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the story continues
as her lovely brown asshole decends towards my face I revel in the idea that they have been watching my play times. I wonder just how many they have seen and what they have witnessed me doing and watching.
Her pussy touches my chin and I feel her shiver her ass millimeters from my nose is clean and sooo so inviting.
I push my tongue out licking over her tight rosebud and she shakes involuntarily then pushes down a little inviting me to lick her again. I oblige her pushing my tongue harder this time and making sure I staret to enter her ass.
My cock is hardening already but I can feel something being pushed onto it covering it and pinching a little at the base.
I continue to lick and suck on the ass and push my tongue into her cunt hole too hoping to make her shudder again while the other girl masturbates me and fiddles with the sheath she is fitting over my erection. then something wierd happens and I feel pressure on the end of my cock and suddenly the end feels free.
the ffreedom it is given allows my cock to grow into the new space filling the sheath and positioning itself right into the end of the cover.
The night is having effects on my bladder now and as I lick the blondes cunt and arse I can feel my self getting desperate. the blond is wriggling and rubbing her ass on my mouth getting more and more excited as I pleasure her dirty hole licking it and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth then shoving my tongue into her butt.
jeese I need to pee and as my blond ass starts to cum I become too desperate to wait much longer.
as rthe ass is pulled away form my face I see for the first time what is actually happening t my cock.
The dark girl has fitted a big clear sheath over my cock like a condom but much thicker I can see my cock all pressed together and tight inside.
But hte truly fascinating bit is that there is a tube from the end of the sheath running to a small tap like object and way to a butt plug.
I remember seeing one on a toy site but never dreamt of actually wearing one. Man I am so hard in it.
I say out loud come on girls I need to piss now I wanna go to the toilet.
Not yet says the blond and we are not going to let you go so we had to come up with a way of dealing with this problem for you.
Obviously I knew what they planned now but I was getting so horney at the thought of it I thought my cock might explode.

"Did you like it when I blew on your cock dirty boy" the darker girl said and blew down the tube inflating the sheath around my cock again.
I bet you'd love to piss right now wouldnt you? I nodded.
"hah thought so" she said and with that turned the tap to the off position.
aww hell how long were they going to do this for I was so desperate now I could feel my cock starting to leak. the warmth on the end of my cock only serving to excite me even more.
The dark one leant forward and told me her name, Nikki, then slowly moved over me teasing me with her tits rubing her nipples on me and rubbing the tubing from the sheath on her lips tits and finally her pussy lips.
She took a dribble of pussy juice on the tube and put it in my mouth teasing me ....mmmm pissy boy should I let the tap off. I shook my head aww you not wanna piss in your own mouth. No I figured you wouldnt thats why I brought this with me Kate put the other end infor me will you he's going to burst if we dont let him go.
Kate chuckled and moved around behind nikki making her moan as she started playing with her.
Nikki turned so I could see what was happening giving me a beautiful view of my second pussy that morning. She was completely shaven and very smooth but it was her ass I was drawn to watch. Kate took the buttplug and smeared it with lubricant rubbing the end on nikkis rosebud exit hole.
Her hole was a little looser looking than kates and had obviously been played with a lot. Sliding it back and forth Kate pushed the plug hard into nikkis ass filling her and making her gasp. then she puled it out again just as quickly nikki gasped again but moaned deliciously as Kate fed the object into her tight pink pussy.
Hmm nikki should I leave it in there and sit on you ....he would piss right up your cunt if I undid the tap now. Aww man I didnt care where they put the damn plug but I needed to piss and it was starting to hurt big time.
Niki wriggled free put it up my arse you bitchy cow you now I want it in my ass. I want him to fill my bowels with his piss I want ot feel it jetting up me swelling my rectum and sloshing around deep inside my body you bitch.

Kate sighed " alright and pulled the plug out of nikki you have ass in your pussy you know ....yeah and you get to put the cream in it later you bitch.
Kated sighed purposely loud and started to feed the now very wet butt plug back up nikkis rampant asshole.
My bladder was starting to hurt and I could almost feel back pressure from all the piss being compressed in my abdomen "please I need to pee It hurts so much "
Kate smiled alright dirty boy you'll get your wish
She hooked up the tube and made sure all the connections were tight.
I couldnt hold on anymore and started to urinate into the sheath. It swelled alarmingly and I thought it might burst but kate was watching it aand let the tap go turning it full on. The sheath and my bldder started empty incredibly quickly forcing piss into nikkis ass.
I started moaning and slmoat shouting becasue the pissing felt so good. The relief was intense and I srted to cum as I pissed to the sheath.
I didnt think it was possible but kate saw it too and shouted at nikki who was writhing with pleasure as I filled her plugged up ass.
"he's cumming in your ass baby I can see it shooting up the tube.
With that Nikki let out a long low moan and started to shake her orgasm sweeping thorough her body like a freight train her legs gae way and she finished lying on me with her arse right next to my cock as it now slowly finished spunking and pissing into her.

Kate turned off the tap as I finished peeing into her friends now full and satisfied arse

still more to cum


2008-10-21 00:25:51
Hot story. Very imaginative. Fuck punctuation.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-10-15 22:51:59
Use better punctuation and spelling along with capitalization.


2008-10-15 16:11:24
this is really stupid learn how to write you son of a bitch

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