Nan is the most sensual woman I have ever met. Not to say I have had alot of women but I have had a few. Nan is a plus size woman whos sexual awakening I had the pleasure to unleash. Here is what happened.

I first met Nan some 25 plus years ago. We both wanted to fuck each other the first time we met, but I was married at the time, and she was single but totally inexperienced. Then it happened.

When my wife and I separated, it did not take long for Nan and I to hook up. It started out innocent enough. She called me on a Friday night and asked to see me. I agreed and we met at a local watering hole. We started to talk when she leaned in and told me that she wanted me to pop all 3 of her cherries. I was shocked. Then trying to compose myself I told her that I wanted to give her everything she ever thaught of sexually but needed the entire weekend to accomplish these tasks and asked her if she was ready. She said she would follow me to my apartment.

When we got to the apartment and closed the door I took her hand and kissed it. I pulled her close to me and kissed her on the lips and she responded.

We then headed off to the bedroom. I slowly removed her top and she just looked at me and did not try to cover herself up. Next I unsnapped her pants and she took a step back and then removed them for me and stepped out of them. She is now in her bra and panties. She then steps forward and starts to take my clothes off in a hurry. She said that she wanted to see what was going to please her with. In a matter of 1 minute I was totally naked and Nan was looking at my now rock hard cock. She slowly got on her knees and started to touch my cock, feeling the hardness and softness of my cock she slowly started to stroke me. Then out of the blue she started sucking my cock. I stopped her and asked her to get on the bed so we could be more comfortable. Soon she was at it again sucking my cock like a ral pro. I asked her how far she wanted to go doing this and she responded with "I want to go all the way, I want you to cum down my throat." She then started to suck me again and stroking my cock until I blew a load deep down her throat. Although she did not gag she only had about half of my cock in her mouth.

She rolled over to her back and I started to remove her bra and panties. I told Nan that soon she would feel the same way that she just gave me. I started to kiss her on the mouth and tasted my cum that slipped out of her mouth. I then moved down to her neck and then the right tit. It was hard and I sucked on it like a baby. Licking and sucking each until they are both hard. Her breath is getting heavy and slowly move down to her bellybutton and then to the top of her pubic hair. I reposition myself at the end of the bed and slowly move up the inside of her left leg. as I move up she spreads her legs revealing her most prize possession. Her untouched virgin pussy. I used both hands to open her pussy and started at the bottom and licked from the bottom to the top and then start Licking her like a man possessed. At this time she is moaning so much I asked her if she was alright. She only responded with, "oh my god dont stop". So I resumed eating her out until she has an orgasm. She was breathing uncontrollably. So I took it upon myself to ask her if she was ready to be fucked. "oh yes fuck me now, fuck me hard and dont stop until you cum deep inside of me." I rolled her on her left side, positioned her left leg straing and top leg at a 45 degree angle. I got between her legs and slipped my cock in until I met her hyman. She then asked me to be gentle. I applied steady pressure on her hyman until I slipped past it. Once in I started to work it in and out. Soon I just let go and started to fuck her with all I got. I pounded her until I came deep in her pussy. She must have had multiple orgasms because she could not stop shaking and wanting more. I finally slipped out of her pussy and she looked down at my cock and grabbed it, stroking it and feeling her juices and slight blood from her pussy.

Are you ready to be taken up the ass. She said yes. so I grabbed the lube from inside the dresser and grabbed an anal dildo that I have (for personal reasons). I used the lube on her asshole and slowly slipped a finger in. I took the dildo and slowly started to play with her asshole. She responded with "that feels nice" then I slipped the dildo into her ass slowly pushing it in, using lube as I go, soon it was all the way in. I left it there for a minute or two to get her used to the size. Then I started to slip it out and in and as she responded the faster I got. She told me to speed up. So I did. Now I am just slamming this dildo in her ass as fast and hard as I can. I reach under and start fingering her pussy and she has a massive explosion.

I slip the dildo out of her ass and she tells me that we have the rest of the weekend to practice. Soon we were laying in bed ans she starts to suck my cock with her juices on it and gives me another blowjob only she slips a finger in my ass and starts fucking my asshole with her finger while sucking me totally off again. I have never had that happen to me before, hell there were alot of things we did that I have never done before that weekend.

To say that we are sex mates is an understatement. We know what each other likes and dont mind giving as well as recieving.

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What a nice theme

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Super,its a very good


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Perfect!Amazing!Super!Thank you very much


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I thought it a nice little story


2008-10-15 18:28:41
Great (true) story. This is how it happens most of the time. If the previous reader thought this was boring, why don't he or she go to the fiction part of XNXX? That's seems to be their style!

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