I can't seem to end this story - but I just started the last Chapter which will be "Happy Birthday Candy!" and that should be it. In the meantime, the kids finally get Sandy in Dick's Sauna for an orgy.
Chapter 24 - Teasing Mommy -

The kids cleaned up in the jetted tub and wound up laying around the pool in the cushy chaise lounges, soaking up the sun, talking about how awesome fucking was, and taking an occasional cooling dip in the pool. Sandy was due home from work any minute now. "Well," said Cyndy, "When mom gets home, we need to get going on our plan."

Randy closed his eyes and pictured his sexy mom naked. "I can't wait to start! I'll go to my room now, and get out the pictures of mom in her bikini, and start jacking off to them. Like we said, you girls spy on me through the vent, and let mom catch you spying. So, when she catches you, jump down, deny everything, smile, and ask what you can do to get dinner ready."

All three kids scampered to get ready to play their first move on their mom. Their plan was to get her so horny and hot that she was climbing the walls, and with Mr. Long gone sailing, she couldn’t get relief by fucking him as she had been. The first move was to maneuver her into seeing Randy masturbating to pictures of Sandy that Cyndy had taken by the pool a few days earlier. They all knew that Sandy knew Randy had been acting up around her; by trying to cop a feel, and “accidently” bumping into her boobs or butt. What they didn’t know was that Sandy was already secretly hungering for a taste of Randy’s sex, though she would not admit it to herself. She had seen his boner through his swim suit now several times now, and he was a handsome and sweet kid.

In his bedroom, thirteen year-old Randy pulled off his bathing suit and placed the pictures of his mom all around him on his bed. He did not have to fake being turned on! His mom, Sandy, was 33 and in the prime of life. She was gorgeous, fit, (in a very curvy way) and sexy. Some women just plain have sex-appeal, and they don’t even know when they are driving men nuts with lust. She had lustrous dark brown hair and wore it shoulder length and loose. Her hair framed a very attractive face with large, slightly slanting green eyes and full lips. Her breasts were high, round and tipped with lovely soft pink nipples which went from puffy to erect when she was aroused. Lately they had been tight and aroused most the time. Being around Dick’s pool every day meant that everyone in the house was going around half naked all day. Like most women her age, she shaved her pussy because she knew that men were so visually oriented, and they just loved to look at a full inviting and clean shaven cunt. She liked getting her puss licked, and the way hers looked guaranteed fulfillment. It was a full long slit, with large plump lips that enclosed a delectable clit that got huge when she was turned on. She had not had a lot of men, but of those she had, all would drool over it and suck it with lust.

Randy held up one picture he especially liked for closer scrutiny. It showed Sandy sitting in the late afternoon sun, wearing her bikini and sitting on a chair by the pool with her legs apart. You could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin and silky fabric. He knew what she looked like naked, having spied on her with his sisters as she and Dick were upstairs sucking and fucking. He dipped into a jar of Vaseline and smeared it up and down his rock-hard cock-shaft. He lovingly jacked it up and down. “Hmmm.....” he thought back to when Dick had told him that a lot of jacking off would probably cause his cock to grow larger. He thought that it looked about the same length, around six inches, but it was most definitely thicker and fatter, and the head mushroomed out from the shaft with more fullness. He squeezed up a droplet of pre-cum from the base to the tip and salaciously watched it slide down over his knuckles as he slowly jacked himself off.

Meanwhile Randy’s sisters, Cyndy and Candy who were 14 and 11, went to their room and climbed on Candy’s bed and stood up with their eyes to the vent which connected Randy’s room and theirs. They could see him with pictures of their mom all over the bed, jacking off, and clearly aroused. “Hey Randy!” Cyndy whispered, “Save some of that cock for me and Candy!” Both girls giggled and Randy pointed his cock at them, waving it menacingly and smiling wickedly. “Randy! Shhhhhhh!” Cyndy hissed, “Mom’s coming in the door! Start the talking now!” The kids had planned for Sandy to not only see Randy jacking off to pictures of her, but also calling out her name in lust. This was not a problem for Randy, since he was more than eager to play with his mom and fuck her if he ever could.

“Cyndy! Kids!” Sandy called as she came through the door dressed in her business suit and holding her briefcase. “Where is everyone? And why isn’t the table set for dinner!” She looked out to the pool – nope, no kids there. Did they go somewhere? She then heard a soft voice down the hall. Sandy was curious, and decided to go quietly and see what those kids were up to now.

“Here she comes,” whispered Cyndy to Candy. Meanwhile, Randy was really getting into masturbating his swollen cock, increasing his tempo so that he would cum soon. All the while he was jacking he was saying, “Oh yeah mom! I love your boobs! I want to suck them! I want to see you naked and feel you all over!” He kept up an obscene litany of things he wanted to do to his mom.

Sandy stopped outside of the girls door and looked in. Her jaw dropped at what she saw. Here was Candy and Cyndy standing on the bed with their hands in their suit bottoms, clearly rubbing their pussies! Sandy could see that they were looking at something through the vent on the wall. Just then a floor-board creaked, and the girls spun around and quickly withdrew their cute little hands from their cunts. “Mom!” Cyndy acted surprised. “When did you get home? Me and Candy were just going to set the table!” Both girls giggled wildly and squirmed past their mom in the doorway and ran to the kitchen. Sandy was speechless and rooted to the spot. She could smell the fragrance of her daughter’s young pussies in the air, and her nipples contracted with a pleasurable and involuntary rush. Then she heard Randy’s voice coming from the next room. She had to look through the vent! What she saw and heard practically made her faint. “My goddddd!” she thought. Randy was stroking his fully bloated cock, which was drooling pre-cum over his hand, and looking at pictures. All the while he was saying, “Yes mom! I love your cunt! Oh yeah, fuck me mom! Fuck me!” She then stiffened with shock when she saw that the pictures he was looking at were of her by the pool. “Oh god, Randy! What a nice cock my boy has!” she thought as her vagina got all tingly and moist. The boy was jacking off to me! Sandy hurriedly looked around to see if the girls were near. She looked back to the vent just as Randy shot a geyser of hot cum out of his pulsing cock. “Ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh! Unggggnnnn! Here it comes mom! I’m cumming in you mommy!” Sandy could not take her eyes off of the lewd and forbidden sight of her lovely son squirting long ropes of shining cum all over his chest. He finally slowed down, and milked a last string of semen from his still hard penis. He then slumped back and wiped the gooey mess of sperm around his chest and stomach. Sandy’s cunt was on fire – her pussy lips were pushed open by her burgeoning clit which was being further stimulated by the silky fabric of her panties. She flushed a deep red and turned to go to her room and change.

“Here she comes!” hissed Candy. “Quick, make some noise with the dishes!” Both girls opened cabinets and drawers, making the familiar noise of setting the table for dinner. “Did you see her!” whispered Candy, “she looked like she was hypnotized or something!”
“Yeah, I think that got to her alright!”, smiled Cyndy wickedly, “As a matter of fact, watching Randy jacking off got me hot again too!” Her face got a musing look as she thought about their next move to drive their mom nuts with lust.

Meanwhile Sandy closed the door to her bedroom and leaned back against it, her eyes closed, her heart pounding and her breathing quick. Her lovely breasts rose and fell with her excited forbidden passion. “My God! I am completely turned on by watching my own son masturbating! This is crazy! What am I going to do? Punish him? Nooo…then he would know I saw him! The girls saw him too! And they were masturbating as well! Oh god, oh god, oh god…..and now they probably know I saw him through the vent! Oh my god! OK, OK, I'll just act like nothing happened and give them some 'knowing' eye contact............." Without even thinking about what she was doing she undressed and absently hung up her work clothing in the closet. She was naked. As if in a dream, her hands wandered over her lust incited body and slid over her smooth sexy curves - first her full, hard nippled breasts, cupping, lifting, tweaking the nipples... Then they slid down of their own accord to her inflated pussy lips, parting them, and one finger easily slipping up her aroused vagina, and another sliding up her rectum with no resistance. Her other hand gravitated to her now fully erect clitoris, with her thumb and index finger jacking it deliberately and sensuously up and down the engorged organ. "STOP!" she thought, suddenly returning to reality. She pulled her hands away from her sex and shook her head like a cat that had lost it's balance. Sandy then put on her sweats and opened her bedroom door. She could hear the table being set, and the microwave cooking something for dinner. She thought, "OK, I love my kids, and they obviously love me...everything will be fine..."

Cyndy, Randy, and Candy knew when to quit - they were smart kids, and on a mission. As they ate dinner and made small talk, they 'got' the looks from their mom, and acted out appropriate expressions of contrition and even more diabolically; loving and entreating eye contact. They could see their mom relax, and return their love with her own. The end result was a heightened sense of attraction and love between the family.

Tuesday. This time, when Sandy came home, she found Cyndy and Candy 'asleep' on a chaise lounge, entwined together, with their pussies clearly mated together. When she woke them, she could smell pussy juice for sure - on their faces! She found Randy in his room jacking off. Randy planned to be caught of course. As Sandy came down the hall, she called his name and got no response. When she entered the converted work area that served as his room, there he sat on the bed with head-phones stuffed in his ears, his pants down around his ankles, jacking off his fat cock. And looking at pictures of her again. Sandy turned away quickly and retreated down the hall. As she passed the girl’s room, she hesitated and then went in…heading directly for the vent that gave visual access to Randy’s room. There she watched in lustful morbid fascination as Randy jacked his glistening penis and shot strings of hot semen directly onto a picture of her in a bikini. “Oh Randy!” she thought with mounting frustration, “You should be shooting that cream on me!” Her fingers were now busily frigging her obscenely swollen clit. Her daughters peered around the corner, watching their mom masturbate with wicked smiles on their cute young faces. They retreated to the kitchen and played the cruelest part of their teasing.
“Mom! Hey, mom!” they called and noisily walked down the hall, successful interrupting their mom from cumming. Sandy, yanked her fingers from her cunt and with a scarlet face pretended to be tidying the girls room. She was getting ready to explode with lust and wanton craving for her son’s hard cock.

Wednesday. While Randy and the girls were watching TV, Sandy collected dirty clothes from the kid’s rooms to later put in the laundry. In Randy's, she found a washcloth completely saturated with sperm and semen, and even more curiously, it smelled like cunt! A picture of herself peeked out from under the pillow. Involuntarily, she sucked on the sperm and pressed the cloth to her nose in order to smell her daughter's cunts. That night she masturbated until her sheets were wet through to the mattress.

Thursday. She came home, and the kids were nowhere to be seen or heard. She walked out by the pool, and then heard murmuring coming from the grape arbor. She silently crept in the shade towards the sounds. Shaking like a leaf, and excited like never before, she parted the vines and peeped in. "Oh my GOD!" she thought. There were her kids, gleaming with what looked like secretions, and hurriedly pulling on their swim suits. "Hurry!" said Cyndy. "Mom will be home any second, and if she catches us fucking she'll kill us!" The three kids knew Sandy was there, looked at each other wickedly.

"FUCKING! My kids are fucking each other all day when I'm at work, and I KNOW they want to fuck me too!" Sandy was beside her self with lust, doubt, and guilt. So.....Randy is jacking off to pictures of me, and rubbing against me, and ogling me all the time. Cyndy has licked my pussy, and probably told Randy and Candy about it. All three kids are driving me insane with lust!!! What in the hell am I going to do!!!! She quickly returned to the house, thinking of Dick, and wanting a fuck and a pussy licking more than she ever had in her life. In her bedroom, she heard the three splashes of her kids diving into the pool. She looked at her vibrator when she got fresh panties from her drawer - "Not near enough" she thought.

"We got her right where we want her...." Cyndy whispered to her brother and sister in the pool.

Chapter 25 - ORGY

Friday evening. Dick was home from his sailing trip. Sandy trudged up the walkway, coming home from work, having just parked her minivan.

"Hey, Sandy! What a sight for sore eyes! It seems like a month since I've seen you! How would you and your kids like grilled burgers for dinner?” Dick called, looking at his built-in barbeque kitchen on the pool patio.

“Can we mom? Can we?” Candy was hungry and freshly grilled burgers sounded great.

Sandy called up to Dick, “Only if you let me reimburse you for the food and I help you cook them.” 'Thank god he's back!' she thought. Dick answered with a big smile, “Nonsense, Sandy! They hardly cost a thing, and besides I already have the meat and buns and I don’t want them to go to waste. You can help me fix them though.” He looked at Sandy, openly ogling her voluptuous boobs spilling out of a rather low cut top. “You sure look ravishing today Sandy! Good enough to eat…” Sandy gave him a knowing smile and winked at him. She and Dick got busy with dinner while the kids played in the pool.

"This is it!" hissed Candy. "We are all going to fuck tonight, and do EVERYTHING! I can't wait!" She spun in the water and held her palm over her wanton pussy. Randy had an evil glazed look in his eyes as he watched his mom through slitted lids. Cyndy too had a salacious leer flit over her features as she gazed at her mom and Dick.

After dinner everyone was full and satiated from the delicious burgers. They were grilled to perfection, juicy, and loaded with everything from tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, to any kind of sauce they wanted. Sandy and Dick had drunk a succession of strong Mojitos and were getting intoxicated in a very happy way. As usual, Dick was enchanted by being surrounded by so much sexy female flesh. Randy was in the same state and could not keep his eyes off of his beautiful mom. The sun had just dipped below the horizon, and the girls started getting chilled as they watched the ruby-hued sunset slowly paint the sky. Summer was coming to an end.

“Brrrrr! I’m getting cold!” Candy shivered and hugged her arms to herself. “Hey Dick! Do you ever use your sauna after swimming when it gets cold like this?”

“Candy!” Sandy snapped, “We just had dinner compliments of Mr. Long, and now you’re asking him to invite us in and use his personal sauna! Where are your manners young lady!”

Candy shrunk down, bowed her head, looked up, and gave her mom her best ‘sad and sorry little girl’ face. "But mom! It's my birthday tonight at midnight!"

Dick chuckled and said, “Hey that sounds like a good idea! Let’s all go warm up in the sauna. Besides, we can rinse of the chlorine from the pool with the shower wand at the same time. Don’t worry about it Sandy, I’d love to have you join me in the sauna – it doesn’t get used enough, and it’s better with company anyway. Come on! I'll make you another Mojito and we can drink it in there.”

“Yeah mom let’s do it!” Randy said enthusiastically, while adjusting his swelling cock in his trunks. "Oh yeah...." he thought They all trooped up to Dick’s master suite and entered the sauna. Sandy had never seen the suite before and was impressed. Once again, Dick’s good taste was evident in every detail. His airline days took him to Asia repeatedly and he had picked up a sense of the spare, clean styling and subtle details, which was reflected in the austere, yet elegant interior of the bedroom, bath and sauna.

As Dick turned on the heat and laid out towels, Cyndy had discovered that the lights were controlled by a dimmer switch. She turned them down very low and started to take off her bikini. Sandy’s jaw dropped at the sight and was flabbergasted. “Cyndy! What are you doing!? Leave your suit on! You can’t be naked in here with everyone!”

“Mom,” Cyndy said disdainfully, “We’ve all been naked together plenty of times! Don’t you remember last week in the pool at night? Besides, we’ve already seen you and Dick naked, and he’s seen all of us naked. Anyway, I don’t want to be wearing a pool water soaked bikini in Dick’s nice sauna – it’ll wind up smelling like chlorine in here. You stayed dressed if you want, but I’m taking off my suit.”

“Me too!” Candy stripped off her suit as fast as she could and started rinsing off with the shower wand. She’d been through the drill before after all. She then rinsed off Cyndy. “Come on Randy, take off your suit and let me rinse you!”
Sandy exhaled in exasperation and looked at Dick. “What am I going to do with these kids Dick?” She was feeling tipsy and was already clenching her cunt in and out with repressed fuck-lust. After this past week with those damned horny kids, she was dying for wild and uninhibited sex. At this point she was so sexually frustrated that she didn't care what happened as long as she could get a cock up her pussy and ride it for an hour.

“Well Sandy,” Dick said, “You know what they say; if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” He got up, pulled off his suit and let Candy rinse him off. His cock was already semi-erect.

Sandy took a deep drink of the Mojito, stood up and joined Dick under the running water. She removed her bikini top, freeing her delicious breasts causing them to jiggle enticingly. She then bent over and peeled off her bottoms, exposing her sexy, thrilling cunt and succulent bottom. Randy climbed up to the wide bench and put his hands over his now rock-hard bulging cock. There was a moment of silence as everyone felt the sexual tension in the atmosphere. “Mom, you are absolutely gorgeous!” whispered Cyndy.

“I agree with Cyndy,” Dick said. “As for that, all of you are gorgeous!” His cock now stood up almost menacingly as it bloated to full hardness. “I have to apologize for my little friend here,” he looked down at his cock – “he seems to have a mind of his own. I hope I don’t embarrass anyone, but fortunately I’m not alone it would seem.” He looked at Randy and smiled.

Randy sniggered and took his hands away from hiding his cock. “Not much I can do about it with such beautiful women in the room! Especially you mom! You are the prettiest, sexiest looking mom ever!”

Sandy blushed and climbed up on the lower bench. Cyndy and Candy sat on either side of her and leaned against her, laying their heads on her shoulders and practically salivating on her boobs. Her nipples were hard with her own building lust. Dick sat next to Cyndy and Randy sat next to Candy.

Candy suddenly said, “I want to play a little game!” She beamed at everyone and got up and tip-toed over to the dimmer switch. When I turn out the lights, mom and Dick will be under a spell, made by the elves of the enchanted forest. Us kids will be the elves. The spell makes it so that mom and Dick can’t move, and can’t talk, but the elves can do things to them in the dark.”

“Like what kind of things?” asked Sandy. She had a feeling that they were about to cross a line, and she didn’t care. Her cunt was juicing and tingling like crazy, and she felt the sexually charged atmosphere heating up as quickly as the room was filling with steam.

“That will be the elves’ ideas, and everything that elves do are a complete secret. Now remember, you can’t move and you can’t talk!” Candy smiled wickedly at Cyndy and Randy who had knowing looks and leering smiles. It looked like things were moving ahead even quicker than they had hoped! “Is everyone ready? OK!” She turned off the light and it was pitch-black.

Randy and Cyndy wasted no time – they had discussed this evening endlessly. They closed in on their mom, each of them running their fingers over Sandy’s breasts and nipples. A light sheen of sweat acted as a lubricant. She gave a deep moan as they sensuously tortured her. Candy felt her way over to Dick and pushed his legs apart and stood between them. She bent her head and waved her hair over Dick’s rigid cock-shaft, giving him a light and tantalizing caress with her damp hair. She now put her little fist around Dick’s cock and pumped up a droplet of Dick’s pre-cum like he had taught her. She touched the tip of her tongue to it and Dick let out an audible sigh of passion. Neither Sandy, nor Dick knew who was doing what to whom, and this gave each of them a lewd thrill. Sandy wondered what little Candy was doing. She had a feeling that things had been going on around here with Dick that she didn’t quite know about. None of the kids blinked an eye when they saw Dick’s cock hard and huge. “Oh well”, she thought, “I’ve been just as guilty, and we might as well enjoy it!” Randy and Cyndy had progressed to sucking on her nipples and she moaned again. Dick heard her, and had a pretty good idea of what she must be experiencing, based on what he was getting.

Sandy now heard slurping sounds coming from where Dick was sitting. “God! One of her kids was sucking his cock!” She was about to speak, when she remembered the rules of the game. Her kids were diabolically smart – I’ll bet they planned this whole thing! Hands now pried her creamy thighs apart and she felt one of the kids move and climb between her legs. Ahh, it must be Cyndy, she thought. She could feel long hair and rounded boobs brush her thighs and pussy mound. Next she felt the other child move and something started brushing her face. My god, she thought, Randy is rubbing his hard cock all over my face! Unbidden fuck lust churned up and her cunt started throbbing. Her large succulent clit rose out of her now very puffy cunt lips. Cyndy opened Sandy’s pussy with her fingers and licked the length of her cunt-crack. “Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Sandy moaned involuntarily as she was ravished by her two oldest kids. She realized that little Candy must be licking Dick’s cock!

She couldn’t help herself now. “Someone turn up the light! I want to see! I want to see Randy’s cock! Do it! I’m past any game playing now, so just do as I say!”

“OK mom!” Candy retraced her steps and turned the dimmer up just enough to see. She liked the spooky kind of look to the room filled with naked flesh. She walked back over to Dick and took his cock in her mouth while jacking his long glistening shaft. “Hmmmmm” she hummed into his cock.

Dick watched salaciously as Cyndy licked her mother’s cunt and Randy wiped his cock all over her face. "Don’t worry Sandy, this will be our secret, right everyone?”

“Absolutely! Right! I’ll never tell!” The kids all chimed in.

“Just never tell your dad, or he’ll kill me!” Sandy implored. After all, I divorced him for doing just this kind of thing with Cyndy.” She looked at Dick. “Dick, do you think I’m an awful pervert now?”

Dick laughed, “Sandy, I know you must be feeling a little strange about this all, but I can’t say as I feel bad about it at all. Nobody is doing anything they don’t want to do, and as long as we are discrete about it, who needs to know?”

“Yeah mom,” Candy said, “Besides, it’s better to be honest about it rather than sneaking around. I know about you and Cyndy, and all three of us watched you and Dick doing it in the living room. And there’s other stuff, but it’s better this way.”

“God I’m so horny now, I don’t give a damn anyway! Randy, put your cock in mouth! I’m going to suck you until you cum like hell.” Sandy grabbed Randy’s cock and guided it into her hot sucking mouth. Her cheeks hollowed and bulged as she sucked avidly at his straining bulging cock-shaft.

“Ohhhhh mommmm! Oh god mom! That feels so good! If you don’t stop pretty soon I’m gonna cum! I got so hot looking at your tits and your pussy that I can’t last much longer!” Randy thrust his hips at his mother’s sucking face. Sandy ran her tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his hardened cock shaft while kneading his balls with one hand and jacking his shaft with the other. She could taste salty, creamy pre-cum leaking from his piss hole. Sucking her son’s cock was a huge turn-on for Sandy. The thought of sucking a teenage boy’s cock was lewd enough, let alone that of her own son! She had never felt such a compelling and nasty fuck lust in her life. She worshipped her son’s pulsing cock in her hungry slurping mouth.

Cyndy looked up from Sandy’s soaking cunt and leered at her mom sucking off her brother. “Yeah mom! Suck Randy’s cock! When he cums let me have some! Don’t swallow it all! Squirt some of it on my tits! I love getting cum on my tits!”

Dick was entranced by the carnal scene playing out in his sauna – this was the wildest thing he had ever done! He gently pried Candy’s avidly sucking mouth off of his huge drooling cock and moved over to Sandy. He moved in with his cock and pushed it to her lips, rubbing his cock along Randy’s shaft as he did so. Candy stood behind her mother on the bench and lowered her soaking pussy to Sandy’s bobbing head, wiping and rubbing it in her mom’s shinning hair. Cyndy saw this, and joined her little sister. Now Sandy’s mouth was stuffed with two cocks and two pussies were being wiped lewdly all over her head and neck. She had become the focal point of an incestuous orgy!

“Oh yeah mom!” Randy groaned, “I’ve been wanting you all summer long, and finally we’re doing it! It feels so good mom! I love you sucking my cock! Dick, do you like mom’s mouth?”

“Damn right Randy!” Dick agreed. “Your mom is the sexiest woman I’ve ever known! Not to mention your sisters and even you. I would have never thought of doing anything like this before. Your cock feels great rubbing against mine doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it does, it feels really good. It’s fun too because it’s so nasty! Everything we are doing is nasty, but I don’t care! I’d do this every day!” Randy tilted his hips and lewdly humped his cock in his mom’s mouth, making sure to make good contact with Dick’s bloated shaft.

Sandy pulled her mouth off of the two demanding cocks and looked up through lust-slitted eyes at the horny studs above her. “And I love sucking your big nasty cocks! And that’s not all we’re gonna do! I need to get fucked, and I need it now!” She turned on the bench, pulling Candy down with her. She laid her darling little girl down on her back, and got on her hands and knees above her. She leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her own were slick with the gooey pre-cum from two rampant cocks. “Randy,” she cooed seductively, “Now you get your wish. I’ve seen you jacking off on those pictures of me, and now it’s time for the real thing…I want you to fuck me! Fuck me long and fuck me slow! And don’t neglect your little sister here either – make sure she gets some of your big fat cock in her too! And I’m not forgetting you either Dick – have you fucked my daughters?” She looked at him with a wicked smile and wrapped her fingers around his huge throbbing organ, slowly jacking it up and down.

“Actually, no I haven’t, Sandy.” Said Dick simply. “Not that I haven’t fantasized about it! I’ve had oral sex with little Candy here, and believe it or not, Cyndy was able to hypnotize Randy and I, and induced us to cum all over her. She likes getting a cum bath it seems.”

“Oral sex with Candy? Hypnotize?” Sandy was intrigued, but preoccupied for the moment. She knew all about Cyndy’s cum fetish. She pictured the scene of her ex-husband spouting cum all over her then innocent daughter. Picturing the lewd image did it. “Randy, come on and fuck mommy! Mommy wants your big hard cock up her tight pussy.” In her position, Sandy’s delectable butt was raised and her legs spread apart enough to show her wet cunt slit and protruding swollen clitoris. Randy climbed up behind her, holding his bloated, throbbing penis in his hand.

“Yeah mom! I finally get to do it with you! Oh god, this is too good to be true! Mom, you have the most sexy pussy in the world!” He rubbed his cock up and down Sandy’s smooth shaven and leaking cunt, collecting and smearing her sweet juice all over his pulsing cock. His own piss-slit drooled with super slippery pre-cum, which mixed with his mother’s secretions.

Cyndy watched with unabashed lust and slowly rubbed her cunt. “Yeah Randy, fuck mom! Stick it in her! She wants your cock bad!”

“Fuck me too!” begged Candy. She was cupping her mom’s swaying breasts in her cute little hands and humping her hairless little twat against her mother’s vulva.

Dick sat down next to Cyndy, right in front of Sandy, and gently lifted the gorgeous 14 year-old to his lap. Cyndy had been wanting to fuck Dick all summer, and now she too was getting her wish come true. Dick whispered in Cyndy’s ear, “Cyndy, do you want to fuck my cock with your hot little pussy?”

Cyndy hissed, “Yesssssss, I’ve wanted your big fat cock in me all summer, and now Randy’s busted my cherry, and I get to fuck you at last!” Cyndy spread her legs, squatted over Dick’s 8 inch boner and dipped her hips down so that his cock just touched her soaking wet vagina.

“That’s right, fuck him Cyndy!” Sandy encouraged, “You’ll love his nice fat cock in your hot little cunt!” She had a perfect view of Dick’s enormous cock eagerly throbbing at Cyndy’s hot, tight hole. At that moment, Randy thrust his pelvis forward and buried his cock in his mom’s cunt to the hilt. “Ohhhhhhhhhh god!!! Randy! You’re fucking your mommy! Oh yesssssss, your cock feels soooo good in my pussy!” Randy sank in so that his balls were tight against his mom’s ass, and his sparse pubic hair mashed into her clutching anus. He held Sandy’s hips to keep himself firmly impaled in her cunt. He pulled her to him even closer, and let his cock pulse and swell in her womb. He flexed his shaft, causing it to lift against her vaginal walls, and the head to bloat up even larger. “Oh Randy! Your cock feels so good in me!”

Randy was truly in heaven. He looked down at his mother’s back and ass, loving the clear, silky skin, and the lustrous hair spilling over her back like a fan. He could see his sister’s cunt juice glimmering throughout it, and on her neck and shoulders. And she loved fucking him! He slowly withdrew his cock shaft out so that only the grossly swollen head remained inside. He reveled in the forbidden sight of his shining cock meat being sucked and held by his mother’s clasping cunt. He then slowly sank it back in to the hilt again, holding it, and flexing it up and down for Sandy’s pleasure. He pulled out again, and this time, his cute little sister maneuvered her cunt up so that his shaft was gripped in her pussy lips like a hotdog in a bun. He felt his mom shiver with lust. Sandy whispered in craven lust, "Randy, Dick, when you are ready to cum, I want it all over me! I want you to coat me with your sperm!"

Dick said, "Oh yeahhhh, there is nothing I would rather do than cum all over you Sandy!" He then pulled out of a protesting Cyndy and asked Sandy to turn onto her back, and told Randy to fuck her from the top. Candy watched with lustful interest as Dick then had Cyndy get on her knees above Sandy's face. He held Candy's little hips and maneuvered her so that she stood straddling Sandy with her pussy in front of Randy. He then told Randy to lift up on his arms and lick Candy's pulsing cunt. Dick plunged his cock back into Cyndy's soaking cunt and starting fucking her with deep rapid thrusts. Droplets of Cyndy's pussy juice spattered all over Sandy's face, inches below the forbidden coupling. Dick looked at Randy's lust contorted face, who was hammering his throbbing cock into Sandy's cunt with equal abandon. "Randy, when you cum, pull out and cum on your mom!"

Randy responded with a muffled "MMMMMMMphhh!" as he sucked on Candy's erect clitty. Candy had her head thrown back and was humping shamelessly on her brother's mouth with her hands on her hips. Randy slid a finger up her hairless little cunt and a thumb all the way up her well lubricated asshole. Candy mewled with her high girlish voice in delighted fuck lust.

Meanwhile Sandy moaned and chanted a filthy string of encouragement to her kids and Dick. "Oh yes Randy! Fuck mommy! Fuck mommy's pussy! Lick Candy's clitty! Suck her! Cyndy! Do you like Dick's big long cock up your little vagina? " She had reached a transcendental state where she no longer thought or reasoned - she just fucked and got fucked. She craned her neck up and licked the underside of Dick's pistoning shaft as he fucked her lovely daughter. She could taste Cyndy's pussy juice and swirled it in her mouth. In the low slanting light she could vividly see the topography of Dick's rock hard and juice-gleaming swollen member. "Ohhh yeah Dick! Fuck her good!"

Cyndy felt full to the brim with Dick's huge pulsing penis sliding in and out of her tight, near virginal hole. She could feel the ribs and veins, and mushrooming cap alternately filling and withdrawing from her hot wet cunt. Dick cupped, molded, and tweaked her luscious young breasts as he savored her pussy. "Oh yeah Dick! Your cock is huge! It feels soooooooo goooood!!!! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yeah! Fuck my pussy!"

Randy growled out a warning to all, "I'm gonna cum! Ohhh God! I'm gonna cum!" He grabbed Candy by her hips and moved her to one side, still fucking his mom with deep thrusts. Candy knew what her mom wanted and didn't protest. She immediately started frigging her huge clit and stuck a finger up her wet little cunt. She cocked her hips towards her supine mommy, anticipating what was going to happen next!

"Me too!" grunted Dick. He held Cyndy by her hips yanked out his cock and stood her up so that she stood side by side with Candy. The girls became mirror images of each other with hips thrusting and fingers a blur in their drooling slits. They moaned and panted lewdly at the spectacle of both guys now jacking their glistening cunt-soaked cocks right at their wanton, lust crazed mom. Sandy too had her fingers in her cunt and by reaching down to her cunt, her arms pushed her perfect breasts together, lifting them and making them all the more inciting. She writhed wetly on the bench with her legs splayed wide open, showing her clenching cunt and anus - both shining with sex juices.

"Cum on me! Spray your cum all over me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Omigod! Cum! cum! I want your cum now!!!" Sandy's lust-slitted eyes darted back and forth to her slack-jawed masturbating horny son, and to Dick's huge bloated penis. Both cocks were pointing up about 45 degrees and swinging strings of pre-cum and cunt juice swung and dripped from the rampant engorged fuck-sticks.

"Ohhhhhh Mommmmmm! You are so sexy! I'm gonna cum on you now!" Randy bent his knees involuntarily and tilted his hips up as he jacked his slimy pussy-juiced cock at his mom. "Here it cums mom! AAAAAAGHHHHHHH! Ungg, Unggh, Unghh." Randy's piss-slit opened wide and a long thick, scalding freshet of pent-up semen was pumped with amazing force out of his spasming cock. As his fist rode down his shaft for another jack, his balls supplied another load for him to squirt on his mom.

Sandy squealed in salacious delight as her son's massive blast of cum arced out of his beautiful cock and sailed above her to hit Dick right on his own jacking fist, with the tail of the semen blast splattering across her from forehead to cunt. It was hot and thick. She used her left hand to feel her son's cum and rub it across her tits.

Feeling Randy's hot cum slime his own cock, Dick's cock blasted forth the first jet of his own huge load. His fist jacked Randy's cum down the length of his rod, further inflaming Dick's lust to empty his balls all over Sandy. "Unnnnghhhhhh! I'm cumming! Here's my cum for you Sandy!" Like Randy, his first hosing of fresh sperm spurted out of his dilated cock slit like a sudden split in a high pressure hose. His cum actually sprayed out, also sprinkling Randy with droplets of cum. The rest criss-crossed Randy's cum to add to sexy slime beginning to coat Sandy's tits, tummy, face, and cunt.

Just then, Candy cried out with the beginning of her own powerful cum. Her arched hips opened her cunt hole right above her mother, as her pussy violently squeezed out a jet of hot pussy juice from her sloshing vagina. "Mommy! I'm cumming too! Look at my pussy mommy! Look!" Her little hole clenched in and out, sending spurts of cunt juice over her mom's boobs and tummy. She loved what she saw - Dick and Randy had their mouths open and eyes glazed as they hosed fresh semen all over mommy. Her breasts and cunt lips shone in the light reflected from all the jizz and cunt juice. She watched with lewd fascination as her lovely older sister began to leak and squirt her own pussy slime all over their mom. The room was filled with a chorus of moans, grunts, squeals, and spraying sounds as piss-slits and pussy holes pumped and squeezed gob after gob of hot cum all over Sandy.

Sandy arched her back and started to cum wildly. Her cunt and anus clenched in and out, both catching and squirting her own and her family's secretions. She could no longer open her eyes, since her entire face was now glazed with a thick hosing of semen and cum. Dick aimed his cock right at her mouth and with a powerful contraction, shot yet another long rope of jism right into her open lips. Sandy gurgled and swallowed greedily, wiping her tongue all over her cummy mouth. Randy aimed his pulsing ejaculations at Sandy's hugely distended clit and the fingers that were jacking it frantically. By now, between rope after rope of fresh sperm, and jet after jet of cunt-cream, Sandy was a gleaming, wiggling mass of cum soaked voluptuous flesh. Her nipples stood erect nearly to painfulness, as she rubbed the combined discharges that buttered her sexy body. She howled out her orgasm and bucked her hips up to catch Randy's juicy cum.

Candy's cunt contracted one last time, and her legs were giving out. She looked down at her cum drenched mommy and liked what she saw! She got down and laid herself down on top of her mom and pushed her face into the spermy valley of her jizzed boobs. She ground her little puffies on Sandy's stomach as Sandy reached up to hug her cute little daughter. They slipped and slid on one another, reveling in the slimy mess lubricating their naked bodies. Candy licked and sucked cum and juice from her mom's tits and nipples.

Dick couldn't believe his eyes! It was the lewdest, nastiest thing he had ever witnessed, and the sight caused him to go into a secondary orgasm. He shot wracking wads of ball draining semen all over Candy's little bubble-butt and her soft little back from his depleted balls. His eyes finally rolled up in his head as he milked out a few more gobs of thick jellied cum. They glopped onto Candy's shining hair.

Randy too was spent, and he piped a few last droplets out of his still hard cock onto Candy's butt crack. His cock was not softening, and the sensation was both pleasure and pain as it throbbed in time with his racing heart. "Oh. My. God!" he mumbled.

Cyndy grabbed Dick's half-mast penis and used it as a kind of squeegee over Sandy's face. She first wiped the cock-head over her mom's eyes, sluicing up a wad, and then feeding it to Sandy's open suckling mouth. "MMMMmmmmm! Give me more! I want to suck more cum!" Sandy was delirious with wanton carnal greed. She was now able to open her eyes and see the gooey mass that Candy was wiping her face in, and licking up. She could also see crawling rivulets of cum all over her darling baby's back. She rubbed it into her fresh young skin. "Oh my Candy, you are a little cum-slut, just like your mommy, aren't you?" she whispered in Candy's soft little ear.

"Yeah mom! I love cum! And for my birthday, all I want is more cum!" Candy squirmed around on Sandy's sticky, messy torso, looking up at Sandy's face, with strings of goo connecting her chin to her mother's nipple. Sandy scooped up some cum and fed it to Candy's mouth with a finger. They all stayed where they were for a minute, panting and taking in the lewd sight of an awesome fuck and cum. "I gotta pee!" Candy predictably announced. She let out a sigh and relaxed her bladder right over her mom's open crotch. Psssssssssssss, out came a long dribbling piss, running through her mom's cunt lips, across her vagina, and into her butt-crack.

"Ohhhh! Candy! That is very nasty! What will Dick think of you peeing in his sauna!" Sandy looked up at Dick's face which was a mask of salacious lust.

"She's done it before!" he laughed as he held his cock and released a piss of his own all over Candy's back and ass-crack. Again Sandy could feel hot soft piss running through her slit. Randy joined in, as did Cyndy. Now Candy and her gorgeous mom were the recipients of about a gallon of hot urine being directed all over their bodies.

"Hmmmmmm, I think I like getting pissed on!" exclaimed Sandy, letting go of her own piss which arced out all over Randy's cock and thighs. The smell in the sauna was incredible - the bleachy smell of sperm, the fragrant musk of overheated cunts and balls, and now the sharp smell of fresh piss. In short, it was dirty, lewd, vile, and incredibly sexy all at the same time.

"How about we all get in the shower, and then take a long soak in the hot tub?" Dick suggested enthusiastically.

Sandy stretched her back and legs, and lifted little Candy with her as she sat up. "That's a good plan Dick." She smiled a little sarcastically, "I could use a shower with water instead of pee....." She then laughed and giggled as they all disentangled themselves and trooped into Dick's master bath. Cum dripped from mother and child as they walked.

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