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A father and daughter find out just how deep their love for each other runs.
Though Bruno has a small role in this story I did not include "bestiality" as a theme because his part really is very small. This story was written for a friend and it is her personal fantasy about her father. However, if any sort of involvment with an animal offends you, please stop reading now. Thank you! -Pasego


Adrienne skipped down the stairs and swung into the family room, where her father was watching TV.
"Goodnight Daddy!" she chirped, flashing him a dazzling smile. Her short red hair was shiny from her shower, and her face looked very young when it was scrubbed clean of all its daily makeup.

"Goodnight sweetheart," Wayne answered back automatically. "Does Bruno get to go with you tonight?"

Adrienne laughed as the large Black Lab lifted his head and looked at her hopefully. "He's such a spoiled dog! Yeah, I guess I'll let him come." She blushed a little at the words, but her father didn't seem to notice.
Bruno had jumped off the couch and was making a mad dash up the stairs to Adrienne's room. With one final goodnight for her father, Adrienne followed him.

Wayne smiled to himself after the pair left. It was good to see Adrienne so happy. He'd let that goofy mutt
spend every night with her if it kept the smile on her face. Wayne and Adrienne were still recovering from the shock of Susan's sudden death. She had been an excellent mom and a loving wife, and it seemed too
cruel that God or fate or whoever controlled these things would take her away. The brain aneurism had
struck so suddenly there hadn't even been a chance for goodbyes. One minute Susan had been making pancakes, the next she was on the floor, gone. Wayne and Adrienne had been heartbroken.

Now, a year later, Adrienne was sixteen and had no female influence to guide her through what Wayne
believed was probably the most hormonal stage of a girl's life. He wished he knew how to give her the
"talk" and wondered desperately if Susan had ever gotten around to it. He didn't want his daughter to
feel inadequate or behind. She had become so withdrawn following her mother's death; Wayne wasn't sure what he could do to snap her out of it. Finally, he had thought of something that might do the trick.

Adrienne had come home from school four months ago to find the large Black Lab mix sitting on her bed. Wayne had adopted him that morning from the pound. He knew that Adrienne had always wanted a dog, had been begging for one for years. To his delight she was ecstatic, and the pair soon became inseparable.

Wayne floated back from his musings when the grandfather clock struck 11 pm. He yawned, turned off
the tube, and headed upstairs for some much needed rest. As he walked down the hallway he noticed that
Adrienne's door was ajar and some light was coming from her room. He hurried over, thinking that maybe she was having one of her late night cries.

He stopped short when he heard a quiet moan. He listened closely and heard his daughter's heavy
breathing, her short moans. Wayne knew that his little girl must be masturbating, and silently did a little
dance in the hallway. Hopefully this was a sign that she was developing normally, that his wife's death
hadn't completely shut her down.

He was about to leave so his sweet girl could finish in peace when she said something that made him stop cold. "Mmmmm, God Bruno, please don't stop! Lick my please!" Wayne was in shock. He had no idea that this was what Bruno was doing in Adrienne's room so many nights. He felt an instant and completely insane jealousy of the dog. Why did he get to eat out a young woman while Wayne was left high and dry? Wayne had fully intended to leave Adrienne to do her thing, but now he reasoned that the situation was quite different…

He leaned against the doorjamb, face pressed to the crack. His cock sprung against his pants at what he
saw. Adrienne had her adorable round ass in the air while Bruno stood behind her, lapping her exposed slit with his huge pink tongue. She was shaking uncontrollably, gasping as waves of pleasure washed through her body.

Bruno seemed like he was having fun, but his doggie penis wasn't erect, the poor bastard had been neutered as part of the Shelter's adoption policy. Wayne knew it was irrational, but he was glad the dog wasn't getting off on his girl's pleasure. As for him… his cock throbbed against his jeans, threatening to rip through the very fabric.

After Adrienne had come again Wayne hurried down the hall to his bedroom, afraid she would notice him. He shut his door quietly and immediately yanked down his pants and boxers. His cock sprung into his hand and he began to pump it in earnest, images of his baby flashing through his mind. Some small part of him whispered that it was wrong to be so aroused by his own daughter, but it was drowned out by the fact that he'd gone without the pleasure of a woman for so long.

Besides, any man who didn't find the sight of a teen with her naked ass in the air being eaten out highly
erotic and arousing was just out of his mind. Wayne felt his orgasm rapidly approaching, and hurriedly grabbed a tissue from the bedside table. With a low grunt he came into it, and emotionally and physically drained, fell on his bed and turned out the lights. Tomorrow was Saturday… he'd make sure to suggest Bruno spend the night in Adrienne's room again.

Saturday dragged on forever in Wayne's tortured mind. Adrienne had gone to a study group with some friends and wasn't expected back before dinner. That was just as well, because every time he thought about his daughter's late night activities his penis sprang to full attention. He took two cold showers, it didn't help. He put on a porno and didn't help. He cursed Bruno silently whenever the dog sauntered by. The mutt had been more intimate with his daughter than he had been with anyone in the last year. Wayne felt like kicking him until the doggie grin was wiped from his face.

And what exactly, he asked himself, am I gonna do tonight? Watch my daughter get off with the dog again?
Bust into her room mid-orgasm and demand she tell me what's going on? What the hell am I doing?

Adrienne burst through the door around 6 pm, full of the exuberant energy that only the young seem to
possess. Wayne quickly placed his spread newspaper across his lap, hiding his boner as his favorite girl leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "Why don't we have pizza tonight?" he asked innocently.

"Sounds yummy!" Adrienne answered, licking her lips. Wayne moaned silently, he could imagine all too clearly those pink lips wrapping around his throbbing…

He shook himself. "Can you please call and order sweetie? Get whatever you want." Adrienne squealed and kissed his cheek again before flouncing over to the phone. He heard her ordering a large pepperoni pizza and cinnamon sticks. He fished out his wallet from his pocket, careful to keep the newspaper in place. He pulled out a twenty and handed it to Adrienne. "Give this to the delivery man. Tell him to keep the change."

Adrienne pocketed the money and grabbed her back pack. "I'm going up to my room for a while, Daddy. I'll be back down when door bell rings."

"Okay hon," he replied, relieved she was going to be out of sight for a while. He needed a way to hide his
bulge. Wayne waited five minutes until Adrienne was in her room before he too ran up the stairs to his
bedroom. He pulled his slacks down, wincing as they passed over his extremely painful erection. He grabbed a pair of sweats and pulled them on. They were baggy enough to hide the swelling, and he threw on an extra long shirt for good measure. Wayne looked in the mirror and was grimly pleased by what he saw. He wasn't exactly dressed to impress, but the loose clothing did the trick. He went back downstairs and flipped on the news.

The door bell rang half an hour later and Adrienne ran down the stairs to answer. It seemed that she too had decided to get comfortable; she was dressed in cotton shorty shorts and a tank top. Wayne saw her unbound breasts jiggle a little as she breathed, and wondered if a man had ever died from sexual agony. The teen boy holding the pizza on the other side of the door noticed her breasts too, and if it were not for Wayne's vigorous throat clearing, he probably would have continued to stand there, staring dumbly. Fortunately for everyone the teen snapped to his senses and held out the boxes while Adrienne gave him the twenty. "Keep the change," she said sweetly, and the kid thanked her effusively.

Well, Wayne thought, he certainly made out well tonight. Adrienne grabbed some plates from the kitchen, along with a coke for her and beer for Wayne. They always ate pizza in the living room, usually while watching a movie, and tonight was no exception. Adrienne picked an old favorite at Wayne's urging, and the pair sat on the couch eating their dinner. As the movie wore on Adrienne seemed to get closer and closer to Wayne. She would snuggle in next to him, laying her head on his shoulder while he shifted uncomfortably, trying to keep his erection concealed.

After what seemed like years to Wayne, the movie ended. He was about to suggest Adrienne take Bruno again tonight when his daughter's hand brushed directly against his boner. She had been getting off the couch while using his leg for leverage; now she jerked away in shock and sank back down on the cushions. "Daddy! Why is your penis hard? Are you excited?"

Fuck! Wayne thought in dismay. He had been so careful, and now he feared his daughter would be disgusted with him. Still, he had to answer, so he tried for a vague and fatherly approach. "Well Honey, yes I am excited right now. Sometimes men get excited for no reason at all, even when they don't want to be." He looked at Adrienne closely, gauging her response. She wasn't buying it.

"Hmmm," she said thoughtfully, "Are you sure I didn't make you that way Daddy?"

Wayne gulped, "Um, maybe you did sweetheart, but only because you were laying on me. Daddy's very sorry, he would never hurt you."

"I know that Daddy! Besides, I get excited too…" she trailed off, blushing deep red.

Ah, Wayne thought, if there was ever a time to pursue this it would be now.

"Adrienne, you can talk to me about anything you want, you know that right? No matter what it is, I won't
judge you or think less of you. You are a young woman and having sexual feelings and urges is completely

Adrienne looked unsure, perhaps thinking that her father would never understand her late night fun with
the family dog. Wayne hated seeing that haunted look, hated that she felt she couldn't speak honestly with
him. He decided to be the first one to bring up Bruno.

"Besides," he said lightly. "I know you've already experimented some with Bruno."

She looked up at him, shock on her face. "You saw us?" she whispered hoarsely. Wayne didn't think it was
possible for his sweet girl to go any more red, but now she was proving him wrong.

"Yes sweetie, I saw you last night. I must say I was a little surprised at first, but don't worry, I'm not
angry with you." She still looked unconvinced, so he worked up the courage to tell her the last part of what
had happened last night, knowing that this would make or break the trust he was trying to build with his
daughter. "In fact, if you would like to know, I was extremely hard watching that little scene. I barely made it
to my bedroom before I exploded!"

To his surprise Adrienne not only looked relieved, she seemed immensely happy. She flung herself on Wayne's lap, straddling him and leaning up to kiss his cheek. Her small hands went up to his shoulders and she looked into his surprised face, smiling happily. "Oh Daddy, I'm so glad! I know it's wrong but ever since mom died I've been wanting to… help you."

"Oh darling," Wayne whispered, burying his face in the hollow of her shoulder, "You've helped me so much since she died. Just by being here and being my little girl, you've helped me so much."

Adrienne wriggled herself against him, her mound finding and pressing into his erection. "But I want to
help you more Daddy. I want to make you happy, and I'm sure you'll make me happy too."

Every fatherly objection flew out the window at her words. Here was a hot young woman begging to pleasure him and be pleasured by him. DNA didn't matter, the fact that she was jail bait in more ways than one didn't matter, he wanted to take his girl and show her pleasure Bruno's tongue alone could never produce. "Well baby, if you're sure…"

Adrienne nodded, then squeaked breathlessly as Wayne scooped her into his arms and carried her to the
stairs. He took them two at a time, all the enthusiasm of a teenage boy pumping through him. When they got to his room he slowed and gently lowered her to the bed. She lay there looking up at him, face flushed and chest heaving.

Wayne could plainly see her nipples through the thin fabric of the tank, and without hesitation leaned down
and kissed one of the little buds. Adrienne arched her back in pleasure, wrapping her hands around Wayne's head and drawing him close. He broke his contact eventually and tugged the tank up over her head. She helped him, then scooted down her shorts and flung those to the floor too.

Never, Wayne thought, was there a more desirable scene than his naked daughter stretched out before him. Her young breasts were pointing in his direction, pleading for attention. Her pussy…he thought he would faint from the pleasure of looking at it. The lips were puckered and the small red thatch of pubic hair beautifully concealed a forbidden treasure. He had to taste her.

Kneeling on the floor, Wayne took hold of Adrienne's legs and scooted her to the edge of the bed. She
shrieked wildly, "Daddy, what are you- ohhhh!" Her question was cut off when Wayne delicately kissed her
moist lips. Working steadily northward, Wayne licked, sucked, and nibbled Adrienne's pussy while she writhed on the bed in pure ecstasy.

He parted her lips with his tongue and found that special button Bruno had had fun with last night.
He took it in his teeth and bit gently. Adrienne lifted off the bed with a moan and began to shudder as Wayne let go of her clit and tongued it gently. She collapsed on the bed, shaking with each tremor and whimpering softly. Wayne continued to lick her clit, renewing her orgasm with each touch of his tongue.

The door creaked open and Wayne's head shot up in instant guilt. He fully expected a S.W.A.T team to rush
in and gun him down, and felt more than a little sheepish when Bruno padded in. Doubtless he heard
Adrienne's cries and had come to investigate. He seemed to examine the scene before him with a critical eye, then give what Wayne could have sworn was an approving look. His tail tocked once and he curled up on the floor, big brown eyes watching expectantly. Adrienne had finally stopped bucking and was now laying prone on the bed, face flushed and eyes glazed. Wayne took the opportunity to strip off his own clothes and lay beside her.

He kissed her gently on the lips, her faraway expression scared him a little and he wanted to bring her back to the now. He was relieved when she blinked rapidly and her eyes cleared. She smiled at him
lovingly. "That was the best Daddy... thank you."

She moved in close to him, pressing her nipples against his chest as his manhood pressed against her swollen pussy. Despite his burning need to fill her, Wayne lay content against his daughter, reveling in their intimacy. He wondered briefly what Susan would think of this circumstance, and knew instinctively that she would approve. They needed this closeness to heal, needed to be one to fill the void she had left behind.

Adrienne stirred first and began to gently rub herself up and down Wayne's shaft, her moist pussy lubricating his length until he was groaning in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. "Baby, you gotta stop that or I'm gonna come right here," he said, wrapping his arms around her to still the movement.

She gave him a naughty smile, "Well then can you please start using it? I want you to love me."

Wayne didn't need to be asked twice and he quickly rolled on top of his daughter, positioning his cock at
her small entrance. He was about to thrust in when something occurred to him. "Sweetie, have you ever done this before?"

For some reason he had expected an immediate no or shake of the head, so he was surprised when her cheeks reddened and she looked away from him, biting her lip. "Who with?" he asked softly.

"Pete." The word was barely audible. She looked back at him and said again, "With Pete Daddy, but only once."

"Pete," Wayne repeated, nonplussed. Adrienne had only had two boyfriends and neither had been named Pete. "Who's that, a boy at school?"

Adrienne was nodding, looking embarrassed. "You know the pizza guy who answered the door?" Wayne nodded slowly.

"Well, you were gone on that business trip a few months ago and I decided to order a pizza. He came to the door and I had seen him a few times at school so we started talking. Then he came in and it just sort of…happened." Her eyes were bright, swimming with tears ready to overflow. "Daddy, I thought that if I had sex with him it would help me get over wanting you. I thought what I wanted to do with you was so wrong, and that you would never want me that way."

The tears she had tried to keep in spilled over and ran down her cheeks. "I was wrong Daddy…I still wanted you more than anything. And when Pete put it in…it hurt Daddy. I didn't know it would hurt so badly." She trailed off and lay silent, awaiting her father's judgment.

"Oh baby," Wayne whispered hoarsely. He kissed the tears on his daughter's cheeks and lingered on the salty liquid at her lips. "I'm so sorry that happened sweetie…if I had known how you felt before I could have made sure your first time was gentle." He swallowed the urge to find this Pete kid and punch his lights out, and instead said reassuringly, "I'm sure Pete didn't mean to hurt you, he's just young and doesn't have the
experience to make sure it feels good for you."

Adrienne was listening intently, little shudders still running through her body as she sniffed. "So you're not

Wayne's eyes widened, "Mad? No honey, not at all. I'm just so sorry you didn't have a good first time." He
kissed her nose, "but I promise I'll make you feel better than you've ever felt before. Don't be afraid, I won't let you hurt."

His daughter's eyes shone with love and gratitude and she kissed Wayne softly on the lips. He kissed her
back, a slow, lazy kiss that put her at ease and made her impatient for more at the same time. He cupped a breast with his palm, and then slid that hand down her body, stopping at her damp folds. He parted them and gently slipped a finger into her. Adrienne arched off the bed and moaned into his mouth, "Oh Daddy that is soooo good!"

Encouraged, Wayne began to slowly pump his finger in and out of her wet pussy. When she was whimpering in frustration he added another finger, preparing her for the intrusion of his cock. After a few minutes she was well lubricated and Wayne removed his fingers, bringing a cry of disappointment from Adrienne's lips. He positioned his cock at her entrance for the second time and braced himself above her.

Moving carefully he pushed the head of his erection into her, stopping there to let her adjust to the newcomer. Adrienne tensed for a moment, and then relaxed as her walls stretched to accommodate him.
Slowly, ever so slowly he sank into his daughter, pausing every time he felt resistance. It took a minute
to slide all the way inside, but to Wayne it felt like a lifetime. He stayed still above her, waiting for her
cue to continue. It wasn't long before she began to squirm beneath him, bucking her hips up slightly and
wrapping her arms around his back. "Daddy, please move. Can't you move?"

Wayne bit back his laugh. He had been waiting for something along those lines, some indication that she
was ready to continue. "Of course baby, if that's what you want," he answered innocently, and began to thrust steadily.

Adrienne threw back her head and moaned loudly, losing all inhibitions as her pleasure grew. "Daddy, more... please Daddy faster." Her hands were running up and down Wayne's back and she hooked her legs around his waist. Wayne did as she asked and sped up, pounding into his daughter with abandon as she cried out. He felt her go over the edge and with a low moan he followed, clinging to her and whispering her name over and over.

Wayne lay spent over his daughter and would have drifted off if she hadn't given him a soft poke in the
ribs. "Daddy I can't breathe!"

"Oops!" He rolled away and pulled her into his arms, caressing her gently as he nestled his face into her
hair. "I love you so much baby girl."

"I love you too Daddy," she replied, "Can we…can I be yours now?"

Wayne opened his eyes in surprise. "Of course Adrienne… you always have been."

Copyright Pasego 2008 (

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