I couldn't make this shit up!
It was my junior year in high school and the party I had just hosted was simmering down. Me and a few close friends were chillin passing the bowl around and smoking hookah delaying the inevitable; cleaning up the mess that we had created through a night of drinking, smoking, and an extreme hedinism typically assciotated with the ancient Greeks.

I finally began picking up plastic cups and beer cans littered around my house and slowly made my way upstairs. Little did I know, the time of my life waited for me there. When I did stumble up the stairs lazily and half drunkenly, I began to hear the sounds of passionate love making.

"Oh, hell yes!," I thought as I craftily made my way towards the door that the sounds were eminating from. Slowly I tiptoed closely to the door as the noises became louder and louder

"Oooh, yeah..." the smacking of lips became more and more audible in the dark cooridor as I crept closer.
The soft sounds came of course from a soft and sensual feminine mouth "....Mmmmm, yes...". I quickly became excited and noticed that my cock had reached its full erect position.

Slowly yet surely, I made my way to the door and peered through the crack that was open. My breathing became more and more rapid as the sounds of sex shot through my head. "Yes, oooh, yes...". The room was pitch black, a disapointment. Yet I was so fixated on finding out who the two were I stuck my head further into the dark room.

But still, nothing could be seen. "Ooo....ooooh God yes..."

I became even more excited still and lost control. I couldnt take it any more. I reached drunkingly into the room and fumbled around the wall for the light switch, finally flicking it making the room shine with light. What I saw left me completely awe shocked.

Two beatiful female bodies siting up in the middle of the bed, their legs and bodies intertwined. I instantly recognized the two of them. The blonde bombshell with her hand cupping the inside of the others sexy and lacy thong was Kimberly, a well known slut in the school, of who I already had intimate knowledge of, having had sex with her freshmen year. Her large 34 C cup breasts were exenciated by hot pink hershey kiss nipples and gorgeous curves going all the way down her body to her long legs and fantastic thighs.

The other, whom Kimberly was embrassing ever so passionately, was Dominique who was a total prude and lacked all sexual experience, but she was the forbidden fruit that everyone was yet to taste. Her hair was black and curly and dipped down sensualy to her upper back and shoulders. Her breasts were less devolped than that of Kimberly's but equally as perky and hot.

I stood stalk still watching the two make out and explore each others lucious lips and mouthes. My already hard cock began to throb uncontroably as they continued with the lights on, almost as they didn't notice.

Kimberly was first to break the kiss. "Dan!," she yelled at me, "what are you doing honey?". Everyone she slept with gained the status of "honey" with her. Not really knowing what to do, and swaying stupidly in the door way I eventually replied, " Uhh... Uh.. Cleaning up." as I raised the trash bag full of beer cans and cigaratte butts.

Dominique was completely mortifed when she came down from her lesbian induced ecstacy. She grabbed a sheet and covered her cute nipples. "You're not going to tell anybody about this, right?.." she asked hesitantly and extremely innocently. "Um.. No, do you guys have any beer in here? I'm cleaning up." I repeated dumbly. They pointed to the large stack of cans on the night stand.

"Damn, you guys were having a regular party by yourselves weren't you?" I said retaning a bit of my cool. It warrented a chuckle from Kimberly but only a slight smile from the shy Dominque. I clumbsily started towards the stack, all the while my eyes on Kimberly's ample breasts and Dominque's tight ass. That's when I began to plot. "I won't tell anybody about this, Dom, if you allow me in this personal party of two."

After being received in total silence I was afraid of coming off as a total creep, but Kim's smile just got larger. "Of course," she said cleverly, "I was going to invite you anways, honey."

This remark only made Dom more apprehensive then she already was but after a reasurring look from her lesbian partner, she lowered the sheet covering her fine B cup tits and gave a wry smile. "I'll start you off, honey." Said Kim, sexily as she crawled across the bed on all fours towards me and my hard dick. "Fuckin A!" I thought as I cracked open another beer and reached for a joint in my jeans.

Kim slowly undid my belt as her beatiful blue eyes looked up into mine. "Dom, get your face in my cunt already." She said bossily as Dominique quickly replied by pulling Kim's light blue thong down her long legs and thighs with her teeth alone. My throbbing member shot into the air as kim pulled my boxers down to my ankles and began to gently storke the whole six inches. While she worked my cock, Dom was busy doing the best she could licking up and down Kim's wet cameltoe. And then an idea popped into Dom's head; she went straight for the asshole. She licked it in circles dipping her toungue in and out of the tight hole. Kim responded by shooting her butt higher into the air as she rolled her own tongue around the purple head of my dick.

I finished my beer and lit my joint when I felt the inevitable feeling of a wild orgasm coming on. "Slow it down, babe...." I said as I blew a smoke O into the air and watched it slowly disapate over Kim's bubble butt. This only made her go faster. The girl wanted me to come. Apparently the wicked hoe had some plans for me.

She rolled her tongue faster and faster, and squeezed my shaft harder and harder as it became increasingly difficult to hold my load in. Dom moved her focus from the asshole down to Kim's dripping wet clit and rolled her tongue making Kim moan in pleasure through my dick. Then, another suprise came, Dom took her middle finger and plunged it into Kim's asshole as it was already soaked with salivia. This image took me way over the edge as my face turned red and my toes curled, I shot a hot huge load straight into Kim's ready mouth.

"UGH...." I released my breath and doubled over, an intense wave of pleasure surging through my entire body. "Damn Kim, that was the best blow job I've ever had the pleasure to recive." She smiled and wiped a trickle of cum that had dripped from her mouth. She turned to Dom and smiled malicously.

"You havent seen anything yet..." she said as she leaned over to reach into her bag and pulled out a long purple dildo.


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