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It was early morning, about two a.m. or so.....
It was early morning, about two a.m. or so and I was walking home from a friend’s house, who lived a short distance away. I enjoyed walking late in the evening and early morning, since it was so close and was quiet and made for a very pleasant walk. I took my time, enjoying the peacefulness. It had been so hot all day, so I had worn clothes to help stay cool. Since it was night, it had cooled down and there was a slight breeze that felt so good against my hot skin. I was wearing a pair of light cotton shorts. It was just too hot for panties, so I had none on. My shorts rode the crack of my ass and my pussy lips. They fit below my hips, just below my belly button. My top was a spaghetti string tank top and I wasn‘t wearing a bra. I had cut the bottom so it was above my belly button. On hot summer days, I wore as few clothes as possible. Even though this was next to nothing, it was comfortable and covered the crucial areas. The light evening breeze felt so good and sent chills up and down my body, making my nipples hard and tingly. My nipples were perky anyway, but the sensation the wind had on my body, made my sensitive nipples protrude even more.

I had to walk past some thick bushes in front of one of the houses and I‘d heard the warnings about walking by myself, down a dark street, especially passing dark, thick bushes where a robber or rapist could be hiding, waiting to jump out and grab someone walking by. I balked at the warning, since it never happened here and I had been walking at night from the time I was twelve years old. Of course, I wasn’t a well-developed woman then, like I am now, at least an older teenager anyway. I had the body of a mature, full grown woman. Any man would have killed to fuck my pussy.

I had walked about half way past the bushes, when I heard a rustling sound. I thought it might have been a small animal and kept walking. Suddenly, someone jumped out, grabbed me, dragging me back through the bushes. I’m not sure how many men there were, but at least six. I was thrown to the ground and two men were holding me down, by my arms and legs, while a third had stuffed something in my mouth and tied a gag around my head to hold it there.

Someone had a knife against my throat, telling me in a rough, but quiet voice, salivating all over my face, “Hold still and don’t make any noise and we’ll let you live!“ Of course, they were going to rape me. Since my clothing was skimpy at best, they had me stripped naked in no time. Before I knew it, one of the guys had my legs spread apart, bent at the knees and was kneeling over me, pushing his hot, throbbing cock, deep inside my pussy, fucking me hard and deep, panting and moaning quietly, he started grunting as his cock swelled and was rock-hard and pulsating as he was getting ready to cum. “Uuhh! Aahh, fuck, guys, we got ourselves a virgin! Oh yeh, I’m cumming! How does that feel, bitch?! How do you like feeling hot sticky cum squirting your pussy!” He was so hard, my pussy was stretched and all I could feel was rock-hard cock hitting my cervix as he, pumped it full of cum. I felt the hot liquid seeping from my pussy. He pumped me for several minutes, until his orgasm started subsiding, his cum barely spurting. His cock had softened a little as he pulled it out, letting the cum and blood gush from my pussy. It had hurt so bad, my muscles tightened, which made my pussy tighter around his huge cock, ultimately making it better for him. As he pulled out and my pussy shrunk back down, I felt excruciating pain, shoot through my abdomen. It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I couldn’t move or pull my legs up to my abdomen and I couldn’t close my legs, it hurt so bad. He was telling the other guys, “Go ahead, Joe, you can have her next. You gotta have some of this!”

Joe was already down on the ground, shoving his rock-hard cock deep inside, my already sore, pussy, fucking me ferociously. He started cumming as soon as his cock hit my cervix, his body shaking and trembling uncontrollably. He growled deeply like an animal fucking his bitch in heat. Right after he finished cumming and had pulled out of my cunt, another one soon took his place. They took turns fucking me, until they had all fucked me. They weren’t through with me yet, though. They were going to assault my body over and over, until they got enough. I felt hands all over, squeezing, pinching, sucking and biting my tits and nipples. While they were fucking me, they dug their nails into whatever part of my body they were holding.

One decided, to eat my pussy. He got down on the ground, shoving his face into my cunt, licking my pussy, fucking it with his tongue. It was actually making my pussy feel better and made the pain subside more and more as he continued to lick me. He was stirring up good feelings as my pussy started coming to life. I began to have an achy, needy, almost painful feeling and was moving my hips up and down. He licked my pussy and my lips, causing me to become more aroused. My cunt was throbbing and I’m sure I was getting wet and hot. My clit was so hard, pushing out of its protective hood, dying to be worked on. He was moaning, telling his buddies how good I tasted and smelled.

“You guys gotta go down on this slut’s cunt and eat her out. She’s wet and horny. We could fuck her now and really have some fun. Her pussy is hot and throbbing.“ My hips were moving up and down as if they had a mind of their own and I was moaning thrashing my head back and forth, needing to cum so badly. I needed him to suck and lick my clit. Finally, he touched my clit and my ass shot up as I let out a long moan and whimpered. He flicked my hard clit back and forth with his hot, wet tongue, licking circles around the tip softly. My ass was off the ground and my hips were fucking the air as I pushed harder into his tongue and mouth. I was screaming, but they were muffled, but the guys heard it and knew what I was screaming for. I needed release. I needed to cum so bad. The waves of my throbbing pussy were driving me crazy.

Suddenly, he stopped eating my pussy and stood up. I looked at him whimpering, moving my hips around in circles. I was so close! I watched him with pleading eyes to finish eating my pussy as he walked around to the top of my body. He grabbed my tits, squeezing them hard. “Damn, bitch, what nice large tits! A virgin and gorgeous body! Boys, we really lucked out.” He continued squeezing my tits, biting and sucking and pinching my already protruding nipples. It only served to make my pussy ache more. Still working on my tits and nipples with his hands, he leaned over to my ear, blowing on my ear and neck. Fuck, his breath was so hot, it sent chills down my spine as it made my pussy pulsate more and my hot juices, slowly seep out. He whispered to me, “I need to feel your tight lips around my cock, sucking and swallowing it, so I’m going to take the gag off, only if you promise not to scream for help. If you scream or moan softly, because your pussy feels good, that’s okay. You promise not to scream for help?“ I nodded my head yes, whimpering a little, desperate to cum.

He removed my gag and they could hear my moans and grunts as I pleaded and begged them to make me cum. The guy who was eating my pussy, kissed me rough and passionately for several minutes. Panting hard, he asked, “Does your pussy juice taste good? Hm?” I whispered, barely audible, “Oh yes! Please eat my pussy, make me cum!” He grinned at me, saying, “In time, sweetie. In time.”
He motioned for one of the other guys to come over and go down on me, but told him not to work on my clit just yet, but just my cunt. Moaning, he gladly got down and shoved his face in my pussy. He pulled my lips open, sticking his wet tongue deep inside, fucking me deep. I was surprised at how long and thick his tongue was. Even though, I’d been fucked by all six guys, my pussy was still tight and his tongue filled it up. “Mmmm!!! Your pussy tastes and smells really good! It’s making my cock hard again. I’m gonna wanna fuck you again, maybe in your ass or your mouth. Oh yes!” He was panting as he reached down, stroking his cock.

Meanwhile, the first guy, Jack was his name, I believe, was getting ready to fuck my mouth. He had one of his buddies come over and hold my head still, while he opened my mouth, pushing his cock in. “Damn, your lips are tight too. But, don’t worry, baby, I will get my cock in and you will suck and swallow it!“ He continued working his cock through my tight lips, stretching them as he pushed himself in deeper and deeper. He pushed the head of his cock through my lips, wincing and grunting, “Ah, fuck! That feels so good! Swallow me, baby! Suck me and swallow me. He pushed his cock in further barely touching the back of my throat. I had to swallow to breath and so I wouldn’t gag. As soon as he felt me swallow the tip of his giant cock, he started slamming my mouth, his head up, squeezing his eyes shut, grunting and panting. “Yeh, baby, that’s where I want to be. Banging your tight throat. Swallow that cock! Swallow it deep. Mmmm! Yeh, that feels so good!“ Soon his cock swelled and was rock-hard, throbbing faster as his cum squirted hard, sliding down my throat. He shoved his cock down my throat, to the tip of his head, holding it there, while he filled my mouth and throat with his hot jism. He looked down at me, watching himself fuck my mouth, telling me, “Yeh, baby! That’s it swallow my cum! Suck my dick and swallow my cum! Ah! Fuck, yeh, you’re doin a great job!”

There was more cum then I could swallow and it seeped out of my mouth, down my cheeks, chin and neck. He pulled his cock out a little, stroking it until he squirted the last drop down my throat. While my mouth was getting fucked, my pussy was throbbing more and more and I was fucking the other guy’s tongue, trying to cum. He was moaning and grunting as I pushed my pussy harder to his mouth, taking his tongue into my pussy deeper.

“Mmmm! Yeh your pussy tastes so good! I want to keep eating you, slut, but I wanna fuck your mouth now!” He stopped eating me, making me whimper and plead with them again to please make me cum. One of them said, “Yeh, bitch beg for it! Beg for some more cock stuffed deep inside your pussy! Then we’ll let you cum!”

They each took turns eating and licking my pussy while another one was fucking my mouth. By that time, I was so horny, I didn’t care what they did to me, as long as someone made me cum. They finally let my hands go and I started rubbing my pussy and clit trying to make myself cum. They pulled my hands away from my pussy as I was right on the edge. They had other plans for my hands. Soon I was getting fucked in all my holes. My mouth, pussy and ass. And I was stroking their cocks until they were ready to cum, then they’d shove it in whatever hole was available. It made me more aroused, I thought I’d explode any minute.

Soon they seemed to get their fill of cumming, and they each took turns eating me out as one by one, they brought me to the brink of the most fantastic long orgasms. I couldn’t take anymore and I begged and pleaded, almost crying to make me cum. Finally, one worked on my clit and within seconds my pussy was pulsating hard, as I started pumping the cum, squirting at their faces. I was having long multiple orgasms, so their was plenty of cum for each of them to lick and suck out of my hot, throbbing cunt. Taking turns, working my cunt, they kept me cumming until my clit was numb and the throbbing in my pussy subsided as my orgasms ended. I had cum and blood smeared all over my pussy, thighs and ass and still seeping from inside my cunt. My face had sticky cum dried on it and I could still smell it and taste it when I licked my lips.

They were all standing around, watching my chest heave as I was trying to catch my breath. My body was so numb, I couldn’t move a muscle. I laid there, completely nude, my legs still spread wide. They all stared at my naked body for a few more minutes, licking their lips, moaning out loud, commenting on how voluptuous and fuckable my body was and how large and supple my tits were, how my nipples protruded, begging to be sucked and pinched. They especially liked how my cunt, ass and mouth felt on their monster cocks and how good it smelled and tasted.

One at a time, they leaned down, kissed me passionately and asked me when I’d be walking by again. I told them I didn’t know, but it would be soon. Then they walked away, leaving me lying there panting. As soon as I caught my breath, I sat up, straightened my clothes and hair as much as I could, standing up and continued walking home. My pussy was feeling well fucked and I was totally calm and relaxed.

The only concern on my mind, was what was I going to tell my dad. My hair was disheveled and my clothes were a mess and I knew I smelled of sex and cum. Somehow, I would have to try to sneak in, so he wouldn‘t see me before I had a chance to shower. I was only sixteen, still in high school and was out way past my curfew. I’m sure he would be up, waiting and steaming angry. Oh well, I thought, I’ll deal with it when I get there.

All the lights were out, except for a small one in the living room that was always left on. I decided to sneak through the back door and head straight to my room. My parents room was near the front of the house and mine was near the back. I was sure, I could get in quietly enough without being heard or seen. I eased the back door open, seeing the kitchen dark, I thought to myself, good, everyone was in bed, sleeping. I quietly closed the door and headed for my room. Just when I thought I was in the clear, I heard a man’s voice behind me, making me jump and stop short.

My dad asked in a quiet voice, careful not to wake the rest of the household, “Do you realize what time it is young lady? Where have you been?” Actually, I had lost all track of time. Getting fucked by six wonderful, humongous cocks, making me cum like crazy, made me lose track of everything.

He took me by the shoulder, turned me around to face him and said, “Well. What do you have to say for yourself?” I told him I was at my friend’s house down the street and had lost track of time. I told him, I had walked home as quickly as I could. I didn’t tell him about the fantastic fuck session I’d just had. He could just barely see me from the glow of the light in the living room, but could tell something didn’t look quite right. He turned on the light over the kitchen sink and gasped at my appearance. I tried pushing my hair back, telling him it was a little windy out. But, I could not explain the condition of my clothes without telling him about the hard but very satisfying gang banging I’d just taken.

He moved closer to me, tipped my face up by my chin, “What happened to you sweet baby?” I just couldn’t tell him. I didn’t want to get those guys in trouble, because, I really couldn’t call it rape since they fucked me good and made me cum. “I can’t tell you daddy.” “Sure you can, sweetie. You can tell me anything.” He moved a little closer looking into my eyes. That’s when he smelled the dried blood and cum on my face. He licked my face, moaning a little as he recognized the salty taste of cum and blood. “Baby girl, what’s that smell and taste on your face?” I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. He sniffed a little harder and licked my lips and cheeks, knowing full well what it was.

He reached down, sliding his hand down the front of my shorts, slipping his fingers into my pussy, moving them around and in and out, moaning softly, “Aahh. Your pussy is so soft and wet and hot!” He put his fingers up to his nose, his eyes closed as he smelled them and licked them, savoring the taste. “Mmmm! You smell and taste so good, baby!“ He bent down, pulled the front of my shorts down past my clit and shaved pussy, smelling and tasting my pussy lips, rubbing his hot wet tongue up to my hard clit, making my body jerk and shiver with desire. He stood back up, looking at me kind of in a daze, “Have you been fucking, sweetie? Hm?” I nodded my head yes. He put his arms around my waist, pulling my trembling body close to him, tightly, rubbing his hard groin into my crotch. “Mmmm. You were really fucking?” I nodded my head yes. He rubbed against my clit a few times, making me jump and gasp. Mmmm! He thought to himself. Her little clit is hard and her pussy is wet and hot. Maybe now would be a good time to fuck her! He continued rubbing my crotch, with more pressure, concentrating on my hardened clit, making it harder and my pussy pulsate faster. “Mmmm! My baby girl has been deflowered. How did it feel, did you cum? Who did you fuck?“ My pussy was coming back to life again, remembering all those hard dicks pumping my cunt and squirting their hot cum inside me.

I told him about the gang banging. Hearing my story seemed to arouse him more, as he reached up and pulled my shirt up over my head, letting my tits bounce out, my nipples hard and perky. He gasped at how big they were. “Oh my, sweetie! What nice tits and nipples! I never realized they were so big! I’ve admired your blossoming body and wanted to fuck you for so long, but I had no idea you were so gorgeous!” Having said that, he started caressing and squeezing my tits, moaning softly. He pinched and twisted my nipples, biting them and pulling them out with his teeth. It hurt, but felt so good too. My pussy was throbbing hard and I could feel the moisture seep out as I became hornier by the minute.

I leaned my head back, pushing my body closer into his and started rubbing my clit hard against his rock-hard cock. I couldn’t tell just how big it really was, but found out soon after, when he was inside me banging my pussy, fucking me hard. I pushed my chest out, begging him to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples harder. He gladly did what I asked. He moved his head close to my ear, whispering, “Do you wanna fuck your ole man, baby girl? I promise I’ll make you cum long and hard. You’ll make me feel real good if you let me bury my dick inside your little pussy.” Breathing heavy, I felt that overwhelming, aching, almost painful feeling deep inside my cunt, needing to cum again. I told him, “Yes, daddy! I want to fuck you and feel your hard cock ramming my cunt!”

I reached down inside his pants, feeling his hard, hot cock, squeezing it and stroking it up and down. That’s when I realized how thick and long it was. I gasped at how hot it felt and how fast it pulsated. He fucked my hand with his dick, moaning, “Come on, baby girl. I think we better go out to the shed and fuck each other. I have a feeling its going to get a little loud.“

He turned on a small flashlight used for camping and within seconds was all over me. We were so fucking hot for each other, we couldn’t start fucking soon enough. He practically ripped my thin shorts off me as I undressed him. When I was standing naked in front of him, he gasped out loud. “Fuck! Baby, you are gorgeous! I can’t wait to sink my hot cock deep inside you!“

He pulled me close to him, rubbing his hands all over my body, exploring every curve, and crevice, squeezing my supple ass, and rubbing his finger up and down the inside of the crack of my ass. He was kissing me passionately, humping my shaved pussy with his stiff, throbbing cock. I put my arms around his neck, kissing him back, then pulled myself up, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist. His cock was in just the right position to stick it inside my cunt. “Ya wanna fuck me now, daddy, or should we eat each other first? I wanna feel your hard cock fucking my mouth while you eat my pussy and lick my clit with your hot wet tongue!“

He’d been pushing the tip of his pulsating wet cock inside the opening of my wet, throbbing pussy. Moaning and groaning and holding me up by my ass, breathlessly, he said, “Whatever you want, baby! I’ll do anything for you as long as I can feel your hot little cunt, wrapped tightly around my hard cock!“

The shed had all the camping equipment in it, he found and pulled out a cot, to lay on. I was admiring his stiff, bouncy cock. It was standing straight up and pulsating so hard, it was bouncing back and forth off his belly. Before he had the cot set up, I reached over, grabbing his cock, amazed at how hard and hot it was. He gasped as I wrapped both my hands around it tightly stroking it slowly from his head to his hair, deliberately teasing it, making his cum seep out of the tip just a little. I leaned down and with the very tip of my tongue, licked the drops of cum. He was moaning and grunting, fucking my hands. “Oh baby, girl, that feels so good! Squeeze it tighter! Ah, yeh! That’s it! Oh yes! That’s how you do it!“

After a minute or two, he pulled my hands off his cock saying he wanted to eat me out while I gave him a blow job. He set up the cot and laid down. I turned around, straddling his head as I lowered my pussy down on his face. He grabbed my ass, pulling my cunt to him and started licking. Fuck! His tongue felt so good! I grabbed his cock,
stuffing it in my mouth to my throat, bobbing my head up and down, as I sucked and swallowed it to my throat. I pulled my head up his hard shaft, licking and teasing the head with my tongue. He was gyrating his hips, pushing up and down, trying to keep his cock deep in my mouth. His moans and groans were almost cries, as were mine. We were giving each other so much pleasure, I think we forgot we were father and daughter.

I worked on his cock, keeping it in my mouth, sucking and swallowing it down my throat, while he was bringing me closer and closer to more massive, explosive orgasms. I reached the point of no return and was squirting my cum in his mouth, I lifted my head, moaning and whimpering loudly, “Aahhh! Oh yes, suck me! Make me cum hard! Aahh fuck! I’m cumming so hard! It feels so good! Please, please don’t stop!“

He stopped licking me briefly, telling me to keep sucking his cock. He licked my pussy and clit until I stopped cumming. I was moaning and whimpering while I was swallowing and sucking his cock as it swelled and pulsated faster and faster, bringing him closer to his orgasm. I was swallowing his cock and his wonderful, tasting cum, seeping from his penis.

After my orgasms subsided, he stopped eating me and reached down, taking my head in his hands, gently pulling me off his massive, hard, fuck rod. I tried to resist, loving the taste of his salty cock. He told me he wanted to fuck my cunt and pump all his cum inside my pussy.

I pulled up on my knees, turned around and faced him. He pulled me down for another passionate kiss, mixing our juices together. He was moaning as he said, “Mmmm! Sweetheart your little cunt smells and tastes so good. I could eat it all day long!“ I leaned back, taking his throbbing cock in my hand, guiding it toward my well-eaten cunt. His body was trembling in anticipation of fucking and feeling my hot, wet pussy squeezing his penis.

I was looking down as I pushed the tip of his cock inside my tight opening with my hand, then leaned against his chest and pushed my pussy over his cock and started pumping him hard and fast. I was watching, fascinated as his huge cock slipped in and out of my tight cunt. He had grabbed my ass, fucking me hard and deep. I looked up at him; his head was thrown back, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as he was moaning and growling loudly. I continued riding his hot, fuck muscle, hard and fast, rubbing my clit against his groin, making myself cum again. As I was cumming all over his cock, I looked down, watching his cum covered cock slamming in and out of my throbbing pussy.

He was getting harder and pulsating faster as he was on the brink of his orgasm, getting ready to pump me full of his hot jism. He grabbed my ass harder, digging his fingers into my skin, pulling himself up then back down again all the while pounding my hot little cunt as his enormous cock exploded and squirted his hot liquid fast and furious inside my pussy. We could feel each other’s hard, fast throbbing as we came harder and faster. He started yelling, “AAHH!!! Sweetheart! Your pussy!! It’s so tight! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard! It’s squeezing the cum out of my dick! Can you feel it? I’m squirting hard! AAHH! FUCK! Aahh, yes! Oh baby, that felt so good! Your pussy’s the tightest I’ve ever had!“

While I was having my own orgasm and riding his cock hard and fast, panting and perspiring, I was screaming, “Fuck me daddy! Pound my pussy harder! Ohh! Daddy, you feel so good, deep inside me! You’re making me cum good! You’re fucking my pussy good!“

We fucked and fucked, moaning and groaning loud, through our orgasms. As our orgasms subsided and my pussy was throbbing very lightly, I collapsed on his chest, our hearts pounding and chests heaving from breathing so hard. He put his arms around my shoulders as we lay there, regaining control of our breathing as our heart rate slowly returned to normal. Finally, we were breathing normal again. I lifted myself up, looking at my dad. He was looking back at me so tenderly and loving. “Sweetheart, that was so good. I love you so much! You fuck so good, just like a grown woman and made me feel so good!“

He pulled me to him, giving me a passionate kiss. “I love you too, daddy. Will you wanna fuck me and eat me again some time?“ He smiled brightly, “Oh yes, sweetheart! I love your pussy and I want it again and again. But we have to keep this our secret. Okay?“ Happily, I kissed him and told him okay.

It was starting to get light outside as we snuck back into the house and showered together quickly. We fondled, licked, sucked and touched each other through the shower. We fucked, but neither of us came. I liked how his big cock felt buried inside my little pussy and he liked how my soft pussy felt wrapped tightly around his penis. We wanted to fuck each other senseless, because we were so horny and I wanted to feel his magnificent cock banging my cunt again. But he told me we had to wait, that we needed to hurry and get dressed so no one would know that we were fucking. We toweled off and kissed each other deeply one last time. I peeked through the open door, saw no one around and quickly ran to my room and hopped into bed. Thank goodness, I didn’t have school the next day, so no one would wonder why I slept late. I slept very well, having wet dreams about about getting gang banged again and fucking my dad.


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great story

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2008-11-04 14:48:55
All the guys eating her out after they came in her? I don't think so...

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2008-10-14 02:45:41
good story. slightly over the top. but still good. i was half expecting the dad to be part of the former gang bang.


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great story please have part 2 maybe get the mom in on it.

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