The summer I turned 14 was the turning point in my sexuality. My Latino neighbor keep me busy with photo sessions, and his older Latino friend, kept me in sexy clothes. By the end of that summer I had acquired a large box of clothing. I had 4 pairs of 6 inch heels shoes, mostly platforms, open crotch body stockings, latex stockings in black, red. Black latex miniskirt. Also along with these at least 20 pairs of pantyhose and tights, all fishnet, fence net, lace, in all colors. A few bras from Fredricks of Hollywood, and a few vibrators and latex cocks.

During these “photo sessions” I would masturbate , and they would too. They would shoot their loads on my tits or face. Sometimes I would blow them and swallow their loads.

On the weekends my parents and brother would leave Friday nights to go to the boat. Most of the time my parents let me stay home alone because my mother told my father , “You remember those years, wanting to be alone and not with mom or dad!” I guess he agreed. I did have to go from time to time but it wasn’t that often.

I had found how powerful desire and lust were. How strong my sex drive was. An the ultimate power of driving men out of their minds to watch me, and touch me. I would spent all my waking thoughts thinking about sucking cocks or fucking. The desire of having men.

I started drinking Amaretto on the rocks, my dad’s drink, after sipping from his glass a few times during cocktail parties at our house. I poured my self a glass and went upstairs to my bedroom. I gathered up and outfit for tonight. The set rules for outfits were. 1. I had to wear heels. 2. Stockings, pantyhose, or tights. 3. Miniskirt or minidress, short shorts. 4. Bra and panties. So I spent time mixing and matching. By the time I finished I also was finished with my drink. Feeling good I went and showered and shaved myself clean, and started my make-up. Finished with my make-up I headed down to the bar for another drink, it was almost 9pm and he wanted me there at 10:30pm. I sat and wondered what was going to happen tonight. I thought of a guy in school I had a crush on. His eyes watching me in my sexy little outfits. Me teasing him and exposing my tits to his lustful gaze. My nipples were getting hard and I could feel my juices stirring deep inside me. I wanted, no, I needed his cock inside me. I wanted to feel his hard cock thrusting in me, giving him pleasure, and me. The more I fantasized the wetter I became. I clenched my thighs together, and rolled my ass in the bar stool. I was hot, probably hotter than I had ever been before! I wanted to let my hand slip to my wet lips, but decided not to. I’d wait for the photo session, and let my lust guide me then.

I topped off my drink and went to the stairway, I got dizzy and fell up against the wall on the stairs. “Shit”, I said out loud. Got to my room and sat on the bed and started to get dressed. I pulled the black lace bra over and slipped my arms thru it and over my head, clasp the front and adjusted the cups to my tits. Slipped a long sleeved black fishnet top on. Pulled up a black fishnet garter belt on and sat down to put on the full length black nylon stockings on with a wide lace top. I pulled a neon pink sheer nylon bikini panty out of my drawer, it had black lace ruffles on the rear, none on the front, I learned to put the panties over the garters so you could take them off without taking the stockings and shoes off. I looked at it in the mirror, you could see my pussy real good, no panel in these panties. I sprayed myself completely from head to toe in perfume. I sat down and put on the red patton 6 inch heeled platform sandals.. It was a little after 10pm. I finished the outfit with a rhinestone ankle bracelet on my left ankle. A rhinestone necklace, and 3 strip dangle earrings.

At 10:30 pm I got up and walked down the back stairs all the way down to the basement in my stocking feet. I reached the last few stairs and sat down and put my shoes on, There was a door leading to the gangway. For those of you who do not know what a gangway is….It is the space between 2 buildings which has a sidewalk which leads to the basements so you can move stuff in and out of the basements and meter readers and such. It’s like a space a super small alley, but stops in the back, and goes to the sidewalk in front. Very dim during the day because the sun is blocked by the buildings and very dark at night.

I walked out into the gangway, hearing the tick tick of my heels on the cement. As soon as it opened up to see the street I cut across the front lawn of my neighbor were I was headed. The grass was damp and wet my stockings around my toes. I looked down and saw the red polish thru the black nylon. The yard only took me about 5 steps in heels. Which would tell you how small city front yards are. His entrance was ground level so no steps and I opened the outside door and went to the intercom and pressed his button. He buzzed my in and I struggled climbing the stairs in these heels.

“Hello, come in my baby!, As he opened the door and I went in. “Tonight I have very good time for you!”. “You look very hot baby, mmmmm very nice!”. He closed the door behind me, and walked in front of me, “Come come, this way, follow me”. He led me through his apartment< I had been there several time but only saw the living room, bathroom, and dining room. We got to a door and he opened it, stairs, shit I hate stairs with heels on. I held on to the handrail with one hand and he was in front of me holding my other hand to keep me from falling. The stairs wound to the right and at each floor there was a landing. Finally we reached the basement. I got a little scared, all the things we had done was in his apartment. Now the basement? He opened a door and there were more stairs! This time up! I climbed up about 5 steps and then turned and another 5, and he opened another door. This was ground level and his back yard. He led me to the garage.

He flicked on the lights and I saw his car, what’s goin on I thought. “Get in baby we go somewhere special tonight!” I got in and he backed out of the garage in to alley, and away we went. “Where are we going?”I asked him. “You see, very soon”. We headed down Lawrence Ave, and turned down some street, after a few blocks he slowed down and looked for a place to park. He found one on the other side of the street. We got out and headed across the street and to the sidewalk. I followed a few steps behind him, careful not to trip in the heels. I could hear music coming from a building, the Latino type with the accordion playing. He turned up a walk and headed for the door. He held the door for me and then went ahead of me and walked to a door and knocked on it. He looked at me and said, “Don’t worry you be safe”. Now I’m scared! The door opened and we went in. A loud cheer came over the loud music playing. I looked around, a living room full of guys! All ages from what appeared to be a young boy, to men in their 50’s or so. They were all talking and staring at me. Spanish I don’t understand so I sure don’t know what they were talking about. A few whistles and jeers. My Latino man, who brought me here, took me into the kitchen and leaned over to my ear. “I want you do dance for them, like in your bedroom for me, ok?” As he was saying this I was looking in the other room and saw some guys move the couch and other furniture to the side of the room. “Dance in center for a few dances, the go to each guy and dance, show him front and back then go to next guy, ok, you understand?”. “But I can’t dance to that music!”, I told him. He yelled in the other room and the young boy came in and he said something to him and he ran down the hall the other way. He came back and passed us and went into the living room. All of a sudden the music stopped, and then started with current music I knew. “Can I get a shot?”. He got a glass and poured me some whiskey. It was a lot more than a shot but I drank till I finished it. I burned all the way down and I started to cough.. “You ready?”. “Give me a few minutes ok?” I choked out. “No problem. Just let me know”. with that he went into the living room and shook hands with a few guys and was being patted on the back and whispers in his ears. A lot of guys just grinning, looking my way. The room was full of empty beer bottles, and cigarette smoke. The song finished, another started, it was “Hit me baby one more time “, by Britney Spears. I loved that song and could do almost all her moves from the video. So What the fuck!, I moved into the center of the room and started to dance. All the men clapped and yelled! The whiskey was working great now, my head spinning and I did not care what I was doing, except that I wanted to do it good! While I was dancing a few guys every now and then leaned over to look under my miniskirt, they liked what they saw I guess, cause they would yell and holler with big assed smiles. That would only fuel the fire within me.

The song ended and the men applauded, the next song came on, and I started to grind harder , and now use my hands over my tits and, down my hips, then back to my ass. They loved it!!! And so did I. My nipples were pushing hard against my bra, and with each movement the lace rubbed them until they ached. I could feel the lips of my pussy moistening the tight neon pick sheer panties, the more I ground, the tighter they got on my pussy, and farther into my ass crack. The man that brought me here came to me and gave me another shot, I threw it down, with out stopping my dance routine. I went to the first guy and got right in front of him, and swayed down as far as I could go on those heels, my skirt rode up past my nylon tops, and my wet panties were all his to look at. I saw his eyes drop to my crotch. What a rush I was getting, he was about in his mid twenties, clean cut, dressed rather nice. The music pounded, the men yelling, but it seamed far off. I stood up slowly and turned around. I bent over at the waist and my skirt went right up to the top of my ass, just below my hips. I felt his hand slide up my leg and then touch my ass cheek , I stood up and went to the next man who was a lot older maybe, 50. I pulled off the fishnet blouse and dropped it and continued to dance. I did a few thing different, like pull my skirt up for a few grinds, then back down. Really didn’t know what to do most of the time. I danced for at least 4 more guys, and took off my bra. Now the yelling was louder and more whistles. The next guy was young maybe 20, I shook my tits in his face and he nuzzled them, I pulled back and let him feel my ass. Then I took off my skirt, unzipped it and let if fall, kicked it away. Now only in a garter belt, stockings, panty, and heels, the guys went wild, I thought they were going to grab me and rape me. But at the same time, I was turned on to the max!

An older man probably in his sixties, stood up and started to dance with me, grinding his crotch on my thighs, and put his face on my chest, and his hands cupped on my ass cheeks kneading them. The other guys went wild! Clapping and whistling. Then this old man slipped his head down and stuck a nipple in his mouth, I was embarrassed!, but it did feel so good. Another guy came up and grabbed him and lead him to his seat. I got another shot, fired it down, and went dancing to the next song. I put my thumbs in the waist band of my panties and slowly pulled them down while letting my body wave. My nipples ached, and crotch was so visible thru the sheer nylon, and you could defiantly could see the darker spot , the wet spot of my now soaking panties. I pulled them down, all the time turning, to let everyone see my ass and hairless pussy. They reached my thighs and fell slide down my nylons to my ankles. I stepped out of them, and started dancing like I never danced before! I was running my hands over my tits and to my pussy, going all the way down and spreading my legs, the cooler air rushed at my wet cunt sending shivers all over me, I spread my legs as wide as I could in those heels and bent over and ran my hands on the inside of my thighs, and let one finger slide between my pussy lips. Everyone on one side of the room fought to get on the other side. I put one leg up on the coffee table and slide my hands down my stocking . The music stopped! And my Latino man grabbed up my clothes and took my by the arm into the bath room, and shut the door. “Oh that was so very good, but we do not want to give them more!”. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, “See this, this is for you for dancing tonight!” I didn’t know how much was there but it was a good chunk of change! He handed me my panties and blouse, “Put these on ok?” I sat on the toilet and pulled them up to my knees when he said, “I want you to suck a few guys here, no fucking! I will make sure no one hurt or fuck you! I stand outside door, if somebody do something you no like! I come in and stop them ok?” How could I refuse, I was so hot I wanted to suck cock, anybody’s cock!

I put on the fishnet blouse, and stood up. I had to adjust the blouse cause my nipples were being poked by the material. He grabbed my skirt and bra, and took my hand and led my to a bedroom. “I give guys rubbers, you no suck guy without rubber on! If he don’t like rubber you call for me!” “What do I call you?”
“Papi” he said. I sat on the bed, my legs were killing me and so were my feet. He handed my a full glass of whiskey. “You may need this to get taste out of mouth from rubber!”. The room was of the teen aged boy I saw out in the living room. A small light was on, I could see a poster of some guy playing soccer. A bat in the corner, clothes on the floor. The door opened and a guy with a thick mustache cane in. The door shut behind him. I said hi and he did also. He got in front of me and unbuckled his pants and let them fall, then pulled his boxers down to his ankles, I looked at his cock it was un-cut and hard, the head sticking out of the skin. He tore open the rubber and unrolled it down his cock. And holding it by the base he stuck it out. I leaned forward and took it in my hand. The heat and throbbing of it made me very hot. I put it in my mouth and wrapped my lips around it, he moaned I pushed my head back and forth on his hard cock, he looked down at me and said something. I sucked it pretty hard. My lipstick was smeared all over the rubber and getting cleaned off with my saliva. I pumped his cock with my mouth faster and faster. My lips were getting sore. So I started to jack him off with my hand while I kept the head in my mouth to give myself a break. I jacked him faster and faster till he moaned real loud and his legs shook. I pulled off the head and saw his cum shooting into the rubber. He kinda fell backwards, then picked up his pants and left the room.

The door opened again, this time it was Papi, and the young boy. “His father wants him to get blow job!” And pushed him in and shut the door. He stood there, his cock was trying to rip through his pants. Hi was all he could say. “Are you scared of me?” I asked. “No”, was his answer. “I won’t hurt you, come sit down”. He walked over and sat on the bed about three feet from me. “ You ever seen a girl naked before?” I asked him. “Sure lots of times”,.was all he said. “Real girls or magazines?” I asked him. “Well in movies too but not real”. “How old are you?” I asked him looking at the bulge in his pants. “13, be 14 in December!”. “Don’t be afraid, this is something you always wanted when looking at those magazines! Right?” He nodded. “Here” I said standing up and walking over to him. “Here! Look and my tits“, I cupped underneath them and let him see the nipples sticking out of the fishnet. He started at them and smiled. “Touch them”, I told him. “Can I?”, I nodded and said, “Sure”. He reached up with his hand, but stopped. I took my hand and pressed his hand to my breast. His face turned beet red. I moved his hand across the nipple and around the breast.. I smiled at him and he smiled back. “See nothing to be afraid of, do you like them?” “Yes! a lot!” as he now touched them on his own. I pulled the fishnet blouse up just over my tits. “Do you wanna do something else to them?” he nodded. “Go ahead I’m sure I will like it!”. He stood up and put his mouth to a nipple and sucked on it. I moaned in the back of my throat. “Yes that feels so good!, do the other one now”. He switched to my other breast, my knees where getting weak, and the flame in my pussy was getting higher. I stroked his hair while he sucked my nipple as squeezed my breasts. I told him, “Your making me feel so good, I want to make you feel good too!” I pushed him back, and he fell onto the bed sitting. “I’m going to show you something”. I whispered. I pulled my panties off and stood there, watching his eyes lock onto my pussy. I reached out and took his hand and guided it to my wet cunt. I used his hand like it was my own. I pushed it between my legs, and made him rub it. Then I took and bent a few fingers of his into his palm. I pushed his fingers between my outer lips and watch him stare. I then dipped them past the lips in down to my moist dripping hole. I inserted finer in me and pushed it past his second knuckle. I threw back my head and moaned out load, I slowly pumped his finger in and out of me. The whole time his mouth was wide open. “Lay down on the bed”, I told him, but before I finished the words he was laying on the bed. “Would you like me to make you feel that good?”. “Yes please!” he stuttered. I go on my knees on the bed and unzipped his pants, and slide them down, he was trembling. I pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. His cock was bouncing at least 3 inches every time his heart beat. I grabbed him and told him to sit still. He did. I threw my right leg over him and straddled him. I looked over my shoulder and told him, “I am going to suck you cock to make you feel real good, have you ever cum before?” He nodded. “Ok then that’s what I’m going to make you do ok?” He just nodded again, all the time looking at my pussy on his chest. “I’m going to make you feel real good, you want to make me feel the same way too?” He replied.”Yes!. So I squirmed back and hovered my pussy above his face. I looked under me as saw his eyes fixed on my cunt. “Now see my pussy?, I want you to use your tongue and put it in my pussy and dart it in and out, and lick between the lips ok?. “Ok” he said. Before I could grab his cock he already raised his head to lick my wet hole. His tongue felt so good hot and wet darting in my hole, and across my clit and lips, I pushed myself down closer to his face. When I did that he went faster with his tongue. I grabbed his cock and pulled it off his belly, and stood it up. I felt a cum coming on, so I sat straight up and moved my hips in circles and pushed a little downward, his tongue was now deep inside me, my legs began to shake and my stomach began to tighten , I came hard and he was still eating me, I felt the juices flow out of me, and his face was now slippery. I moaned and I leaned over and took his rock hard cock in my mouth. When T put my mouth around it he jumped. I licked the head and the skin and then went down to his tight gathered balls and licked then too. I pulled away too far from him to keep sucking my pussy, cause I felt him try and reach. But he gave up to his pleasure. I was so frantic, I never sucked a cock that that before. It was as though his cum was air, and I couldn’t breathe. I went up and down on his cock so fast that I was moaning each time I took it all the way in. I sucked it so hard my cheeks were numb. I heard him moan, I knew he was close, then he shot his cum so hard it hit the back of my throat several times, I swallowed all of it, and released his cock from my mouth. He lay there panting with his eyes closed. I rolled off and watched his still hard cock drool thread of cum on his belly. I grabbed it and flicked the cum off the head and he jumped off the bed about a foot, and then to rest. I then lick the cum off his belly. I loved cum! He got up and got dressed, I put my panties on and pulled my blouse down. “That was so good!” he exclaimed, “Yes it was good!” I answered. He said good bye and left the room.

After draining several more cock of their juice, Papi came in and said it was time to go. I took a few gulps of the whiskey. Put on my skirt, and we left for the car. “Did you like tonight ok?” he asked pulling out on the street. “Yes it was great!, I said with a big smile. We drove a while in silence. “You know, we maka lot of money tonight!, you wanna know how much?” “Sure I guess!” I really didn’t care. “We make 500 for dancing, and 400 for blow jobs!” Then it hit me…….I’m a whore, a hooker, a prostitute! I’m going to jail for sure, I gotta stop this NOW!!
“I can’t ever do this again I told Papi!” He stared down the street, and then said, “Oh really!, so I guess daddy will like the pictures of his little whore sent to his work!” My mind raced as fast as it could looking for the answer to that. “I have pictures of his baby girl sucking on an old mans cock and she played with her pussy in front of him!” I started crying and weep hard. After a while I slowed down crying, I thought about it, the sexy stuff I do turns me on and sucking cocks now is so fantastic. “Ok but won’t we get caught by the police?”, I sniffled. “Never my wife police, she knows what I do!” Holy Shit!! I thought, all the time his wife knew this, and let him do it. It must be for the money I thought.

“Here!” he handed me some money. I looked at it. “It is your share 400 is ok?” Well HELL YES! I never had that much money before! The most I would get at one time was a 100 bill at Christmas from my Grandfather. But he’s been dead for 2 years. So I get to get sexy clothes, drink and have a good time, drive men crazy, suck some cock that I love doing. And get off myself………make awesome money! And get to get off myself! Not too bad a thing I guess.

As we were nearing his house he said. “There are ways of making more money!” “Like how?” I asked him.
“You must be able to let some people, not all people fuck you pussy and you ass!, I know you never did but first time can be very bad if not done right!” “I was sure about what he was saying, I heard about guys shoving their cocks in a virgin so hard that they never felt anything but pain. And grew up not liking sex. I loved sex so far and wanted cock. I did not want anything to take away the yearning for a cock deep inside of me!

We pulled his big old car into the garage and shut the door. He and I got out of the car. He walked to the rear door and opened it. “Take off your panties and get in” I did. “Put you back against the door over there and open your legs” I did that also. He climbed in and went and grabbed my hips and pulled me close to his face. He lapped at my cunt licking and sucking it, it was driving me crazy. He sat up and pulled my hips closer to him. Unzipping his pants and shoving them and his shorts down, his cock was rock hard. “Now I’m going to go real slow. He unwrapped a rubber and rolled it down his cock, “You never never fuck without a rubber!” he said getting the rubber all the way down. “This rubber has jel on it to make it easier for you,ok?” I just nodded and looked at his cock. He moved closer and held his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy lips, and applied some pressure. Then he moved down a bit, and I could feel his cock tip at my opening. He pushed a little and stopped, then a little more and again stopped, then more. God it felt so good! Then he pushed some more and then I felt a lot of pressure inside of me. “We are almost there baby!” He pushed a little harder and I felt intense pain! I cried out. “That’s it baby you done now!” I felt something warm under me other than the wool blanket. He pushed in again this time his cock went in farther. Then he stopped and let out a moan. He pulled back real slow and it hurt, then back in, and the he just started to fuck me at a slow pace. A slow stir came over me has he pumped my aching cunt. He pace got faster, and my lust started to grow. The pain was a far thought for me now as pleasure filled me up! I wrapped my legs around him and let him pound me now harder than ever1 His mouth sought mine and we kissed hard, so hard my teeth hurt, but the passion was building up and our mouths mashed together, and saliva ran all over both my cheeks. I started to cum and moaned in his mouth, and sucker harder on his tongue in my mouth. I came and pulled him so hard to me I thought I would crush him! He responded by faster stokes, and a deep moan from his throat. I came again and this time I thought I was passing out. I saw bright lights flash in the darkness and everything was dim. Then another even harder than before. He pulled off my moth and slammed real hard into me twice, and the third time shoved it in real hard and then pushed with his feet on the door jam of the car and almost broke my neck, and Squirmed in my cunt, alet puffed through his nose, He was draining his nuts in the rubber in me. He pulled out and leaned against the back seat. I could not move even though my neck was killing me. I was in bliss. The best orgasm I ever had. I never new I could cum that hard. He asked, “You ok?” I barley nodded yes. “You like?” I sat up and hugged him hard, “Yes I loved it so much!” He patted my back and pushed me back and looked into my eyes and said, “This is sex! NOT love! Big difference between the two!, understand?” I said yes, at least I thought I understood. He handed me my panties and took the blanket out of the car and showed me the blood, “You see I took your cherry, blood like cherry, you are ok just wash up in bath!” I looked down and saw my thighs smeared with blood. “You go home get in bath tub, then go to sleep!” I tried walking but found it hard. I thought it was the 6 inch heels. I took them off. It wasn’t the heels it was my aching body.

I staggered home, partly from the booze, and the rest from getting the shit fucked outta me!
As I soaked in a hot tub, I looked at the money, and laughed. I really got paid to pop my cherry! My pussy ached, but it also felt kinda good in a weird way. I wounder if that’s normal? I got to bed and fell fast asleep, but before I did, I wondered what my next adventure would be.


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