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I fucked my best mate’s cousin

I just got my P-plats so I can now drive by myself now. My name is Dylan I’m only 17, my mate Lukas is 15 and his cousin Ashlee is 17 same as me, Ashlee is really hot She’s 5’9 long brown hair 34-DD and to top it all off a nice round ass, a really nice girl, bye the way Lukas is pommy but her lives in Australia and Ashlee is visiting from England

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Lukas he said that his mum and dad and are in a jam and can’t pick up his cousin from the air-port, so he asked me if I could take him to the air-port to pick her up, I said yer why not. So I picked him up and then went to the air-port. When we go there we found out what gate she would arrive from (keep in mine I have never met her before that day). When the plane arrived Ashlee ran off the plane before everyone else, she saw Lukas and ran over to him and gave him a hug (you know the whole cousin crap). After the hug Lukas said: this is my mate Dylan and she said nice two meat you I’m Ashlee, then we got her bag’s and started heading to the car, as we were heading to the car Lukas court me checking cousin out Ashlee, he said: Dude you even think about her in that way I’ll kick you in head, I said sorry then we got in the car and headed off.

On the way back to Lukas’s house he realized he locked his house key’s in the house, so we went to my house till his mum or dad got home and it was about 12:30pm and they don’t get home till 6:00 pm, so we were at my place for a bit then Lukas remembered that he had to meet another mate at burger king so he walked there by him self because Ashlee was tired from the trip over here, or so he thought. So it was me and Ashlee bye our self, we were watching SpongeBob for a bit, then the most randomness thing happened, Ashlee said: Dylan I think you are really cute then she leant forward and kissed me, then she broke the kiss and lent back, I’m in shock think what the fuck is going on, then I snapped back and said fuck it so I leant forward and kissed her then started making out, (she was incredible i mean i have made out with a fair number of chick’s she was the best ).

We were making out for about 5 minutes, then i tried to push my luck and i took her top off and she complain, so we were still making out and I was playing with her tits and she was playing with my cock thru my jean’s, then we stopped making out and I started sucking on her nipple and she is still playing with my cock, then i stoped sucking on her nipple and she stood up (I throat i did something wrong )then she took her skirt off and she had no panties, she’s still standing there and a couple off word’s popped into my head and i said them “shaven haven” she looked at me and smiled i looked down i have a ragging hard on, i stood up and took off my jean’s and boxer’s off, she said: holly shit how big is that, so she ran and got a ruler, she measured it, it was about 8 inch’s long and 6 an a half thick.

we sat back down and i started rubbing her pussy with two finger’s, she said “ohhh yer” in a really sexy voice, I’m still rubbing her pussy then she stuck the head of my dick in her mouth (she had a fucking tight mouth), I’m still rubbing and now she’s slowly stroking my shaft as well sucking on my Nob we’re doing this for about 5 minutes the i laid down on the couch and Ashlee and i are now 69’ing (i love that word “69”) anyway we were 69’ing i was sucking on her lips and playing with her clit and she is still stroking my shaft but faster as well sucking on my Nob and shaft so she’s going a bit deeper now, she is starting to moan a bit, we are still doing that for a L’il bit, then she scream I’m goanna cum, the next thing i know, i know one of her little dirty secrets she’s a fucking squirter.

Now my face is dripping with chick cum, i don’t know why but the sent me over the edge and i blow the biggest load of cum I’ve ever blown before right down her throat but when i blow she gagged on my cock and she coughed up all the cum dripped out her mouth and some of the cum is on the tit’s (there was about 2 and a half shotie glasses of cum coming out her mouth and on the tit’s). To me seeing all that cum on her made her look hotter then ever and no joke it seeing her like that gave me an instant hard on, and see was ready to keep on going, then see bent over and said stick that big cock of your in my pussy you sexy beast (no joke she really said that) so i stuck it in her pussy and when i stuck it in she screamed fuck that’s big (see she has bin with only one other guy before me and he wasn’t as big as me so her pussy ripped a bit and later she told me she liked it when it ripped).

Anyway because it was so tight she loved it i loved it, I’m slowly going in and out of her so i don’t hurt her but i am get faster and faster, I’m pounding away for about 10 minutes, while i was fucking her pussy i stuck my pinky finger in her asshole (she loved it), then she scream’s: “OH! MY GOD IM GOANNA CUM” then she cumed and as you now know she is a squirter and her pussy was almost air tight but there was a little gap right bye my balls and because she squirt’s a beam of cum shot out of the gap and hit my balls and it felt great it made me cum straight away and i blow not as big as the first one but still pretty big load in two her pussy we waited about 20 seconds to settle down then i pulled my limp-ish cock out of her pussy and her pussy was dripping out cum it was pretty sexy.

I saw my mobile phone on the floor next to my jeans so i told her to stay like that for a minute and i got my mobile phone and i took a picture of her bent over with cum dripping out of her pussy (that picture is still on my phone),and now I’ve got cum on my fucking brand new couch oh well i don’t care any more. So me and Ashlee are butt naked with a big ass mess around us then my phone ring’s it’s Lukas, he’s at the gate with 2 chicks Krystal and Courtney so i turned my phone off and then buzzed the gate open, Ashlee turns around and say’s: ant we lucky we just finished before Lukas got to the front door. Ashlee jumped in the shower and was on my couch butt naked trying two clean the cum out of it then Lukas open’s the front door and see me and say’s what the fuck are you doing naked wile Courtney and Krystal were staring at my cock.


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2015-04-10 11:34:30
It needs more detail, more buildup more suspense. Otherwise it's good

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2011-07-09 00:37:47
Did she look around ur house before Fucking or what?

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-09 00:36:54
... How did she know where the ruler was if she's never been to your house...

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2009-06-29 23:58:13
this is a crock of dick is no way that thick you would have killed her from the bleeding.and you would have died if you came that much from you heart racing so fast it would have caused u to have a heart attack.u read othe stories and then tried to write yourself.and if this is somehow remotely true then can't spell,2.lukus kicked your ass.and sucked

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2009-06-29 23:43:33
this is a crock of dick is no way that thick you would have killed her from the bleeding.and you would have died if you came that much from you heart racing so fast it would have caused u to have a heart attack.u read othe stories and then tried to write yourself.and if this is somehow remotely true then can't spell,2.lukus kicked your ass.and sucked

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