My 54 year old Latino blackmailer, had daytime plans for me during my 14th summer. He took me to a store that sold only women’s stockings. He made me purchase 20 pairs of pantyhose and stockings. This store carried a lot of items I never heard of or saw. Wolford a company that made sheer nylon pantyhose with no seams or panels. Pricey, but real sexy. Knee high white school girl stockings, lace pattern, rose pattern. Fishnets in colors. Hooters shiny tights, all kinds of stuff. I made my purchases and we left.

When we got in his big old 1985 Buick LaSabre, I laid the bags between him and myself. “Put on the suntan Wolford’s, we going to have some fun!” I looked through the bags and found them. I slipped off my wedge heels. We pulled out into traffic on a busy Chicago street. Pulling off the smoke colored pantyhose I had on, I could see other drivers watching me. Turned on by this I continued, slipping the pantyhose up one ankle and then the other. He made me buy hose one size larger than my normal size. I could now see why. Lifting my ass off the seat to pull them all the way up, it was so easy. And the final result was the hose was not even tight around my pussy. Matter of fact, they even hugged the lips like a second skin. I could feel the nylon real good on my pussy now. A great improvement of my other hose.

The suntan color really looked good, you could tell I was wearing them. Even though I tan some I have very fair skin. My father is a red head and my mother is a blonde. I have strawberry blonde hair, which I dyed platinum. My brother is a light red head. So you could tell from the contrast of the rest of my body, I had nylons on.

He headed the Buick out onto the expressway and headed west. “You gonna have fun today”, he laughed. “Pull your skirt up to just below you pussy honey!”. “Make seat tilt back, button on side there!, he pointed. I found the button and made it go all kinds of ways till I found it tilt. Damn this is sweet, the whole seat tilted back. “Now raise it up!”. I raised it up and it went so high that my knees where level to the bottom of the window. My legs dangled and only my toes were on the floor. He turned off the a/c and opened the windows. The wind was hot, and blew at my crotch and I could really feel the nylon now. My hair was blowing all over my face, I adjusted my sun glasses as we headed into the sun.

I was wearing a pink denim miniskirt. It had a zipper down the side that went all the way from top to bottom. My top was a ribbed white dago t-shirt type, no bra. It was see thru enough that one could see my nipples and areolas. Low cut enough to show plenty of cleavage. “We teasing truckers ok?” I nodded and thought, whatever. “When we get close, you keep looking straight ahead, but watch him looking at you in corner of you eye, understand?”. I knew what he was talking about, I did it to him when he used to watch me stripping in my room.

We approached the first truck after jockeying around for a while. The traffic was pretty heavy. “Open you legs, let them fall apart!”. I did and we started to pass the trailer. The sound of the tires made such a loud noise. As we crept towards the cab, my heat beat increased, scared and excited at the same time. I looked down and even I could see my pussy in the bright sunlight. I pushed my ass down in the seat a little and rolled my hips in a circle for a moment. Yes this was getting me hot. When we got almost even with the truck window, I saw the trucker glance out and then again. We kept pace for him for a few minutes. I could feel his eye on my pussy, almost like a laser beam. I started to get moist between my legs. Just as I was really getting into it, he passed the truck like it was standing still. The trucker blew his horn. Papi laughed and asked, “He liked that honey! Did you like?”. “Yes I was hot” I sighed. “Don’t worry more trucks coming!” Papi was smiling the whole time, and I admit I was smiling also. I flashed at least 5 more trucks. One I even lifted my top. It was a great turn on for me.

We got off the expressway and headed towards a town called Aurora. A western suburb of Chicago. Heading through the downtown area and into the neighborhoods . I had out the seat down and was looking around when Papi started telling me about the town. “I lived here for a while before moving to the city!” He exclaimed. “I know a few people here still”. He pulled into a restaurant parking lot. “Let’s get some food!”. We walked into this Mexican place, and everyone in there stared at me. Women gave me dirty looks, guys were nudging each other. Papi ordered for both of us. The girl taking his money looked real hard at me, I just flipped my hair and looked away. We got our food and sat down. The patron were talking, in Spanish so I never gave it a thought. Papi took a bite out of his burrito, “You wanna know what they say?”. “I don’t care I answered. I was used to people talking about me, in school, in stores, wherever I was. Pretty girls hated me, guys wanted me. “This woman here said you a slut, Those guys in the corner booth say about your tits, and want to fuck you!”. I shrugged it off, what else is new.

When my tits got past 34c I was the talk of about every conversation. I cried a lot, Kids in school are so rude. “Knockers, and balloon tits”, were just some of the names I was called. I had teachers ask me to wear restricting clothes because I was a distraction in the class. A lot of problems come with having big tits. It still bothered me but not like it used to.

We left and proceeded to drive around. “Ok, just like trucker, but look into make-up mirror , and keep seat down”. I flipped out my mirror and pulled my skirt up a little. “I’m going to ask direction of men, let them look at you, ok?”. I nodded. “Sure”. He found some guys working on a van in the street. We stopped and he started to talk to one of them. The guy walked over and I could see him looking at me. They talked for a very short time. And this guys called out to his friends and they all came over. Now I had three guys looking in his window, looking at me. They continued to talk, and I pretended to fix my eye lashes. After a bit, We started to roll away. “You see that?!, Papi asked, one guy got a big hard on!” He and I laughed. We did this several times, I got me very hot. Papi explained that he was asking for directions to a place that was not here, so they would take their time and see a lot of me.

We pulled into the lot of a liquor store. “Come I get us something to drink, and you can flash customers, by bending over or squatting and leaving legs open!” I was ready. The store was had just a few customers in it, all men. He walked around and went to a cooler, I walked down another aisle. A short fat Latino man was in the aisle and was coming my way. I turned my back and leaned over and touched a bottle to look at it. I felt my skirt rise, and noticed he stopped coming up the aisle. I let him have a good long look before I stood up. I passed him and he smiled at me and I smiled back. He stood there even when I turned and left that aisle. I watched him, my sun glassed hide my eyes. He pretended to look at things and all the time was watching me. He turned down another aisle, I made my way to his aisle. This time I squatted and was looking at the bottom shelf. I opened my legs, not too much as to be obvious but to let him see my crotch. He watched me and then would quickly look at a bottle on the shelf. My sun glasses slid down on my nose, and I looked over them to catch him looking. He had a lump in his pants, and left for the check out counter. I met with Papi and we walked out. “Well?”he asked, I told him and we started laughing. This was a lot of fun and still exciting.

He drove us to a park along a river and we parked. He handed me a cold beer after removing the top. I was good. It was so warm out that I drank it like it was water. He was explaining about how many fish he caught here, and stuff about the town. After we drank the 12 pack, we took off again.

I was not sure what was going on, I was feeling real dizzy. I knew that I was drunk, but never that hard or fast. With each turn of the car my head flew from side to side. Next thing I remember we stopped. “Come with me sweetie!” Papi said. We were behind a apartment building with outside stairs. He took my hand and led me up to the second floor door and we went in. The hallway was real dark. My eyes could not adjust so I just followed. We made a left turn and walked for what seemed a mile. He stopped and knocked on a door. “A good friend of mine”, he said. The door opened and we went in. I didn’t see who opened the door till we got all the way in. It was a girl, Latino, about 4 inches shorter than I was, but I had platform wedges on. Jet black hair, dyed I guessed. A halter top on and cut off shorts., and bare foot. They talked in Spanish after a hug and kiss and we went and sat down on her couch. He introduced me to her and her name was Mila. She was 17. Dark skinned, small breasts, but a killer flat stomach and super legs. She brought us some beers, and they talked for a while in Spanish. She stood up and went over to her radio and put in a cassette. She started dancing, god she could move. I watched her as so did Papi. She motioned for me to join her, Papi told me to go enjoy myself. I got up and went over by her and we danced together with the music. She grabbed my hips and moved them from side to side and she went down and back up a few times. I did the same. She got behind me and thrust her hips into my ass like she was fucking me. She laughed and I laughed. Then she got in front of me and swayed her hips onto mine. She was rubbing her tits against me, my tits were rubbing just above hers She looked and my breasts jumping up and down. “Your so pretty!”, she exclaimed with a big smile, “You are too,” I told her. She moved in front of me and started to grind her crotch on my leg. “Owww, your nylons feel so good!!” she squealed as her one hand was on my ass and the other just above my pussy. She stopped and got in front of me and started taking off her halter top. I watched as she moved and let the top fall to the ground. All the time she was gazing into my eyes. I looked at Papi, he was watching and feeling his cock through his pants grinning.

She moved over to me and took her hands and pulled my top up, I put my arms in the air and she took it off me. She stared at my tits and smiled. We danced for a few minutes and she removed her cut off shorts. Revealing a small patch of hair in a line leading up from her pussy. She moved closer and said. “Let’s drive Papi crazy!” We danced together dirty, and she unzipped my skirt, The zipper went from my waist to the seam at the bottom, It fell away. No naked except for my pantyhose and wedges, we danced. Her hands slide down the outside of my arms to me hips, she drew closer to me and my nipple were rubbing and hitting her in her chin. She moved closer and kissed me, a short kiss on the lips. She looked up to me as to seek approval, I just smiled, and she did to then. Our bodies were grinding and our hand searched each others shape. We looked over at Papi, he had his cock out and stroking it. He motioned for us to come over. Mila ran over to him and got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. I stopped dancing and watched. I could see the cock sliding in and out of her mouth, and her fingers between her legs rubbing her pussy. As I watched I could feel the lust come over me. I stood there and my hand slipped down to my crotch. I put pressure on my nylon covered pussy, the damp material was in between the outer lips, and soaking it up. I pushed the material in, and felt it getting wetter. I slowly circled my clit with a finger. I couldn’t reach it as good as I wanted to. So I used my other hand and opened the lips and held it there, so my finger could find its mark. I leaned into my hands with my hips, and found bliss. Without taking her mouth off his cock she motioned to me to come over. I walked over and she pulled her head off his cock. “Have some too!”. I knelt down and she held his cock up, I buried his cock in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around his shaft, feeling the lumps of his veins and the soft head on my tongue I moaned. Papi pushed my head off and stood up and removed his clothes, then laid down on the couch. He motioned for me to continue to suck him. I crawled up on the couch between his legs and on my knees. I dove my head down and flicked his balls with the tip of my tongue. He jumped a little and said something. I felt my ass being touched by Mila. She reached and pulled my pantyhose down to my knees. Her hands rubbed my ass cheeks, and made their way to my ass crack. I shuddered and her fingers found my pussy. I sucked harder on his cock and moaned. Her finger found the hole and entered it. I responded by leaning down farther down on my chest and sticking my ass higher in the air. She fingered my dripping cunt into a lather. And then I felt the tip of her hot tongue, lick circles on my ass cheeks, around and around all over them. Then down my back, down my ass crack, and to my asshole. It felt like electricity was running though me, I jumped every time she hit the hole. Finally she dipped it in and French kissed it , not coming up. I felt the first climax shoot over me, moaning so loud I stopped sucking his cock.

Her fingers in my pussy went in circles and in and out and now she was dipping a finger in my ass. It was uncomfortable at first, but after a while it did feel good. She removed her finger from my ass and moved her tongue to my pussy. It was so good I came again. Papi pushed my head off and got up, Mila still sucking my pussy, smearing my juice all over her face. I started humping her face a bit, as she put her head now between my legs. Papi touched Mila and said something in Spanish to her. She pulled out from under me and told me to follow her. The three of us went in a bed room

Mila guided me to the bed with her hands on my arms, and had me sit on the bed. She leaned over and kissed me. Her tongue pushed past my lips and into my mouth. Her lips were soft and her tongue like a snake, flicking my teeth and tongue I fell into a daze, and let her tongue has its way in my mouth. Her hand squeezed my breast and her nails lightly scrapped my nipple. She pushed my gently back on the bed and broke the kiss, I was panting, my cunt now leaking thick cum out of it. Papi was standing at the end of the bed slowly stroking his cock. Her hands cupped a tit and her hot mouth sucked lightly on the nipple, her tongue just barley flicked it. Oh my god this was fantastic!! I thought. She stopped and threw a leg over me and climbed up on my and hovered over my tits with her pussy. “Push your tits together hon”, she asked. I pushed my tits together and watched her position herself above one nipple. She took her hands and spread her pussy lips apart, and lowered her wet glisting cunt onto a nipple. She started to move just her hips back and forth on it. Her head went back and her speed increased. She jerked a few times and threw her leg over my shoulder, and lowered her cunt on to my face.
Her wet pussy smeared my face with her juice, I licked at it, up and down the lips, she spread her pussy open and I dived my tongue into her wet hole as she held still and gazed down at me. I lapped at her cunt with a fever, I wanted to show her pleasure, pleasure that she showed me. She moaned and threw her head back and finally rocked her pussy on my face so hard it hurt. She came with a hard bucking and shaking, and fluid squirted out onto my face and down my neck. She gasp for air and fell off me onto the bed where she tried to recover. She got up and left the room only to return with some cold beer. I sat up and drank, my throat was dry from all the heavy breathing. She sat on the bed next to me, “Your first time with a girl?” she said with a sheepy grin. “Yes it was, was unbelievable!!, she looked at me and leaned in and kissed me and said, “Good!”. She jumped up and went to the dresser and opened a drawer. Papi walked over and stood right in front of me, his cock was now limp. He pulled back on the foreskin and held it up. “Get me hard again baby!” I leaned over and his cock was too low for me to reach, so I got off the bed and on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I pumped his cock with my hand, and sucked on the head. His cock started to respond. I felt it grow in my mouth. He pulled my head off his cock, “Get on the bed honey” I got up and laid down on the bed. He came right next to me and his finger went right into my cunt, his mouth sought my nipple, he fingered me fast and I was starting to burn with desire. His mouth left my tit and sought mine, he crushed his mouth on mine and out teeth mashed. I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. He then rolled me on top of him, and our deep embrace continued. I reached my had back and stroked his cock and pulled it to reach my pussy. I pushed the head up and down my lips, he moaned in my mouth as did I. I moved back and sat up a little and guided his hard cock into my slippery cunt. I pushed down on it and felt it slowly going deeper into me. He let out a loud moan. His cock felt like it was on fire, so hot. From the side of the bed Mila crawled up, she had a purple strap on cock on her. I watched as I pumped Papi’s cock inside me. She took a tube of gel and laid a trail of it all along the shaft. She dropped the tube and spread the gel all over the head and shaft. She stood up on the bed and walked behind me. She got down and pushed my back forward. I felt her finger, it was ice cold, “Sorry the gel is cold” she told me. She used her finger in my ass and then two fingers, each time going deeper. Then I felt the pressure of the dildo trying to get into my ass. She held my hips still, and then pushed slowly, I felt pain as the purple cock entered my ass. Papi started to pump me and I started to get into his cock again. She pushed again and stopped. This was not very exciting. Finally after her pushing she reached the base of the dildo. Papi, kept pumping slow and steady, now Mila started to with draw her purple cock. I could feel the two rubbing inside of me and I shook. Each time she went back in and the two met I shook. The past started to build and so did my passion. She fucked my ass and Papi was fucking my cunt. The pleasure was building.

My head was thrown back as the both pumped me, I came real hard, then again, I wanted them to stop, but I kept cumming and cumming. It was beyond a doubt the best sex I had had to this date. Pappi, pumped me hard and then withdrew his cock, I felt it squirt all over my pussy. Mila with drew the dildo at the same time. I collapsed on the bed, Papi moved his legs from under me. I passed out.

I don’t remember walking down the stairs to the car. Nor do I remember the ride back to Chicago. The car stopped and bright lights in my face. We were at a gas station not far from home in the city. Papi started fueling up and I had to get something to drink. I walked in my head was pounding. I went to the cooler and got a bottle of pop. When I turned around the two guys working the counter grinning ear to ear. My nipples were hard from the a/c in the store. One guy just stared at them, not even caring if I knew it. I paid for it and they said thank you. The two guys were from India, and apparently liked what they saw.

I got back in the car. My asshole hurt, my head hurt What a day it had been. As we approached home Papi gave me a cell phone. “Here this is paid for 4 months, I call you on it”. He explained that he had a farm in Mexico, and he had to tend to it. He was leaving tomorrow for 3 months. “You be good girl, not too much fucking ok?” he laughed, and I just smiled at him. I went home and fell on my bed. Too tired to think, I fell asleep.
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