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This is a rendition of events which actually took place
The Lunch Break
I worked at a law firm for about six months when the lunch break in question occurred. It had been about 8 months since I had last seen Jen. That was back in August, and now it was April. Jen and I had a strange relationship, as I imagine most relationships are. We fucked back in college for 3 months or so. Fucked, it’s such an animalistic way of putting it. Because that’s exactly what it was. We fucked one night for hours. I came 6 times. I shit you not. I don’t know how many orgasms she had, but it was a lot. The whole night. We’d cum together, take a rest, work up the strength to go again and then just go for it. It was far and away the best night of my life. But college days ended and we went our separate ways. We stayed close, talked on the phone occasionally. She even came to visit once, although she said she was being visited by her Aunt Rosie. Yeah, she called it that. Aunt Rosie. Pathetic, I know. I got a handjob out of the deal though, and I can’t really complain about that. And that’s how it went for a while. I didn’t really believe her about having her period at the exact weekend that we were together. But these things happen and I got over it. After all, a 23 year old guy from Chicago can get a fair amount of pussy if he tries hard enough.
It was a Friday when I got the call. Casual Friday no less. I’m sitting in my office, literally about to take a sip of my green tea, and the phone rings. But it wasn’t my office line, it was my cell. I had forgotten to put it on vibrate so it rang really loud. I silenced it and looked who it was. Jen! At a Friday at 11:45am?! I closed my door (a luxury that some don’t have) and quietly answered “Hello?” Jen answered “Hey, it’s Jen. Can you talk?” “Sure, what’s up? You alright?” My paternal instincts took over. Giggling on the other end “Yeah silly. I’m in Chicago! I want to see you for lunch.” I couldn’t believe my ears. And I felt a playful twitch in my cock. In fact, he took over. “How soon can you be at my place?” I asked. “I’m sitting in my taxi at your front door, and I’m not wearing any panties…” My dick grew 3 inches in about .5 seconds. I said quietly into the receiver “Baby, don’t move a muscle. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” With a sultry, low, seductive voice “Don’t make me wait too long” and hung up.

I closed the phone grabbed my coat opened the door and shut the light with one swift motion. I nonchalantly said to my buddies I worked with “I’m taking an early lunch guys” and didn’t wait for a response. I tried to suppress the bulge in my pants but when I got into the elevator down from 45, I couldn’t help it. My mind raced to the image of Jen fingering her moist snatch. I made it through the lobby unscathed, and caught a taxi. “1260 N. Michigan Avenue and there’s a $100 tip in it if you can get me there in under 5 minutes!” His foot hit the accelerator. Right on Washington, left on Michigan and we were there. I think it took less than 2 minutes. I threw 2 $100 dollar bills through the glass and said “Thanks” and hopped out.
I saw Jen leaning against the wall of the entrance to my 39th floor penthouse smoking a cigarette. She was beautiful. Strawberry blond hair, shoulder length, with some streaks of very light red. She had a very athletic body. She was a swimmer in college and her body remained in great shape. She wore a short white ruffled skirt and a pair of pink Pumas, with no socks. She had a small diamond anklet that her father bought her for her 18th birthday. It sparkled as I scanned her beautiful body. Her tan legs were long and firm. Her tits were covered in a short pink tank top. I loved the fact that she always wore matching shoes. It was hot in Chicago that Friday, and I could see a thin layer of sweat that made her whole body glisten in the sun. I walked over to her and gave her a long stare before I took the back of her head in my hand and kissed. I said not a word. We walked into the lobby and I gave a quick head nod to the door man Martin. The glass door to the elevator automatically opened and we walked into the empty elevator. It was a long way to 39 and the elevator was slow. A few other people got on with us so we waited patiently, reading the TV in the elevator. I couldn’t help but steal glances at Jen noticing her giggle. She was having a hard time keeping it together. The couple who got on with us got off at 9. We had 30 floors to devour each other. We passionately kissed, I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her hands were already prodding at my member. The jeans were keeping it confined. She tugged at me while I slid my hands into her wetness. We kissed like this rubbing each other and intertwining our tongues. We got off at my floor and made our way to my pad. I unlocked the front door and we entered. I locked the door behind me and took Jen’s hand in mine. I had 45 good minutes before I had to go back to work. We made our way to the bedroom that overlooked Navy Pier. My king sized bed was perfect for long love making. She threw me down onto the bed and pulled my shirt over my head. I began to unbuckle my pants while she removed her top. Underneath her tank top was a black bra. She quickly unlatched it in the back and her beautiful tits flopped out. She leaned over me and I took a nipple into my mouth while I caressed the other. I sucked on her nipple and she moaned “Oh god yes!” She brought her mouth to mine and we kissed for a minute, all the while my hands caressing her soft but firm melons. My feet were hanging over the edge of the bed and Jen slid down my body. My jeans were already at my ankles and my cock was straining at my boxer-briefs. She took my cock into her mouth with the underpants still on. She gave it a little tap with her hands just to keep me on my toes. I shuddered with excitement! I slid the boxers to the floor exposing my cock with a “thawack” on her wrists. She began to lick the shaft of my member ever so slowly. “Baby, I want you inside me” she said. She sucked on my cock for just a minute to get it wet. Some pre-cum had already begun to drip down the sides. She stood up and straddled my engorged member. I took the base of my cock and guided it to her dripping entrance but teased the outside of her lips. I spread some of our juices around to be sure there was enough lubrication. There was. She kept her skirt on which gave an interesting sensation on the sides of my legs: it made my balls tingle. She lowered herself onto my dick and with a high pitched moan, I finished the job by thrusting upward. I ever so slowly pulled out and restarted the action. I knew she loved to be teased like this, me pulling my dick all the way out of her snatch before plowing back into her. It drove her crazy. But since time was a factor I decided to forgo the usual technique. I slammed my cock into her again and again. We both moaned with pleasure. I could feel the swell of cum growing in my balls, and if I wasn’t careful I’d cum right then. I pulled out and stood back to remove my jeans and socks completely. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you doggystlye, climb up onto the bed.” She removed her skirt to give me better access to her canal. I quickly mounted her from behind, slamming my cock into her tight pussy. I took a handful of her hair and rode her like a horse, each time slamming my dick further and further into her. She moaned “You have a big dick baby, it’s hard. Mmmmm.” I smacked her ass and exclaimed “Oh yeah baby, you like it when I smack your ass?” She replied “Yeah baby, do it again! Ohhhhh.” I slapped her ass a few more times for good luck and continued plowing her. I could feel her muscles tightening with the impending orgasm. She arched her back and drove her pussy onto my dick saying “Oh baby I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum…I’m gon I’M CUMMING! OH I’M CUMMING!” I could feel her contract around my cock. I withheld my orgasm for as long as I could to ensure she got maximum pleasure but could hold it no longer. “I’m gonna cum too.” I withdrew my throbbing cock into my hand and sprayed my hot, sticky load onto her ass and back. My first squirt hit the back of her head and trickled onto her shoulder. The following ones painted her lower back like a personal tattoo, and her ass was covered in my cum. “Oh my god! Ohhh, Ohhh” Our bodies both shook in the post orgasmic phase. My cock remained full and engorged, I was ready for round two.
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