Fiction. A little girl gets what she wants.
She sat at her fathers computer, her dad had just popped out to the shop for a few things. She was aimlessly clicking when she saw a folder in My documents marked ‘pdoe’.

She clicked it and saw a load of word documents and she scrolled down the list.

Amy was only 10, but very good with computers; she had good grades at school and loved her father dearly. Her mum had left just 6 months ago, she knew her father missed her mum.

As she scrolled further down, she stopped as the first picture came up. It was a picture of a girl, no older than her, naked.

The girl had her legs open and then she realised the girl was lying on top of a naked man. His stick (as Amy called it) was in-between the girl’s legs against her slit (again as Amy called it).

She looked at the next picture, this time the girl had the stick in her slit, it pushed the folds of the slit apart, the next picture had the mans stick deep in the girl.

As Amy looked at all the pictures, her hand drifted towards her panties – well they weren’t panties but a white thong, her dad had bought some for her a month or so ago, along with some stockings and a flimsy see through nightie.

Her hand caressed her thong, she had an itch were her slit was.

She found a movie file, double clicking it, she sat and watched. It was the same girl as the pictures, she had little bumps on her chest.

The girl came into a room, dressed. She took her clothes off as a man came in the room, he took his clothes off, his stick was pointing up. She held his stick and put her mouth around it, after a few minutes she took her mouth off and rubbed it hard, Amy gasped as she watched white gloop squirt over the girl.

The man sat on the bed, his stick still hard, the girl climbed on the man and stuck his stick in her slit. The girl bounced on the mans stick and Amy watched as more white gloop oozed from the girls slit.

The girl got off the man and lay on the bed, legs apart, white gloop oozed from her slit and ran between her bottom cheeks, the man leant over and Amy gasped again as the man licked the girl’s slit, licking up the gloop.

The man then lifted the girls bottom up and put a finger in the girls bottom. He then aimed his stick at the bottom hole and pushed, the girl screamed as the mans stick went up her bottom.

Yet again, Amy saw more white gloop ooze from the girls bottom when he took his stick out.

The film then finished.
Amy was astounded that a young girl could do that. The girl in the film didn’t seem to mind the man doing that stuff to her, so she figured it must be OK.

Amy went further down the list of files, there were more pictures, mostly what seemed to be dads with their little girls.

Mostly the girls were smiling, not crying or anything like that. Sometimes they wore thongs and stockings like she had, occasionally one had on a flimsy nightie like hers.

She came to a series of pictures of a girl in the bath, the dad came in and started washing the girl. Nothing wrong with that, Amy thought, that’s what my dad does.

She saw the dad rub the girl between the legs with his hand, then saw that the dad pushing a finger in the girls slit as her legs were over the sides of the bath. She saw the dad was naked and his stick was pointing up, but this time the dad was rubbing the stick as he pushed his finger in the girl.

There was a picture of white gloop squirting high and up into the bath and hitting the girl on the tummy in the next few pictures.

Amy’s hand had been busy, subconsciously she had been in her thong diddling with her slit as she watched and looked. She had leaked a bit of juice, she realised, She felt the juice, it wasn’t wet like wee, it was stickier than that, almost like the white gloop.

Any way she carried on looking at the pictures.

In the next set were some very interesting ones. No daddy to be seen, just a mummy and a girl.

The mum was in the shower with a girl, the girl must have been older than her, as she had pointy breasts.

The mum had no hair on her slit – like the girl, she must have shaved it off, Amy surmised.

The pictures showed the mum washing the girl, nothing wrong there thought Amy. Then the next picture showed the mum kneeling in front of the girl and licking the girls slit.

The next showed the girl doing the same to the mum, the mum was holding her slit folds apart, Amy could see her hole! The girls tongue seemed to be all the way in.

Then she saw the next picture, Amy couldn’t believe it! The mum still had her slit folds apart, but a long stream of yellow wee was shooting from her open slit into the girls mouth!

John, Amy’s dad ambled back from the shops and entered the house, he passed the office and saw Amy on the computer. Nothing amiss, but he did notice her left hand was down her shorts.

Hi honey he said.

Amy jumped in shock her hand pulled from her shorts, John thought he saw her fingers glisten.

Watcha doin’ he asked.

Oh, jus’ lookin’ she replied.

John thought nothing of it and went into the kitchen to make dinner.

Amy’s heart beat fast, what was it she had found, some of the girls had clothes like hers, what was it the man was putting in the little girl, and why did the mummy wee into the girls mouth.

Next time, Amy gets more than she bargains for..........

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