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I have always enjoyed fantasizing about my little girl, but haven't actually tried anything with her. Oh, I've brushed my arm across her firm breasts, or briefly touched her round ass when we rough house, but I was satisfied with masturbating to the thought of her, or taking it out on my wife.

That all changed one day when instead of me taking my daughter to practice, she got a ride with a friend and her mom. They dropped her off after practice and she came down into the family room to show me some new moves. With my son at a sleepover for the weekend, and my wife and youngest daughter at her sister's house for the night, I had the house to myself. Even Sherei had plans for a sleepover later that night leaving me home alone.

I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch wearing a pair of loose shorts, and a tank top, and reading a book. It was a cloudless day and the sun shined brightly enough to light the whole room up. Sherei kicked her shoes off, and gave me a cheerful "Hi Daddy" and sat across from me with her legs stretched to either side of mine.

"Hey baby," I said. "How was practice?"

"Fine." Sherei's voice, while not quite mature had a mellow tone, giving a subtle hint to its future sultriness.

She nattered on for a few minutes about some of the girl gossip that follows all teenagers around. As she talked she reached for the remote and half turned to aim it at the television behind her.

As she was talking to me, I was letting my gaze wander up and down her shapely legs, and up her sexy body. I nodded in the right places and chuckled at the right times, and she took no notice of my wandering eyes. This was a usual practice with us and usually ended innocently enough, but that was about to change.

As Sherei turned to turn the television on, she scooted back on the carpet causing her already loose shorts to ride forward. The bright sunlight seemed to shine directly into the usually shadowed area inside her shorts giving me a perfect view of her teen crotch. I could see that her white panties had ridden forward with her burgundy shorts, exposing the crease where her firm thigh met the bulge of her smooth pussy lips. Still talking, she turned back to me without sliding back into her underwear, but twisting her crotch further out of her panties, showing me the sweet crack that split her nearly hairless pussy.

My dick immediately hardened against my leg, and although Sherei couldn't see it as I could see her, she had to have noticed the swell in my thin shorts.

The air-conditioned room did nothing to stop the beads of sweat forming on my forehead. Sherei was looking at the bulge against my thigh and talking calmly to me. When I spoke in turn, her tongue peaked out to moisten her gorgeous, full lips.

The ringing phone broke the spell for both of us.

"I got it," said Sherei, jumping up from the floor.

"I know," I replied, and we both grinned. "You stay on it so much I ought to let you pay the bill."

"Aww Daddy," she playfully groaned, smiling all the while. As she walked by she pulled her shorts up snug to her crotch, and at my eye level I got a quick glance at the outline of her pussy.

Sherei hung the phone up after a short while.

"Wow, that was fast," I teased. "Wrong number?"

"Naw," she sashayed back into my view. "That was Keisha. She asked me if I was still coming over tonight, but I told her that I would come over some other time."

She sat next to me, her leg touching mine. "I decided to stay home with my Daddy tonight," she grinned, showing evenly spaced teeth.

"Well all right then, we might as well order a movie," I said laying my arm across her shoulders.

"Ooooh let me do it Daddy." Sherei reached for the remote control. I held it out of her reach and when she lunged for it I grabbed her in a headlock. This started an impromptu wrestling match, causing me to toss the remote across the room. Sherei dove after it and I quickly followed, landing across her legs. She was laughing as I pretended to struggle with her.

With the remote just out of her reach, Sherei squirmed deliciously as I crawled up her struggling body. My mind was actually on the game as I lay on top of her. I grabbed her out stretching arms as she reached for the remote and pulled them in beneath her breasts with one hand, wrapping my other around her beautiful slim neck.

"Daddy," she giggled, "no fair. You always pick the movie."

"That's because you're not tough enough," I mock growled into her ear.

"Your breath is tickling my neck," she squealed and began to squirm beneath me. It was then that I realized that I was laying atop my statuesque teen daughter, with nothing but the thinnest of materials separating my hardening dick from her soft, sweet ass. The hand under her body was fully pressed against her soft tits, our combined weight holding it in place. I tried to play it off as she squirmed from side to side under me, giggling all the while, but she finally felt my stiff dick riding the crack of her ass.

I must have temporarily lost my mind, because when she stopped moving and looked over her shoulder at me, I couldn't resist gently grinding my dick against her bottom. I heard her inhale sharply as we just stared at each other, but she made no attempt to get me off of her. I ground my dick against her a little harder, and I thought that she might have pushed back ever so gently. Her innocent hesitance caused another surge of blood to further harden my penis. I was starting to breath a little fast as I dipped my head to hers, and still gazing into her eyes, I got my first taste of the sweet, kissable lips. She didn't pull away, but kissed me gently, and ground her bottom up against my hard on.

I moved to one side, allowing her to roll from underneath me, and lay on her side facing me. All this time her beautiful eyes never left mine. I think it was her gaze, more than anything else that caused me to go on when I could have ended it then and there. I pul1ed her close to me, one hand between her rib cage and the floor, and the other on her waist.

She let me suckle at her lips. As I finally caressed her beautiful ass, I pulled her against me. Her mouth cracked open, ever so slightly, and her small pink tongue probed mine. I breathed her in deeply as I pressed forward and worked my way into her mouth. I taught my little girl how to kiss like a woman, and she did it with great enthusiasm. We made out for a good ten minutes, grunting like animals, and grinding our pelvises hungrily against one another, before I could tear myself away from her sweet lips. Even then I kissed all around her mouth, gently sucking her cheek, chin, eyelids, working my way down to her exquisite neck. I heard her sigh as I sucked and licked her neck and ran my hand up and down her body squeezing and caressing her firm teenage ass, and tits.

With one last lingering kiss, I finally broke away from my teenaged daughter. We lay there for a moment, breathing raggedly and sweating, staring at each other, wondering what was next.

Sherei let out a contented sigh and stretched feline like, pressing her body fully against mine, and grabbed the remote control. She caressed my cheek as I looked into her unreadable eyes, before rolling away from me.

Come on Daddy, I won fair and square, she sang as she walked towards the couch, looking at me over her shoulders and switching her butt.

Not looking where she was going, Sherei stumbled over a fold in the rug, causing her rounded bottom to jiggle as if her panties could not contain so much flesh. The sight of her slim waist tapering up from those twin globes of dancing flesh was just too much for me. I decided then and there to fuck my little girl.

I stood up, my throbbing cock was quite evident to her as I crossed the room, but she never said a word. Sherei stared at me silently as closed the blinds, shutting off any view from outside, and dimming the light coming into the room. She watched me in nervous anticipation as I moved towards her.

She laid back on the couch, one leg on the pillows and her head resting on the arm. I could tell that at least wanted more of what we just did, but I wasn't sure if she really knew what I had in mind.

I lay on top of here, rubbing my blood-engorged dick against here swollen crotch. She reached up to me and pulled my head down to kiss me deeply. Sighing and moaning, she began a slow circular grind into me, crushing and rubbing her virgin pussy along my aching dick. I ground back into her just as fiercely as she hugged me eagerly. Her hands moved around my head, neck and face as she kissed me. Her tongue worked maniacally inside my mouth as we breathed each other in deeply. The fell of her small tongue working in my mouth sent my conscious mind on a small trip. Battling her tongue in a sea of our mixed saliva and suckling and pulling on her sexily pouting lips left a mental kaleidoscope of colors exploding in the back of my brain. Of course, the blood that was being called from all points of my body and directed to my awakened cock could have also caused that.

She looked at me questioningly when I pulled away from her and pulled her into a sitting position. I just had to get a hold of those teen-aged titties. She raised her arms as I pulled her t-shirt over her head. Understanding brightened her eyes as she removed her sports bra. Without the restraining material her firm breasts stood out proudly. Her nipples were already hard and stuck out at least a half-inch from the dark field of brown areola.

I leaned her against the back of the couch and knelt on the floor between her sweat slickened thighs. I was mesmerized at the sight of her pert young tits. Sherei leaned down and pulled my mouth to hers hungrily. I took a breast in each hand, marveling at the firmness of her flesh. Wrestling her tongue with mine, I rubbed my thumbs roughly across her nipples, drawing a moan of surprise from her. I pulled at her hardened nipples relentlessly, drawing gasps from her hot mouth.

She leaned back into the couch as I kissed down her neck, licking and sucking the smooth, warm flesh. I bit gently at her neck, squeezing and kneading her resilient tits. I kissed and licked my way down to her cleavage, as I pressed her breasts together. Sherei moaned ecstatically as I licked first one nipple and then the other, bathing them in my spit. She pulled my head into her as I closed my mouth around her nipple and suckled greedily.

Sherei moaned, Yes Daddy, suck my titties. Oh it feels so good, Daddy. Mmph.

Her sultry voice drove me on as I went back and forth between her two breasts.

As my mouth worked devotedly my hands roamed over her nubile young body. I rubbed up her back, massaging and squeezing her taught frame. I grasped and squeezed her amazing ass a she squirmed around on the couch. She eagerly spread her thighs as I worked one hand against the Y f her thighs and cunt.

Oh, she moaned sharply when I worked my hand up the leg of her shorts and began to rub against her engorged labia. Her panties were soaked with the hot, thick juices of lust that ran from her body.

She raised her bottom from the couch allowing me to remove her shorts and panties. As I slowly pulled them down her long, shapely legs, her virginal pussy came slowly into my sight. My dick twitched like it had a life of its own as the object of my desire came into full view.

Kneeling between her spread thighs, I could smell the soap that she'd showered with. I could smell the freshness of her youthful body, and the womanly odor that her leaking, young cunt gave off.

I pushed her thighs up, raising her feet off the ground.

Hold your legs open, baby, I whispered hoarsely, my eyes never leaving the sight of her bared crotch.

Ok, she whispered back just as hoarsely.

As the held her legs spread before me, I looked up into my daughters' eyes. Her lust was painted clearly on her sweating face. She breathed deeply and heavily as her small, pink tongue danced around her lips.

Do it, Daddy, she begged. Please lick my pussy, daddy. Please.

Even with her legs spread, Sherei's full pussy lips touched. I leaned forward, my hands under her smooth ass, spreading and squeezing. I inhaled her clean scent deeply. I couldn't control myself any longer as I planted my mouth on her hot cunt and kissed it as deeply as I had kissed her mouth.

Ah! Sherei jumped with the first contact. I lapped at her flowing juices, each lick of my tongue pushing further into her tight, wet tunnel.

Oohh, Daddy! She panted, squirming deliciously against my mouth and hands.

I kneaded at her ass as I dove my tongue deeper and deeper into her virginal hole. Sherei pulled at her nipples as I licked along the skin between her asshole and pussy hole. She gasped, and oohed and aahed, thrashing her head from side to side and moaning ecstatically as I thoroughly bathed her pussy with my hungry tongue. She squealed when my tongue found its way to her puckered asshole following the river and cunt juice and saliva. I lapped away for all I was worth from hole to hole, my daughter dancing jerkily against my mouth.

As her movements became more erratic, I shoved my tongue as far up into her tight pussy as I could, nibbling hungrily at her thickened pussy lips.

Her moans and cries of pleasure were getting louder, and I realized that she was close to cumming. She pulled my head into her foaming pussy and let out a low, drawn out moan. I sucked at her throbbing clit as the first throes of climax hit her.

Daddy! She screamed, her pussy clenching fiercely at my probing tongue.

My little girls' tight, virginal pussy clamped down on my tongue and she drenched me with her sweet juices. She came hard and long, squealing and mewling all the while. I slurped and lapped enthusiastically, determined to not waste a drop of this sweet treat.

When her climax finally subsided, Sherei lay limply back on the couch, covered in a sheen of sweat and breathing deeply.

God, Daddy, what happened? It felt so good, she panted, rubbing gently at her pussy. I moved up her body and tongue kissed her deeply, allowing her to taste her own sweet juices.

That was an orgasm, baby, I explained breathing somewhat heavily myself. You came from me licking your pussy. Now it's my turn.

I stood back from her and removed my tank top, shorts and underwear. I felt a huge relief at releasing my aching cock.

Sherei's eyes widened at the sight of my eight-inch dick bobbing in front of her. She looked at me with a question in her eyes as she reached for it with.

Go ahead, baby, I told her.

She grabbed my dick gently in her soft hands; the fingers of one hand couldn't meet around the girth of my throbbing cock.

It feels hot, she whispered, rubbing her hands along the thick length. I could feel her breath on the sensitive head as she leaned in closer. That exquisite feeling along with the inviting wetness of her slightly open mouth almost caused me to cum then and there.

I knew what I wanted, and couldn't hold back any longer.

I pulled her up from the couch, and held her close to me, the head of my penis rubbing between her legs along her moist pussy. I kissed her fiercely and squeezed her delectable ass, pulling her into me.

Lay down, honey, I told her, guiding her to the floor.

I knelt between her open legs, and lay over her, allowing the sensitive mushroomed head to rub against her little peach fuzz covered cunt.

I kissed her gently, rubbing slowly along her slit. At first she lay stiffly afraid of what was to come, but she gradually began to move against me, kissing back deeply.

Her dripping juices mixed with my pre-cum, and the slickened mixture coated the broad head of my erect cock.

I held myself at her opening, and looked her in the eyes.

Go ahead, Daddy, she moaned, her eyes half closed and her eager hips working her hot slit along my dick head. Do it. I want you to do it so bad, Daddy.

I didn't have the words to respond. As the sweat dripped off of me and fell in droplets onto her flat stomach and firm breasts, I guided my cock into her opening. Evening with the juices from her orgasm, and my saliva, it was an extremely tight squeeze. She held her breath as I worked my head into her small opening.

Ohh, she moaned, as I slowly stretched her insides. She stiffened as I worked my head, slowly in and out. She began to relax and move with me as her virginal pussy adjusted to this thick intruder. She rubbed her hands along my sweating back and buttocks as I worked more and more of myself into her.

Her walls were so tight, that even though her juices were constantly flowing it felt as if she was trying to squeeze me back out.

I felt the restriction of her maidenhead and drew back out. I began to fuck her slowly, stopping at the blockage. She fucked my back, her legs around my waist and her muscular thighs pulling her up to me.

Aww, ungh, she groaned. Oh, Daddy, it's so big. Oh it feels so good. She moaned beneath me fucking me harder and harder. Aw shit, Daddy. Fuck me with that big fucking dick! Fuck me!

My daughter thrashed beneath me like she was possessed, her pussy hungrily sucking at my probing dick. She was pulling me harder and harder into her, and didn't even seem to feel when I broke through her cherry. Feeling the restriction gone I thrust deeply into my little girl, forcing her tight pussy to open completely and take the full length of my cock.

Aargh! she screamed as I filled her with my meat.

I'm cumming, Daddy! As I drove in and out of my baby's contracting pussy, my balls slapping against her firm ass, I finally reached my limits. The glove like grasp of her pussy, along with the knowledge that I was fucking my own daughter, was too much for me.

I rammed my dick fully into her as I came, her orgasmic contractions pulling at my aching dick with a silky viselike grasp.

Ohh, I grunted as load after load of hot semen filled my daughter's sucking pussy for the first time ever.

She inhaled at the feel of my incestuous semen splashing into her, and I planted my mouth over hers to intercept the scream that came forth.

My daughter screamed briefly into my mouth and kissed me deeply as we pumped and ground into each with reckless abandon. I came more than I could believe, each spurt followed by another just as strong. Her tight pussy milked me continuously. I was in heaven and didn't want it to end.

And just think, we had the whole night to ourselves.

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