She straddled his legs and sat on him, her arms around his neck, their kiss deepened and his hands went to her pert bottom, kneading her cheeks.

His hands moved upwards to her bikini top and he undid the knot behind her neck, the top fell away from her breasts.

She pulled her arms from his neck and cupped her 30B breasts, offering them to his willing lips.

He locked onto her left nipple, she gasped as tingles went through her body. As he suckled he opened his knees, forcing her legs to open wider, the bikini bottom slipped between her pussy lips, leaving her labia free.

His right hand dropped between her legs and felt the smooth pussy lips, pulling and caressing them. He slipped a finger under the material and sought out his prize.

Her clit was on fire as he caught his finger tip on the prominent bump. She gasped again as he caressed her clit, his finger dipping into her wet vagina, smearing her juice over her clit.

Her hand fell to her fathers lap, seeking out his cock. She struggled with the zip, pulling it down, then the button on the shorts. Her hand stroked over his cock, hidden in his pants. She grasped the firm pole through the material and rubbed it up and down.

With difficulty he moved his daughter onto the seat, laying her on her back, her knees bent and her legs slightly apart.

He stood and removed his shorts, his erection plainly visible in his pants. He sat and opened his daughters legs, reaching forward he moved the tiny bikini thong to one side and stared at the shaven pussy.

He literally salivated at the thought of sticking his tongue in the tight teenage twat. He bent his head forward and licked along the length of her slit, catching her love button as he did so.

Erin shivered as her daddy licked and tongued her, she gasped as his tongue went between the folds of her labia and found her wet hole. He suckled on her clit, making it even more erect – if that was possible.

She groaned as she felt the delight of being tongued for the first time. Her hands held her daddies head between her legs, her nipples were responding to the licking by growing erect, and she felt as though she needed to pee.

He worked on her vagina with precision and then, all of a sudden, she orgasmed, juice began to flow from her and he lapped it up, savouring every last drop.

He raised his head, his face wet from Erin’s juice, and leant over to her face. They kissed again, Erin tasting her love juice on her father’s lips and face.

Her hands sought his cock, releasing it from the pants, whilst his hand found her sopping wet pussy.

He eased a finger into pussy, swirling her juices around and liberally coating his finger with mucus. Pulling it out he looked at his finger, noting the slime, and sucked his finger, before placing it back in the moist tunnel.

He hand slowly and gently rubbed his cock, she could feel it throb in her hands, her breathing deepened as she realised that it may, very soon, be easing into her vagina.

He eased another finger into his daughter’s pussy, moving and stretching her, ready to accept his penis. He managed to get a third finger into her before she became uncomfortable.

He coated his fingers with her juice and pulled his cock out of her hands, then he rubbed her juice over his cock.

Her eyes widened, here it comes she thought.

This may feel funny at first he said, but we’ll go slowly.

Ok she mumbled, her eyes transfixed on the fleshly tool jutting out from his groin.

He gently placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina, pulling her labia apart with his fingers, he eased the tip up to the hole.

He spat on his fingers and smeared her hole and his cock again. Slowly he eased his throbbing cock into the pussy of his daughter.

Ahhh she moaned.

Does it hurt he enquired.

No, I just feel full she said.

She was incredibly tight, he thought, but hey, he mused, she was only 13! He moved back and forth in her, easing his cock further and further into her vagina, she arched her back, pushing her hips down against his cock.

He looked down and the base of his cock was almost up against her cunt. Her pussy was stretched obscenely, he dribbled saliva at the join of their 2 bodies and smeared it around his cock.

Are you ok he asked.

Oh god, she groaned, I feel so stretched!

Just wait a few seconds he said.

Slowly, he built up a rhythm, pushing his cock in and out of her pussy, he kept dribbling saliva to keep her moist.

Oh god, she said, oh god, oh god
He felt his cock bump into the head of her uterus, the opening to her womb momentarily opened allowing his cock head to creep into her womb.

She screamed aloud and he drew back slightly.

Are you ok now he panted as he worked quicker in her.

Oh my god she said, it feels fantastic!

He felt his cock expand more, if that was possible, he knew he was just about to explode in his daughter, filling her tight cunt with his cum.

You know what comes out, don’t you, he gasped

Yeah, she moaned, your cum is going into me.

Good he groaned, because here it comes….fuck!

And with that, he came in his daughter for the first time. His cock literally exploded, cum pumped out of the end and flooded her vagina and through her uterus opening into her womb. It seeped out of the side of her pussy and dripped round to her anus and onto the cushions.

He withdrew from her and looked at her pussy, flecks of blood mingled with an enormous amount of cum. Cum and sweat had soaked her bikini, which was stuck to her body.

His cock stuck out at an obscene angle, still throbbing from its exertions, cum and blood smeared around it.

She looked up at her daddy with doe eyes, thanks daddy, that was good, I never realised that it would feel like that, even after mum explained what it could be like.

That’s ok darling, you were nice and tight. There’s plenty more to teach you in the next 5 days!

He left her pondering that thought for a few seconds and then said, I think we had better clean up and have some dinner.

As she rose she had a thought, dad, can we have a shower in the main block, there’s a disabled shower big enough?

Good idea he thought. Yes, grab some towels – and I think you better change he laughed.

She slipped off the bikini and put on the black swimsuit, she would leave washing her pussy out until they were in the shower.

They walked to the showers, luckily there was no-one in the block so they slipped into the disabled shower and undressed.

The crotch of her swimsuit was full of sticky cum, he watched her shower first then showered with her.

She looked up at her daddy and they kissed again, she took his cock in her hand and she felt him harden under her touch. He pulled away and helped her wash the cum out of her cunt.

They lathered up with soap and explored each others bodies, occasionally people came into the shower block, but they paid no attention to the couple in the disabled shower.

He was hard again, she was wanting his cock again.

Turn around he said, she did and he bent her over, splaying her legs slightly.

Are you ready, he whispered.

Yes, she replied.

He bent at the knees and placed his cock between her pussy lips, easing it in again, he worked her cunt. She held on the sink tightly as she was fucked from behind.

She wasn’t as tight as before, maybe it was the soap, but he worked himself up and pulled out of her before he came, his cum splattering over her ass and back.

Turning round she said that was quick.

He shrugged, it’s not comfortable in here.

He helped her wash the spunk off and then dried each other, playing more than enough attention to each others genitals.

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good story, I got to fuck my daughter while on holiday ,She surprised by walking in to my bedroom naked and said daddy will you fuck me and take my cherry.I was a bit shocked at first but said are you shore you want to lose it, She said yes so i got undressed and laid her down and opened her thigh's and got on top of her and took her cherry and fucked till i cum my load in her womb. We now fuck on a regular basses. She is only fifteen but she want me to get her pregnant ,So i am going to fuck her till i do.

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A good story. The next stage is getting your daughter pregnant.

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You don't need to use the words "cock" and/or "cunt" to be sexy.... This is anything but actually!

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