Apsolute fiction that an ex of mine completely made up on the spot one night... wierdo
It would be seven years before I would next masturbate, it never seem good enough when I tried it, which really frustrated me. Especially as I knew my mother masturbated as I still caught her from time to time, not that she really hid it from me, or my brother as I would later find out.
I had also caught my brother masturbating a few times, but whenever I walked in on him he’d cover himself or jump up and get all embarrassed, which sort of bugged me because I wanted to watch him. I sometimes imagined him rubbing his massive cock, I knew how big was as I’d seen at its full glory twice, as he used to watch porn on the internet in the front room when everyone had gone to bed. I wanted to see him come more than anything in the world!

One night, in the early hours of the morning, I awoke to the sound of whispering voices. I snuck downstairs to find, my brother sat at the computer, he must have been watching porn as he was wanking, but he was also whispering to someone but I couldn’t see who from where I was hiding.
He was describing what he was watching to the mystery person, who must have been watching him for some time, as my brothers cock was oozing precum. He described how a woman was taking a 12” dildo up her arse, the mystery woman asked him if it turned him on, to which he nodded, and pumped his hand over his cock. His eyes glazed as he started to moan,
“ don’t you cum yet,” commanded the woman “I haven’t finished”
Too late as he came like a volcano shooting streams of cum all over the monitor. He recoiled back into his seat and his chest pounded , the sight filled me with such excitement that I could barely stand it.
The woman, who frustratingly was still out of view, was furious that he had cum without her.
“ you must be punished” she commanded “clean up that cum immediately!!” without hesitation my brother stood up bollok naked and licked his cum off of the monitor. I gasped as a wave of orgasmic pleasure passed over me, my hand went into my knickers instinctively, and I rubbed myself off to what I saw. I saw his cock start to twinge as he finished off the last droplets.
Finally the woman revealed herself and to my amazement, it was mom, I came there and then, I struggled to keep silent as soaked my knickers with my juice. Luckily, they didn’t hear me.
She was naked and had her vibrator in her hand.

She forced him over so his face was near the monitor, she found some gay porn and told him it was time for his punishment. His elbows were on the desk, my mother stuck her fingers in her pussy and rubbed her juices on her vibrator, I was getting excited by what was about to happen, and I realised so was my brother as he was hard and rubbing his cock, the sounds of two men having sex was filling the air as my mother eased the end of her vibrator up his arse causing him wince in pain,
Then she forced it in causing him to yell, but you could tell he was enjoying it.
“ I’ m a big man and I’m fucking you, you puff!”. he moaned “harder, harder mum!!”
She rammed it in and out a couple of times before pulling it out and shoving it in herself .
He collapsed on the desk whimpering little, then he turned around pulled the vibrator out of her grabbed her and fell to the floor, he pounded her and she was loving it. His arse rose up and down as they fucked , both moaning in pleasure, I was frigging myself stupid when my mom saw me over his shoulder. I didn’t stop though as I was so close , but she just waved. She started to come, screaming in pleasure followed by my brother and finally by me. They lay on the floor for a while as I went back to bed , I took off my soaking wet knickers and dropped them on the step.

About three weeks later, having realised that the panties I had dropped were missing, I asked my mother if she had seen them, she told me that perhaps my brother picked them up by mistake, and that I should check the laundry basket in his bedroom.
I went to his room and checked the basket, but could not see them, I was about to leave when I suddenly had a very wicked thought of maybe trying to find some porn in his cupboard , I searched around in it, finding nothing, I was disappointed, until I thought to check under his bed.
Sure enough, there was a shoebox full of magazines, flicking through the top of the pile, I was impressed to see such hardcore images, particularly the huge cocks that were penetrating the women.
I dug deeper and found that the bottom magazine, was a gay one, this one was my favourite, and I wondered if he would noticed if it was missing, but it looked the most worn, which turned me on a little, that my brother wanked off his big cock to the sight of other big cocks. Under the magazine was a lot of used tissues, I picked one up and sniffed it, sending a shiver down my spine. I felt a little wrong for doing that, but after all, he and mum fucked a few nights ago, so I was no worse than them. Because of this I decided to pocket some for later.
Under the tissue was some panties, I think they were my moms, because they were with a picture of her in her underwear, she was so beautiful and sexy.
I was shocked to find a picture of me in there in my swimming costume taken when we were last on holiday in Spain, but not nearly as shocked, to find my missing knickers with them. They were still a little damp, and smelt of my cum, but also I notice that there was another stain, that smelt like the tissues. I shuddered when I thought of him wanking into my pants, thinking about me, and I wondered if my mother knew.
I teased my hard nipples through my t-shirt as contemplated the thought, before placing them back for him to use again.
Suddenly, I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and my brother shouting something.
“Oh, no!” I thought as I realised there was no way I could get out without him seeing me. In a panic, I hid in his wardrobe , not realising that I had left the shoebox out, by the time I thought about it, he was already in the room. There was a sock caught in the door that left a gap big enough for me to see.
He was getting changed out of his school uniform, I couldn’t help but notice how toned he was especially as he was so young. He threw on some dirty jeans and a wrinkly t- shirt he had pulled out of the laundry, so like my brother, then he saw the box open and laying on the floor.
He walked towards his bedroom door. He looked, suspiciously, from left to right in the hall before returning and shutting his door, pushing a chair to it so he wouldn’t be disturbed. A cold bead of sweat rolled down my forehead, as my heart began to race.
He rifled through the box and pulled out my panties and my photo and let out a sigh of relief, I could tell it was my photo because it was a different size to the other.
He sniffed the panties as he rose, climbed onto his bed, and laid there looking at the picture.
My eye moved down to his crotch, where his other hand was busy stroking his jeans. I could make out a definite bulge start to twitch within his loins, and could feel my pussy begin to ache.
He started to moan as the bulge grew larger, straining under his now tight jeans. He had my panties hanging over his mouth and nose, and was focused on my picture. I was gently teasing myself with just my middle finger as I tried to stay quiet.

With one hand he unbuttoned his jeans, causing his large cock to spring up, he slid his hand into his underwear and pulled out his dick, I had never seen it this up-close before, it was thick and veiny, and pulsating, I could tell how fast his heart was pumping just from looking at it.
He reached his fist around it grabbing it hard enough to make the head expand slightly, this caused him to moan slightly as he began to move it up and down. It was a magnificent sight, and I could smell its unique smell from across his, admittedly small, bedroom and I was so exited I was dithering uncontrollably.
In no time at all, his fist was pumping furiously, and he was moaning my name and uttering “come in my room and just fuck me”. I almost jumped out there and then and, If I could’ve mustered the strength, I might have done. But his fully formed cock was just too large for my thirteen year old pussy. I told myself that I could just suck him off or rub it for him, but my thoughts were interrupted by the sight of his cock glistening in pre-cum, my jaw dropped at its beauty.

He started to moan louder and each pump released more pre-cum, I knew he was going to cum, I wanted him to spew all over me. He grabbed my knickers off of his face and held them over his cock, and shot his load completely into them, I realised why they were still damp.

He laid still on his bed only his chest moved, which was still heaving as he caught his breath. I glanced at his clock and realised he had only lasted about 7 minutes, I smiled to myself as I thought “we’ll have to change that“. he cleaned himself up using my knickers, fastened his pants, and left the room.
I emerged from my hiding spot and snuck to the bed. I wanted to sniff them before I left. I was about to reach for them when I was startled by my brother asking me what I was doing in his room.
“oh, shit “ I thought as I glanced around the room for an excuse. He obviously thought I had just come in so said “I was looking for these” I picked up the knickers off of his bed “the ones I’m wearing aren’t as comfy” I could see the fear in his eyes as he must’ve realized they were damp, so I thought I’d give him a treat.
I pretended not to notice they were soaked and started to lift up my skirt. At this point I realised that they were moist too, but that just made things better. I slowly pushed them down to my knees, and stood upright so he could see my pubescent mound, I asked if he wouldn’t mind throwing them away for me, he just nodded and I made sure that when I lifted my leg to take them off, that he saw my slightly spread pussy lips. I threw them to him and put on the others. When they got to the top I pulled them tight so they camel-toed before leaving his room. As soon as I left he shut his door. I put my ear to it and heard his bed springs, I knew exactly what he was doing. Then I went to my room to fuck myself.

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Hot I wish she would have given him a bj

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To think, I was confused a miutne ago.

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2009-02-09 12:10:00
Good story but dithering means to take ages to do something. Eg he was taking ages in his bedroom - he was dithering around in his bedroom

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dithering means t shake uncontrolably,its an english thing

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great story my chair is soaking!! what does dithering mean?

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