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The families that play together get layed a lot
The Dallas Fathers' Club

There are fathers’ clubs all over the United States, probably all over the world, dedicated to the proposition that sex between parents and their children is a good thing. Of course you will not find them listed in the yellow pages or advertised on billboards, at least not in this country. However they do exist and they all seem to have many members. In fact I was surprised a secret of this sort could be so well kept. As a rule it is necessary to be an incestuous parent in order to find one of these groups. There is another way as I found out.

In Dallas I hung out at a small fast food place over near the Methodist Hospital. My painful divorce had become final and I had moved from Minnesota to Dallas to make a fresh start. As I found out, no matter how far you run you are still there when you stop running. That is an old AA maxim. I had been sober for two years at the time and still had more of the alcoholic’s behavior patterns than those of the “straight sober citizen.” I made good money and had no one to share it with. The North Dallas AA club and the little fast food franchise were my only social outlets.

Beth Ann, another lonely person and I became friends. She was a tiny dishwater blond from east Texas who was starving for company, any man’s company. She was barely five feet tall and looked like a model for “The Waif’s,” that series of pictures of very young girls with big eyes and lonely expressions on their faces. She made the first advances because, as she told me, “You look a lot like my daddy.”

I was thirty-eight and knew I was at least twenty years older than she. As with all too many lonely people, within a week we were sleeping together. When the rent on her room came due she moved in with me. She had an extensive sex education and shared what she knew with me. Then came the first eye opener, about a week after she moved in.

“Your dick is a lot different from my Daddy’s,” she told me one evening as we undressed for bed.

“Oh?” I replied for lack of anything to say.

“Yeah, he’s got his skin cut off and y’alls don’t.” She looked at mine critically and added,
“You take more time than he ever did.”

“Oh?” I answered. This was a conversation I have never had with anyone before. It was one of the few times I had nothing much to say.

“Uh huh, when you and me is doin’ it I close my eyes and pretend it is him pokin’ me. I miss him. He’s in prison, you know.” No I did not know.

“What is he in for?” I asked, more to have something to say than to find out anything. I figured I already knew what he was serving time for, fucking his underage daughter.

“Manslaughter,” she said so matter of fact I almost missed it. “He ran over a dude who tried to rip off his stash. Daddy makes the best shine in Texas.” She got a soft smile on her face whenever she mentioned her “Daddy.”

“I’m goin’ to a meetin’ tonight, want to go along?” she asked.

“Okay, might as well. I never attended AA here in Texas.”

“Oh no,” she laughed, “This ain’t about drinkin’ and shit like that. This is the Fathers’ Club. I’ll vouch for you.”

That evening, at Beth Ann’s insistence, I put on a pair of western cut gabardine pants, my dress boots and a western cut shirt. “Gee! I exclaimed as I looked in the mirror, I look just like a cowboy.”

“No, you look like a banker trying to look like a cowboy. That’s what I want you to look like for the meeting tonight. There’s going to be some high powered people there, probably a couple of oilmen and such. I don’t want them looking down at you like they did my daddy,”

“Okay, whatever pops your bubble.” I did not know what she wanted or what her plan was because she worked on a timetable of her own.

Then Beth Ann went into the bedroom and came back out ten minutes later. She had changed! Oh hell how she had changed. She had on a little girl mini dress, thong panties that showed there were no hairs on her pussy, a little girl bow in her hair and no makeup whatsoever. She looked like she was ten years old. “Pick your jaw up off the floor and let’s go,” she told me. She looked very pleased at my reaction.

“Beth Ann,” I asked her, “I never asked before but how old are you really?” A niggling little worry nibbled at one corner of my mind. There is no fucking way any girl could look this young and still be street legal.

“Thirteen,” she told me and grinned. “You like young pussy?” I could tell by the self-satisfied smirk on her face she had played this game before. “Now come on, let’s go.”

We left the apartment and rode the elevator down to the ground floor. Two women rode down with us. They kept giving Beth Ann strange looks. I was thankful when we got in my Chevy and took off.

The directions she gave me landed us out in North East Dallas where all the houses were at least a hundred years old and built along the same Steamboat Gothic design. They were a row of millionaires’ tract houses. I parked on the street where she said and urged me,
“Come on! I want to get you introduced to everybody and watch your entrance exam.” Entrance exam? What the hell was this?

Thirteen is awfully young in Texas; in fact you can get in a whole lot of trouble. Right now Beth Ann looked like she was too young to have her period yet and she was taking me to a party at a house that cost a million five at least. The fact that she just admitted she was thirteen did little to ease my mind. She grinned at my nervousness and rang the doorbell. “I hope I don’t live to regret this,” I told her, only half joking.

When the door opened to admit us, I almost shit a brick. It was the owner of the company I worked for. “Hi Larry,” Beth Ann told him, “This is Randy. He’s kind of standing in for my daddy.

“Beth Ann, You know the rules, no strangers.” He frowned at me once and looked back at her.

“I’m sorry, Mister Hinkle,” I told him, “She did not tell me whose home she was taking me to. I apologize, and now good night.”

“How do you know my name?” he demanded in a hard voice. I had heard stories of the bodyguards he had near him at all times. The man was a billionaire two times over and had an invisible screen of security covering him at all times.

“Well sir, I see you every morning when you come through the front gate at the plant and head up to your offices. I do your air conditioning and refrigeration. Again, I apologize for the intrusion and we will be on our way.”

“Wait,” he said. I could see him thinking hard. “I have a bit of a problem here. This house in not listed in my name. This is a completely anonymous party house and weekend retreat where I entertain a few friends. It is a sort of a special interest club. We do not welcome un-vouched for strangers into our midst. On the other hand I cannot permit you to just leave.”

Oh shit, I had heard stories about what happened to his enemies and always discounted them. Suddenly I realized those stories just might be true. “Look sir, if I’m not fired over this, I’ll just take Beth Ann and leave. As I said, I do not wish to be an embarrassment to anyone.” I turned away and said, ‘Come on, Beth Ann, lets go.”

“Fuck you Larry,” she shrilled at him, “The attorney general guy tried to cut a deal with Daddy to give up some names. He said he would go to bat for Daddy if Daddy would name names.” She looked up at him and frowned, “Now you pull this kind of bull shit on me?
Randy here is okay I’m living with him and he treats me right. So what’s the deal?”

Leonard “Larry” Hinkle said, “Come in.” We followed him through a large living room. He led us on past and into his office. As he took a seat he told me, “Look, I am sorry for the greeting but one of our members has been arrested and charged, They have his daughter in custody and threaten him he will never see her again. That damned crazy wife of his caught them kissing and went crazy. My attorney has been trying to gain access to the girl but his attorney blocked every attempt. I think he has a deal going with the DA.

Beth Ann took her clothes off, tossed them on a nearby chair and crawled up on my boss’s lap. He began to absently caress her pussy while his mind was a million miles away.
Since I had been through a shit storm where my ex accused me of fucking our daughters I felt a ton of sympathy for the man. Although I had not stuck my cock in them I had played with their pussies and I had gotten inside a couple of their friends.

She wiggled her ass and asked, “Who is it?”

“Billy Horton,” he replied.

That was a name I knew. Billy Horton was campaigning for support to run for state senate.
Then I remembered something about his ex. She loved to go to the jazz clubs in East Dallas. I love Jazz and knew quite a few people in the jazz scene. There were a few tales floating around about her.

“What if I could make the ex-wife take it all back?” I asked. What if she changed her story and The DA had to drop her like a hot potato?”

“It’s not the district attorney who has her, it’s the attorney general,” he corrected me. “I’m listening,” he told me and slipped his finger in Beth Ann’s pussy. She moaned and licked his throat.

I grinned, “Well she likes to frequent some of the dives over on the east side and loves cock that’s Black and dogs of any color. Let her do a line of coke and she might try to take on an elephant’s trunk if somebody had an elephant handy.”

He made a snap decision. “Take your clothes off and be ready to answer the door for me. Beth Ann knows who is welcome and who is not. You’re the first ones here and I need to make some calls in private.” Well, we sure weren’t in Kansas any more, I decided. Then the fun began.

The grandfather clock along one wall struck nine and I was nervous as I waited for the door chimes to sound. When they did chime, a man in his mid forties smiled and led three young girls into the house. The oldest was about thirteen. The middle one looked to be perhaps eleven and the youngest was not over seven. “You a new member?” he asked. Then he looked beside me and said, “Hi Beth Ann.”

“Hi, Walter,” she answered him. “You might as well get your clothes off and get settled. More will be arriving in a little bit.”

The one I thought was about seven came over to me, took hold of my cock and gave it a big suck. “I’m Melody,” she told me and grinned.

Her father smiled down at his precocious daughter. “She is a feisty one.” They went into one of the bedrooms and came back out five minutes later naked. He had a slight belly bulge and about seven or eight inches of uncut cock. They went over to the bar and each got a beer. The two older girls each took a Lone Star; the young one got a six-ounce “chubb” mini bottle of beer while their father helped himself to a Tuborg. They went over to the DVD player and began to choose some music.

Just then the chimes sounded and I answered the door again. Four adults and a bunch of kids, mostly female greeted me, glanced down at my hard on and entered. One of the two boys with them, a kid about fourteen stopped long enough to grab my cock and squeeze it. Damn but that felt erotic. It was the first time a male ever played with my peter. Since I liked it I figured maybe I ought to check into that sort of thing a little.

Larry Hinkle finally came back in with a very pretty young blond in tow. “This is my youngest daughter Rene, she’s eleven,” he told me. I want you to lead her out into the middle of the room and fuck her in front of everybody here. This will be your test to join the club.

I did not ask what the alternative would be if I refused. I did not want to even think about it.
“Okay with you?” I asked the girl.

“I love to perform,” she told me. She spread her legs as soon as she lay down on the heavy, luxurious carpet. “Lick me inside!” she called back at me.

No man who wants to get promoted disobeys the boss or his daughter. I went down on my belly and began to lick her sweet young pussy. As I licked and probed her with my tongue I looked up and saw her father, my boss, watching. He had a glazed look in his eyes. That son of a bitch was about to get off watching his young daughter have sex. I knew my kids fucked but I never thought of watching them get fucked as a turn on.

“Let’s go sixty-nine,” she cooed. I switched around and started to lick per pussy some more. I felt her tender lips surround my cock head and her tongue began to go to work. I cum in less than five minutes. Rene jumped up. She had not swallowed. She ran to her father and planted a big kiss on his mouth. He licked all of my cum out of her mouth and smiled at me and nodded.

I needed a few minutes to recover. The little shit sucked me dry and it would take a little time to build up another charge. “Wait,” I heard a young boy say. It was the one who groped me when he came in the door. “I want to fuck your ass. His skinny young peter was already hard.

Rene called at me, “Do it!”

“Well, here goes nothin’ I guess,” I told him.

Rene rushed over and began to lick my ass and deliver a lot of saliva to it. Just as soon as she jumped up I felt his slender four-inch cock slip into my ass. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed. At first it surprised me and then I liked the sensation. We fucked for a while and then he cum in me. This was certainly an evening of firsts. I felt a dry orgasm start in my ass and work its way out. I had heard of dry cumming but this was my first experience to feel one.

Some adult took the boy’s place and began to fuck me hard. At first it was almost painful.
Then when he cum in my ass I had another dry orgasm. Christ but I was glad I would not have to work the next day. My body would not have made it.

As soon as the guy pulled his tool out of my abused ass I stood and staggered over to the bar for a drink. I leaned there and sipped on a Lone Star and looked around. I saw Beth Ann sandwiched between two guys, taking it up the ass and in the cunt at the same time. I could hear her moans clear across the room. I felt like an amateur compared to her. She could write a whole sex manual all by herself and pose for every illustration.

The chimes sounded and I staggered to the door. Damn but my ass hurt. Four couples stood waiting to be let in. They all nodded to me and separated to the different bedrooms. In moments they all came out naked. One honey blond about sixteen was pregnant. I missed it when they came in. Two older men hurried up and latched onto her. The young man who looked a couple of years younger called out, “Take it easy, Sis. Remember what Mama said about strenuous activity.”

He turned and looked at me. “Sis is seven months pregnant and Mama is worried she might do something too strenuous. Mama is more worried about whether the newspapers get hold of the story about our knocked up little sis than who the father is. She’s worried the father might not be very white.” I know why Daddy married her; she is rich and fucking stupid as a rock. She wants to fuck once every couple of months because Grandma told her if she did not Daddy would run around on her. He did not have to run too far. We think he’s the daddy.”

A tall man came over to us and reached down and squeezed the young guy’s cock in an affectionate way. He kissed the young guy on the lips and said, “Bobby, Marilee wants some TLC from you. What is it with you two? She has access to your young body all week long and she still wants you to be her first at the party.” He smiled at his son and turned to me,

“Bill Stinson,” he said and shook my hand. Then without waiting for me to tell him my name he walked off.

My boss came over to me and beckoned for me to follow him. “Bill will handle the door. I need you in here.” He pointed toward his office. I followed him.

“Now then,” he asked me, “How much of what you told me about Daphne Horton, Billy’s wife is true? No, strike that. How much can be proven, whether it is true or not?”

“Well, I have seen a couple of pictures of her getting fucked by black guys. I have been told there is a movie of her getting fucked by a Great Dane. One of the pianists claims to have it. I watched her with a German shepherd once at the Blue Note after hours.

“Like I said, give her a line of coke and she will fuck anything. When she’s not high, she acts like Mary’s little lamb. I fixed her AC unit once when she was coming down and she thanked me with a blowjob. The next night she did not know me when she came into the Black Bottom.”

“Get dressed, I have a job for you,” he said.

Well shit, if this didn’t take the frosting off the cake. Just when the party was getting interesting I had to run an errand for Larry Hinkle. All I said was “Yes sir.” You should never argue with the boss.

He smiled as he saw my disappointment. “Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on a thing. Let’s just say that if this errand is successful you will have all the sex you can ever hope to handle from now on.”

I got dressed and asked him, “You want me to get hold of that movie or some pictures?”

Anything you can get will help. He handed me a thick roll of hundreds. “I called a limo service. Drink all you want and do whatever you have to do. Just show some results. I don’t want you pulled over for drunk driving.”

“You got a recorder I can take along, a real small one? I might get some conversation going.” It was a wild idea.

He nodded and handed me a ballpoint pen. “This is a transmitter.” He handed me a small plastic box half the size of a pack of cigarettes. “Leave this in the limo. It has a range of almost a half-mile. They are both on right now.” I nodded and left.

At the Blue Note the driver looked around nervously and let me out. Like too many white people he was afraid to be surrounded by “people of color,” especially in East Dallas. As long as the beer held out and the jazz was cool I did not give a shit. I waved at John Henry Jones at the door and he waved me on in.

“You steal a load of money?” he asked, looking at the limo.

“Nah, I hit a number and want to celebrate.” I grinned and went on in. Sassy Barnes was doing the vocals on Creole Love Call. She waved and kept on singing.

Lucy, one of the barmaids hurried over with two beers. She knew what I liked. I handed her a hundred dollar bill and said, “Keep it.”

“Shee-ut boy, you rob a fuckin’ bank?” She stared at the bill in wonder.

“Nah, I just hit a number. I want to celebrate and look for some stuff that will make me richer if I can find it.”

“What?” she asked suspiciously.

“You know that crazy white bitch that loves to suck big black cock?” She nodded once and waited for more.

“Well if I can get some pictures of her in action it might be worth up to a thousand dollars to someone.”

“You shittin’ me?” she asked.

“This is true stuff.” I told her and flashed my roll.

“Don’t go away,” she said. She hurried off.

Sassy came over as soon as she finished her set. I told her the same thing. “You mean that crazy Horton bitch?” she asked in a loud voice when I explained. I sure hoped the recorder caught that bit. “Who would pay for pictures of some ugly old fat bitch suckin' dick and getting’ fucked by dogs?”

The other members of the sextet came over and sat down without an invitation. They did not need one. I played good guitar and that meant we were all brothers. Musicians are that way. Even though I was an amateur, they liked my fingering. Sassy told them about my offer of cash for pictures. They laughed.

“Shit man,” the sax player said. “Who would pay for pictures of that skanyy old bitch?
That birthmark on her ass is nasty to look at. Who the fuck would pay money for that?” The others voiced their opinions and it all was duly recorded, I hoped.

Two hours later it had become real drunk outside as I left five thousand dollars lighter and one movie and a bunch of pictures heavier. It was almost two in the morning and I was about ready to pass out. Too much booze and sex had about done me in. When I got back to the party house all the lights were off. It looked deserted. I rang the bell a few times and waited. Finally one sleepy eyed young woman about twenty answered the door. I did not recognize her.

“I been on an errand for Mister Hinkle,” I told her and pushed my way on in.

Two big gorillas grabbed me. “Hold it right there, boy.” They both looked mean enough to eat snakes raw.

“I need to see Mister Hinkle. “I been running an errand for him.

Still naked, Beth Ann came up and asked, “Where you been?”

“You know this dude?” one of the gorillas asked.

“I hope to shout,” she grinned. “He brought me.” They let go and stepped back.

“If it can wait for morning, go join whatever is left of the party. The boss don’t like to be disturbed when he gets to sleep.”

I nodded and went into his office and lay down on his couch. I stashed my precious cargo under the couch and closed my eyes. “Someone shook my shoulder. “How did you do?”
I was still drunk and bushed. “Here,” I mumbled. I handed him the recorder. I went back to sleep.

“That’s real good. But I could use a little more just to make certain she is discredited.
I reached under the couch and pulled out the packet of pictures. I dozed off until I heard,

“What the hell? That’s my wife!” I sat up and tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes.

“What’s your wife?” I asked. “Let me see.”

He pointed to a second white woman in one of the pictures. She had a big black cock in her hand as she watched the other white woman get fucked by a Black guy. “You just earned a promotion.”

His daughter came in right then, “What are you yelling about, Daddy.”

He showed her the picture of her mother. “Mommy is going on a nice long cruise. I know just the guy to keep her company.”

“Oh yes, here’s that movie you wanted. It’s on a CD disk. Take a look and see if it is what you want.” I handed him the disk and lay back and went to sleep. I got to sleep till noon. I woke up with a hangover that would not quit,

Larry was in hog heaven. Yes, he had become “Larry” to me after all the pictures. He found his wife in three other pictures in the background. He let me sleep until I woke up.

“Go shower,” he told me.

“Honey, you show him where the shower is and find him a jump suit or something to wear,” he told his daughter. She grinned and led me toward a vacant bedroom. I got in the shower and she followed me. As soon as I was cleaned off she led me outside and told me to lie on the carpet still wet. We went sixty-nine until I cum. Son of a bitch, Larry was right there with a shit eating grin on his face as his daughter delivered my latest load to his mouth. Beth Ann came in with a man in his fifties. “I want to move in with Jake here and his two sons. They are all bi.

“Have fun,” I told her. “Thanks for the invite to the party.” I smiled and was relieved she was moving out. Thirteen year olds at this house were one thing. Thirteen year olds living with me in my apartment were too much risk. She left.

“I want you to move in here. I need someone with your qualifications close at hand” he told me and continued, “Elisa and her sister are the permanent maids here. They will take care of your needs. Elisa has twin girls and Ramona her sister has a fifteen-year-old boy. They also know people in the Mexican community who will make certain you never go without.”

“Larry?” I asked.


“Have you ever eaten a real young Black pussy?” He shook his head no. “Well, I know a beautiful little blues singer named Sassy who has a daughter who is eight years old. She looks like an ebony statue. Would you like to meet them? Sassy has been trying to get a break in show business. Perhaps you could lend her some encouragement.”

He laughed. “Bring her around during the week when there is no partying going on. We might talk.” He left the room and I got dressed.

I became special projects manager for Larry Hinkle And Sassy got a new recording contract.
What more could I ask for?

Well, there was one other thing. I nosed around the plant when I had nothing better to do and found an over the road driver with two young girls in tow. One was his daughter and the other was her friend. His reefer was broken down and he had a load due in Chicago. I used my new authority to get our mechanics to work on his truck and took him and the girls back to “my” place.

We walked in on Elisa and her son having at it in the living room. The twins and the truck driver’s pair eyed each other and the rest of the day was spent fucking, Sam, the truck driver told me about his little club in Utah and I showed him the club here in Dallas. The Fathers’ Clubs just became inter state.

It is truly amazing how many dads and their kids have loving sex together.

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I went on vacation when i was in asia. I hit for thailand.
I had a taxi driver take me to a home. The parents had four kids...all girls. They taught all the girls how to fuck. For a small amount of bot..their money, I fucked one of the girls. She was only...I think around 8 or 9. That was the best tight fuck I ever had.She took all nine inches of me up her cunthole.


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holy shit. clubs like that exist? dayum. wish i knew where.


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rcarson13 It's a fantasy, Stupid! I had three stepdaughters and two sons and I never laid a hand on them sexually, but I love to fantasize about sex with children. When I was a child I had sex with other children, both boys and girls. As an adult I wouldn't go near them with seduction in mind. I'm not sure what I would have done about a teen girl who tried seducing me.


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