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First story. Comment nicely please.
This is my first story. I'm sorry about correct grammer and spacing. I'm writing this from my phone.

Let's start off with a little about me. My name is Jessica. I am 19 now but at the time of this story I was 17. I have a thin build, and stand at about 5'5. I have shoulder length brown hair and a 32B cup size. All my boyfriend have loved my ass and said my pussy was tighter than most girls. I was obviously not a virgin and loved to have sex weekly. Also at the time of this story my boyfriend and I had broken up so I had not fucked in about 2 months.

Now some background information. My cousin, Kevin, 14 at the time, would come down to my house at 3:00 am on weekdays because his dad had to leave to go to work and his mom had left them. He would make a pallet at the end of my bed and sleep until it was time to get up for school. We were pretty close and would talk about everything with eachother but never about sex or anything like that. He was about 5'10 and had a bigger build, not fat, but not skinny.he would always tell me how pretty I was and I had beautiful blue eyes and features.

This story starts one early morning when he stumbled in a 3. He made the pallet and lied down for awhile. I was awake. But he didn't know it. And when he stood up I just acted like was asleep. He walked over to the side of my bed and breathed very slowly. Still I pretended to be asleep. I felt his hand on my stomach. This was strange and I wanted to move his hand but I couldn't bring myself to do anything. He gained a little courage and moved his hand up to my right breast. I understood what he wanted now. He slowly caressed my breast and I started to enjoy it. My nipples were getting hard and my pussy was getting wet.

I decided I wanted more so while acting asleep slowly worked my blanket down so that only my shirt was between him and my skin. He leaned over and kissed my lips and licked my lips. He slowly moved the blanket down to my ankles. I only slep in my panties and my shirt so he was now rubbing my pussy through me wet panties. I started to moan and move a little and to my dissapointment he got scared and laid back down at the foot of my bed.

I was so horny and really wanted him. I waited about 30 minutes and the to try the same thing to him. I kneeled down next to him peeled down his blanket and felt his chest through his shirt. He was definaltly asleep. I took his hand and pressed aginst my tits, then laid down next to him and slid his hand under my panties and started to finger myself with his finger.

With him still not waking I went for his manhood. I slid my hand to find a very nice size erect cock. I just had to see it. I got between his legs and slid his boxers down. His cock was beautiful. About 7 inches. I wrapped my lips around it and bobbed my head up and down while sucking and licking. Needless to say this woke him up. But I kept on going.

"oh my god Jessica don't stop" he pleaded. But I did.

" I need this somewhere else" I told him " let's get on my bed." we got up any moved to my bed. We stripped off our clothes and he rubbed me all over. Then he started sucking my tits. No one had ever done this to me before. I almost came then. "stop teasing" I said. I took his cock which was covered in precum and sucked it a few times.

I got on all fours and he got behind me. He rubbed his tip aginst my dripping wet pussy and slowly pushed inside me. It was absoulty amazing. His big cock stretched me to my limits. He fucked me hard.

" oh yes keith fuck me" I moaned " fuck your fucking cousin" and he did. He fucked me for a good 5 minutes doggy style ending my my earthshattering orgasm.

"that's good bitch, cum for me, cum for me"

" I am! " I shreiked as I came again. He had some real stanima lasting longer than any other guy before him.

"alright jess I want you to bounce on my cock until I tell you to stop. Then suck me until I blows my load in your mouth" he stated. I agreed.

He laid down and I positioned myself onto of him. And slammed myself down on his cock. Over Andover impailing myself on his rod. I felt his cock twitching in my pussy.

"now, get off!" he screamed and I jumped off and put my mouth on his cock. I rapidly sucked and bobbed my head up any down. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock into my throat and blew his load. I felt as his cream pumped out and filled my mouth and throat. Quickly I filled up and it spilled down my chin. I swallowed all of it. It was sweeter than the cum I had tasted before.

After I finished swallowing we got up and kissed a few more times.

"that was awesome" he said

"thanks I thought it was too" I told him ""If I would have know you could fuck like that I would have done this a lot earlier"

He told me the same thing and we fell asleep in my bed. We got to sleep for about 2 hours. And played hookey the next day. We just messed around with eachother that day and... Well that a story for another day..He never slept in that pallet again and we would fuck once or twice a week.

The end.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-30 01:22:23
Was short needs detail

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-30 21:48:08
this story sounds like a porn ive seen called sleepassualt,are was it hypnosluts no i think close to nightinvasion this sounds just like a scene from a porno hard to remmember


2008-12-01 16:22:46
who cares what his name is? I think it was a damn good story.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-18 04:40:04
At first you introduce him as kevin, but then you call him keith later.


81 maleReport

2008-11-14 23:15:12
i was 14 and fay [now deceased], my cousin and wrestling,. she decided to take it when my dick got hard. she was 24 at the time. we went at it until i went in the navy. after the war, her husband came home ending the best times of my young life!!!

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