Do you want me to lick you, Dot? Yes, I want to lick you." Dot smiled as the girl adjusted her position so that her knees were on the floor mat and her elbows on the older woman's thighs. Brooke's face was in Dot's pussy. She gingerly brought her tongue out to make contact with the hairless cunt. Dot held her head and pulled it to her.

"Eat me, Brooke. Eat me! Ummmm! Yes, like that. Oh sweetie, d-do that, yessss!"

Brooke looked up at Dot, "Is that okay, am I doing it right?"

"Don't worry, honey, it comes naturally to a woman that is already inclined to eat pussy. It can only get better with experience.....ummmmmm, yes, like that. Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Suck my clit, yessss! You're going to make me cum, sweetheart." Encouraged, Brooke covered Dot's pussy with her mouth and hummed like she couldn't get enough.

"Umm, Umm, Umm," Brooke realized she was about to make this gorgeous blond older woman cum. She was enjoying giving her head as much as she enjoyed getting it from Dot just twenty-four hours ago.

"Ummmmmmmmm! Um! Um! Oh, sweetheart, t-that was delicious!" Dot's pelvis twitched and jerked as she orgasmed. Brooke looked up and beamed at Dot who said, "Your face is all wet, sweetie, come here." Brooke pulled herself up off the floor mat and lay on top of Dot again. They wrapped their arms around each other as Dot kissed and licked her own juices off the girl's face. Brooke giggled and ground her pelvis between Dot's open legs again.

As they sat back up to straighten up their dresses, Brooke asked, "What are we going to do with Ted tonight, Dot? Tell me."

"Oh! Are looking forward to Ted already. You've just had your first pussy and already you're plotting to fuck my husband?" Dot made the girl blush. "Don't be embarrassed, sweetie, it's okay, I'm just kidding. You're going to have a great time with him." Dot corrected herself, "We're going to have a great time with Ted."

"It's just that I haven't had a real man yet. The two boys I've fucked were really only interested in getting off and I got nothing from them and had to use my fingers afterwards. I didn't get hot and horny like I do with you."

"Do you like Ted, Brooke?"

"Oh yes, he's a good-looking man. Mom says likes him too. That's another thing. Are you going to do it with mom and dad and Ted?"

"Your brain is working way too far ahead, sweetie. Let's just have a nice weekend and take it as it comes, okay?"

Brooke sat in the middle of the seat next do Dot as they drove out of the rest area and back onto the [i]autobahn</>. Brooke placed her hand between Dot's legs, " But I can't help thinking of Ted's thing."

Dot teased the girl. "You mean, Ted's cock? I want you to call it by its proper name, sweetie. It's a cock, a penis, a prick, anything else but......what did you say? Ted's thing?"

"Okay," the girl replied, "Ted's cock.....and your pussy," as her fingers delved further between Dot's legs.

"Tonight, sweetie, you can have both at the same time. Think about that awhile."

Brooke, with her left arm behind the driver and her right hand in Dot's crotch, stared through the driver's window momentarily not really seeing the countryside but seeing only a vision of Dot's pussy and Ted's cock...together. She pulled her hand out and quickly moved to her side of the seat, slid down and rubbed her pussy again, her dress up around her naked hips exposing everything up to her navel.

Dot laughed, "Oh, sweetheart, you are so ready for a good fuck!"

Dot kept driving till she reached a small city on the Rhine river. Dot arranged for a room and for Ted to meet them there.They had lunch in a small hotel restaurant.

After an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing the two found the hotel spa where they could linger in the hot springs and get a massage. In the lady's steam room, Dot sat on the top bench, her beauty fully exposed to her young companion. The room had three-level benches on all four walls. Brooke climbed up to the same level and stretched her towel out and lay face up with her head on Dot's left thigh. Dot continued to tease the girl with erotic tales of her past and how Brooke reminded her of another little redheaded friend of hers back in the states.

"I loved my little redhead. She was smaller than you, but the same red-haired coloring." Dot reached her left hand for the girl's mound and cupped it as she talked. Brooke looked up and fondled Dot's breasts. Dot leaned to her left and when her left shoulder rested on the bench found her head at Brooke's crotch. Brooke immediately turned herself with her left shoulder resting on the bench also. They both lifted their top legs over each other's heads.

As they found each others cunts and their tongues began to explore each other another woman walked in through the steam. Finding her way through the fog, the woman spread her towel on the top bench across from Dot and Brooke. Dot and Brooke barely took notice. When the stranger found herself comfortable, she turned her attention toward the other occupants in the room. Barely able to make out just who was in the room, what they were doing came to her and her eyes widened. She smiled.

Brooke's mouth never left Dot's pussy cause she was facing the wall. Dot stopped for a minute to look through the steam across the room.

"What's the matter? What are you looking at, Dot?"

"Shush, it's okay." Dot went back to licking at the girl's quivering red bush.

"Oh, Dot! You're so good to me!"

Brooke was completely unaware of the stranger in the room. The woman was on her side now with her one hand to her own crotch, the other hand massaging her ample breasts, obviously enjoying the activity across from her. The woman dropped one leg to the lower bench as she tried to see through the steam.

Dot stopped again. "Come closer if you want to see better."

"Huh? What?" Brooke stopped again to ask.

"I'm not talking to you, [i]schatzi[i]."

Brooke turned her head to see another woman's figure looming close to them on the bench.

"Who is she, Dot?"

"She just wants to see your beautiful body, honey."

"And yours too, I'll bet," Brooke giggled as she resumed the licking she was giving Dot. Dot did the same. They felt the stranger's hands stroking them as they got closer and closer to their orgasms. Dot felt the woman's fingers between her mouth and Brooke's labia.

"Um! Um! Ummmmm!" In the steam there were three females humming a familiar tune . Brooke and Dot jerked and quivered, slowly recovering from their orgasms. When they sat up to gather themselves they were alone again, never truly seeing the other woman's face.

They dressed and freshened up in the hotel room. Brooke could not keep her hands off Dot all the time they were dressing.

Ted was waited for them in the bar. Dressed as they were, their age difference was imperceptible. A redhead and a blond. "What a lovely couple you two make!" As they walked up to Ted he was sitting on a barstool, one leg on the floor the other on a stool rung. Dot walked up to Ted and threw her arms around his neck to kiss him on the mouth. She pushed herself up and between his legs to tease him. "What have you been up to today?" The girls laughed as they looked at each other and Dot pulled away from Ted.

"Say hello to Ted, dear. Give him a kiss, sweetie! Go on, give him a kiss, just like I did. Don't be afraid, he won't eat you. Not here anyway!" Dot and Brooke laughed at the joke. Dot pushed the girl toward Ted and he took her hand.

"You look radiant, Brooke!" Smiling at Dot, Ted pulled the young girl to him. She placed her hands on his chest and leaned in to kiss him. Dot moved in behind Brooke and pushed her pelvis into the young girl's buttocks squeezing her between them. Brooke felt the bulge in Ted's crotch as Dot pushed her into him. When she thought about the bulge she remembered Dot's remarks about his cock and her pussy and her arms went hesitantly around his neck and she opened her mouth to kiss the older man.

"That's better!" Dot leaned her head to Brooke's ear and whispered, "This is how it's going to be tonight. You in the middle, sweetie." They broke apart before they drew too much attention to themselves in the bar. After dinner they took an evening walk in the town square.

In the evening dusk they walked slowly across the wooded park back toward the hotel. They stopped by a group of trees to smoke a cigarette. Ted leaned back against a tree, Dot maneuvered Brooke between them again.

"Kiss him, [i]liebchen[i]," Dot told Brooke as she encircled Brooke's waist from behind. Dot pushed the girl into her husband then insinuated her hand between them. Dot's hand went to the girl's pussy. She pulled the dress up and tucked the edge into Ted's belt. Then she found her husband's zipper and searched for his penis. When she found his rapidly swelling cock she pulled it out and brought it to Brooke's panty free pussy.

"Yeah, baby!" Ted was enjoying his wife's manipulations. His cock pressed against Brooke's lower belly smearing pre-cum on her.

"It feels so big! Oh Dot! But it feels good! S-so g-good." Brooke wrapped her arms around Ted's neck as she humped into his cock and Dot's hand in her crotch. Dot rubbed her husband's cock-head into Brooke's seeping labia and clit. "I want to f-fuck him, Dot, please!"

"Not yet, sweetie. Wait till we get back to the room, but take it in your hand." Brooke lowered on arm to find the hard cock at the entrance to her cunt.

"Oh, oh, Dot! It's big. And hard! Oh my gosh, it's so hard!" Brooke wrapped her fist around Ted's throbbing fat eight inch cock and pulled it into her, bending her knees trying to get it into her opening.

Dot whispered in the girl's ear, "Would you like to suck it, sweetie?"

"Yesss, Dot! Let m-me suck it!" Brooke's knees buckled but Dot held on to her tightly around the waist to prevent her from dropping to her knees. "No, please! Let me suck it, Dot!" Dot and Ted decided they had teased the girl enough. They walked hurriedly towards the hotel, arms around the girl between them.

As they entered into the room, Dot asked Ted, "Did you remember to bring [i]Ernst[i]?"

"Sure did, [i]schatz[i]. It's in the overnight case."

Confused, Brooke asked nobody in particular, "Who's Ernst?" She was standing in front of the bathroom mirror fixing her hair and heard Dot's question to Ted. Dot walked into the bathroom and standing behind Brooke, she encircled Brooke's waist and smiled at their reflection in the mirror.

"Don't worry about [i]Ernst[i] right now sweetie. You're going to get your fill of Ted before you meet [i]Ernst[i]. Let me undress you." Dot whispered and kissed the young girl on the nape of the neck. The older woman rubbed her breasts over her dress before unbuttoning it. Brooke's dress dropped to the floor and she was instantly naked in the mirror watching Dot massage her breasts.

"I want to undress you too," Brooke told Dot as she turned. When they were both naked they held each other and looked at themselves in the mirror.

"Oooooh, don't we look good?"

"We ought to take a picture," Dot replied laughing. They walked into the bedroom to find Ted sitting at the table, smoking and drinking from his freshly poured wineglass.

"You two look good enough to eat!" Laughing, the two women leaped onto the bed. They quickly wrapped their arms and legs around each other and kissed deeply. They broke the kiss to see Ted undressing. Dot pulled away from the young girl and sat on the edge of the bed as Ted approached. His penis was at full attention. Brooke moved close to Dot on the bed to watch as Dot took her husband's cock into her mouth. Ted was looking into the young girl's eyes, "Mmmmm, that's so good! Dot sucks cock as good as she eats pussy."

"Let me!, please. Let me, Dot!" Dot pulled Ted's cock from her mouth and pointed it toward Brooke.

"Come and get it, sweetie," Dot answered and moved aside. Ted turned to the girl who quickly grasped his cock with both hands and leaned forward to bring it to her open mouth as Dot massaged her young nipples from behind.

"Umm, mmm, mmmm," the girl hummed as she created sufficient suction on the hard cock in her mouth to hollow her cheeks. Ted held her face and slowly fucked into Brooke's mouth.

Dot put her hand into the girls crotch and her legs parted. "Suck it, baby, suck it. That's it." Dot's fingers frigged the girl's clit. Brooke was thoroughly enjoying the new sensations. "You want to fuck him now, sweetie?"

As Brooke pulled her mouth from Ted's cock, "Mmmm, y-yes. I want to f-fuck him!"

Dot instructed Ted to lay flat on the bed. "Brooke, get on top and sit on him." As the girl climbed onto Ted, "Now, lean forward on his chest." Brooke's knees were placed on either side of Ted's waist with her elbows nestling his face. They kissed open-mouthed, exploring each other's tongues. Brooke could feel the man's hard-on poking her buttcheeks.

Dot held her husband's hard-on and placed it at the girl's pussy then slipped it up and down between the wet labia. Brooke pushed backwards but Dot controlled her husband's cock to prevent it from going in. Holding Ted's cock with one hand, Dot leaned into the girl's exposed crack and sucked the labia into her mouth.

"Ohhh, ohhhh, Dot!" The girl trembled, consumed with lust.

"Okay, sweetie, fuck him. Lean back and let it go in slowly till you get used to it." Dot watched and held her husband's cock as the engorged head pushed the young girl's labia inward. Dot leaned forward till her face was inches away from Brooke's pussy and her husband's slowly disappearing cock. The head popped in.

"Ohhh!" Brooke pushed back again. "Oh!" Dot held onto the cock and moved it tantalizingly around just inside the girl's cunt. "Ahhhhhhhh, yes!" Dot pulled it out suddenly and wrapped her lips around it.

Before the girl could protest she replaced Ted's cock. "Keep pushing, sweetie." Dot turned her head and put her mouth on Ted's cock as it slowly pushed into Brooke's dripping pussy. Brooke pushed back, little by little. Dot could see the girl's labia tucking in as she pushed further and then extending outward around Ted's cock when he pulled out.

"Oh, god! Oh, god! That's so good!" Then she began humping the hard cock in her. She felt Dot's mouth back there as she began to make the final push to get it all in. "Is it in all the way? Is it Dot?"

"Not quite, yet, sweetie. Almost." Dot's other hand went between them and found the girl's clit underneath.

"Oh, Dot! I want to cum! I want to cum, now!" She eagerly went back to sucking on Ted's mouth pushing back in to fuck him in earnest. Ted could no longer resist fucking back.

"Her cunt is so tight! Fuck her, Ted. Make her cum good!"

"Yes! Fuck meeeee! Fuck me, Ted. Fuck! Fuck!" She fucked him. She leaned forward till his cock was almost out.. then back in. Out all the way..... Dot held it out to suck it into her mouth savoring the girl's juices then letting it slip back in. "Leave it in, I'm going to cum, Dot!" She sat upright then back down on the hard-on. All the way in. Dot had to move away as Brooke bobbed up and down on Ted's cock. Brooke placed her palms flat on Ted's chest and buried his cock in her up to the hilt. "Ahhhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh, ummmmm!" She twitched and spasmed. "I'm cummmmmming!" Dot knelt beside them and fondled and kissed the girl's nipples.

"Was it good, sweetie?" Brooke leaned forward and rested on Ted's chest again with her face buried in the pillow. His prick was still halfway in and he slowly pushed himself in and out of her.

Brooke turned her head up, "Oh yes! I've never, ever felt like that before!"

Dot was behind them again. She removed Ted's cock and placed it in her mouth again. Sensing Dot's movement, Brooke turned around to bring her head close to Dot's and her mouth to Ted's still hard cock.

"Okay, now. My turn," said Dot. "Stay there, Ted." Dot climbed atop her husband, but facing his feet. She lifted slightly to bring Ted's cock to her pussy. Then she worked it in and began to fuck her husband. Brooke watched in fascination as she looked at Ted's cock disappear into Dot's bald pussy. "Does it look good to you, sweetie?" Dot leaned backwards so her back rested on Ted's chest. Brooke saw Ted's cock sliding in and out of her friend's swollen cunt lips. "It's all yours, sweetie. All you can eat, Brooke! Eat us!"

Without hesitation, Brooke brought her mouth to Dot's clit where it rubbed against Ted's cock as it pushed in and out. Brooke sucked at Dot's clit and labia and then to Ted's prick and let it slide past her lips. Her mouth was all over both of them. [i]Dot's pussy and Ted's cock, just like she promised,[i] she thought. Dot lifted herself off to let Brooke concentrate on her husband's orgasm. Brooke knelt on the bed and continued sucking till she felt what seemed like another penis at her pussy. She stopped and looked behind her to see Dot holding something she had never seen before.

"What is that?"

"Suck him, Brooke! Make him cum in your mouth. He's ready. This is [i]Ernst[i]. You'll enjoy him too. Go ahead, make Ted cum, sweetie!"

Ted was more than ready to let go in the girl's mouth. "Suck it, baby. Suck it! I want to cum in your mouth." Brooke sucked with renewed vigor as felt her pussy being penetrated with what looked to her like a penis with a head on each end. Her wetness allowed it to advance easily as Dot worked it in.

"Oh! I like that! It's nice and big!"

Ted protested, "Don't stop sucking, baby. I'm almost there!"

Brooke felt completely filled. She humped at the dildo as Dot pushed it in and out of her pussy. She also felt the cock in her mouth swell and quiver. Brooke realized what was about to happen and she sucked harder. When it spurted in her mouth she swallowed.....and swallowed, and kept sucking, wanting more of the sweet sticky fluid. Ted's cock tasted different than Dot's pussy, but it was pleasantly tasty nonetheless.

"I think you got it all, sweetie." Holding the dildo to the girl's opening, Dot pushed Brooke to the bed on her back. Brooke's mouth was wet to her chin. Still holding the dildo in the girl's pussy, Dot lay on top of her to lick the juices from her mouth then sucked at the girl's hard nipples.

"Do you remember your mom on top of me with our legs scissored and pussies together?"

"Ummm, yes. That was hot," Brooke replied. "Let's do that Dot."

"Yes," Dot answered, "but we're going to have this between us." as she pushed the dildo into her and wiggled it around.

"Oh, god. Yes! Lets do it!"

Ted got up on his knees, fondled his limp dick as he watched his wife do the dildo thing with the young redhead. He had seen his wife do this many times before. Dot lifted one of Brooke's legs up then trapped the other leg between her knees. Dot moved up till her pussy met the dildo protruding from Brooke's cunt. Dot worked the end of it into her hole. She pushed till Brooke's end of the dildo hit the girl's cervix and stopped. Ted watched as [i]Ernst[i] disappeared between them. Their labia mashed together and Dot ground her pussy into the girl.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Brooke stretched her arms straight out to either side of her trying to hold on as she humped back into Dot. "Oh! Oh, god! I'm going to cum again, Dot!"

"Me too, sweetie. Me too.....I'm cumming too!" Ted watched and stroked his swelling cock as the girls orgasmed together in a hot sweat.

"Wow! That sure looked like fun, girls." They both looked at Ted.

"We're not finished with you yet," Dot told him. "Do you want more of him, sweetie?"

"Oh, yes. I want to suck him some more." Ted wanted more of the young girl's mouth too. As he watched Brooke's mouth fill with his penis, Dot moved between her legs and began to lick at Brooke's wet cunt. "This is better than I thought it was going to be," Brooke panted as her clit stiffened again under Dot's mouth. "I've g-gotten real horny before w-watching mom and dad, b-but this is heaven!" Brooke sucked.....and sucked, and then reached down to hold Dot's head to her pussy. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Fuck!"

"Have you watched your mom and d-dad fuck?," Ted asked as she continued sucking.

Brooke held Ted's cock close to her lips as she replied, "Only since I got interested in sex," she giggled. "I love to see my step-dad's cock in her. And I've seen her with Dot. That was so fucking hot! I've never been that horny before."

"Yeah, and I can't wait to see that too," Ted replied as he stroked her cheek.

"When are you going to do mom together? I've got to see that! Can I, huh? May I?"

"We'll just have to play it by ear, sweetie," said Dot. "And...I want to include your dad too sooner or later."

"Oh, wow! I d-definitely have to see t-that, Dot! Mama has let me watch them f-fuck but I've just fingered myself and not got it on with them." She put Ted's cock back in her mouth and sucked, then continued, "Mama said no....Oh, oh! Oh, Dot! You do that so good!. I'm kind of horny for him too, come to think of it!" She giggled, "I'm bad, huh?"

"No you're not bad, [i]liebchen[i]. How could you not be horny for him. He's not your real father and you've seen his cock enough to want some of it too. You're normal, and in my opinion lucky enough to have parents that let you enjoy your body safely and with people you like and trust." Dot assured her then lowered her head back between Brooke's rosy thighs.

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