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Part 2 of "Ben and I"
No! No! It was just a dream. Again! I started to blink as I sat up. My pants were wet, again. I sighed to myself as I stood up and stripped down, looking for a new pare of boxers. It was 6:47 AM. Might was well stay up for school now.

School, I hated the place, ever since Ben got a new girlfriend. Not like we would continue our secret sex relationship. I knew it would end, but after just a week in a half? Okay, he was right. It did seem fishy that he came to get me out of class every day. But I can’t help but miss it. Then he had to go out and get himself a girlfriend just so people wouldn’t think he was gay. I think that’s the thing that hurt most of all.

I dragged myself from class to class. I quit band because it was so awkward between us. I said I just wanted homeroom, and more time for lunch. The real reason was him. I never went to the locker room anymore. My days just changed. All for a fling? Damn I felt stupid.

On my way to third period, I was still kicking myself. Ben ended it about three weeks ago, and I was still in my depressed stage. We didn’t date or anything, but I did feel some connection other then sex. I was too wrapped up with my thoughts; I didn’t even notice I was on the ground with my books going everywhere.

“Ohmygod! I am sooo sorry!” I looked up and felt my heart jump into my throat. A surfer blond haircut, tan skin, blue eyes, rather well built; this guy was beautiful. He fell to the ground and started to pick up my books and papers. I guess I ran into him when my mind was running around Ben.

“No, no. I got it.” My voice cracked. I started to help him as everyone started to walk by. My cheeks blushed from embarrassment, and I saw that his did too. We both stood up and he handed me to books.

“S-S-Sorry again.” He stuttered. It was then I noticed how tall he was. Almost a foot taller then me; Ben’s size.

“It’s fine.” I didn’t want the conversation to end. And he seemed so nice; I was starting to wonder if he played for my team. “I haven’t seen you around here.” It was a small school; I knew he was a new student. “What’s your name?”

“Jake.” He gave a small shrug. “And yours?”

“Damien.” My voice cracked again. I couldn’t believe I was talking to him. Then I felt someone behind me. I blinked a bit and turned around. My heart took a second jump; it seemed to be wanting out of my throat. It was Ben.

“Hey Damien.” He said in a normal tone. “See you and Jake seemed to have met. New senor. From California.” He said the word California like it was a prized jewel he just got his hands on.

“Yeah, my dad’s in the military. We... move a lot.” Jake said with regret. Military dad. Ouch. I would hate to have one of those. “Ben was just showing me around.”

“The bell is about to ring.” A teacher announced as she walked by. This was our cue to stop the tea party and get to class.

“See you around... Damien, right?” Jake questioned, his totally hot face twisted up in his confusion.

“Yeah. Damien.” Ben said for me as he skimmed past me. There was plenty of room in the hall, but he made it seem like we were stuck in a small closet. Then I felt it. Was... he hard? Or semi hard? Or was that his cell phone? My mind raced to figure out what I just felt him rub in-between my ass cheeks.

I tried not to spend any time on my thought and ran to my next class. English sucked… big time. I really hated it. I sat there, trying to pay attention, trying not to think of Hunky Jake and Hot Bod Ben. But my brain’s head was losing to my cock’s head. The teacher told us to open the books and start our assignment. Well, fuck. I had my math book still. I sighed and raised my hand, asked to go to my locker, and then left the room.

I strolled down the hall, taking my time, and got to my locker. I twisted the code and opened the door. Dropping my book in, I was jerked backwards. My hands were behind my back and a hand was covering my mouth. I couldn’t scream, it was just muffled.

“Hello, big boy.” Jake’s voice whispered into my ear just before he let me go. The shy Jake I saw in the halls seemed to have gone away.

“Jake!” I said, royally pissed off. “What the hell, man?” I kept my voice quiet, although my anger was still showing in it. He was just snickering the whole time. I slammed my locker and turned back to him. “What was that about?”

“Well... uh. I was supposed to meet you and Ben in the locker room, for some fun.” He winked with the word fun. Now I was totally confused.

Just to add to the confusion, Ben popped up out of no where. “There you are. Your teacher said that you were at your locker.” I blinked a bit; they were both wearing gym shorts, and muscle shirts. It view sent shivers down my spine.

“Wait. What’s going on?” Jake grabbed on my arm and pulled me into the gym, which my locker was conveniently next to. Ben fallowed, pushing me into the boy’s locker room. Right when we were in, Jake kissed me. My mind was spinning as I was smashed between the wall and his hot body. I could feel a budge from his short press against my thigh.

“Sorry Damien... but we are kinda.” Ben started out, but he seemed almost in pain to say them. Lucky for him, Jake stepped in.

“Horny. I haven’t gotten anything since we left Cal.”

“And my ‘girlfriend’ wants to wait until marriage.” Ben added. Was he going to cheat on her, with me? Were they both just using me? I felt another twitch of pain, but my own member started to harden.

Ben locked the door, not waiting to see what my answer was, and then started to strip. Jake pulled away from me, and did the same. If you can’t beat them, join them right?

“God, I can’t wait to have my cock in you.” Jake said, his blue eyes gleaming as he sat down in his boxers.

“What if I wanted his ass first?” Ben said, in a half serous, half joking tone. He took a seat next to Jake, also in his boxers.

I got down into my boxers, letting them argue over me. My cheeks were red hot from the flattery. I looked at both of them. Ben, with his farmer tan, hot body; he was slightly hairy. Treasure trail, small amount of chest hair, and great pit hair. And I remembered the wonderful feel of his pubes against my ass cheeks.

And then there was Jake. Hot surfer tan, he had a treasure trail also, but you could only see it in the right light, being all his hair was blond. His pit hair was the same, but he had a good amount. No chest hair to speak off. He wasn’t a built as Ben, but he was slimmer.

“I got an idea.” Ben broke my train of thought. He stood up, grabbed a towel and then practically ran at me. I flinch as he almost tackled me, lucky for me he caught my body before it smacked into the ground. The next thing I know, my hands were tied behind my back with the towel. Ben and his bondage.

“Perfect.” Ben smiled as he pulled his boxers off. There it was. The perfect cock I have been missing for so long. My cock jumped just at the sight of it, growing to its full length in a matter of seconds. My breath grew shallow as Ben sat down on the bench, the bench in-between his legs and his droopy ball sack was lightly placed on it. I didn’t notice when Jake lost his boxers, but when I saw him naked I got an eyeful.

The boy’s blond pubes started to make my mouth water. His cock was almost as tan as the rest of his body. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the length. His cock has to be at least seven inches. Ben was around eight, if I had to guess. Both of them together made me feel incredibly inaccurate with my six in a half hard on.

I gave out a shallow breath as I looked around. Three boys, two of them naked, me in boxers and tied up. But we were just sitting there. Jake practically jumped up and shook his head. “You guys are too slow!” He commented as if we were lame or something. He walked over to me, helped me up, and then began to rub his cock up my short and onto my leg, and kissed me. A small moan was released from both of us as our smooth skin rubbed up against each other. His hands started to trace my body, around my chest, rubbing and slightly twisting my nipples. Then I felt a pare of great big hands wrap around me. Along with the hands, I felt a hard cock rub between my cheeks, through the fabric of my boxer short. I leaned back onto Ben as both of them started to kiss up and down my chest. I was in total bliss, unable to understand how someone like me had two incredible guys kissing my body.

It was Ben who started to pull my shorts down first, and then Jake joined in too. With both of them lightly tugging, and lightly kissing, my underwear fell down to my ankles. Both of them didn’t waist any time, Ben made a quick thrust in-between my cheeks while Jake pushes his cock and mine together. A slight moan came out of my mouth and was muffled by Jakes lips.

After a few seconds of dry humping each other, Jake moved away to sit on the bench, and Ben quickly fallowed. I went to sit with them, but Ben pushed me back a bit so I couldn’t sit.

“Sorry, but we have a plan.” Ben spoke, I could see in his face that was quite excited. I moved my tied up hands a bit, but stood there. I eyed the two as they got close together. They pushed their two hard-ons together, as if they were going to compare the size. Right there was proof that Ben was bigger. Jake wrapped his hand around both of the cocks, barely able to hold both of them, and then smiled at me.

“No! No way!” I stated as my mind made the connection. “No way am I loose enough to get double entered”

Ben and Jake laughed before Jake spoke; “Well, it’s time to loosen up, kid.”

I shook my head. It was going to hurt like hell. I couldn’t do it. Other students would hear my screams way a crossed the school. No way was I going to. But it was two to one. And not only where they bigger then me, my hands were tied. I was screwed, in more then one way.

I started to back up but Ben stood up to stop me. “Come on, I know how much you loved having me in you. Think of what it would be like to have two hard cocks in you.” His voice was sweet and seductive. I licked my lips as I thought about it. It would be painful. No doubt about that. But pleasurable? If I was so scared of it, then why was my cock jumping at the idea?

“We will start off slow.” Ben said as he sat back down, and laid down on his back on the bench, cock in the air. I nodded and walked over to him, not much else I could do. I swung my leg over his chest, and was about to sit on his cock. It was Jake’s hands that guided me down on the stiffy. Ben’s hands were behind his head, showing off his flexed muscles and his armpit hair. His goofy grin on his face as I slid down his length. It didn’t hurt as much as the first time, but there was still a slight pain. He gave a thrust up into me, causing a stutter into my breath, again and again as Jake held me steady from behind.

Ben and I grunted and moaned together before Jake let go. He licked down my back before getting to my crack. He licked my hole, lubing it up for Ben, even though it wasn’t needed. He went back and fourth between licking my ass, and licking the cock fucking it. It didn’t last long, because Jake couldn’t wait any longer. He scooted up behind me, and pushed his hard dick next to Ben’s. He shook my head, saying I wasn’t ready, but he ignored me.

As I went up and down on Ben’s cock, he kept trying to force his in. He was rejected many times; my tight ass wouldn’t let him in. He kept trying though. Finally, he spat on his hand and started to rub himself. I swallowed as he pushed his cock against Ben’s one more time, and then slowly started to poke the edge of my open hole. I grunted as I kept bouncing, for what ever reason I didn’t want to stop. Each time I went down more of his cock head went in. I couldn’t imagine this was very pleasurable for him, but he was slowly making his way in.

After a couple of seconds, his head finally slid in. My eyes shut tight as I fought back a scream. It hurt. Just like I knew it would. Then he slid more of himself in. Once he was satisfied with being in me, Ben and Jake both let me catch my breath. I couldn’t picture it in my head, the thought of having both of them in me. It was too unreal.

I was finally getting use to the size, which was taking a long time, but Jake didn’t wait. He started to thrush quickly into my ass and back out. Ben emitted a moan; I could visualize it felling great having one cock rubbing yours, while fucking someone. Soon he was starting to thrust, opposite of Jake.

It was incredible. Jake’s chest was pressed hard against my back. His large warm hands wrapped around me as he fucked me. Ben’s hands were placed on my thighs, as he used them to help himself thrust into me. Ben’s legs were over Jake’s, and my legs were over Ben’s, making this very easy for the both of them just to fuck the hell out of me. When ever Jake would go up into me, Ben would go down, and when Jake would pull a bit of his length out, Ben would shove his in.. It was as if the two were fighting for my anal room.

I looked down at my flopping hard-on. I found myself, once again, unable to touch it. To jerk it when I needed it most. I felt the need to orgasm. To spill my cum all over Ben’s body again. Not like I could ask, I couldn’t even talk through my panting and moaning. They couldn’t either. Finally I felt a cock brush my prostate. Then again, and again as if they were taking turns, seeing who could make me cum first. My hands fought in the towel’s knot, unable to control my body anymore. I started to spasm and twist, feeling my orgasm coming. I started to grind my teeth together; the only thing I was able to hear was my blood pumping in my ears.

I was brought back to earth by Jake’s scream. I panted and looked back at him. It was as if he was being tortured, his face was twisted up in what looked like pain. Only I knew better, and I also felt his cum shooting up into my intestines. With this new found lube, Ben started to pound the hell out of me, all the while making Jake’s cock throb and shoot out more of his seed. I couldn’t take anymore, and feeling the warm cum leak from me tossed me over the edge. I threw my head back and gave a scream that made Jake’s seem like a whisper. Thick ropes of cum shot out of my piss slit, landing on Ben’s chest once again. My body was shaking with pleasure and Jake held me up, all the while slowly pumping his limp member in and out of me.

The only one left was Ben, he was still hammering my hole like there was no tomorrow. His toes curled as he shoved himself as deep as he could go. Finally I felt his cum start to mix with Jake’s, filling me up beyond my limit.

I licked my dry lips after recomposing myself. Both boys pulled out of me, sending a flood of cum out of my fuck hole. I wanted to fall down I was so tired. Jake caught me from falling, and then started to play with my nipple from behind. I look at his beautiful blond hair. It was matted down with sweat, and I could only imagine what I looked like.

I peered up at Ben, who already was getting dressed, and he gave a warm smile at me. My heart twisted inside of me. I loved that smile. Then I thought, are we going to be nothing more then fuck buddies?

Ben thanked us, and then left. I have to admit, it was an odd exit, but I think he wanted to leave before any teachers showed up. Smart boy. It was around this time I noticed I was still in Jake’s arms. I leaned up and looked back at him. There was a huge grin on his face, from ear to ear. Then we both stood up and he started to untie my hands.

“So... what are you doing tomorrow night?” He asked in a casual tone.


2013-07-31 00:51:39
I've always wanted two dicks in my sobbing wet pussy. But think of results. It would stretch it out way too far to the point where no guy or me could have pleasure. I just wish there was a way to experience that without ruining your sex life. And ruining it early since I'm 16. But two is better than 1 and its killing me!

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2013-06-23 02:16:55
ur amazing made me cum twice ;)

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2013-06-14 11:30:16
A very sect and lovable story PART 3

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2013-06-14 11:30:08
A very sect and lovable story PART 3

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2012-12-02 08:12:09
letting them argue over me. My cheeks were red hot from the flattery.
it seemed more like they were arguing over who was going to get or not get sloppy seconds- more to do with his hole and not him= jake didn't know him and ben walked away easily after he busted his nut in that boy pussy

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