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I become sexually awakened and now I can’t seem to get enough.
Fbailey story number 283

NOTE: This story is much longer than most of my stories, about 15 pages in Word.

Lady In Distress

As I drove down that unpaved back road around sunset I looked in my rearview mirror to admire all of the dust that I had stirred up. Hey, I was just sixteen and I had taken Dad’s car out for a joyride. I knew that he would make me wash it off, wax it, and then he would ground me for a week but I was just a kid and I couldn’t think that far ahead anyway.

When I looked forward again there was a lady standing in the middle of the freaking road. Holy shit! I hit the brakes, I swerved out of the way, and I drove several rows into a cornfield. Dad would kill me.

The lady came over to the car to find out if I was okay. I really was but I was pretty shook up about Dad’s car. I guess I had hit my head on the steering wheel too.

Her name was Lillian and her husband had dumped her there. Apparently he had been drunk and she had pissed him off. That was the results. He had accused her of fucking some guy but she said that she hadn’t. She sure looked good enough to fuck though. She had on a tiny black dress with spaghetti straps. (I have two sisters and a mother.) The dress showed some nice cleavage and a whole lot of leg. She was not wearing a bra either, that was for sure.

I looked the car over and I hadn’t done too much damage. The front bumper had chopped the corn stalks off pretty good but jumping over a dozen or so cornrows had wiped out the exhaust system. Nothing that some flex pipe and a little work wouldn’t fix. However, I couldn’t get the car out of the field without a tractor. I was fucked!

While I was on my back on the ground checking under the car Lillian squatted down next to me. Her knees were toward me and together but I could see her white panties quite clearly under her little black dress. My cock got tight in my jeans and apparently she noticed it.

Lillian said, “I can see that you like me. My husband has already accused and punished me for cheating on him, so in my book I have one coming. Do you want me to fix that for you?” Then she placed her hand on my throbbing cock so that there would be no question as to what she was talking about.

I just looked right at those white panties and said, “I’m a virgin.”

Lillian replied, “So was I once. I promise not to hurt you.” Then she laughed and added, “Funny, that was what the first guy told me…but he lied.”

That made me smile.

Lillian said, “Why don’t you gather up some of those corn stalks and make us a nice bed to lay on. Meanwhile I’ll get out of this little black dress.”

I just lay there watching this gorgeous woman pull her tight fitting dress up over her head exposing her breasts to me. She folded her dress neatly, opened up the car door, and placed it on the front seat. She reached for her panties and then stopped to look at me as I watched her intently. She smiled and said, “Oh, I see. I have to go first. Okay!” With that she hooked her thumbs into her white panties and lowered them down her legs and off. As she placed them in Dad’s car too she said, “You can have them if you want, but you’re going to have to earn them first.”

I jumped up and hustled to make a bed of the corn stalks. Then I quickly removed my clothes and just tossed them on the ground.

Lillian left her shoes on and came over to the makeshift bed. She squatted down and felt of it. Then she said, “I’m not lying on that.”

At that very moment I thought that I would die. To be that close to loosing my virginity and starting me sex life…just to have my bubble burst like that. Damn it all to hell!

Lillian continued, “You lay down and I’ll get on top.”

Oh my God. My sex life or lack there of had passed before my eyes for no reason at all. She was going to get on top. That was all I had ever dreamed about. I got on my back in a flash.

Lillian held my cock in her soft hand, stroked it gently, and then she even slipped her mouth over the head of it. Next she straddled my legs letting my throbbing cock bounce against her belly. Then she leaned in for a kiss, my first real kiss, and a kiss that I would never ever forget.

Lillian reached down between us and grabbed a hold of my stiff cock. She placed it just inside her pussy opening and then she slipped her moist sheath down over it. It was the softest, warmest, and wettest thing that I had ever had my cock in. It was a hundred times better than what the boys at school had said about it. I wondered if they had really fucked a girl before or if they were just making it all up.

As Lillian got into a nice rhythm she placed my hands on her breasts, closed her eyes, and made love to me.

As I touched her soft breasts and played with her hard nipples I watched the most beautiful sunset of my life unfold right behind her head. I watched as the clouds turned yellow, then orange, and finally red.

For some reason I thought of Mother Nature. There I was on a bed of corn stalks staring up at the sky as the sexiest woman in the world made love to me.

Occasionally Lillian would pinch her knees tightly to my sides and let out a little coo. I thought it was cute. Then I felt my own climax coming. I grabbed onto her breasts tightly and then I thrust my cock up into her pussy like a bucking bronco trying to throw its rider. I came in several squirts flooding her insides. It was a whole lot better than jerking off.

Lillian did lay on our little bed right next to me as the sunset faded away leaving us in almost total darkness. I hugged her tightly to me and she kissed me again.

She said, “Thank you.”

I said, “No! Thank you.”

She kissed me again and asked me if I could find my way home. I said, yes I could. The hard part would be finding my clothes.

I made my way to the car and opened the front door. The dome light illuminated the area around the car. While I found my clothes and put them on, Lillian pulled her little dress on.

She handed me her panties and said, “You certainly earned these. Enjoy them. Brag them up to your friends. Just don’t tell them who they belong too, please.”

I kissed her that time and said, “I would never get you in trouble.”

She replied, “Good boy. You want to do it again don’t you?”

I said, “Yes. If you’ll let me sometime.”

I got the flashlight out of Dad’s car, closed the door, and offered Lillian my arm. We walked up the dirt road to the paved road and followed that to my house. It took us a good hour and we never saw another car.

Just before I got to my house Lillian said, “I live here.”

She kissed me again and turned into her driveway. We could see a pickup truck in the driveway but there were no lights on in the house. I hoped that she would be okay.

When I got home I wasn’t so lucky. Both of my parents were up and waiting for me. Fortunately my sisters were in bed. I told Dad that I had taken his car for a joyride, seen a deer in the road, and drove out into a cornfield. I told him that we could get it out with a tractor and that I could fix the exhaust system relatively cheaply. Oh I was going to fix it all right. I was also going to get a beating afterwards. The better the job the less the beating would be. Then of course I would be grounded and have to do extra choirs for a month. A month! Want to make it two. No sir!

The next morning right after breakfast Dad drove the tractor to where I had left his car. I got to ride on the hay wagon. He lifted the back of the car and I got to crawl under and get the parts that had fallen off from it. When I was dirty enough to please him he turned the tractor around. He got in the car and I got to pull him out of the field. He drove home and I followed slowly. Top speed for that tractor was about twelve miles an hour.

When I got home Dad was obviously already there. When I entered the house Lillian was sitting at the kitchen table with my parents drinking a cup of tea.

Mom said, “I believe that you met Lillian last night. Apparently she was the deer that you saw in the road. Interesting. Other than that your story checks out and you were the Knight in Shinning Armor to her Lady in Distress.”

Lillian said, “I explained everything to your parents and have offered to pay for any damages.”

Dad said, “Go out and figure out what you need and Lillian will take you to the auto parts store and pay for the parts that you will need. You got lucky this time but you still get a week of extra choirs for taking my car without my permission. Next time I’ll take your diver’s license away too.”

I looked over at Lillian. She was smiling and she looked even better than she had the night before. She had on a white blouse and a dark blue miniskirt. Her red bra showed through her white blouse and made her look very patriotic. She had on makeup, a ribbon in her hair, and big gold hoop earrings. Her fingernails and toenails were bright red. Dad noticed her too and I think Mom kicked him under the table.

My two younger sisters came in from doing their choirs and were introduced to Lillian. They were impressed with her beauty too. However, they were also hoping that she had children.

Lillian told them that she was only thirty-two years old and that she had only been married for a year. She also told them that her husband was not her idea of a father for her children. Of course they asked her why she had married him. She told them that it had been a mistake that she might rectify shortly. Those innocent girls asked her if she had someone else in mind to father her children. She blushed and said that she did and that he would make a great father. They were pleased for her.

After she finished her tea Lillian asked me if she could hang around me while I checked out the car. Sure she could.

I used the old tractor to lift up the rear end of the car and crawled under it again. Lillian knelt down and showed me a red pair of panties that seemed to match her bra.

She knew where I was looking and asked, “Would you like to add these to your collection?”

I answered, “Yeah I would.”

Lillian said, “You will have to earn them then.”

Just about then my sisters came out with a piece of paper and a pen so that Lillian could make a list of the items that I would need. They hung around and continued to play twenty questions with her.

Denise was thirteen years old and Yvonne was fourteen years old. Yvonne surprised the hell out of me. I was under the car and she knew that but she talked like I wasn’t even there. Yvonne sent Denise into the house just to get rid of her. Then Yvonne asked Lillian how old she had been when she had lost her virginity, if it hurt a lot, and if sex feels as good as the girls in school say it does. Lillian told her that she had been fourteen at the time, that it hadn’t hurt as much as she had thought it would, but that she had broken her own cherry with a big carrot beforehand. Then she said that sex was the best feeling in the whole world. Lillian then asked Yvonne if she was still a virgin…yes, if she masturbated a lot…yes, and if she had someone in mind to be her first…yes…me. Holy shit. Lillian told her that I was a good choice because I already loved her, I wouldn’t tell all of my friends in school that I was fucking my sister, and that she found me really cute too. Yvonne seemed surprised that a grown woman like Lillian thought that I was cute.

There was some whispering that I could not hear then Lillian squatted back down where I could see up her skirt and opened her legs up wide for me. I got hard fast as I remembered her fucking me the night before and I had to adjust my raging hard-on in my pants.

Yvonne must have been at the rear of the car looking at me when she said, “Yup! You were right. He did get hard quickly. He must sure like to look up girl’s skirts.”

Lillian said, “I told you so. No man can resist looking up a girl’s skirt. Now all you have to do is wear more skirts and let him look at your panties. You don’t always have to wear panties either if you know what I mean.”

Yvonne asked, “So that’s all it takes?”

Lillian said, “Yup!” She leaned over and looked at me as she asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

I replied, “Yes!”

Lillian asked, “Would you like to fuck your own sister?”

I replied, “Yes!”

Then Yvonne looked under the car and smiled at me. She asked, “When?”

Lillian said, “Yvonne! Why don’t you go in the house and get cleaned up, put on something nice, and come into town with us.”

Yvonne said, “Okay.” And took off running.

Lillian then said, “You had better take good care of that little girl. Do you understand me?”

I said, “Yes, but I don’t how to take care of her like that. Last night was my only time and you did all of the work.”

Lillian said, “Well then I’ll just have to teach you both all you need to know about sex this summer. I’ll hold classes at my house when my husband is at work. Will that help?”

I replied, “Yes. That would help.”

After I came out from under the car Yvonne came out of the house to join us. Lillian told us to get in her car then told Yvonne to get in the backseat. She wanted to sit in the front with Lillian. Lillian told Yvonne that she could open her legs up much better and give me something to look at if she were in the backseat behind the driver. Yvonne smiled and got in the backseat.

Before we were out of the driveway I was turned around staring at Yvonne’s fuzzy pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. At fourteen she had just as much pubic hair as I had. Her pussy lips were open and they looked wet. Then Yvonne opened her legs up really wide, reached down to grab a hold of her pussy lips, and pulled them open showing me just how pink she was in there. Then I watched as she played with her clit. Me watching her was exciting her all that much more. Lillian could hear Yvonne’s breathing get harder and then knew that she had an orgasm.

Yvonne said, “God I needed that.”

Lillian said, “You should let your brother do that for you on the way home. It’ll feel twice as good. Then you should jerk him off too. Fair is fair after all.”

Then we were at the auto parts store getting some flex pipe, clamps, and hanger brackets.

On the way home Lillian had us both sit in the front seat with her so that she could watch some of the fun too. First I got to play with Yvonne’s clit and poke around in her pussy hole. I gave her one orgasm that she really enjoyed. She told Lillian that she had been right and that it had been twice as good. Lillian told me not to stop and to give my sister two more orgasms that were even better yet. Yvonne could hardly take that last one it was so intense.

Lillian told me to lower my pants and my underwear to my ankles so that Yvonne could see my cock as she jerked me off. She gave her a few suggestions and then told my sister that she had to put her mouth over the head of my cock and swallow all of my cum before any got away. Yvonne was not happy about putting her mouth on my cock. Lillian told her that I would put my mouth on her pussy soon enough. That made her smile. She was not very good at jerking me off but it was her first time and I still liked her hand on my cock better than my own. I warned her that I was about to spurt and Yvonne put her head down closer and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I had not cum like that ever before. I pumped so much cum into my sister’s mouth that I could not believe that she could swallow it all, but she did.

About that time Lillian had pulled over along side the road, congratulated her, and then kissed her poking her tongue inside my sister’s mouth. Wow! It was not something that Yvonne had expected but Lillian told her that she wanted a taste too. Then Lillian felt of Yvonne’s breasts and fingered her to yet another orgasm. Yvonne’s clit was so sensitive that it hardly took any time at all to make her squirm. Then Lillian told Yvonne to lick me clean again to make sure that she got it all.

At home I had to repair the exhaust system and let Dad check it out before he would let me go in and get cleaned up.

Yvonne came into my room as I was getting undressed. Things had certainly changed between us and it was good. I put on my robe and walked down the hall to the bathroom to take a shower. On the way Yvonne pulled me into her room. She undressed too and put on a robe. She wanted us to take a shower together like Lillian had mentioned. Could we get away with it? What would we do if we got caught? Yvonne didn’t care. She just followed me into the bathroom and locked the door behind us. We knew that we had to be quiet so as not to attract Denise’s attention. Our little sister had a big, big mouth.

We didn’t waste a lot of time washing each other and getting out. We dried off and then Yvonne left the bathroom first to run interference for me. Luckily she didn’t run into anyone and we got away with it. It was both scary and sexy all at the same time. Yvonne put on her pajamas and came into my bedroom. She handed me the panties that she had worn earlier and told me that Lillian had told her that I wanted them for my collection. Yvonne just smiled and then handed me Lillian’s red panties too. I smiled them both before putting them away with Lillian’s other pair.

Before we went downstairs to say goodnight to our parents I licked Yvonne’s pussy and she sucked my cock again until I came. I liked the way her pussy tasted and she sure liked the taste of my cum. Yvonne smeared my cum on her lips before going down and kissing Mom and Dad goodnight on the lips. We both laughed about that.

The next day Lillian came over to ask Mom if Yvonne and I could help her in her garden. She knew that I was grounded but that she could really use my help. We had to finish our choirs and my extra choirs before we could go over but Yvonne helped me and we got them done much quicker.

Over at Lillian’s house she took us inside and asked us about our night. Yvonne told her that we had taken a shower together and that she had given me another blowjob. Then she told Lillian that she had put my cum on her lips and then kissed our parents goodnight. Lillian smiled at that one too.

Then the three of us got naked and took a shower together before climbing on her big bed. Lillian taught me how to eat my sister’s pussy. Together we gave Yvonne three orgasms. Lillian checked for a hymen and told us that I should be able to slip my cock into her fairly easily. However, Lillian coated my cock with a lubricant and applied a liberal amount to Yvonne’s pussy. Like the last time I was told to get on my back and Yvonne was told to go as slowly as she needed to while Lillian tickled her clit for her. Sooner than expected, Yvonne was all the way down and bouncing gentle on my cock. She was tighter than Lillian had been and the feeling was much better. As I lay there enjoying myself Yvonne too was enjoying herself especially with Lillian playing with her clit and giving her more orgasms. I cum in her and hugged her tightly to me. I liked the way her breasts felt against my chest. Lillian got between my legs and licked Yvonne and I from my asshole to her asshole and back again. Lillian licked up everything that she could then had Yvonne slide up my body an inch at a time so that she could lick up our combined fluids. Soon Yvonne was on her back and Lillian was all over her.

Then Lillian had Yvonne and I lick her pussy and give her some orgasms. When I was hard again I got to fuck Lillian but I finally got to be on top and go just as fast as I wanted too. She didn’t try to teach me anything that time. I fucked her like a maniac at the speed of light and I lasted all of about two minutes. It felt real good to me but it was over with way too quickly. I guess I had a lesson after all.

Since Yvonne’s pussy and my cock had been licked clean we just got dressed and went outside. We actually did help out in the garden by pulling some weeds at a quick enough pace to cause us to sweat pretty good and to look like we had been working the whole time. Then Yvonne and I went home. Mom took one look at us and told us to go take a shower.

Again I got ready and Yvonne got ready and then we snuck into the shower together. Only that time mom was waiting outside the door wondering just what we were up too. Yvonne told her that we were just curious about the other’s body and that nothing had happened. Mom was quite suspicious but she accepted her story. Then again did she? Mom asked Yvonne if she was still a virgin and she said, no. Mom asked me if I was still a virgin and I too said, no. Then she asked me if we had done anything together. I didn’t say anything, but Yvonne said that it was all her fault because she had wanted it to happen. I was terrified. That was a whole lot worse than ripping off Dad’s muffler.

Mom sent us to our own rooms and told us to stay there until she had time to think.

Yvonne and I held hands as we walked out of the bathroom and down the hallway. We parted at our bedrooms and each went in. Mom walked past us on her way back downstairs. After she was well past us we opened up our bedroom doors again. Yvonne’s bedroom was right across from mine so with our doors open we could see one another and talk too without leaving our rooms. Yvonne removed her robe and sat there facing me. I removed my robe and faced her. We looked at one another as we masturbated together. Eventually we said goodnight, closed our doors, and went to bed.

Sometime in the middle of the night Mom woke me up but held her hand over my mouth so that I wouldn’t cry out. She then took me down the stairs and out into the front yard where we had a picnic table. When I asked what time it was Mom said that it was three o’clock in the morning. Then she told me to tell her about all of my sexual experiences. I started with Lillian when I drove Dad’s car into the cornfield, Yvonne on the way in and out of town, and then of Lillian and Yvonne the day before. Mom was quiet for a long time. Then she wanted to know how I had enjoyed making love to an older woman and to my sister. I told her that it was best feeling ever. I told her how great it was to make love to Lillian and all that she had taught me. I told her how great it was making love to Yvonne and that she really excited me. I told her that I liked giving and receiving oral sex. Now that excited Mom.

Mom said that Dad had never given her oral sex but that she had been force to give him blowjobs for his birthday present along with anal sex. Then she explained anal sex to me and told me that it had hurt her real bad. Mom had asked Dad for oral sex once on her birthday but he told her that it didn’t work that way.

Then Mom asked me if I would give her oral sex. Yes, I would any time that she wanted me too. She wanted me too right then. We went into the barn and Mom spread out some straw in one of the empty stalls. She laid out an old blanket that we use on some of the animals and then Mom pulled up her nightgown and got down on the straw.

I got between Mom’s legs and dove right in. Mom tasted different than either Lillian or Yvonne had but she still tasted good. Mom cringed and squirmed as I licked her clit. I opened her pussy lips up wider and stuck my tongue in her hole and rubbed the end of my nose against her clit. Mom loved it. She was holding onto the back of my head and fucking up at me with her pelvis. Mom tried not to scream out her pleasure but I could tell when she had an orgasm and I counted six before I crawled up higher and slipped my cock into her. Apparently she had not realized what I had done until I started fucking into her to achieve my own climax.

Mom said, “Take it out. We can’t do this, its incest.”

I replied, “Its incest with Yvonne too isn’t it? Besides it’s already in you. Pulling it out won’t change the fact that we did it.”

Mom just closed her eyes and stopped trying to stop me. I saw a tiny tear form in the corner of one eye. Then she started fucking up at me with her pelvis again. I felt another orgasm flow through her before I cum in her. She was real quiet as she lowered her nightgown and walked into the house. I felt bad but at the same time I felt good too. I had given her pleasure and I deserved some too. I followed Mom into the house and I went quietly to bed.

In the morning Yvonne came into my room, locked the door, and climbed in bed with me.

She asked, “What did you do to Mom last night?”

I asked, “Why! What did she say?”

Yvonne said, “Nothing, but she told me that I could let you make love to whenever I wanted you too as long as Dad didn’t catch us.”

I said, “That’s strange.”

Yvonne said, “That’s what I thought too.”

She stroked my cock, got it hard, and climbed on top of me. Wow! I let her be in control for a while and then I rolled her under me and made love to her until we both achieved our goal.

Breakfast was unusually quiet. Mom told Denise and Yvonne to do the dishes and for me to go help my father. Then I saw her walk toward Lillian’s house and wondered what was up.

At lunchtime Mom fixed us sandwiches and once again headed down to Lillian’s house.

That evening the two ladies made dinner together at our house and Lillian’s husband joined us. Dad and he got along pretty well. They talked and bonded and Dad showed him around the farm. Once again Denise and Yvonne got stuck with the dishes. However, that was because the two ladies wanted a few moments alone with me.

They had been talking all day long about us kids and sex. They both felt that Denise was being left out and that she was ready to join in. Lillian and Yvonne had already taught Denise about making love to girls the other day when they were over and Lillian had given Mom some private lessons too.

When the girls finished and joined us out in the front yard at the picnic table Mom reminded us that Friday was to be her thirty-sixth birthday. She said that it was also Dad’s weekend with his girlfriend and his other son. It was common knowledge in our family that Dad had knocked up his high school girlfriend but that his father wouldn’t let him marry her. His other son was almost twenty-one years old and Dad spends a whole three-day weekend with him every month. Of course he sleeps with his girlfriend on those weekends too. He kind of rubs it in Mom’s face. He picked this weekend knowing that it was Mom’s birthday. However, Mom had been planning for this weekend all along.

She explained to us that early Friday morning Dad would be taking off, Lillian’s husband was leaving on a fishing trip with his drinking buddies, and that the five of us would be alone for the entire weekend.

Lillian talked next telling us that Mom wanted a family gangbang and that the three of us would get to have sex with Mom all morning trying to make her orgasm to death. Lillian said that she would join in too if we started to wear out.

Then after lunch on Friday Mom was going to give me a blowjob and let me have anal sex with her. It was no secret that that was what Dad got on his birthday and that Mom did not enjoy it. Lillian continued and told us that hurting Mom was just his way of dealing with the fact he actually loved his girlfriend more. She also said that Mom needed some good memories of sucking a cock and having one in her ass. That was where I came in besides Lillian had been helping Mom learn more about both during their sex lessons.

Then after dinner on Friday I was to take Denise’s virginity. That made Denise smile. Seeing her smile made me smile too. We were both looking forward to Friday evening.

After that, the whole weekend would be an orgy. Lillian would stay at our house, no one would get dressed, and we could have sex with anyone in the house for the whole weekend. Not only could we have sex with anyone but that it was required to have sex with everyone. As luck would have it, none of the girls were expecting their periods and everything should be fine. All we needed to do was wait for their husbands to leave on Friday morning.

When the guys returned from looking around the farm they suspected that we were up to something. The ladies were prepared and said that they had been baking and that there were three pies and ice cream for desert. That sure made everyone happy.

At bedtime we ‘children’ were sent up to bed while the adults talked. Talk hell, the men were going to get drunk.

Denise, Yvonne, and I kissed Mom goodnight and thanked Lillian for helping out with dinner and desert. Then the three of us went up to our rooms, changed for bed, and then the girls came into my room.

My door was locked and then Denise and Yvonne took their nightgowns off. I watched as they showed me what Lillian had taught them. I was very tempted to fuck Denise right then but I knew that Mom had planned something special on Friday evening for that. When the two girls finished I knew that Yvonne was more than ready for my cock so I just slipped it into her and enjoyed myself.

Later there was a soft knocking on my door and Mom whispering for the two girls to get in their own beds. Denise and Yvonne opened the door and walked out carrying their pajamas.

The next few days were quite exciting as I thought about that weekend. Yvonne was a Godsend. She was always available for sex whenever I got hard and it was often too. Mom and Denise spent a lot more time with Lillian too, leaving Yvonne and I alone a lot more.

That Friday morning the girls were in my bedroom because it overlooked the driveway and we could watch Dad leave in his pickup truck. I was glad that he left the car but then again I wasn’t going anywhere. As he headed down the road Mom came running up the stairs and burst into my room throwing herself on the bed. She was elated as we sang Happy Birthday to her. Shortly Lillian ran up the stairs and threw herself on the bed too.

It was as if the weight of the world had been lifted from our shoulders. I know that I had never felt so free before. Yvonne mentioned it too and Mom realized that she too felt it. Even Lillian felt a newfound freedom.

Leave it to the youngest and most innocent one to ask, “Then why do you two stay married then?”

Lillian said, “Out of the mouths of babes.”

Mom said, “Okay, okay, food for thought but right now it is my birthday and I want my family gangbang. Lillian you are officially part of this family, after all you have had sex with all of us and no one else can say that.”

Yvonne held up her hand sheepishly and said, “I can.”

We all laughed and hugged her. Then we got naked and started to ravish Mom. I started in on her pussy, Denise and Yvonne each took a nipple, and Lillian just kissed Mom very sensuously.

Occasionally we would trade places until I was back at Mom’s pussy again. I gave it a quick lick but I really needed to cum so I just slipped into her unnoticed like I had that first time. It wasn’t because I was that small or anything it was just because Mom was so full of feelings from several places that she honestly didn’t realize it. Yvonne was tickling her clit and sucking her nipple. Lillian was French kissing her and trying to swallow her tongue while massaging both of her breasts. Denise was kissing Mom’s belly and rolling Mom’s nipple between her fingers. She was also in the middle of a multiple orgasm when I entered her too.

Mom was in heaven, surrounded by everyone that loved her, and celebrating her thirty-sixth birthday.

When things calmed down Lillian had Mom roll onto her tummy so that she could rub her back. Big mistake! Lillian sat on Mom’s back facing her feet and started to give Mom thirty-six spankings to Mom’s horror. I could tell that Lillian was serious too because of Mom’s cries of pain and the red handprints left on Mom’s bare ass. Denise was next, followed by Yvonne and then I got to be last. Mom was no longer struggling or crying. In fact she seemed to be enjoying it. Lillian explained to us that there was a subtle difference between pain and pleasure in some women and that apparently Mom had learned to somewhat enjoy it when Dad had hurt her on his birthdays.

Lillian let Mom sit up and then she asked, “How did you like it?”

Mom said, “You’re not going to believe this but I actually had a small orgasm at the end.”

Lillian said, “I can believe it.”

Then Mom flipped Lillian over onto her belly and straddled her. Mom said, “But you hurt me lady.” Then Mom gave Lillian ten smacks, five on each cheek, and then she kissed her ass saying, “Sorry.”

Lillian just laughed and said, “I had intended too hurt you. Now you will have to wait ten more months before I turn thirty-three. So there.” Then Lillian stuck her tongue out at Mom.

Denise said, “Lunchtime! Then afterwards we get to watch you give oral sex and receive anal sex.”

Lunch was just sandwiches and then we moved to the living room. Mom sat me in Dad’s favorite chair and knelt on the floor between my legs. Her breasts rubbed against the inside of my legs and it felt good. Mom proceeded to show us all what she had learned from sucking on Lillian’s dildo. Mom kissed the head of my cock, licked it like a lollypop, and slipped her mouth over it. As she sucked she occasionally took a little more of it into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat but she didn’t gag and she didn’t stop either. I swear that the head of my cock slipped into Mom’s throat. It must have because her nose was pressed tightly into my pubic hair and she was licking my balls with her hands on my hips pulling me tighter to her. Lillian, Yvonne, and Denise all congratulated her for taking it all in. Mom came all the way off from my cock, looked up at me, and said, “Remember it was me that gave you your first deep throat.” Then Mom went from trying to put her tongue in my pee slit to burying her nose in my pubic hair, over and over again until I finally cum. Mom swallowed every drop not leaving a thing for my sisters. I thanked her.

Mom smiled and said, “Now come upstairs to the bathroom with me.”

I took her hand and we almost ran up with the others right behind us. Mom filled a rubber bag with some powder and warm water. Then I got to slip the hose into her asshole and release the liquid. I gave Mom an enema. Lillian looked at the clock and made Mom hold it for five whole minutes before releasing it. I could tell that Mom was in some kind of pain. Then she sat on the toilet and it sounded just like a cow pissing. It was with such force that Mom had to close her legs to keep it from splashing out of the toilet and getting all over the floor. Lillian had Mom get in the shower before I got to do it all over again. Meanwhile Lillian cleaned up the mess inside the toilet. I wasn’t sure why she cleaned it if we were just going to mess it up all over again. Mom was not as uncomfortable the second time and knew what to expect. Mom took me into the shower with her the second time and Lillian cleaned up again.

Since all of Mom’s painful anal sex had taken place in her bedroom that was where we headed. Lillian squeezed about a quarter of a tube of K-Y Jelly into Mom’s asshole then she used a long thin dildo to coat her insides. Lillian greased me up too and then I gently slipped it into Mom’s rectum.

Mom turned and said, “That feels so good. I wanted to be your first anal sex since Lillian had been your first vaginal sex and Yvonne had given you your first blowjob.”

Denise asked, “What do I get to give him?”

Mom smiled and said, “Your virginity after dinner.”

Denise replied, “But Yvonne already gave him her virginity.” Then she pouted.

Mom replied, “Yes she did and she was the first girl to give him her virginity. Nothing will ever change that however, you are only thirteen years old and he may never have a virgin as young as you ever again.”

Denise smiled.

Mom started to pay attention to my cock in her ass and she started to really enjoy it. Mom started fucking back at me like she does when we fuck normally. She encouraged me to keep going, not to cum too quickly, and to wait for her orgasm. Incredibly, I managed to last just long enough for her to tell me that she was having her orgasm just before I had mine. It was great and her asshole squeezed my cock tightly as it slipped out of her.

Mom rolled onto her back and said, “That was incredible. I actually had an orgasm during anal sex. You are so much better than your father is that it isn’t even funny.”

Once again Denise asked, “Then why do you stay married then?”

So for the next hour or so the five of us talked about life with Dad and what life might be like without Dad. Lillian talked about her husband and what would be different without him too. We were still talking about it during our late dinner. Then Denise made us all shut up about the men because it her turn to bask in the limelight.

Denise had heard about my first time with Lillian in the cornfield as the sun had set. She wanted to have the same experience for her first time too.

So with Denise in charge the five of us got in the car. We were all naked and very excited. I only had to drive about three miles back to the cornfield. Lillian was the first to find the place where I had driven off the road. We had brought a butcher knife with us so that I could chop down a few new stalks that were somewhat green and soft compared to the dried out stalks that were still on the ground. All of the girls helped make the bed for her to lie on.

We did not have to wait very long for the sun to start to set. Denise got on her back and I started to eat her pussy. She had secreted so much wonderful tasting womanly fluid that I thoroughly enjoyed licking her virgin pussy. Then I crawled up, kissed her, and placed the head of my cock just at the entrance to her vagina. Lillian and Mom had taken care of her hymen for her so that her first time would be more pleasant for her than their first times had been for them. When Denise was ready I gently plunged my cock into her virgin pussy for the very first time. I watched as her mouth formed an ‘O’ and she felt me stretch her love tunnel to the maximum. She felt like a glove to me.

As I slipped my cock in and out of her body Denise watched the sunset behind my head as I had done with Lillian not too long before.

Thanks to her own finger on her clit Denise had several orgasms, which kept her tunnel moist enough to keep me from cumming too soon. When I finally filled her with cum she pulled our lips together and kissed me. She really did not want me to pull my cock out of her. Mom, Lillian, and Yvonne kissed her and congratulated her on loosing her virginity in a very romantic way. Then we drove home. Denise and Yvonne both slept with me in Mom’s bed while Lillian and Mom slept in my bed together.

Saturday was one long day of love, sex, and friendship. Everyone got along so well that we had a sleepover on the living room floor.

Sunday was quite different though. As the day worn on the tension got worse. Then at lunchtime Mom made an announcement.

She said, “I don’t want your father to come home. Life is so much better without him. What would you think if I called him and told him not to come home?”

The girls cheered but I asked, “Can we handle the farm without him?”

Mom said, “Lillian and I think we can with all of you helping us that is.”

Everyone looked at Lillian, “I’m moving in and leaving my husband too.”

Then Mom looked right at me and said, “You’re the only one that I really worry about.”

I asked, “Why?”

Mom smiled and said, “Well you will have to work like a man all day” then she paused for that to sink in and continued “and a husband to four wives all night.”

My cock stood up proud and they all laughed.

Mom called Dad’s girlfriend and told her to keep Dad, that she no longer wanted him. She handed the phone to Dad and so Mom told him directly that she no longer needed him and for him not to bother coming home. During the rest of the conversation she told him that we could handle the farm just fine without him, that we would box his stuff up, and that he could come by to pick it up Tuesday about noon. Then she hung up on him before he could scream at her anymore.

Lillian opened a bottle of wine, poured five glasses, and then made a toast to ‘life without husbands.’

As we sipped our wine Mom handed out assignments. If Dad could basically run our farm alone then we should definitely be able to replace him, especially with Lillian’s help.

Just about dark Lillian’s husband called to find out when she was coming home. She told him that she wasn’t, that she would be filing for a divorce in the morning, and that she would have her things out before he got home from work on Monday. She too hung up on him before he was done hollering at him.

That night I slept in between Mom and Lillian.

Mom and Lillian filled papers in the morning.

We all helped Lillian move out of her house and into ours and then we packed up Dad’s stuff and put the boxes out on the front porch.

Two weeks later you wouldn’t have recognized us. The farm work all got done and we worked together as a team. Then at night we all relaxed and made love. We had never been happier in our lives. My four wives figured out how to share me too.

Mom jokingly said, “We work hard, we play hard, and sometimes you can’t tell the difference.”

The End
Lady In Distress
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