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I think it been my mom who suggested it...
I think it been my mom who suggested it. As both my parents and her mom decided to go on vacation together, she told me i should invite my fav cousin in our new house as she never seen it before for the time they'd be away on a boat trip amoung carrabean islands. As i didn't see my little Hina for age -since i left for college actually-, i agreed happily. Mom phoned aunty and talked to her about it. And it was soon planned that my aunt would pick my parents up the day they leave and drop her here to spend three weeks together.

I was seriously lectured to not have humongous parties at home while they been away. I agreed any query they had. I was so happy to see her again. Damn, how could i let pass last four years without seeing her? Was i been so stupid cause now i was in college and she still in highschool? Or did procrastination ruled me for this long? I thought about us having fun and sharing secrets all those years. It made me melt. Again. Like anytime i thought about the naughty games we played when we were younger.

She was more than my cousin, my best friend, my confident, my pretty little doll -as i often call her when we were kids-. She was a smart kid, a funny friend to her truely. I knew she loved me back as well. I was like a big sister to her, kinda. I could see the adoration she had for me in your eyes each time we met. Anyways.

Parents had left and we were alone together for the first time in years. It was bit akward at first. Even if i could feel the joy shining from her when i came out the house to cheer her and her parents, we were bit shy. Not knowing how to resume our relationship. We chitchatted about movies, tv shows, music and family while i prepared mojitos to drink by the pool. Then i made her visit our house and we brang her stuff into my room.
No one minded we would sleep together in the same bedroom, we did it for years. The only differences were the decoration stuff and the big double bed. The only thing i kept from the past years was the poster of Xena. We kept talking about casual stuff.

"So, Hina, are you still a Naruto fan?" I asked her. I started to call her this way when she told me Hinata was her favorite character. I called her 'Nata' sometimes when i was upset or when she messed up something. I realised i never call her with her real name since.
"Yep, i got all dvd's now. Are you still watching it?" She bounced back.
"Aww, not really, i wish i could watch it more often, it was silly. I have lot of homeworks to do at college. And i'm a busy girl there anyway."
"What do you mean?" She wondered while she packed away her clothes in the drawers i emptied the day before.

I blushed. "You know, i had many fuck budies over there." She looked at me in shock.
"What? Do you fuck guys now? When did you turn straight?" I laughed gently before her panicked look.
"No no no. I never said i fucked guys." She seemed relieved. "Except if you count Roberta, of course." I paused a second and before she could say anything i followed. "Roberta was a freak. She had a huge clit! At least 5 inches long. Imagine a girl with a cock and a pussy. Damn she was hott."

This time, it was her turn to blush. It made me smile. "And you Hina, what about your wild sex life?" She frowned so i changed the subject right away. "We'll have plenty of time to talk later. What do you think we wear bathing suits so we chill by the pool tanning on lounge chairs?"
"Okeedokee." I started to undress, removing my cuttoffs first. I kept an eye on her as i didn't see her naked for years. She took off her top first then skirt. Her undies were cute, a low cup bra matching with a lacy pink thong. I smiled.
"Hey, you became a beautiful young lady, Hina. Look at you, how pretty you are." I jerked my feet to let my own thong slide down my ankles to the floor.

I came beside her and with my hands on her shoulders, i turned her toward my full length mirror. I playfully grabbed her filled bra and groped the tits. "Look!! You got BOOBEEZ!!" You giggled faking offended embarassment.
Damn i missed this smiley pretty face. I hugged her tight, smashing my right breast and side of my chubby stomach on her back. She kept watching us in the mirror, staring at my bare pussy. It been a long time since last time she seen it.
"Ok", i smacked her butt. "Let's hurry up before dusk." I remove my tank top and bra. I randomly massage my breast with one hand while i grabbed my fav two pieces bathing suit. The one i wore when daddy wasn't home.

I walked to leave the room. "You're going out naked, couz?" I turned back, facing her. "As you can see, i don't have lot of tan lines. The pool side is really private so me and mom often tan fully nude. There is no big deal." She unclapsed her bra, letting her flesh swing nicely. She bent over to slip down her thong. She got a nice ass, round and firm. If i didn't restraint myself i would spank her bare ass like i never did before.
Even if she grown up into a beautiful young woman, she was still my little Hina. Not only i was still taller, stronger and chubbier than her, buy i kept my eternal bossy side too.

"Come on Nata. Just pick up some bathing suit with you. You'll wear it at the pool if you want. We'll take some towels passing by the laundry room downstairs."
"Wait, i take my sunglasses." She searched into her purse. Mine were downstairs.
I walked first swinging my butt for her eyes.
"Neat tan, isn't it? No lines and look!" I bent over and spread my asscheeks, i looked back over my shoulder. "And it's tanned here too." Her eyes got wide open almost popping out and swing hanging down like a cartoon character. I grinned as i moved away.

I bent over again when i picked up few towels making sure giggle my ass up in the air. We went out, straightened the towels onver the lounge chairs and laid back, still naked finally. We were silent for a long while. Maybe we slept a bit.
I looked at her hott body, her boobs moving up and down as she breathed slowly. My eyes slided down her stomach, her perfect navel and lower to her curved mound. She shaved downthere too. Her legs were nicely shaped. She defenitivelly became a hottie. And her toes were still so cute. I wished i could be as pretty as she was. Damn, she aroused me without even doing anything.
I stood up and went in to take glasses of frosen mojitos, some peaches for us to eat and the sun lotion. I came back and put the tray on the floor, sticking my ass up in the air in front of her, wishing she could smeel my cunt so close to her pretty face. Just in case she was awake, i felt wet. "Hem..." My god, she been awake.

"Want some?" I asked as i hold her a freezed glass. She sat up, took the glace and tried the drink a bit.
"Hmmmmm", she smiled. "It's really good. Give me the recipe." I smiled back.
"Oh, nothing difficult there, vodka, twice more of fizzy water, sugar, few drops of lemon juice and fresh mint. And you put in the fridge for two hours."
"Did we really sleep that long?" I laughed.
"No, those glasses are leftover from another concoction. There is enough mojito to let what we prepared earlier to freeze enough." I looked down the tray. "Crap, i forgot to take a knife to peel the peaches. Hold on, i'll be back."
"Yeah, hasta la vista baby." She bounced back amused. I was happy, it was like before. Spending nice time with my fav little cousin. When i came back, she was finishing your drink.

"Beware, Hina, you might be tipsy faster than you expected." I warned her amused. She giggled.
"Yeap, and with heat sun, damn right it won't take too long." I laughed too and emptied my glass i took from the tray. I didn't choke on the cool drink sliding down my throat.
"Now, it's fair. We'll be drunk at same time. Isn't it nice of me?" I asked looking down to her.
"Oh yes couz. You been always nice to Hina", she looked up at me. "Even when you pretended to be upset and called me Nata." Her eyes went lower and stopped at my freshly waxed pussy.

"My god", i thought, "she's looking right to my vulva. Maybe i could help her to get a better sight." And i moved a bit so my legs parted more. After a moment, i had to say something when all i wanted right now was to grab her head and rubbed my wet pussy all over her face telling her dirty things.
"It's getting hot here, and if we dig in the pool?" She put her empty glass on the tray, nodded and stood up.
"Last in water is big cow!!" She shouted before running and jump and in the pool. I ran after her but she got me on this.
"So you meant i was a big cow Nata?" I said with a big voice as i embraced her tight, pulled her up and fell back together into the water. We struggled, tickled, pushed the other against the pool side, grabbed, poked, pulled up, pulled down and smashed into each other for a while. I had pleasure during the fight to feel almost all of her body. Her skin was soft and warm. It was so nice.

We panted heavily in the shadow of the trees hidding a part of the pool from the sun rays. "So Hina, what's wrong with your sex life? Your last boyfriend dumped you, the silly stupid boy?"
"No. I don't have any boyfriend. I never had any boyfriend, you should know that." She seemed sad suddenly. She was making me melt for her again.
"A nasty ex-girlfriend?" i asked.
"Nope. I never had any girlfriend either." She was looking down now.

"Shit", i thought. I was turning her down with my stupid questions but i wanted to know what was wrong with her. "Did you fell in love with someone who doesn't love you back?" I was hopping she would talk back this time.
"Yes", she admitted. I dunno why but she blushed a bit. "I fell in love with someone at first sight when i was 4 and still do love her."
"Her? Wow!!" I was shocked, my little Hina had be in love with a girl for that long and she never told me. I was pained she never told me. "And does this person knows you're in love? Did you ever do naughty things together?" I asked for more details.

"Damn couz, you should know!" She shouted with watering eyes. "It you! It's you who took care of me. It's you who started to show me how your body changed. It's you who shown me where my clitoris was. You who wanted me to spread my legs or my asscheeks so you could watch my cunny or my poophole for nurse inspection games. It made me feel so embarassed at first, you know, letting you watch my naughty parts. Then i loved to spread my little cunny wide with my fingers so the nurse could touch anywhere she wanted to, i loved the way you were looking at me. It's you who teached me how to masturbate. It's you who let me play with your growing damn boobeez for years. You who told me about periods and pms. You who explained me in details how tampoos worked. You who teached me how to kiss, to french kiss. You who made me lick your cunt and like it more than anything in the world. You who shaved my pussy for the first time. You who popped my cherry fingerfucking me. You even peed on me while showering! It always been YOU!! Maybe you thought it was just exploration games. But not for me! Fuck. You're my cousin and i love you!"

She turned away, crying hard now. I stood still in shock, looking her reaching the corner of the pool. My little doll just confessed her deepest untold feelings and i was staying there like a stupid! I shook my head and ran after her. I got her in the corner of the pool. I hugged her from the back. She was sobbing.
"Shhhh, shhhh. Stop crying Hina. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry but i wanted to know what was wrong. I couldn't understand how such a pretty girl like you wasn't engaged into a serious relationship." I grabbed her shoulders so she faced me. "I'm sorry i didn't seen it coming. I always knew you loved me but i never expected this way. You know, fall in." I pulled up her chin with my finger. "Look at me... Look at me."

She reluctantly met my eyes. I hold her face up, with a soft hand on her cheek. "It might had been very difficult for you to confess this. I know how overwhelming these moments can be. You had lot of courage. More than i ever had." My felt my eyes watering too.
"What's wrong with you couz? It's me who is supposed to cry now, remember?" She asked confused.
"I know", i felt the tear drop running down my face. And suddenly, i was crying too. I couldn't even watch clearly through my cascading wet eyes. "I know Hina", i tried to smile lamely. "But, you know i love you too. I always did but never had the guts to tell you. I'm so sorry Hina. I made you, i made us suffer that long. I was... I was..." I fell over her, my crying face on her shoulder.
When she realised what i just said, she bursted in tears too.

I dunno how much time we stayed stucked together in the corner of the pool. We had stop sobbing and snigging for a while now. I guess we wanted to let this moment never ended. Then little by little, i became concious of our bodies smashed against each other, the softness of her bare skin on mine, her warmness, her hard nipples poking under my breasts, mine poking against her upper chest. We were breathing hard. Eager to go further but not daring to. Not knowing how our relationship would evolve from now on. My mind raced at speed of light.
I hold her face gently with my both hands toward me and i bent to gave her magazillions of little sweet soft kisses all over her pretty face. Endlessly whispering her all the little cute names i used all those years daydreaming about her.
"Lovely Hina... Sweety... Honey... Babydoll..."

I had my hands holding her face, i felt hers rubbing up and down my chest, trying to grope my heavy big boobs. Since i started getting boobeez, she was mesmerised by them. Even when they were only buds. She had to see them, feel them. I allowed her to play with my breasts cause it was her doing it and it felt so damn good to feel her little fingers all over.
I stopped kissing her sweet face and welcoming lips as i stepped back, her hands still stucked to my warmed breasts. I looked into her beautiful eyes and said.
"Would you like to be my wife, Hina?" The question hit her face, her hands stopped knealing my flesh and she looked at me with lust.

She jumped over me. Her legs around my hips, grabbing my head tight kissing me furiously. It surprised me, i lost my balance and we splashed into the water. The heat from her cunt grinding my tummy was obvious.
We shared a magical kiss, floating in the water. It was like a slow motion movie scene. Our toungues waltzed four hours. She bent her back so our nipples could rub together. And her hips were humping me, rubbing her slit and her sensitive little rosebud over my skin. We had to break our embrace to get some fresh air.

"Ok. Ok... It's going wild now." I noted. "We should have a break and think about what we just did. Hem. We just did and what it means for us. You know Hina i always meant what i say. Did your sweetly surprising reaction was meant or was it just a happy manifestation of lust?" I smiled at her. Letting her remember i always thought about the sideback effects of the decisions i would take first. She smiled back.
"Ok bossy you. Yes and yes, my kiss meant both actually", she giggled. We both giggled actually by the way. "I just don't know how to tell mom. My god, mom!" She looked at me panicked. "She gonna freak out when she'll know i'm gay. She gonna have a heart attack if she knows i'm in love with my own big cousin!"
I poked her amusingly. "Hey! You! I'm not that big!"

"Aww, you know what i mean", she smiled coily. "Seriously, i don't fucking know how i could make my coming out in front of my mom. I'm scared couz." I came closer and hold her tight in a sweet embrace.
"I guess she already knows about us. At least for our younger plays together." I pushed back a wet lock off her forehead.
"Huh?" She went perplexe. "What do you mean she knows? Did you tell her before?"
"No. My mom told her."
"What the fuck? You told your mom?!? How? Why?"

"No no no. Wait. If it's confessional time, let's get out of the pool, refill our glasses with more mojitos and sit comfy somewhere first." I said stepping back toward the ladder pool.
I got out from the water and walked back the lounge chairs. She followed me. I bent over to pick up my deseperatly dry bikini, grabbed my towel and the tray in a row.
"Take your stuff in." *Splat* "Hey?!?" She just slap my bare ass, i almost dropped the tray. "Damn, you just slapped my butt Nata! You should be aware of your actions. I might spank my little doll!" She laughed.
"Sorry but i couldn't help it. You kept showing your ass since i got here."
"Yeah i know. But i don't want you get this habit. I'm the one in charge here. Just keep it in mind."
"Ok couz." She said with a pouty face. She was so cuuuuuuute. She was so beautiful and she fell for me. The most pretty girl on earth is mine. I was so happy i could cry.

I put the tray on the kitchen table, went to the fridge to get some mojito out, filled our drinks, sat and started drying myself.
"So? Tell me. How did your mom knew. What did she tell to mine?" She asked.
"Once we were in my bedroom. Naked on my bed. You were eating me good. And my mom opened the door. She caught us but said nothing so i let you go on without warning you."
"Oh my god!! I never knew! I won't be able to look at your mom for ever. What a shame! What did she do next?"
"I found it weird first. She stayed there and never left. She was staring at your moving bare ass and she had a hand under her dress. I seen it! My mom pulled up the hem of her dress and slide her hand into her panty and masturbated watching us. It was such a turn on for me. I dunno if you remember but i think it was the first time i squirted in your mouth."

"Oh my god! Isn't it that time your first talked dirty to me? You called me slut and told me to swallow all of your tasty cum and to clean your dripping cunt with my whore tongue!" She laughed. "I didn't know why you went into dirty talk but it was so damn hott, couz."
"Oh shit, yes i think you're right. Anyways, i came hard and you moaned after i told you that and your moans made my mom came too."
"You kidding?" She looked at me. "And what did she tell you afterwards?"
"To tell the truth, she never said a word to me about all this."
"Huh? So, how do you know she told my mom?"
"Oh, i know cause one day, i was bored and found her vintage diary. You know, the paper diary stuff. And i read it." I paused, sipping my drink.

"Go on. Go on", she said impatient.
"She wrote she heard moans coming from my room so she opened the door. She was shocked first but it turned her on right away. She loved your glistening crotch by the way. She rubbed her clit and she came when she heard you moaning drinking my cum. She wrote it in her diary."
"Is it how you know she told my mom?"
"Yep", i nodded, gulping some mojito down my throat. "She called your mom and told her everything, any detail, even that she masturbated looking at us."
"Oh my fucking god! I won't be able to look my mom too!!"

"You know, our moms had lot of fun together too." I was on the edge there but i didn't care anymore. I was tipsy, getting drunk soon.
"Huh? what you mean?" Obviously, i shouldn't be alone on the drunk path.
"I mean that what we did, our moms did it too. And much more." Damn the mojito was terrific. "Wanna know what did they? What they did? They fistfucked eachother. Our moms are damn lesbians! Hina, just like us... Nope, they're worse. They both fucked my dad once or twice! Maybe more. Probably more. They'll certainly have some threesomes during their trip, i bet."
"No way, i believe this shit! No way!"

"You know i wouldn't lie to you Hina. If she hadn't change the hidding place of her diary i would show you. It's damned written, black on white..." I stared the end of my glass. She stood still, trying to fit all these informations right in her mind.
"I wonder..." I started.
"Wonder what?"
"I wonder if they didn't plan their trip and us being together on purpose?"
"How's that?" She asked, already thinking about what her mom could had tell or do before pointing into this aim.
"I dunno. She never seemed concerned or worried about my sex life before i left for college... Even if we didn't admit at that time, we were already lovers you and me. She didn't care about me being gay... But when i was in college, she got worried with all the girls i fucked there without finding a true love. I think she guessed i was happier with you here than i could ever be anywhere else without you."

"Aww, isn't it cute. Big couz all sad cause of me." She moked.
"Not funny. I think she was fucking right. I never been with a girl more than few days. Excepted Roberta of course. We stayed together for almost three months. But it's true i missed you all that time. I didn't realise it before. But i couldn't forget you. Hina, how could i?"
"You know, maybe you're right cous. Since you left for college, my mom kept asking if i'd meet someone. I never had lot of friends but since you left, i stayed home most of the time. Alone or with mom... And over the months, i noticed my mom often calling yours. She kept asking about how you were too. I dunno what your mom said but mine always whisper if i was around. Damn, i should had been more nosy."

"Maybe they love us so much they don't care we're gay or being cousins. Maybe they planned all this so we could fix things and be happy again."
"Knowing our moms, they might did it. Aren't our moms great?"
"Yes, they are. They love us. But now, i found you. And you found me." We hold our hands over the table.
She blew a shy "Yes."
I moved my chair on the right and said "Come sit on my lap my little Hina. Big couz wants a long cuddle, kiss your forever and make love to yoo..." I couldn't finish my sentence as her sweet lips touched mine and her toungue mine. We made love softly, blurry memories but vivid images of her naked under/over me, strong sents of our secretions, addicting cuntjuice taste over my mouth, waves of pleasure inviding my body and jolt of powerfull feelings each time she made me cum. It was not a re-unification of two loving human beings, it was a rebirth for both of us.

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