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Open For All Criticism.... The Story is unfinished Hopefully it will be alot longer when it is.
When you see me I look like a normal 13 year old girl but how wrong we both are, my name is Ezmerealda Jones and this is my story.

It was Friday 13th October the night before my birthday, I had just finished a late dinner so I sat down to watch TV, there was nothing on just some stupid late night game show and passions, so I decided to go to bed instead.

11:30PM, oh god why can’t I sleep? Theres something wrong, I just can’t put my finger on it, the air is full of static it’s like im sitting in suspense. I look at my clock again 11:45pm, I lay down again close my eyes and try to think of a warm place where I’m safe and no-one can hurt me, my sanctuary. I start to nod off then I hear a noise that sounds like a thud on the hard wood floor, then a voice, deep and smooth, that sounds like it should belong to an older man, then another voice, it was a woman’s voice that said “That’s her, the one we have been looking for, wake her”, they don’t turn on the lights, I try to scream, but something tells me not to. So I lay there, pretending to be asleep and hoping they will leave.

I open my eyes and look at the clock its 12:00am, I’m now 13. Wow! I look into the darkness searching for two people in my room, but the darkness was overwhelming, I couldn’t see anything except my illuminated clock. Then something grabbed my arm, it was cold and it had nails, I think it was the girl I had heard talking before. She shook me and said “Ezmerealda wake up. We have something to tell you, you need to wake up”. I didn’t want to move, I was too scared, then the man spoke “Move Phadora I will wake her”. I moved into an upright position and said “who are you people and what on earth do you want?” “So you are awake” Laughed the lady. “Yeah I’m awake” “its about time, my name is Dartanyan” said the man. “And my name is Phadora, we are here to pass a message to you.13 years ago Finara, our queen, choose a successor and you’re it,” she explained. “Did you seriously think those two circles on your neck were birthmarks?” Dartanyan asked sarcastically. “That’s where the queen marked you, so were here to give you one of the final changes”. “So are you going to bite me or something? Man you are some freaky people, you both need to get a life!!” I said trying not to sound scared. Dartanyan laughed loudly and replied “were not people were vampires!!” “Yeah right and im supposed to belive that?” I laughed. Phadora turned on the light. I looked at here she was tall, with dark purple hair, bright blue eyes, red lips and milky white skin. Then I looked over at Dartanyan he was at least 1 foot taller than Phadora. He was well built and dark he had black hair, dark eyes and big lips. He was actually quite handsome. He attracted me. Then she spoke and said “get up. Get dressed we need to leave!” “So if you finish the job will I still be able to live my life like I used to? Like tan, swim and hang out with my friends?” I asked while getting dressed. Dartanyan replied “yes you will, once chosen and bitten by the queen by the queen you get all her powers like super strength, telekinesis, tolerance to sunlight, the list is endless, but you can’t eat normal food, it will kill you, in order to survive you have to drink blood!” “Ewwwww I’m not drinking blood” I said disgusted.

When I finished dressing we left my house and got into a black mustang. I asked “where are we going?” Phadora replied “to eat.” Then she grabbed my shoulder and pushed my head to the side, then she bit me. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t scream. It felt amazing, like someone just told me a touching story and I had goose bumps all over. Then she stopped, I grabbed my neck where she bit me to stop the bleeding, she grabbed a knife and cut her wrist slowly and said “drink, drink it now before I heal.” I hesitated then I bent down towards her wrist, I put my mouth over her wrist, my lips touched her blood, and I started to suck on the blood like a baby with a bottle, it felt like a fire running down my throat, I felt alive yet dead. I had never felt like this before. “STOP” yelped Phadora “You’ve taken too much.” She yelled. So I stopped. The car came to a halt. I looked out the windshield, there where 5 people standing in front of the car wearing cloaks.

“Fuck, how’d they find us?” said Dartanyan angrily. “Who?” I gasped. “The freevam. They have been trying to kill the queen for over 100 years, they have never succeeded but they have come close, it would only make sense if they tried to kill the next in line!” She explained quickly. “So what are we going to do?” I asked. No-one replied. Dartanyan opened the car door and grabbed the 9mm glock from his belt and started to empty the magazine, missing the freevams, who were moving with almost lightening fast speed.

BANG he got one in the throat, the freevam started to choke holding his throat and suddenly before my eyes he turned to ashes. One of the other freevams creped to my window and punched his hand though, I screamed, he tried to grab me so I grabbed the knife that Phadora had used to cut her wrist, and cut his hand off. Phadora screamed “Dartanyan, lets go NOW!!”. Dartanyan got back into the car and put the petal to the floor. We roared off into the night. The hand of the freevam had landed in my lap, it started to crawl around, Phadora grabbed it and though it out the window.

About and Hours worth of Driving later we pulled up at what looked like and old monastery with a heavily guarded gate surrounding it. “ID Please” asked one of the guards at the gate who had a massive scar on his face, it reached from the right eyebrow going diagonally down to his left hand side jaw right below his ear. Dartanyan pulled out his ID and showed it to the scared guard. “Please proceed Dartanyan” Said The guard, “Thanks” he replied. We Drove way on a gravel driveway towards the old monastery doors. The car stopped, “get out” said Dartanyan, so we did, the monastery doors opened and Dartanyan drove further up the driveway into the night.

As Phadora and I walked through the doors I noticed that they opened and closed automatically. Once through the double doors, we stepped into a magnificent living room, it was dark and Gloomy with red and black candles alight and matching furniture. There were about 20 or more vampires sitting and talking to each other, they were smoking and drinking what looked like blood out of crystal wine glasses with a gold plated brim. We continued to walk toward a staircase on the left hand side of the room, Phadora said “You will live here when the transformation is complete.” “Really. Here. In This House?” I asked, she nodded. “Cool” I said. Once up the stairs we turned left into more double doors once though them she said “wait here” “OK” I replied. So I sat down on the old wooden red velvet couch it was comfortable. Five minutes later, Phadora came back and said “Come with me.” So I followed her though the big black door.

The room was quiet, it was empty except for a chair that looked like a throne all the way at the other end and perfectly symmetrical. There was a women sitting on it. She said “come closer my dear” so I slowly started walking towards her. She was beautiful; she had dark skin, the perfect body, dark brown hair, big brown eyes and dark red juicy lips. She was perfect! Then Phadora bowed and said “My queen, I have delivered her as I promised.” “So you have Phadora. You have been a faithful subject to me, I am glad that I turned you. Here is your reward.” She put out her arm and said “Drink, you deserve it.” “Thank you my queen.” When she finished drinking she left the room bowing in appreciation.

The Queen turned to me and gestured me to come closer. I hesitated but then walked closer until I was one foot away from her. Then I said “You must be Finara, the queen?” “Yes I am and you are Ezmerealda” She grinned “I have been waiting 13 years to see how you would grow, you are truly beautiful, I Think that you would make a strong queen one day, of course you will need training, you can’t start ruling a whole empire when you know nothing about it.” I smiled and said “nothing is impossible; I mean I’m surrounded by vampires. I’m still trying to get my brain around the facts.” She stood up, she was a whole foot taller than me, and she said “follow me please.” So I did. We started to walk back through the big black door, through the double doors into the sitting area, but we didn’t go back down the stairs, instead we walked the other way passing vampires that bowed in our wake.

Doors and corridors that we passed were black and brown, gave the house an aged look. Suddenly everything started to go grey I could hear someone calling my name. it was my mum saying “Ezmerealda. Get up or your going to be late for school.” I was so stunned and confused. I didn’t know what was happening. My mums face and body started to appear in the grey. What happened had I been dreaming the whole thing? Was that just a fantasy? I hope not, I hope it was real. I opened my eyes and my mum said “Happy birthday Ezzie your 13 already, I can’t believe it. And don’t think just because its your birthday you don’t have to go to school. So get up and get dressed then come have some breakfast.” I got up and washed my face, so many things were going through my mind. I went back to my room where it all started and got dressed for school then went into the kitchen and had some pancakes. Then I grabbed my bag and ran out the door.

I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about my dream, but I was stopped by my stomach, it was so sore that it bought me to my knees and I threw up the pancakes that I had just eaten. CRAP!! I’m sick on my birthday or last night was not a dream I thought to myself, I was still so confused. After I finished bringing up my breakfast I felt fine. I started walking again; I caught up to my friends 5 minutes later. Terri looked at me weird and I asked “What’s wrong?” She replied “Your birthmark, it has scabs on it!! Look.” She pulled out the mirror and gave it to me. I looked and she was right it had scabs on it and it looked as though it had been pierced by something. But what? As my friends and I continued to walk to school, I told them about my dream, they all just laughed and said “There’s no such thing as vampires” and started walking again.

I went to see the school psychiatrist to tell him about my dream and what happened this morning he said “I’ve heard of thing s like that happening. I’ll take you to see a friend of mine, he owes me a favor so he will do it for free and if you feel uneasy about it I’ll give you a lift there and back and an explanation for being out of school.”
I said “thank you that would be great.” So after roll call I went back to the psychiatrist and we went to his car, it took about 30 minutes to get to his friends house. I got out of the car when we pulled up the driveway and he said “I’ll stay here and wait for you, just tell him that I’m outside if he needs to talk to me. OK?”

I walked up the concrete stairs to the front door of his house I reached the landing and he opened the door and said “Ah welcome, come in sit down make yourself at home, what’s your name?”
“So tell me; what’s wrong Ezmerealda?” So I told him what had happened, he hung on my every word and when I finished he said “Well I can tell you right now that it wasn’t a dream” he got up and walked away, then re-entered the room with a cold bag of fresh blood and said “you better eat, you need to keep your strength up then you must leave, I will personally make sure that you receive fresh bags of blood every day, but you must not tell anyone what has happened and you must live your life like you normally would, the queen will contact for learning sessions and when she feels you are ready to take over she will hand you the reigns.”
“OK” I said. Then I drank my blood and left, I got in the car with the school psychiatrist and we drove the 30 minutes back to school, he asked what had happened, I didn’t answer him, I just smiled, I felt so powerful that I didn’t need to tell anyone that I was a princess of vampires. We returned to the school parking lot and I went to class and went on like nothing had happened, just like I normally would. Now I sit and await my turn as Queen.

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2009-03-07 11:47:14
Dude... there's like... no sex!

Good story though.


2008-10-16 11:53:59
Hey Streepeez--
Great so far!How do you intend to segue into the physical?
Your friend,

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