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Xavier moves out and Veronica makes a move- another Just Friends story. Enjoy!
Xavier and his brother had finally decided to move out. Of course, that meant searching for apartments. You would think that wouldn't be too hard, but both boys had rather discerning taste. Only problem is price.

I got dragged along for the ride, searching apartment after apartment. Nothing seemed to fit the bill. We discuss it one day while out shopping for Halloween costumes. We are in a thrift store, rifling through pieces for the upcoming holiday, talking about bills, real estate, and how he would look fantastic in that tight leather jacket.

Well, I say the leather jacket part. He laughs and tries it on. We have been playing with all the clothes- random strange hats, a silver jacket that looked like Speed Racer on acid, pimp costumes - it was a great store. I take the jacket from him and put it on. I keep the zipper low, and it looks incredible with my tan legs extending beyond the bottom of the beautiful leather. He bites his lip, admiring the jacket.

"That looks good on you."

"Aw thank you. Looks better on you."

He walks up to me, getting so close that I can feel the energy flying off of him. He reaches down and grabs my ass. I laugh and lean in, grabbing his ass as well. We have to distance ourselves for a while afterwards, unable to do anything in the store. We make our purchases, faces red with the knowledge we both need a release- and fast.

He walks me to the car to put our bags in before we go to eat. I place the bags in, bending over to reach the next seat, and he grabs my hips, rubbing his hardening dick into my wet pussy. I straighten up and close the door. Xavier leans against the door, pulling me against him. We begin to grind against each other.

A car honks at us as it passes. Oooppss..

We readjust ourselves and start walking down the street, heading for a local place to eat. His phone rings: "Hello?... right now?... okay... okay.. be there in a little bit."

I look at him quizzically. He smiles, "Family's at an apartment complex. They want me to come see it. Come for a ride."

"Okay, sure."

We jump into his car, a beautiful restored '67 mustang in forest green. We race down the street. In what feels like mere minutes thanks to the V8, we're pulling up in front of a beautiful apartment complex. As we walk inside, we see his family. An employee greets us, and we begin the tour. The place is absolutely breath-taking, and by some miracle, affordable.

We're led down a hallway, Xavier and I lagging behind the group. I slide my hand down his back, into his pocket, before squeezing and taking my hand away. He does the same, but grabs my ass and kneads it, fingers sliding temptingly close to between my legs. We walk further, listening to the conversation ahead. I grab him and push him into the wall. Xaxier's eyes open wide, surprised I would be so bold in front of his family. His gaze turns to shocked disappointment, however, when I keep walking.

"You dirty little tease," he jokes when he catches up with me.

We enter the apartment. The rooms are spacious, and it has a great balcony. He tells me to check out the bathroom; there's a shower with glass doors.

"I could see us having fun in there," he whispers.

I laugh and walk into the near bedroom. He glances over his shoulder before pushing me against the wall, coming close enough to skim his lips on mine. I gasp, and he reluctantly moves right before his mom comes into the room, asking how we like the place.

The tour ends, and we walk back to the main office, again trailing the group. An alleyway beckons me, so I grab Xavier's arm and pull him into the opening. Pushing him against the wall, I thrust my body against his, taking his face in my hands, and kissing him hard. His hands grab my ass, pulling me closer to him. I rub myself against him before darting from the alley, trying to catch up with the group. I hear him groan in frustration, but he catches up soon after. We leave the place shortly thereafter, papers signed, moving date only 2 days away. We get back into the car, riled up even more than before.

Driving, he eyes me from his seat. I suddenly lean over and take his hard dick from his pants. He gasps, feeling my hands rub against the hard shaft.

"Oh fuck, Veronica..." he whispers.

The head disappears in my mouth, and I begin to suck lightly. I feel the car swerve slightly, and I stop. He groans; I say, "If you can't keep the car going, I won't keep going."

I resume my sucking, tongue tickling the underside of his hard cock while I massage his balls. He thrusts up into my mouth, and I begin to circle and slide my hand up and down in rhythm with my sucking. He's moaning loudly, cursing. He can hardly keep the car on the road.

"FUCK THIS!" he yells, and pulls over sharply.

He pulls my head up from his dick, and shoves me over into the back seat. My jean skirt ends up around my waist, my brown tank top and bra pushed up over my tits. He positions himself over me, his dick by my mouth, his mouth by my pussy. Xaxier begins to lick me ferociously, fueled by pent up desire. I moan and scream, jerking his dick while licking and sucking. He gets his dick into my mouth, and he begins to thrust into me. The moans vibrate his cock as he eats my pussy.

Xavier suddenly pulls away, flipping me around and over until I have one leg on the middle consol and the other kneeling on the seat. He begins to pound my pussy, our quickie quickly building closer to thunderous orgasms. The car's shaking violently around us. The knowledge that we could get caught at any moment pushes us faster.

"OOHHHHH FUCK!!!" with a loud scream, I cum hard.

He pulls my hair, arching my back, and with a loud groan, also cums. I feel the juice drip down my leg, both of us shaking from the quick fuck. We compose ourselves, and to our chagrin, see an older man sitting on a porch only a few homes away. He was well within seeing distance, and judging from the grin on his face, he saw every last thing.

A few days later, Xavier and his brother have moved in. They still have no furniture, just air mattresses to sleep on. While his brother's out running errands, like buying the furniture, I take a ride to the apartment, bearing a bottle of champagne and a set of drinking glasses for the apartment.


Xavier's wearing a button down black shirt and loose jeans. I love this outfit on him, and I barely make it in the door. I'm wearing a white tank top and a grey mini skirt that he ogles as I walk in the door.

"Presents!!!" he laughs, spying the packages in my arm- a set of champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne. Slung over my shoulder is a bag of groceries.

His eyebrows raise at the groceries. I explain: "I'm going to cook you a meal." I pull out the spaghetti and the ingredients for a marinara sauce. I know Xavier's mouth must be watering. I put a large pot on the stove and begin to prepare the sauce. He comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist as I stand over the pot. He kisses me slowly down my neck, nipping along my jaw, teasing me as I stir in the last ingredients.

"Smells delicious," he murmurs.

"Me or the sauce?" I tease.


He plants a kiss on the corner of my lips. "I'm going to open that champagne." Xavier pours us both a glass, and we raise them in toast.

"To your brand new apartment, and freedom. I'm proud of you."

He smiles, "To a beautiful woman cooking me dinner and making me feel like the most treasured person in the world."

We drink, and I cover the sauce to simmer. He leads me by the hand to the living room, and we sit on the carpeted floor with the champagne bottle. He pushes me to the carpet, stroking the right side of my face before leaning and kissing me. At first, the kiss is simple, sweet, almost romantic, and then desire flames like a torch lit gasoline fire.

Xavier's fingertips slide up my sides, tickling me right by the bottom of my bra. His fingers slide around, snapping my bra, and I help him pull it free. He lowers his mouth, sucking on my nipples through the thin fabric. Feeling my nipples harden, I groan and pull his head closer. His hands continue their downward journey and slide beneath my skirt. He pulls down the mesh black boyshorts from beneath my skirt, and I arch my back to help him slide the fabric over my ass. His mouth begins to make its way down my stomach, but I pull him back up for a kiss, pulling open his shirt.

"You need to lose some clothes," I tease.

I begin to kiss down his neck, taking control, when the buzzer rings for me to check the sauce. He groans in frustration, and I quickly jump up to stir, reset the timer, and run back to him on the carpet.

"Oh jesus your tits look incredible," he says, staring at my hard nipples poking through the thin fabric.

Xavier pulls me to the ground and pulls the tank top over my head. He resumes licking and sucking on my nipples, massaging my breasts. He slides down my body, giving me a quick lick up my slit.
I groan, and arch my body closer to his mouth.

"Please, Xavier."

He kisses clit before running his tongue up my slit again.

"OH FUCK, pleeeaassseee..."

He runs the tip of his tongue around the opening of my wet pussy, before darting it into me. I'm breathing hard, holding his head close to me as he begins to tongue fuck me slowly, alternating between licking my clit and sliding his tongue in and out of my wet hole. I begin to writhe beneath him, begging him to make me cum. He only slows down, making me scream for him to give me what I want.

"FUCK PLEAASSSEEEE!!! Xavier for fuck's sake just.. GIVE IT TO ME!"

He speeds up, sliding his tongue in and out of my pussy while rolling his thumb around my clit. My toes curl and my fingernails dig in the back of his head.

"XAVIER!!!" I scream as I cum, thrashing beneath him as he held on like a bull rider. I roll over, panting with exertion. He lays next to me, dragging his fingertips along my back, massaging my ass, leaving small wet kisses on my spine.

I push him flat and kiss him on his jaw. He sighs, hugging me close to him. I wiggle loose, and make my way downward. I leave wet kisses down his chest and stomach, giving quick licks to his nipples. I tease his belly button with my tongue before kissing down towards his dick. To drive him crazy, I run my fingertips up his inner thighs, rubbing the creases where his legs meet his groin. I kiss the spot right above his cock, sucking slightly. My tongue runs up the underside of his shaft, circling the head of his dick. I begin to suck on the head, and he begins to moan.

The timer goes off.

"FUCK!" he says, as I get up. I stop and glance over my shoulder at him with a dirty smile. I take off my skirt and stand completlely naked in front of him. His mouth hands open, as I slowly stir the sauce. I taste it, letting some drop onto my breasts.

Xavier runs over to me, turning off the fire and licking the sauce from my tits. I laugh as he drags me back to the living room and pulls me on top of him. I slide from his grasp, grabbing my glass and taking the rest of the champagne into my mouth. I then take his cock into my mouth, and begin to swallow the liquid around his dick. He groans loudly, legs bending and toes curling. As the liquid disappears, the suctions gets tighter. He pulls my head harder onto him, forcing his cock into the back of my throat.
I stop, and he yells in frustration. But that yell quickly turns to one of pleasure as I mount his dick. I begin to ride him, fast and furious. Reaching over, I grab the champagne bottle, knocking over the empty glasses and chugging from the bottle. Some of the liquid falls onto me body, and he grabs me close licking and sucking the champagne from my body.

He grabs the bottle and flips me to my back. He swigs from it as he pushes my legs to my shoulders and begins to fuck me harder and faster. His cock is a blur, sliding in the wetness gushing from my pussy. I begin to cum, my pussy clamping down hard on his dick.

He puts me on my hands and knees, grabbing my hair and slapping my ass and drinking more from the bottle. He pulls me up straight, and let's me drink from the bottle as well; it's almost empty.
Rubbing my clit, he begins to fuck me slowly, pulling all the way out before slamming back into me.

"Oh damnit Xavier, donnn'tttt..."

He continues to torture me, rubbing the head around my slit, fucking me shallowly. I buck my hips back at him, trying to get his dick into me deeper. He finally fucks me deep, but doesn't pull out. He just leaves himself in me. I begin to clench my muscles around his dick; he spanks me, "Ooohh bad girl."

I giggle and keep doing it. He thrusts into me a few times, and then begins to rub my clit furiously. The sudden attention riles me up, and I begin to squirm under him. He only has to thrust into me a few more times before I cum hard again.

He turns me over, and suddenly it's not only desire anymore. He looks me in the eye, and begins to slowly fuck me, allowing our body heat and deliberate movements to create a slow friction that builds and builds. He grabs my face and kisses me hard, groaning against my lips as I feel him cum.

We stay wound in each other's arms for a while. I get up for a second, grabbing his black shirt and my boyshorts to put on, just putting the water on to boil for the spaghetti. He slides on his boxers, but drags me back to the floor when I get close. He lays his head on my stomach, and I cradle him against me. The shirt barely covers my nipples that hard and poking through the fabric.

I run my fingers through his hair, and his breathing goes deep: he quickly falls asleep.

Suddenly the door opens. His brother walks in.

I simply put a finger over my lips, keeping him from waking up Xavier. His wide eyes tell me he's too shocked to even think of saying anything.


2010-04-06 12:29:45
amazing series, it was a very civil and realistic base and it has grown to this story of young lust. you need to get to a publisher's office and show him this, these stories could become the newest hit romance novels. all it would take is deeper suspense. you went all the way out of your own time to comply to us, your fans. i am only 18 but your stories should gain a reward of recognition of being the most erotic and stimulating story. you could add a deeper problem such as the best friend wants to hang with veronica or something to cause a twist would jump-start this small forum story to become a multimillion dollar romance novel.

i have to say after all that I AM GOING TO SAY SOMETHING THAT ISN'T PROFESSIONAL. would dinner be kinda awkward with the bother there and being half naked. plus the beautiful double V couple is most likely drunk.

but i am thrilled that i found this series. you dragon_in_bed, you receive all my thumbs i can put up for you.

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2009-06-27 00:56:35
oh dam that was so hot, i swear this series is the best on the site please please keep writing.

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2009-06-26 00:38:40

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2009-02-17 00:48:08
loved it, more please!


2008-10-16 23:53:50
mmm nice and delicious, i bet the food was good too

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