The first week Papi left for Mexico, I masturbated myself everyday. Vibrators, bullets, rubber cocks, you name it. It was coming to another weekend I would be home alone. I needed a man, a real cock, a hot mouth and hands to bring me to climax.

How can I get a man. I thought about all the ways I could get a guy to fuck me, but had a few problems to over come first.
1. I was too young to drive to go any where
2. I couldn’t have guys come to my house, my parents would flip if guys started to show up here.

So I kept racking my brain on what to do, I thought of getting a motel room for the weekend. But if my parents called and I didn’t answer, I’d have too many questions to answer. Take a cab….to where? The bus was out of the question. They must be a way I could do this!

It was 4pm on Friday. My parents and brother left for the boat. I was all alone. I started pacing the floor trying to think of a way to get my hands on some cock. I went to my parents room and flopped on the bed. I looked out the window at the leaves on the trees.

Let me explain a few things so you can fully understand how everything worked when this all happens.

The house we lived in was a 2 story home in Chicago, it was a 2 flat. My father had it changed to a single family home. The living room upstairs, was now my parents bedroom. It has a large window that went front the ceiling to about 2 feet from the floor. And had 2 bay windows angled , one you could see south up the street and the other north up the street. Our house was in the middle of the block, it was farther to the sidewalk than all the others, so we had and unrestricted view of the street and sidewalks. Other buildings, you could only see the building next door, or right in front of the building. The dual front glass doors led to a door on the right, and straight ahead a door on the left. The door on the right led to our living room. The other door led to a stairway up to a landing and a door that was in my parents bedroom. The front porch had bushes around it , and the stairs. Ok enough, you should get the layout.

As I was laying there looking out the window, I noticed that not many car came down of street, very few cars parked, maybe 3 in our whole block. My street was off Lawrence Ave. a busy street. Have only 2 blocks to our street I guess was the reason we had no traffic. It is a one way street that ends in a large park and school yard, 5 baseball diamonds a football stadium, and school grounds. The street there was one way also you had to turn left. Our street you had to go north on and the next street you had to go south on. So if you passed my house you had to circle the next block to get back to it. This will come into play later in my story.

I rolled over in their bed and looked at the ceiling, bored out of my mind. I was getting hungry, pizza sounded good. So I got the phone book, and thumbed thru it and was looking for a pizza delivery. Let’s stop here!!! I was not thinking about banging the delivery guy and this story is not about that!!!! If I did he would know where I lived! My phone number! That would be a disaster ! But!!! I could use the phone!! How I wasn’t sure. I could call restaurants that didn’t deliver, and talk to a guy, get him all hot and have him come fuck me!!! No! they would know where I lived! But if it was dark, and I met him outside, and we went to the park! This might work!!

So I called a Greek restaurant , a girl answered, I hung up. I called at least 20 places within a few miles of me. All women answered the phone. Oh, by the way, I did get a pizza. I remembered a place that fixed and repaired alternators we passed by all the time not too far from my house. I dialed and I guy came on speaking broken English. “Hi, I said. “Hello can I help you?” his voice said. “Do you like blondes?” I asked. “Sure, what you want?” he laughed. “What ever you want baby!” I said as sexy as I could. “You want sex baby?” he responded . “Yes!”, was all I could say as I started to shake. “Were you are?” I told him the street name. “Ok I come.” I panicked it was still light out! “Can you come later?” I begged. “Sure I close at 9”. Ok I thought this was going to be easy. “I’ll be outside in the 4900 block of-------red skirt red top, black stockings, ok?” “Ok”, he said. “What kind of car and color you be in so I know it’s you?” I said. “Black Audi”, he replied. “See you after nine baby!” I told him. “ Ok bye”. he hung up. I was just hardly 6pm. Long wait. I finished eating, but lose my appetite, I had butterflies in my stomach. I tried watching a movie on tv, but couldn’t get into it because my mind kept thinking about 9pm. I went to my room and pulled out what I was going to wear. A red tube top, no bra, another red tube top for a micro miniskirt. And I couldn’t decided if I wanted stockings or pantyhose with no crotch. I wanted east access for him and less hassle for me. All I had to do is roll down my tube top, and roil up the tube top skirt! I went with stockings that had a round tube at the top which made them stay up. They would go all the way to my crotch so no tops would show even with this mico miniskirt. Red patent pumps with a 5 inch heel would be good.

At 7:30 pm I jumped into the shower. I shaved my legs and stuff, and got out and rubbed Vaseline into my skin all over. Dried my hair and went to my make-up table. I used red eye shadow with pink to my eye brows. Lined it with a jet black eyeliner. Put on my foundation, and applied a blood red gothic lipstick. A bit of blush here and there, I super slut was born! Pulled on my nylons, slipped on the tube top that was to become my skirt. Slid the top tube top on and pulled it down so the top of my tits showed. I covered myself in perfume, put on an ankle bracelet and looked at the time. It was almost 8:45. I checked myself in the mirror, pulled here and there on the skirt, I wanted to show a lot, but didn’t want my ass to show completely. I went to the hall closet and found a blanket to take. Returned to my room and picked up my pumps, grabbed a small shoulder strap purse, and put on my watch. I went through my parents bedroom and opened the door to the stairs. I went downstairs and opened the door, turned off the hall light and the porch lights. I trembled, fear was taking hold of me. But the lust over came it. I’m going to get fucked by a strange man in the park! I thought as I looked up the street. I sat on the porch and slipped my heels on, stood back up and adjusted my skirt. I looked at my watch, 8:53. I sat back down in a chair, I didn’t want any neighbors that decided to walk their dog or whatever see me dressed slutty out in front of my house. I stretched up in the chair to see over the tops of the bushes. Nothing. The I saw headlights coming down the street. I sprang up and headed for the stairs, I struggled down them in the heels, got to the sidewalk, and started heading towards the lights. My heart was in my throat I was dry mouthed, and I wasn’t drunk like before. The street was lined with cars, not even one open spot. I would go tell him to find a place to park and meet me at the end of the street.

The car stopped at the stop sign, before entering my block. I was a red car!!! And it turned right. “Fuck!”, I said out loud. I turned around and went back to my chair on the porch. This type of thing happened several times, my neck hurt from watching down the street. I was still excited each time I saw a car, then let down when it wasn’t him. It was now 10:20, I gave up and went upstairs.

I sat in the window of my parents bedroom, the one that looks in the direction he would come from. I got pissed off. I was so horney , what the fuck! Playing with my pussy wasn’t an option. Then it hit me!!
The night Papi stopped for gas, and those 2 Indian guys gawked at me!! Where is the phone book? I got the phone book out and looked up the gas station number and called it. “Hi my name is Viki! What you doing tonight?” I gave him the first name that came to my mind. “Working till 11pm!” , I didn’t know what to say so I said, “You want to have some fun?” “What you look like?”, I asked him if he remember a girl that came in there last week in a pick miniskirt, blonde, and he interrupted, “Yes yes is that you?” I said yes. “How much you charge?”, I told him I was not a hooker, that I liked to fuck strangers. “I can not have sex till married”, was his answer. I got all disappointed and was about to hang up when he said, “You suck my dick?” I thought, why not better then nothing. “Sure baby!” He asked where I was and I told him I would meet him in the 4900 block he said ok, He would be in a cab and there in 30 minutes. “See you in 30 minutes,”I said.

I waited and went downstairs and on the porch. Before long, a cab turned down my street. I got up and started walking down the street towards the cab. The cab stopped, a rear window rolled down and a voice said, “Viki?” I gulped and answered, “Yes” He got out and went to pay the cabbie, but another guy got out too. Oh shit what was going on? Am I going to be raped? Beat up? The cab pulled away and one said, “Viki this is my friend, you remember he work with me!”. “Sure, I said nervously. “He want blow job too ok?” I thought sweet but I can’t blow a guy in the park and have another guy hanging around, we’ll get caught. My mind raced, where can I do this? The gangway, dark enough and no one can see. “Follow me”
My heels clicked on the cement and I made sure I gave my hips a little more swing then the heels gave me. I turned down the walk that led into the gang way, the light started to fade when I stopped and looked around. They were still standing on the side walk. I motioned for them to come, no response. I finally walked out father into the light, they talked in Indian, one wanted to come the other was scared. “Look, look in there, there is no one else in there . Your not going to get robbed. The talked again and I started back into the gangway. I looked and one followed my into the first part of the darker area and stopped. Turned around and went back to him and said, “See nothing back here but me”. “Ok I just want to be sure”. I moved closer to him, he backed up against the brick wall. I pulled my top down so he could see my tits, “Nice” he exclaimed. I let my hands run over his crotch a few times. I then went for his hard cock in his pants. I squeeze it hard a few times, and then went to unzip him. I put the blanket down still folded so I could rest my knees on it. I un zipped his pants, he unbuckled his belt, his pants fell. I squatted and licked his bikini dark blue briefs. His cock was pushing the material so hard it was opening at the leg. I pulled his briefs down to his ankles. And gave his cock a big lick, I jumped, it was un-cut and dark. I grabbed the shaft and pulled the skin back to reveal a lot of pre-cum. I licked it off and then worked on his head, flicking my tongue across the pee hole, while slowly stroking his cock. My other hand went straight to my throbbing clit, I played with my pussy while sucking off this guy. I looked, and his friend was still on the sidewalk, I guess he was a lookout. No one could see us from the sidewalk even if the walked by and looked down here. I looked up and watched him looking down at me, I moaned on his cock and he seemed to like that cause he too moaned and sighed. I went faster with my hand and moaned again, so did he.

He spoke in Indian to his friend, and motioned to him. He came down the walk and stopped, they whispered something. And he came all the way to us. I got scared and pulled my mouth off of him and stood up. “What’s going on?” I asked him. “You suck him too and same time ok?” I was relieved. I got back down on my knees again, and his buddy pulled his cock out of his pant, rock hard. I positioned my self better on the blanket between the two. I grabbed a cock in both hands and stroked them. They whispered a few times. I took one at a time in my mouth licking and sucking. The guy I was first sucking started to make noises while I was sucking him. I let go the other guys cock and started to jack his cock faster and moaned for a long time on his cock. He pumped a few times and went stiff, I pulled my mouth off and stroked him faster. With a gasp, His cock dribbled and then shot a hard stream of cum that hit my throat and ran down my neck, the other streams shot on my chest, He pushed my hand off his cock and I sat back. He pulled his pants up and left the gangway. I turned to his friend and placed his cock in my mouth, and jacked it off as fast as I could. It took about 3 minutes before he started to shake and buck. He came all over my tits and tube top. Before he could recover and get dressed I pulled up my top and got up. I was afraid that something might happen. He pulled up his pants and said thank you. I just nodded and followed him out the gangway. The guy that left first was standing on the sidewalk a few feet away. He said thank you and asked how to get a hold of me. I’ll get a hold of you at your work I told him. He also asked about friends to see me. I told him the same thing he agreed. His friend called on his cell phone for a cab. They said good bye and started walking down the street. I watched them and made sure they were not looking and ran up my stairs and in my house. I laughed out loud. What the fuck am I doing?

I got upstairs and pulled the tops off me, and went to the bathroom and wiped the cum off me.Got to my room and flipped off my heels and fell back onto my bed in only my nylons. That was great, but I didn’t get to cum. If it worked once, why not again? I ran into my parents room and got the phone book, I laid on my side, held the phone to my ear dialed another gas station and used my other had to keep my pussy wet. No answer. I tried all that were in the surrounding neighbor hoods , all closed. Now what?

I looked thru the phone book, too many places in the Chicago phone book. So I went and found the local area phone book, which covered the surrounding areas only. I tried that nylon store that this guy owned. It was closed also. It was only going on midnight, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up because I was chilled, laying there in only nylons, I got up and found my robe. I went to the bathroom and back to my parents room to put away the phone on the bed and phone books. I still had an itch that wasn’t scratched. I sat on the bed thinking. How can I do this better. I went to the window and thought. I don’t really know one car from another, and the color of a car I can only see after it goes thru the stop sign, and then it would be too late to run down and get caught walking the street for them to see me. And what if I missed them, got to the walk after they passed? The neighborhood is very quite I can’t have them honk their horns. So I came up with a plan

The plan was to have them once they turned onto my street, turn on their flashers. I could see that 1 ½ blocks away. Plenty of time to get outside and they also had to stop at the stop sign. And tell them to circle the block if they don’t see ,e at first to give me time to get outside. Never know for sure which house I lived in or if even on that street.

It was 2:10am, and I’, going to look thru all the yellow pages for something that might work. I tried by categories. Stores, all closed. Restaurants , and bars.

I called a Latino restaurant about 2 blocks from my house, the phone rang and rang. Finally a guy picked up and said the name of the restaurant and that they were closed. I started with a do you wanna fool around line, and he hung up. I never thought about it, restaurants after closing have people stay and clean up. So I called a few more. Some had women answer the phone, of which I hung up. Others did not answer. I finally got a guy to talk to me from another Latino restaurant. He asked me if I wanted his big dick, and did I like big dick. Of course I said yes to everything he asked to get him to come. He said he got off in 10 minutes. I told him what to do with the lights and stuff. I told him to look for a blonde wearing a hot pink skirt and hot pink top and black nylons and pink heels. He said ok bye. I again shook with excitement. I ran into my room and pulled out my 2 hot pink tube tops. Pulled one up as a skirt and the other on my tits. Went into my closet and got my hot pink heels out, grabbed the blanket and headed out to the front porch. I again sat in the chair and stretched my neck like a turtle to see over the bushes. I watched. The restaurant he was at was about 5 blocks from me, so it would be soon. It was 2:40, not even a car had been down my street. I was trembling like I had been stuck in a freezer. Minutes seems like hours. I kept staring down the street. Finally I looked at my watch. :2:53 fucker isn’t coming. I took my heels off and returned to my parents bedroom. I’m aroused to the point I’m going to call another place.

I finally called a famous sub sandwich place, 3 blocks away. A man answered, “Hi” was all I said and he went right to you want to fuck! “Sure do honey!” I said as I stroked my pussy laying on my back. “You come here!” he demanded in broken English. “I am very close to you, you come here, I’m like 3 blocks away!” I said shuddering fingering my now wetter hole. “I have blonde hair and really big tits, and a shaved pussy! If you want it!” He asked where I was and I told him. I asked him what kind of car he would be in. No car! He was going to walk. Ok was all I could say to that! I also explained what I was wearing and asked him the same, so I knew it was him. He told me he was wearing the stores uniform. I asked what time he would come by. He told me he was finished and all he had to do was lock the store and walk here, about 10 minutes. We hung up.

I grabbed my heels and blanket and went outside to the porch. “Watch this fucker not show too!” I thought. I got to the porch and thought I’d better put my heels on, I’m too nervous to do it quickly. I looked up the street the way cars come from. Then I realized, he’s walking he might not come that way cause the store is the other direction! So I spent my time watching both directions . Turning my head from side to side got me dizzy. Finally I saw a shadow move at the corner down by the park on the other side of the street. I waited with my heart pounding in my ears, to see if it was him, not someone walking their dog. I saw the shirt, it was him!

I stepped down the stairs as quietly as possible and headed in his direction but on the other side of the street. He noticed me and started to cross the street coming right at me. My heels clicked on the sidewalk and stopped when he reached me. He had a big smile on his face, “Hi!” he said. “Wow your real hot!” he told me looking at my tits and then down to my legs. “Where we going to get it on?” he asked as he rubbed his hands together. “I thought the park down here would be good, the cops never check the ball diamonds, just the school way over there!” I pointed. “Cool”, was his answer. We started walking towards the park, it was now less that half a block away. But city blocks are big. My heels were the only sound as we walked, I saw him checking me out several times. A gust of wind came across the park and blew my hair back. He walked beside me, a skinny Latino man in his thirties. He had a wedding ring on his finger, I didn’t ask because guys lie all the time. I’m separated , living alone, open marriage! Yeah right!

We entered the park, my heels started to push into the ground, I almost fell. I took them off and walked thru the damp grass in my stocking feet. We past one diamond and went deep into the center field. I stopped and looked around. I was outside and could see everything, but no one could see me. I spread the blanket out, put my heels down and my purse, and laid down. He kicked off his shoes and moved next to me. I case you wonder about this park, and you live in Chicago, it is called Winnemac Park. Check it out!

I laid down on my back, he inched his way over to me, his hand went straight to my breasts kneading them. I just laid there and let out a soft moan so he could here it. “You like that?” as he groped my tits.. “Mmmm yes”, I answered. He leaned over to me and started to kiss my ear, I held still. His tongue pushed into my ear sending my skin into goose bumps. His hand at the same time pulled my tube top down. The cool night air made my nipple reach for the sky and almost pulling themselves off my breasts. His mouth and tongue moved to my jaw bone, I tilted and arched my neck. As he found my nipples and pinched them I moaned deep. His mouth continued across my cheek, his breathing heavy. I smelled his breath, it was awful, not a smell but a stench. As his mouth got closer to mine, I turned away, he still wanted my mouth, I turned away again. He got the message and moved back to my ear. His hand left my tits and went straight between my legs, he rubbed my nylon top for a brief moment, and right to my pussy. “Mmmmm nice”. he whispered in my ear. He played with the lips and darted a finger in and out teasing me. I spread my legs a little farther and tightened my ass cheeks to reach his fingers better. He put his finger all the way in and started to finger fuck me. “You like huh?” he said as he stopped the tongue in my ear. “Yes baby”. was all I was going to say. His finger stopped and he kept lick and sucking on my neck. I felt something at my hip, I raised up a little and saw him putting on a condom, his cock just out from his zipper. After he got it on, he went back to my ear. Once again he fingered my cunt deep and fast, I could hear the slurping sounds as his hand smacked my wet pussy. I was getting very aroused, I humped the air and moaned. He again, also started moving his mouth towards mine. I kept pulling away from his vile smelling mouth, and he pursued my lips now with a frenzy. His hand was now slamming my cunt hard and faster to the put it hurt my lips. But the pleasure was over coming that. I started to cum, I tensed up and threw my head back until my neck was off the blanket. Now he struggled with me for my mouth! His tongue licked at a lip, and I turned, still jerking from a climax, he kept trying and trying, the more I refused the more he tried. Finally I gave in, gave into passion and let his mouth meet mine. His tongue shoved into my mouth, thick, wet, and I was disgusted, I let out noise “aut ah” meaning no several times and tried to move away. He got up on his knees and not braking the kiss, got between my legs, and guided his cock into me. With on long hard push, he was in. He started fucking me, after the 5th stoke I was into it, I fucked him back, he picked up the pace, his balls were slapping against me, I met his thrusts moaning into his mouth, Over come by lust I sucked his tongue , sucked it hard, and pushed it around with my tongue. When I did that he slammed me real hard about 4 times and held his cock deep into my pussy, and pushed hard and twitched, he broke our kiss and panted as he held his throbbing cock deep inside of me I pushed back hard, so hard my back arched and I squeezed the blanket with my hands till the turned white. I was cumming hard, four hard times. When I finally could relax my body down to the blanket, he just stayed there, I pushed him so far up, when I returned down his cock popped out. He went back on his heels and put his cock back in his pants. I sat up and pulled up my top and got up. He put on his shoes and I grabbed my heels and purse.

I started to walk out of the park, he was next to me, “Baby that was fantastic, so good, did you like?” I kept walking and started to gather the blanket over my arm. As I walked he kept talking, I really didn’t listen to him. We reached the street, “Hey baby! How about tomorrow night?” I kept walking I had this vile taste in my mouth. “I don’t think so,” I replied I’m going home”. was my answer. I’ll walk you home”, he told me. “No”, I told him bluntly. “Give me your number!” he said. “No!” again was my reply. He stopped walking and I kept walking, I turned around and looked at him and said, “I’ll call you tomorrow night!” knowing that I’ll never call him. “Same time ok?” I just nodded and turned around and started walking. “You one hot bitch!” was the last thing he said. I kept walking after a few houses, I turned back to see if he was watching me, he wasn’t. My feet were cold from the dew in the grass, the cement was warm from the day, and rough, tearing the soles of my nylons.

I got up stairs and got undressed, I threw the nylons in the garbage, as I did I thought about how hard I came, how hot was this, and how disgusting he was, but it did turn me on. And I liked it.

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WHy is this categorized as reluctance????????

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2011-12-03 22:01:03
It was a different kind of story. Thank God the woman in the story was not looking for a big black cock and be called a slut and whore by it's owner. I think a white woman would accept an average size cock rather that get dominated and insulted by a man with a big cock. This story was much sexier that those abou big black cocks.


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wow u r a real slut.... what a turn on, great story


2008-11-03 15:09:51
Do you still play in the park?


2008-11-03 00:12:37
This is a really great story, and I think the truth is apparent in the even-handed attention to what was hot and what was disgusting. Real life and boldness seems to always a have a combination of desirable and not, but like any worth-while adventure, at the end of it, you're always glad you came.

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