I finally managed to finish the new chapter after fighting the stomach flu for a week. But the chapter is finally done and even though it starts real slow with a lot of background information it ends on a hot note and gives the preggy lovers what they've been begging for.
Chapter 10

Jason put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his swivel chair with a groan as he checked the time on his wall clock. It was only two, that meant three more hours before he could go home and he was tired of trying to find something to keep himself busy. For once he was caught up on all his work and none of the reports he needed for his next project would be ready until the end of the day. He considered taking a tour of the facilities but he’d already taken a tour before lunch and a second one would make his employees nervous, and make him look like a micro-managing control freak, not a good idea. So instead he hid out in his office and tried to look busy while he daydreamed about his daughters’ pussies wrapped around his cock.

In the six months he’d been fucking Karen (five months for Nancy) he and the girls and always managed to come up with something that made each fuck session as hot as the first one. In spite of Nancy’s best efforts on the night he popped her cherry her period was right on time (give or take a day since it was still irregular). Since then the girl’s had tried several different ideas to get his baby juice in their bellies on their most fertile days and he’d done his best to play dumb every time, but so far nothing had worked. But now Jason was finally ready to give into the inevitable. He was tired of looking at their flat bellies and perky tits every time he fucked them, and he was finally ready to give them what they wanted, and what he’d wanted as well.

He and Elizabeth always wanted more children, their original plan had been at least five kids but when complications developed during Nancy’s birth the doctors were able to save his Liz’s life, but at the cost of any more children. Jason still remembered what she’d said after the doctor gave them the news and she looked up from her new daughter to tell him, “You will have more children honey, you’ll just have to wait a while.”

Jason had always assumed that Liz meant they’d eventually adopt once she got over the shame that she couldn’t give him anymore children, but lately he’d been wondering if she’d been planing his seduction by the girls even then. Still, he was sure Karen and Nancy would be pleased when he got home and announced that he was giving in to their pleas and was finally ready to give them the babies they wanted - the ones he’d been secretly desiring since the first night he fucked Karen. Now all he had to do was wait out the last three hours of the work week before going home and giving them Karen’s early birthday present.

There was a soft tap at Jason’s office door and he looked up to see Ted Hensine standing in the opening. “Boss, are you busy? I’d really like to talk to you about something.”

“A crisis,” Jason said, clapping his hands together and rubbing them enthusiastically, “finally, something I can do. Come on in Ted.”

“Actually it’s not business related, it’s personal,” Ted said with a nervous grin, “very personal.”

“Ok,” Jason said as he chewed his upper lip thoughtfully, “in that case, come on in, close the door, and draw the shades.”

“Thanks Jason,” Ted said as he rushed to do what his boss had told him, closing the shades just as an obviously pregnant Mary Temple walked past the large inner window and gave him a meaningful look as the shades cut off her glare.

“Is that what you want to talk to me about?” Jason asked, pointing his chin at the shaded window as Ted took the seat across from him.

“That’s part of it,” Ted said with a weary sigh. “A year or so ago Janice and I would have gone to Elizabeth about this but since she’s gone I figured you were the next best thing.”

“What does Elizabeth have to do with you having an affair with a girl and knocking her up?” Jason asked with a confused shake of his head.

“You mean you really don’t know?” Ted asked. “In that case I better start at the beginning. You know that Liz and Janice were best friends and roommates back in college, right?”

“Sure,” Jason said with a slight frown, “that’s why Janice was Elisabeth’s maid of honor and vice-versa.”

“That’s right, at least as far as it goes,” Ted said with a nod, “but did you know that they were lovers as well as roommates?”

“That would make sense,” Jason said, finally understanding how his wife had taught Karen and Nancy so much about eating pussy.

“It wasn’t a regular thing you understand,” Ted continued as he gave his boss a knowing grin. “It only happened when they were between boyfriends, but they did enjoy their girl on girl encounters and managed to get together on occasion even after they were married.”

“When Janice and I got married - five years after you and Beth - we fully intended to have a house full of kids,” Ted said with a sigh. “After two years of trying without a single late period we decided it was time to check with the fertility experts. And that’s when we found out that Janice was sterile. I don’t know which one of us felt worse, but we were still determined to have children, we just weren’t sure how we were going to do it. We’d pretty much decided on adoption the next time Elisabeth paid us a visit - but we were still considering other options.”

“After we explained the situation to Liz she asked one very important question that Janice and I hadn’t thought to ask,” Ted took a deep sigh as Jason leaned forward to catch his next words. “She asked me if I wanted to have children of my own, or if I was willing to raise another man’s child. I had to think about that one, but once I did I had to admit that I didn’t like the idea that much.”

“That’s when she told us what she had planned for you and the girls,” Ted chuckled at the surprised look on Jason’s face as he said that.

“You know about me and the girls?” Jason asked cautiously.

“Now I know,” Ted said with a firm nod, “up to now I only suspected because I knew that Elisabeth planned for the girls to give you all the children she couldn’t. The main reason she told us her plan to have the girls seduce you and have your babies was so she could judge our reaction to her plans before she suggested a plan for our problem.”

“I can see how the same solution wouldn’t work for you,” Jason said with a relieved chuckle as he realized that Ted wasn’t about to turn him in to the authorities if he’d suspected the truth this long and hadn’t reported it. “So what solution did she have for your problem?”

“She introduced us to our first surrogate mother,” Ted said in a conspiratorial whisper. “Becky Mather was a young woman who loved to fuck and loved being pregnant because it made her so horny. But even though she was willing to carry her pregnancies to term, Becky didn’t care about children.”

“Sounds like the perfect surrogate,” Jason said with a quick grin, “a woman who enjoys being pregnant and doesn’t have a problem giving up the child after it’s born.”

“It worked well for our first child,” Ted said with a nod, “but a couple months after Henry was born she met Jaime Newhouse, a man who loved to fuck, especially loved to fuck pregnant women, and loved nothing more than taking on all the responsibility of raising the children once their born. The two of them got married a month later.”

“Back to the drawing board then?” Jason asked with a quark of his lips.

“Back to Elisabeth,” Ted said with a chuckle. “And she had a solution to our problem. She didn’t know any more women like Becky because women like her are pretty rare. But she did have another idea for us. She suggested I start having affairs with other women. Short term affairs so they wouldn’t last long enough for me to get attached to the women I was fucking, but long enough that I had a chance to knock some of them up. And when that happened Janice and I would go to those women and make them an offer, a year of living all expenses paid and ten thousand dollars when they gave up the baby for adoption in our favor.”

“So it may be a unique way of doing it,” Jason said thoughtfully, “but it’s basically a way of getting a surrogate mother for your children.”

“I guess you could look at it that way,” Ted said with a crooked grin as he brushed back his short blond hair with his hand. “Of course for me it’s a lot more fun than finding a willing woman and using artificial insemination to impregnate them.”

“I guess it is,” Jason said with a grin of his own.

“Anyway,” Ted said, getting back on track with his story, “that’s how Janice and I got Cheryl before my old employer started questioning my life style and we thought it would be a good idea for us to move on.”

“And that’s when Elisabeth asked me to hire you on as the office manager here,” Jason said with a nod. “Not that I needed that much encouragement, the manager I had before you moved in was a micro-managing control freak, she had everyone - including me - walking around on eggshells. We were all happy to see her go but after just a month of trying to run the office on my own I was more than willing to hire you for the job.”

“And after we moved here it didn’t take me too long to hook up with my first girl friend, she didn’t manage to knock her up but I did knock up the my second girlfriend and Janice and I ended up getting Gayle, John, and Kevin in the next three years. Then Mary Temple came along.”

“I figured Mary would come up sooner or later,” Jason said with a nod.

“Do you have any idea how lucky you are that you managed to avoid stepping into her plans?” Ted asked with a shake of his head. “She had her sites on you until the day you walked in and were totally immune to her advances. I’m guessing that’s the day after you started fucking the girls.”

“Actually I started fucking Karen a month before Nancy joined us,” Jason said, “but I think I know what day you mean. That was a Friday and the day you started your affair with Mary according to the office gossip.”

“That’s right,” Ted said, “when Mary realized that you were out of her reach she set her sites on me instead. She was so hot that first night I barely got past the front door of her apartment before I tore her clothes off and threw her to the floor for a good hard fuck. Normally Janice helps me choose the girls that I have my affairs with but with Mary she was so hot and I was so horny that I didn’t take the time to consult with her ahead of time.”

“Do you think that would have made any difference?” Jason asked as he thought about how lucky he was to have too tight little pussies to slip cock into instead of Mary’s well used hole.

“If Janice had been involved she would have seen how big a gold digger Mary was and warned me off,” Ted said with a bemused shake of his head. “But I’m not sure how much of a difference it would have made since I managed to knock Mary up that first night. If I didn’t know better - and I don’t - I would have said that Mary planed to get pregnant that night.”

“A month later Mary made her play,” Ted continued. “She told me she was pregnant and that it was my baby, then she said that if I didn’t give her what she wanted then she wouldn’t get an abortion and she’d tell Janice about the affair.”

“Sounds like it wasn’t the first time she tried to get money from someone,” Jason said thoughtfully, “what did you tell her?”

“I told her that Janice already knew about the affair and made her our standard offer if she’d agree to carry the baby to term. I think my counter offer must have surprised her because she accepted the offer with one provision, that she keep working. All Janice and I cared about was having another baby in our family so I had no problem agreeing to her terms at the time.”

“Since you didn’t come to me then I’m guessing that things have changed since then,” Jason said, noticing that his cock was getting hard as Ted talked to him about his family situation.

“That’s right,” Ted said with a frown. “About a week ago Mary gave me the new terms of our arrangement and Janice and I decided to get your advice on how to deal with the situation. “Since you know about the office gossip you must know that Mary’s been spreading the word about her pregnancy and her version of the story has me forcing myself on her and threatening to fire her if she didn’t do things the way I wanted them.”

“I haven’t heard that,” Jason said, “that could be because I’m the boss and no one wants me to know the story, or it could be because no one believes it so they haven’t bothered to spread the rumor.”

“Even if they don’t believe Mary’s version of things I’m still getting the evil eye from more than one employee,” Ted sighed, “I guess this is why Elisabeth gave us the rule that I shouldn’t have any of my affairs with someone I worked with, too bad I didn’t remember that rule the night Mary asked me to give her a ride home because her car was in the shop.”

“Yes, it would have been a good idea to remember that rule,” Jason said with a chuckle as Ted blushed, “but we all make mistakes.”

“Well that night wasn’t the end of mine,” Ted said, “Mary now says that if I don’t divorce Janice and marry her she’ll have the baby aborted.”

“I see,” Jason said, drumming his fingers on his desk as he tried to block out thoughts of Karen and Nancy laying naked on his bed as he tried to knock them both up so he could consider Ted’s problem. “I think I have an idea,” he said after a few seconds. “I doubt this is the same solution Elisabeth would have come up with for you, I’m not even sure if it will work, but considering Mary’s money hungry nature I think it might work.”

“So give,” Ted said, leaning forward in anticipation.

“What I have is a three part plan,” Jason said as he leaned back in his chair and eyed the pictures of Karen and Nancy smiling back at him from his desk. “Three parts because I’m sure Mary will keep coming back to you with this threat if she thinks she can get more money out of you and Janice. First we need to deal with her idea of forcing you to divorce Janice and marry her. You’ll need to talk to Janice before you confront Mary.”

“Janice and I have already agreed that we’re not giving in to Mary on this demand,” Ted pointed out quickly.

“Good, but you still need to make sure that Janice understands what you plan to tell Mary so she knows how to respond if Mary confronts her,” Jason said as Ted nodded in understanding. “I suspect that the only reason Mary wants to marry you is because she wants your money and the power she feels you represent. She doesn’t want you, and she doesn’t want your kids. So what you need to do is convince her that she isn’t going to get what she wants if she marries you.”

“I think I’m beginning to see where things are going here,” Ted said with a grin.

“Let’s hope Mary doesn’t catch on,” Jason said with a grin of his own. “Anyway, what you need to tell Mary is that Janice has agreed to the divorce but only if she gets the house and the money while you get the kids.”

“Mary is not going to like that idea one bit,” Ted said with a chuckle, “but I can see where she could come back to the threat of an abortion if she thinks she can get more out of me. So, what’s the rest of your idea?”

“The next time she threatens to get an abortion you need to remind her of the deal you made,” Jason explained, “and point out that if she gets an abortion she’s broken the deal which means she loses her free room and board as well as the money she’s suppose to get when you and Janice adopt her baby.”

“Good point,” Ted said, “a reminder of our deal should be enough to make her reconsider the idea.”

“I think so too,” Jason said, “but you have to realize that there’s a chance that she could get the abortion out of spite, so you should be ready to give her an even better deal in case you need it. Now, I know that I pay you well, but I still have trouble seeing how you can afford to pay your surrogates the kind of money you’ve been paying them. Will it put a strain on your finances to increase Mary’s deal?”

“Not a problem,” Ted said with a grin, “when my parents died they left me so much money that I don’t need to work, but I like to work so Janice and I live on what I make and keep the rest of our funds available for other things. So doubling or even tripling Mary’s payment is well within my means. I think you’re right, Jason, this isn’t the kind of plan Elisabeth would come up with, but I think it will work.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Jason said, “but right now I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I’ve finished my work for the day and right now I’m pretty much marking time to the end of the day,” Jason explained. “Do you think you can cover for me? I need to get home and see what I can do about knocking up a couple girls.”

“You mean you haven’t knocked up Karen and Nancy already,” Ted asked in surprise. “After six months I thought you’d have at least one of them pregnant by now.”

“I’ve been fighting it,” Jason admitted with a sigh. “As much as Karen and Nancy wanted me to knock them up I fought the idea because I didn’t think it was right, but just before you came to me I finally decided I really did want to knock them up and it was time I got busy giving the two of them what they’ve been begging for. And now that I’ve made the decision I’m anxious to get home and get to work. By the way, Ted, thanks for telling me what you knew about Elisabeth’s plans for me and the girls. One of the things that’s been holding me back is that I didn’t think Elisabeth would approve of me knocking the girls up, but now that you’ve confirmed what the girls have been telling me all along I so now a feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m really looking forward to fucking my two girls and knocking them up.”

“In that case you get home and give those girls of yours what they want,” Ted said as he stood up and pulled his boss out of his chair before shoving him toward the door. “I’ll take care of the office for the rest of the day and see you on Monday.”

“I almost forgot,” Jason said, turning back from the door for a second, “whatever you do don’t even hint that Mary’s job could be threatened, no matter what happens. Considering Mary’s job performance there’s a good chance that she could lose it, but we’d have a hard time convincing a judge or jury that she wasn’t fired because she broke off your affair.”

“Thanks Jason, I’ll be careful.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *

Karen gave a little jump as her father walked through the door into the kitchen, “Dad, you’re home early,” she said as she wiped her hands on her bib apron and turned to hug him before she returned to making dinner.

“Is that all you have to say?” Jason asked as he set the bag from the drug store on the kitchen table. “Don’t you want to know why I’m home so early? Or what I got at the store?”

“It’s Friday,” Karen said, “you always stop and pick up a new supply of condoms on Friday.”

“You think you know me so well,” Jason said as he stripped out of his clothes and stepped up behind his oldest daughter as Nancy rushed into the kitchen to greet her father and turned to glance into the bag on the table. Nancy looked up from the bag and grinned at her father as he gestured for her to keep quiet about what she’d seen in the bag.

“I know you well enough to know you won’t give me what I want,” Karen said as her father’s hands slid under the bib of her apron and shifted up to squeeze her tits.

“Oh God, daddy,” Karen said as she bent forward over the counter and spread her legs so her father could reach her pussy from behind, “you make me so horny.”

“Not as horny as you make me,” Jason groaned as Karen’s nipples popped out against the palms of his hands. “Just thinking about you and your hot little cunt makes me so hard I can’t even walk around the office.”

“In that case you should be hard enough to fuck me right now,” Karen giggled, “so what are you waiting for?”

“Nothing,” Jason said as he placed the tip of his bare cock against Karen’s drooling slit and thrust forward to slide the whole length of his shaft into the girl’s fuck tunnel with a moan of pleasure as the girl’s cunt wrapped around his prick.

It only took two strokes for Karen to notice the difference from their usual fucks. “Dad,” Karen said, rotating her ass as her father slammed in and out of her pussy with enough force to make his cum filled balls bounce off her erect clit.

“Yes Karen?” Jason said with a grin, he was sure Karen already knew that things had changed between them.

“Are you fucking me without a condom?” Karen asked as her father continued to slam in and out of her drooling slit.

“Yes I am,” Jason said with obvious pleasure as he slid in and out of his daughter’s fuck tunnel. “I finally got tired of seeing you and Nancy with flat bellies and firm breasts. I plan to knock both of you up so you have nice big bellies and milk filled tits.”

“You sure know how to make me horny, daddy,” Karen said as she braced her arms on the counter and slammed her cunt back to meet her father’s every thrust. But if this is a joke I’ll be very unhappy with you.”

“He’s not joking Karen,” Nancy said as she slipped past her father to show her sister what she found in her father’s shopping bag. “Look at this, daddy didn’t even bother to pick up more condoms today, he picked up a whole lot of pregnancy tests instead.”

“I know we won’t need them for a few weeks,” Jason said, “but I was so excited about knocking the two of you up I couldn’t resist getting them now instead of waiting.”

“Daddy,” Karen groaned as her father’s fingers pinched her erect nipples and her belly fluttered with her approaching orgasm, “you have no idea how good it feels to have your cock in my pussy without a damn condom between us.”

“I think I know,” Jason groaned as he slammed his cock deep into his daughter’s fertile cunt and swivelled his hips around. “Until now I forgot just how good it felt to fuck you without that damn piece of latex on my prick, but after this I don’t plan to go back.”

“Oh good,” Nancy said as she watched her sister’s whole body quivering with her approaching orgasm, from the way her father’s balls were bouncing around she was sure it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his cum deep into her sister’s fertile body. “I was afraid you’d decide I was still too young to have your baby.”

“Not any more,” Jason gasped as he tried to catch his breath as he picked up the pace of his fucking. “All I want to do now is keep the two of you so full of baby juice you’ll be pregnant for a long, long time.”

“I’m cumming daddy,” Karen screamed as her arms shook so hard she almost lost her balance as her father slammed into her one last time and held his prick deep inside his daughter as his balls cramped with every wad of baby juice he shot into Karen’s wide open womb. Yes daddy,” Karen cried as she felt her father’s cum fill her pussy, “I can feel you cumming deep inside me. Do it daddy, knock me up. Give me your baby.”

“I’m trying, honey, I’m trying,” Jason moaned as Karen’s cunt milked every drop of cum from his balls until they ached.

“Wow,” Nancy said, wide eyed as she watched her father pull his cock out of Karen’s slimy pussy so some of his cum dripped down her inner thighs. “How long before you knock me up like that daddy?”

“You’ll have to wait Nancy,” Jason said with a groan as he looked down at his wilted prick. “Karen’s tight little cunt just sucked every drop of cum out of my body so it’s going to be a while before I can give you what we both want. In the meantime we can give Karen a chance to recover and finish dinner while you and I decorate for the baby making party.”

“Sounds like fun,” Nancy said as she bounced up and down on her toes, “but what are we going to use for decorations?”

“I still have one box of condoms left,” Jason said with a grin, “I thought we’d blow them up and hang them from the ceiling like balloons.”

“Sounds good,” Nancy said with a grin of her own before she turned to run for the package she knew was in the bedroom she and Karen shared with their father.

“By the way, Karen,” Jason said as he turned back to his older daughter before following Nancy out of the kitchen, “I hope you like your birthday present, and I hope it arrives on time.”

“So do I daddy,” Karen said as she stroked her flat belly, “so do I.”


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About bloody time, was getting boring...


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"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 10" - Jason, Karen and Nancy - (Father and Daughters)

Pleasantly surprised...we are now back to a "family oritented incestual and baby-making context"! Jason and the girls are just as pleased as I am--gleefully so--that Jason now is on a quest to impregnate both girls

My fervent hope which would be disgustingly awful, if Jason (through the writer's auspices) even remotely considers having his daughters become "baby factories", and giving up their children--his, Karen's and Nancy's babies--just for the illicit purpose of keeping his girls pregnant. They MUST KEEP EVERY BABY born with Carter blood DNA, cum, cervix and birth canals!!!!!

This is a veyr good chapter of basic love of familial fucking. We now need some family compassion, honor and commitment!!

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3/10 for sex, 8/10 for story so that's 11/20. that's really good from me, I'm a really tuff cridic. much more interesting now that's it has more story. but it could use some more (and better) sex.


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