story about 12 year old Ellen
My name is Ellen. I want to tell you about one of my best childhood friends. His name was Port. He was a cocker spanieI. Our dog. My sexual exploration to have began when I was 12. The catalyst of my sexual exploration was, of course, online porn. My partner was Port. This is how it began:

I was home from school. My mom was still at work. She'd be home in three or four hours. I was online in a chatroom and of course everybody was talking about sex. I saw many words that were new to me. When I tried to find their meaning I found porn instead. First I saw pictures. A man and a women were naked on a bed. Nothing made sense. They were in many peculiar positions. They both had funny expressions on their faces. I clicked the link to the movie. The couple spent some time kissing and undressing. Then I clearly saw the man's dick and how he plunged it into the woman's private area. I knew about guy's dicks and of course I know about my own pussy but I didn't know they went together like that. I watched as this guy slid his thing in and out of the woman's hole. It seemed so... violent... or primative... something. It was completely new to me. I didn't have anything to compare it to. I didn't know what it was. Now I know they were simply fucking. Fucking is the perfect word to describe it.

With my mind filled with such new ideas and went to my bedroom and experimented. I didn't do much. I mainly used my fingers, one at a time, to see how deep my hole was. I learned about lubrication, only to the extent of licking my finger before sliding it in. I was amazed that such a small, hidden hole was meant to recieve things, to take things inside of it. That night I broke my hymen with a pen. It hurt a lot so I quit. I ate dinner with my mom and said good night like every other night. The next day I was enthusiastic again. I got online after school, talked to more people in chatrooms, watched more porn... This is when I made the real discovery. At a porn site I saw a picture of a woman on all fours with a dog behind her in the same position as some of the guys I saw. I clicked this 'bestiality link' and saw all kinds of dogs sticking their own dicks into the womens' holes. I explored the site a little longer then had a stunning realization. Port is a boy dog. Me and him could do this ourselves! I suddenly got extremely giddy and anxious. I got offline and immediately went to get Port.

"Port! Port, where are you? Port!" I heard his nails on the kitchen floor so I went downstairs. I found Port and led him to the living room where there was space.
"Hey, Port. How ya doin'?" My father had found Port on a trip to Portugal. He named him after the country. Port was very small, with short white and brown fur. I loved Port and would soon find a new way to love him. I hesitated a long time, just petting him as he sat obediently. I had seen his dick before, only a little bit sticking out, like an inch or so. I was assured though, after seeing pictures online, that it could get much bigger. Finally, I began. I would first see if his whole dick would come out. Port was a small dog, so I didn't expect his thing to be very big either.

"Come here, Port." I got on all fours and lowered my head so I could see underneath Port. There was a little, furry nub sticking out only slightly. I touched and rubbed it with my index finger and thumb trying to make his thing come out but it didn't.

"Come on, Port. Please." I kept rubbing but he kept standing there wagging his tail with no dick. I tried a different approach. I pulled off my jeans and sat with my back against the couch and my legs spread.

“Port, come here.” He came over and I directed his nose towards what I had learned to call my pussy. I pulled my light blue panties aside exposing my tight slit to him. His nose was cold and wet when it touched my it. He seemed interested, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing... and then, at last, his tongue quickly came from his mouth and started to lap at my pussy. I wasn't startled, I just wasn't ready for him to dive right in like that.

"Oh, Port!" I giggled and let out a sigh. It felt great. Something similar to a nice back rub, except between my legs, combined with wetness, and the feeling that this is something I wouldn't want my mother to see, all this and a little butterflies in my stomach. I figured I'd let him lick me for a while and see if his dick started to come out. A lot of the women online did this. His tongue wasn't getting much depth so with my free hand I gently spread open my lips.

"Oh my god! ...Port!" It felt soooo much better. Port's tongue would start just above my pussy hole and slid up my slit to my peehole, very quickly, again and again. Lick, lick, lick...

"Oh, Port, that's great. Oh... no, Port. No, right here. Keep licking... Oh ..."
I leaned my head back onto the couch seat and gently pet Port's head as he had at my pussy. I lost track of time as I sat in relaxation. I snapped out of it when I saw Port’s tiny red shaft sticking out of his fur.

“Port, yes!” I got very excited and picked up Port from out between my legs and set him beside me. The air was cold on my slobbery pussy. I peeked underneath Port and saw his dick was about an inch out. It was very red and shiny. I licked my thumb and finger and slowly touched it. Port was panting and watching me. I was amazed that here, in front of me, was an actual dick like those online. It may be the first one to ever slide inside of me. I gently pinched it and slid my fingers up and down its length, which was slowly getting longer.

“Yes, Port, I love you so much,” I said in a cutesy puppy voice. I was very excited that Port and I were alone and able to try this. I considered taking him up to my room but decided I had plenty of time to be in the living room. Before actually having Port stick his thing in me I wanted to try something else I saw online. I set port on his side – he seemed fairly annoyed to be moved but soon was happy again as I returned my attention to his small shaft. It was about three inches long now and about the thickness of my index finger. It was wider in the middle than at the end or the base. It was a strange pink color. Almost the color of bubblegum. I had never seen that color on any living thing. The color alone made me excited. I kept rubbing up and down with my finger and thumb. Port looked content, so I leaned down, very slowly stuck out my tongue and ever so gently touched it to Port’s shaft. It tasted strange. It tasted the way it smelled and it smelled… it was new to me. I know how to explain it now though. It smelled and tasted like sex. Like dog sex. I touched my tongue to it again, this time I licked up the entire length of the shaft. It felt warm and wet, almost slimy. The mellow taste left on my tongue only made we want to do it again. I started to lick, lick, lick his shaft and wondered if it felt as good to him as his tongue felt on my slit. Naturally, wanting to go further, I took his whole dick into my mouth. It was about four inches long and the base had grown a lot. It was about the size of a golf ball. The rest of his dick was now just a little thicker than my finger. I squeezed his shaft in my mouth with my tongue and cheeks. I could taste the moisture that was coming off his shaft. I kept my mouth tight around it as I pulled away. I started to stroke it with my fingers again as it slowly slid out of my mouth. I turned and almost gagged. I don’t know why. I didn’t mind the taste. In fact, so far I loved everything about this. It was just so different. I had such a strange part of my dog in my mouth. I was sucking on it just now. It just seemed so weird.

Port was still lying on his side, whimpering as if he wanted more petting or more sucking. I pet his chest but didn’t say anything to him. I didn’t know what to say. I suddenly went through extreme doubt and hesitation. I didn’t think I could do it. It was a strange feeling that got rid of this anxiety. I didn’t know what it was, but now I can say I was probably just horny. I had never really had any sexual desire until then. I didn’t know what to make of it. I finally decided I would try, especially now that Port’s shaft was completely out and ready.

I lied down on my back with my head resting against the couch again. I slowly pulled my panties down my legs and left them around one ankle in case I had to put them back on real quick. I put couch pillows under my butt and lower back like they did online, to raise their butt towards the dog. I had seen woman on all fours and on their backs. I chose to be on my back because Port was very short. I also wanted to watch the whole thing. I wanted to watch Port humping me. When I was ready I picked up Port and put him between my legs so that his front paws were on my stomach and his moist shaft resting right where it would need to be. I licked my fingers and spread my lips open. With my other hand I gently grabbed his dick and poked it at my hole.

“Port,” I whispered. I was going to say something to him but forgot. My mind was racing. My breathing was getting heavier. His dick was so close to my hole. For the first time, I realized we were going to do this. He didn’t take the hint and jumped off me to start licking at my hole again.

“No, Port,” I complained. I pulled him on top of me again and held him tight with a hand on his back. With the other hand I grabbed his shaft again and poked it at my hole. By wiggling my hips around I was able to open my tight lips with the point of his shaft. I rested it right on my hole. Any further and he would be going inside me. I got very hot, very quickly. I was now very short of breath. As I felt the wet skin of his dick pressing against the warm skin of my small pussy hole I felt extremely connected to Port. My anxiety was gone completely. I thought something like “I’m ready for you, let’s make love” but it couldn’t have been this. I didn’t know what it meant to make love yet, I was too young to say it but that’s what I felt. I was ready. The hand I had on Port’s back I moved towards his tail. I slowly pulled him into me and felt increasing pressure against my hole, which gave way soon to the small, wet shaft. He was barely in me, but when he felt the warmth of my hole he caught on. He stepped forward and humped at the same time. He was inside me. I gasped. I was stunned. I suppose it felt similar to my finger but it was longer, softer, wetter, and I wasn’t in control.

Port pulled out slightly and rammed back into me. It was this first insertion, the slow pullout, and then he started to really fuck me. From now on all it was was fast humping. He slid his shaft in and out of me four or five times a second. I felt tight, but I took his whole length. I noticed the tiniest discomfort where my hymen was broken earlier, but that was soon forgotten. His size, the wetness of his shaft, his speed. It was all perfect for my first-time hole. I didn’t speak at all as we did this. I didn’t know what to say and didn’t know if I could say anything if I tried. All I could hear were my own long breaths, Port’s panting, the small slapping of his body into mine, and a very quiet wet sound that his shaft and my hole created together. I let out a long, but very quiet moan. And then another. It felt so good. It was such a physical pleasure that I had never felt before. I spread my legs, nearly doing the splits, to open myself for Port. I felt so connected to him. So in love or something. I almost cried because what Port was doing to me was so different and so great. I didn’t cry though. I just lay there looking into Ports face. He was laying his stomach against my stomach. He was so small his head only reached up past my belly button. His tongue was hanging out, dropping small drips of his slobber on my shirt. He was panting very excitedly as he humped away at me. For some odd reason, I thought it amazing how his humping motions were matching the stabbing sensations of his dick inside me. The inside of my pussy felt like it was becoming more sensitive. It had never been stimulated like this before.

I wanted to feel more exposed to Port so I pulled up my shirt past my chest, exposing small humps with the smallest erect nipples on top. I could now feel his breath on my stomach and it wasn’t long until his slobber began to fall and collect in and around my belly button. I didn’t mind. It only felt right with such a warm piece of his body sliding in and out of me that some of his slobber should be on my belly. I lifted my legs off the ground and wrapped them around Port as best I could, seeing as how he was a very small dog. The feeling of his soft fur on my inner thighs was fantastic, the brushing of it there matching the rhythm of the rubbing of his wet shaft inside me, which matched his panting, which matched the droplets of his spit that fell onto my stomach… all of which perfectly matched the feeling I was felt.

Just as I closed my eyes and truly began to enjoy this, I felt something. I felt something large inside me, near the opening of my hole. It was only an inch or two inside of me but it was getting bigger. I put a hand between my legs, at the base of Port’s shaft. It was very wet and easily slid back and forth between my fingers. When Port pulled, I would feel a large part of his dick pop out of my hole and get pushed back in. It wasn’t painful, but uncomfortable and startling to know that his dick was still growing even while inside of me. I sat up to see how large it was getting. I was surprised to see his knot at the base of his shaft. I hadn’t noticed knots online before, but I could see now that this was the bump at the base of his shaft earlier. I was afraid it was going to get bigger and bigger and start hurting. I leaned back and let Port hump me for longer. It became more and more uncomfortable as the knot, now about the size of a whole golf ball, popped in and out, in and out, in and out. It became harder for it to exit my hole as it got larger. It still felt good, Port’s shaft inside me, but the discomfort of his knot overrode that pleasure.

I was lying there quietly with my legs back on the ground. I realized I was almost purring or humming, even when it became uncomfortable. I resolved that we had done this enough. It was great, then got uncomfortable, so I wanted to stop. Just before I was going to make Port stop, something happened. With difficulty, Port jammed his knot back inside of me, it hurt this time, but not very much. This time, however, it wouldn’t come back out. Port kept humping, each time he tried to pull out, the knot would just yank at my insides. Now it was too big to come out. I got scared for a moment. He was stuck inside of me! We were stuck together! What if my mom came home early from work? I couldn’t do anything. I began to think of how I would need to somehow cradle him as I walked to the bathroom, after grabbing my pants and while holding my panties around my foot and while his giant knot is stuck, stuck! inside of me. I realized that I wouldn’t want to end this with Port in any such matter. I might just have to stay there with Port if my mom came in. I could explain it to her.

I put it out of my mind as the discomfort of the knot began to subside. The knot was holding Port deep inside of me, and he only stabbed deeper as he continued to hump me. Apparently he didn’t mind that we were stuck together. I started to feel great pleasure again. This time it was larger though. The inside of my pussy was very, very hot. The fur around the base of Port’s shaft tickled into my lips every time he humped. My stomach was in a constant jump. My inner thighs were tingling and kept flexing tight. I could feel my hole involuntarily clenching around Port’s dick. I started to arch my back and picked up my butt more, pushing into Port. I would curl my toes back and forth. I put one hand on Port to help pull him into me and the other hand up to my face, then my chest. I pressed my cold palm as hard as I could into one of my small breasts. My face was starting to pull itself into some kind of frown that I couldn’t control. I closed my eyes. I could only hear the sounds that we made together and could only feel him and me and the pleasure that was growing from my pussy and spreading to every part of my body. It was simply the greatest thing I ever felt.

But then he stopped. Port slid his shaft deep into me then stopped. I could feel it twitching kind of like a heartbeat. He quickly humped me once, then twice, I gasped after at each one, then he stayed. That’s when I felt him shooting his load in me. I didn’t know that happened. I didn’t know the reason for sex. I didn’t know that’s what my pussy was meant for, granted, from a man someday, not necessarily my dog. I was startled. For a second I thought it was strange, or gross… I felt that it would have made me decide not to have done this had I known earlier. I soon felt that of course, of course he will shoot something into me when we do this. It only makes sense. I soon decided it was a good thing, it was something I wanted Port to do to me. I lied back just relaxed as I felt him filling me with this…this…something that was fantastically burning my insides. My pleasure had subsided though. It still felt great. Release after release of Port’s hot cum spurting into my hole. It got slower and weaker until I couldn’t feel any more. Port’s dick stopped twitching. I looked down into his face. He was looking into mine as if I was supposed to do something. He would touch his cold nose to my stomach then look back into my eyes. He probably only wanted help getting loose, or a soft pet, but I sat up and put my lips on his tongue. He started licking my face so I opened my mouth wide. He started to lick in there. I licked his tongue with mine and tried to close my mouth around his. He tasted kind of like the way his dick did. Like something that belonged to a dog.

“Oh, Port.” I laid back down again. Port was trying to pull out of me, yanking in different directions. “Port, stop it,” I whined quietly. I put a hand behind him and held him still. I pet his head and ears with my other hand. He calmed down and stopped trying to pull out.

“Oh, Port,” I cooed again. I could feel a warm liquid dripping down from my pussy. It would slowly role away from my hole, down to my butt cheek, where it was all lead to my little butt hole, creating a warm path all along the way. I stopped petting Port crept a hand down between our bodies. Around my hole was pretty wet. My index finger easily glided around the outside of my hole and around Port’s dick. I had to dig my finger into the side of my hole to feel his slipperyness of his dick because he was in me up to the fur. I could feel his hard knot just inside of me. Then he somehow turned around when he was still stuck in me. I know it’s normal now, but I almost thought it was funny when I saw him do it. Now he was trying to walk away, gently pulling at my hole.

I stuck my legs up into the air, which felt good for some reason.. I gasped and my legs twitched in the air as I felt Port’s warm knot and shaft all slide out of my hole at once. Cold air rushed into the opening of my hole which was slow to close all the way after letting go of Port’s knot. I loved the sound it made. A loud, wet, gooey slurp that was the last sound of my and Port’s combined wetness.

I watched Port walk away with his shaft dangling. It was larger than when I first let it inside me. I loved the way it looked. The same way you see a piece of cake that looks yummy, I could look at his dick, now that I knew what it could do and what it felt like when it was inside of me. The color, the smoothness, the wetness, the glistening moistness in the light.

Port sat a little distance away from me and started to lick at his dick and knot. I wanted to say thank you to Port but couldn’t. Instead I got up and crawled to him. I felt different after just having my pussy filled. I had to cup a hand over my pussy, almost out of curiosity. To feel the warmth and wetness. I got to Port and only said “Here,” as I grabbed his shaft softly and slid it into my mouth. I licked around it in circles with my tongue and sucked tightly but carefully, without touching it with my teeth. I slowly slid it as for into my mouth as I could. My lips were practically kissing his knot as the end of his shaft rested on the back of my tongue. I sucked him like this for a few seconds then pulled away, keeping my lips and mouth tight around his shaft, gathering all the liquid into my mouth. After I brought his dick away from my mouth I gulped and swallowed the small amount of liquid. It tasted different. I enjoyed it more this time. Port soon got up and left after most of his red shaft was hidden away again. I spent some time in my bedroom looking at my hole and then in the shower doing the same thing. I didn’t orgasm this first time I had sex with Port. I didn’t know what an orgasm was, but I was sure close. I would let Port fuck me the same way and let him shoot in me then I would usually lick him clean as some kind of favor.

This was my first sexual endeavor with Port at the age of 12. There are many more that follow.

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I have been interested in small kids before but with all the cum the dog left
in her I hate to see it go to waste. I would love eating the juices from that young thing.

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Great. She loves cum as much I do.

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