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this story is abt my milf mom monica and what all naughty things she has done with her son rocky.
this story is abt my milf mom monica and what all naughty things she has done with her son rocky.

monica was a real beauty with nice firm big boobs,not very big,not very small just perfect.she had nice long legs,tanned and hot,smooth and sexy she had a pretty face and nice thick lips.she was a sex bomb.
she had always been a naughty girl,and was always ready to be fucked,she was one horny chick.

her husband was a businessman .who was into textile business and who was always going abroad for business trips.all his business trips made monica lonely and desperate for some hot action.

i -her son just wanted to give her that hot name is rocky and i was an average 16 year old guy,my mom monica is every1 in our family i too was and am a horny guy.but was a bit shy a total opposite of mommy monica.i stood tall at 5'8 and though i was slim and handsome .i wasnt much of a talker and was always unsuccessful with girls so while other guys in my class were busy getting laid.i had to compromise by watching hot porno flicks.and my favirite ones were the milf movies ....
more than a teen girl i realized that i was more attracted to a milf..and needed to fuck one real bad.
and where to find a better milf than home sweet home....

monica was very fit and would excersise 2 hrs everyday.she would go to the gym everyday at 7 pm and then would do yoga everyday at 7 am.she was hot.and any guy would just cum in his pants by just looking at her hot body.

i now had decided that somehow i need to get into momma monicas pants .but i didnt know how to do it.

one day when dad was in singapore for business,was the day i was going to loose my virginity this was the same day on which whatever happened to me.was very special and memorable.

my mum was cming back from the gym it was 8:15 pm.she lied on her bed and start groaning.."oof im tired" i noticed her going in her room and followed her to her room.
"hey mom,how was your workout?"i said ."good,rocky hows everything,any phone calls for me?"
"nope"i replied.
"hmmm,rocky can u give me like a sort of feeeling a lotta pain in my back,and legs."
Then i started massaging monica's legs and started pressing them and genuinely trying to do my best.i never thought abt fucking her at the moment. after 2 mins my mom
started groaning and moaning-

"ooooh yeah thats it over there"'
to tease her i would try pressing somewhere else on her that she would reply-
"no fool,over there not here ,over there keep pressing"
i swiftly went upwards to her stomach and then just above her boobs i started pressing and massaging her arms and her shoulders.
she really enjoyed and sort of got lost in her world.

"son i love u,u take good care of me"
..she said in her sexy voice.

now at this moment so close to her tits i culdnt help my self and started kissing on her cheeks and then her forehead and then behind her here.initially she didnt say anything.but after 5 minutes she said:

"what are u doing rocky?"
i didnt want to lose this opportunity of fucking her,man i had come to close and i quickly started kissing her on her lips.smooching her,so that she wud not be able to break free anyways she was trapped..

monica was furious when she was kissing her son.but she knew that she cannot stop her son now..

i quickly started taking off her shirt
but mom resisted and then after successfully pushing me down said"what the fuck are u doing u assol"?

to which now lost in exstacy and in tears i replied:"mom,i just wanted to feel u up and take good care of u,dads not around ever,i just wanted u too be satisfied with ur life ,i just wanted to make u happy,i know that u havent had sex for a while now..and its so difficult for u,as u have to do designing as well and ure stressed out"(monica is a designer)

monica confused at first ,started staring in my eyes and she kept her stare for atleast 3 minutes ,which felt like 3 hours to me..those 3 minutes decided my immediate future for good.

she then said surprisingly:"oh baby,Fuck me,fuck me good"
we then started kissing each other passionately ,for abt 10 minutes we couldnt stop ourselves and then i started kissing her on her neck and back and arms.she then said again in her sexy voice:"take of ur shirt and shorts"
i obliged. in a matter of dick was out,my 6 inch cock was her for the taking.
she then took my cock in her mouth and started sucking on my dick."slurp..slurp...mmmm so yummy..ur cocks so good...all that oiling i did in ur childhood has paid off"

she would lick my cock the whole thing.then would suck it then would occasionally even spit on it then she would suck..suck and suck...
she took her time
20 minutes.
then said something to me which i can never forget like u cant forget the dialouges of ur fav film..this dialouge was which i well never forget and this incident is my favirite film....

"how was the blowjob,son love my hot young stud,my fucker?"she asked opening her lips and closing them kissing in the air ,,,teasing me...

surprisingly i had not cum till yet..and i was still on the verge of cumming....

i quickly reminded her...
"mom u forgot my cum"

"give it to me u bastard"

my cum splattered all over her face and all over her c cup tits....
"yummy,man ure cum was so good...
baby i want u to be my man and fuck me now"

but before i cud fuck her..
she went to the bathroom and washed the cum from her face she even combed her hair and put on some perfume ..then she came back..ready to be fucked...

"fuck me in the pussy,uve done it before?"
"hmm dont worry mummys here"

she then guided my dick to her pussy and then it happened ..i started fucking her like a mad animal..."hitting her pussy with my quickly as i cud..i gave all i had in those strokes..i wud i love u"..."ur tits are so big..ur legs are so hot...aaahh uuugh oooh"

"baby fuck ur dirtly milf mom..fuck ur mom fuck me..fuck me...give me attention...make me ur darling..fuck me fuck me.."
fuck me was the word monica my hot milf mom wud repeat time after time almost every 2 seconds or u can say sexonds..

we went on for abt 15 minutes..i drilled her pussy...rammed it..
and then she reached her climax..

"ooooooh oooooh oooohh ooooh...FUck fuck...u assol..uve fucked me so hard"
a stream of cum came out of her sexy pussy and the sight was better than anything in the world..later we kissed and soon i too had cummed again...
we finished and hugged each other..and lay there on top of each other for an hour..after waking up i said"mom ure such a sex bomb"
"i know darling and by the way call me monica"

this is how my story begins my story my sex life..

This is my first story on xnxx.or anywhere for that matter..its original..
i want to be a writer when i grow please tell me if u liked the story..definetly there is more to come..a sequel of this story will be written..plz give ur suggestions and comments which are positive..
thank u
hope u enjoyed.

god bless....

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2011-06-23 18:57:52
im not going 2 complain about all the stuff u mesed up on ijust thougt was a gosex story im in here 4 the sex not the grammar keep writin cant wait 4 part 2

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-27 13:10:04
man its whole lotta shit u've written , dude do write good nxt time

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-30 14:14:29
rocky do sumthing interesting this time for a change !!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-02 22:32:26
Better grammar would greatly improve your story

johnny triggReport

2008-10-27 17:25:21
Not bad not good needs refinment,,, some what crude but may have posibilities,,, needs more feeling and master to submissive action.....

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