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THE PURSE LADY Kira sat in her kitchen all alone on a Friday morning drinking her coffee and thumbing through the classifieds in the newspaper. She wanted to buy something, she always did when she was bored, and after all why not she had more money than she knew what to do with anyway. As she looked she spotted an ad for custom made leather purses, she always did have a thing for purses so why not call she thought. Keira picked up the phone and dialed the number, no one answered. She looked at the ad again to make sure she had the number right and saw that there were two numbers so she jotted them both down. As she listened to the ringing phone she thought hmmmmmm now what is it exactly that I want. A mans voice answered she stumbled on her words at first as she was so far into dreaming about the purse she forgot she was on the phone. She explained she had seen the ad and would like to order a purse. He asked her some questions about size, color, design, she wasn't sure at this point and told him. She asked if he had any pictures or samples she could look at first and of course he said yes. They set up a meeting to take place at his home, as that was where he did his leather work. The meeting would have to take place in the evening the following night because he worked another job and he had to work Saturdays. When all the arrangements had been made and information given they hung up. Keira went about her day as usual but she was a little excited about the purse and having one there would be no way for anyone to duplicate. When she went to bed that night she was thinking what should she wear when she went to meet the man who was going to make her purse. She decided she would wear something just a touch revealing so as to maybe get a better price (a habit from the old days before her husband died and left her with all of his hidden money) and even if that didn't work she was sure the meeting wouldn't be long and she could call some friends to meet her at a club they all liked. Saturday morning arrived and Keira made all her usual Saturday morning phone calls. She decided then that she would go have her nails done and a pedicure to kill some time while she waited to go see about her new purse. Finally!! It was time to get ready. Keira showered and shaved her long legs and took extra time washing her hair with a very strong scented shampoo and conditioner. Thinking to herself this always gets them they cant resist this scent and she laughed out loud. She had picked out a short, but not too short, black skirt and her usual black silk stockings, and a very low cut beaded burgundy tank top blouse. The skirt came about 7 inches above her knee and was maybe 3 or 4 inches below her scantily panty clad pussy. The blouse was cut just low enough to make men think hmmmm if she moves just right I will be able to see a nipple. Oh yes, she thought, smiling this is the perfect outfit and the shoes she picked were very high heeled and yes she looked fantastic now she was ready to go pick out a purse and drive a man crazy while she did it, all in the name of saving a buck. When she arrived at the mans house she became a little nervous, she hadn't realized when he gave her the address it was so far out on the outskirts of town. Keira shrugged it off and went to knock on the door of the small house. Inside Robert watched the woman as she sat in her car for a few moments before coming to the door. Wow! he thought as she got out, she was one hot lady. Robert knew he needed to keep it professional as he went to answer her knock. Damn the luck he thought. Robert answered the door and Keira looked uneasy she started to stammer "Is this the right, the place, I am here for a purse." Robert laughed and said " yes, this is the place and there is no need to be nervous." He invited her in and said first I will show you some of the different purses I have made and the different sizes I have, then we can discuss the coloring and design you would prefer along with price and a time limit to have it finished. Keira nodded. Robert said follow me, and started down a hallway, Keira followed. He showed her the purses, the sizes and said we can go in the other room to discuss and look at prints of pictures or you can give me a deion of your own idea. They walked through the kitchen and Keita notice a hat stand and on it were some beautiful braided leather leashes along with a dog collar and a larger, wider collar and some smaller like bracelets. Hmmmmm thought Keira I don't remember hearing any dogs bark when I arrived wonder if those are something he made for someone else pets, she would have to ask him. Robert offered Keira a drink while the went over stuff she accepted and chose a drink containing alcohol just like a wine cooler no big deal she thought I will still be able to drive and it is only one. After everything was settled and Keira had given him a deposit for the purse and they were talking a bit as she finished her drink she remembered the leashes in the kitchen. She asked him if he had any pets and he said no. Then looking a bit surprised she asked then what are those leashes and collars for that are in the kitchen? Robert raised his eyebrows not sure what she was really asking. Keira stood up and said here over here these as she went into the kitchen and pointed. Just somethings I was experimenting making. Keira then said these little ones wont work they are too wide and to small around for even the smallest of puppies. Robert burst out laughing he laughed so hard a tear rolled down his cheek. Keira hands on hips asked, "Now just what are you laughing at Sir?" Robert stopped cold, narrowed his eyes looked at her and said Sir?? Why did you call me that? "I don't know" Keira shrugged I just always say that. Well then Miss Keira let me tell you what these are and they are not for animals of any kind they are for people and I wanted to get some ready to take pictures of and post them on my website in an adult section. Keira's eyes went wide........."do you mean to tell me that these are sex things for those sick people that tie each other up and beat them?" "First of all lady these people are no more sick than gay people are,and second how can you sit there and judge if you have never tried it?" Keira was very indignant TRY IT she yelled Have you ever tried it she asked Robert. "Well yes as a matter of fact I have." he said. That's it she said I am leaving here now my I please have my check back? Wait a minute said Robert lets just both calm down and talk about this like rational people. We have had some good conversation here tonight besides the business so why don't you have another wine cooler relax and lets talk a bit more. Keira's first thought was fuck that I am out of here, but she accepted the drink. Robert attempted to make her see or at least open her mind a bit but she was having no part of it. She still insisted it was a sick perverted lifestyle. She did not realize that she was attacking Robert's lifestyle. He was getting angry as she called him (unbeknownst to her) all kinds of foul things. Finally he said so you never wore a choker back when they were in style? Of course I did she answered. Then just try this on you can take it off immediately if you like but try it on and he handed her the wider larger of the collars. Keira noticed it had 3 large D rings on it and chuckled. Well?, he asked now is that so sick and perverted?, how does it make you feel? Keira actually liked how it felt much to her amazement but was not going to admit it to him or anyone else. She was not one of those sick people and she knew it so liking it meant nothing. She said it isn't bad but would probably be uncomfortable after a while as it was so wide. Robert laughed and Keira raised her hands up to remove it. Wait said Robert leave it on and see if it does before you finish your drink, Keira agreed. As they talked she kept raising her hand up to touch it without realizing it. The more they talked the more they disagreed on the topic of bondage and the likes. Keira stood up to leave and as she did she said, " Well it is no wonder no woman will have you, it is obvious to me that you are just as sick and twisted as the rest of those perverted people!! You make me sick Sir!!" With that she reached up to take the collar had suddenly become very uncomfortable in her anger. In one quick swoop Robert had his arm around her waist and had both her arms held down so she could barely move. "You lady are a very rude and judgmental person. Look at how you are dressed, skirt up to your ass and shirt down to your belly button!! You have been giving me pussy shots all evening." Then he told her I think you secretly would like to try this stuff, I think it makes you hot. He reached out with one hand and grabbed 2 leashes from the hat stand. CLICK! one right on the front of that collar!! she wrestled to get away from him but he was so fast soon he had both hands bound at her wrists. Keira kicked her shoes off knowing she could never run in those shoes. DAMN! she thought why cant I ever just keep my mouth shut??!! Keira kicked him and tried to get her hands free as he half carried half dragged her down the hall into his bedroom. Robert told her I will not harm you but you will experience some of the most wonderful pain, dont struggle so much. Keira yelled I will get away from you and when I do I am going straight to the police. Robert only laughed as he deposited her on the bed. Keira jumped right back up and tried to run for the door, but Robert was faster and pushed her back onto the bed. Keira started screaming and Robert said little miss no one will hear you clear out here and there is no need to be frightened, I told you I would not harm you only give you some pleasurable pain. Keira shook her head no, no, no, . Yes, Keira I mean to have you in every and any way I chose and you will be helpless to do anything but obey me for tonight I am your Master and you will get a small taste and some teachings of what a slave is in this world. NO! NO! NO! yelled Keira you will not ever touch me in that way! You are an ugly, sick, sick, man let me go now! Robert just chuckled to himself mostly as he watched her eye the other side of the room and the door. On the other side of the room the wall was decorated with hooks and leather straps coming from all 4 corners, there were things that looked like whips, paddles, belts, belts with 3 or 4 layers to them and one whip and just beyond all of that the door, her escape. To the other side of all of those things was a tall dresser and on the top there were several bottles, all different, lotions, and such and then she saw the dildos her eyes widened ,there were many all sizes and shapes, some shapes she had never seen before and couldn't even imagine them inside her or any body at all. Then back to the door..........she didn't want him to see her looking there so he couldn't second guess her so she just jumped and half crawled across the bed got one leg off the side and he had her pulling her back. Ok missy that was your choice and you will have more to make but for now leaving wont be one of them. He kept her face down on the bed, sat on her back and grabbed one of her legs. He bent over and in an instant her ankle was bound to the bed frame and tightly. He got off of her and she flipped herself over half way to look at what he had done to her. She had been working the leash on her wrists and had gotten it loose but didn't want him to know. Please she begged, don't do this please don't do this. Robert replied I mean to have you tonight and to teach you some things. Keira suddenly pulled herself up into a sitting position and swung both hands at Roberts head, they barely grazed his face as she then pulled her hands free reached down to undo her ankle. Robert quickly pulled her back to him with the leash attached to her collar, she had forgotten it was there, she had no chance the whole time! Robert flipped her back onto her stomach, He placed his knee in the middle of her back as she tried her hardest to hit, scratch or anything to get free. When she realized it was hopeless she said then please let me lay on my back please. No he said it would never do for the results and consequences of your choices. That puzzled Keria even more. Robert reached for something on the headboard of the bed, Keira heard another click then he removed his knee from her back and got up from the bed. Keira was breathing hard all her fighting was wearing her out. Robert walked to the foot of the bed and took her other leg and began to bind her other ankle. Keira felt a fear like she had never known rush through her but also she felt wetness coming from her pussy, an excitement she had never known. As Robert was binding her other leg she tried to undo the collar from her neck, Robert noticed and quickly moved to her arms and said yes I thought total restraint might be necessary. With that he took her arm and placed a cuff around her wrist, reached down and pulled up a leather strap and attached it to the cuff. Once he had her completely bound he placed a pillow under her that raised her ass up into the air. Keira had become very still and quiet. Again he reminded her he would not harm her. He told her to relax as he needed to rest for a bit and needed a drink from the wrestling match they had just had and he left the room. He returned before he even made it down the hall and said oh yes, rule number 1 for a slave, no panties ever no matter how small they are. He lifted her skirt the rest of the way up and clipped the sides of her panties and pulled them away, tossed them on the floor. Oh what a lovely sight he thought. Keira squirmed helplessly, she could feel her ass and pussy completely exposed to him and anyone else who cared to see. Robert reached down and ran his finger from the crack in her ass right down to her pussy and he began to laugh, yes he said just as I thought, you lady are dripping wet and for the rest of your visit you will be my slave, my slut no name just slut but all of you will belong to me. With that he left the room. Robert went into the kitchen and got himself a glass and filled it with wine, took a couple of drinks as he thought, God man what are you doing?? It is a prison sentence you know..............yes maybe so but she is liking it just wont admit it. Hmmmm now what to do ,what to do, but he knew what he had to do,,,,,just what he told her he would do. Keira laid very still on the bed even as Robert had reached down and felt her pussy, not a muscle did she move. She listen closely as he left the room and when she was sure he was gone she began to struggle to get loose. It was of no use she tried everything she could think of even trying to use her teeth to free at least one hand but when she tried to move her head closer to her wrist she found it was only able to move about 2 inches in any direction. Keira started to cry when she realized she was at the mercy of this man or should she call him Master? Robert returned after a very short time. When he saw that she was crying he grabbed some tissues from a nearby box and moved to the top of the bed near her face. He wiped her eyes and nose and said you have very little need to be afraid, I told you I would not harm you and I wont. He half rubbed half petted her back to calm her as he spoke calmly and quietly to her. Robert explained to her that as his slave she would be expected to obey any request from him, anything put upon her body such as cuffs or any restraint shall be removed by him and only by him. Any blatant disobedience would result in punishment. Now my dear slut you have struck your Master, and been very disobedient by trying to escape and remove your restraints but as you were not aware of the rules you will not be punished for it but you will be punished for striking me. It will be a light punishment as you thought you were fighting for your life and I assure you that you are not but nonetheless you will be punished for striking me as that is NEVER allowed no matter what. As he finished saying that he walked over to the wall where all of his gadgets were hung. Keira tried to see what he was doing but couldn't quite get a good view of what he was doing or getting. She heard and half saw him come back over to the bed. Keira then felt what she thought was a million strands of cloth or something run down her spine. It felt good like a soft caress. Then Robert said you will receive 2 lashes for the one strike you gave me and if when this night is done you decide you want to continue on being my slave remember this is the lightest punishment you will ever receive. With that he struck Keira's back, she screamed it was more the shock and surprise that made her scream rather than the pain, although it did hurt she knew there would be or should be welts raising on her back. Keira struggled hard and thrashed as much as possible to avoid the next lash and to free herself. As he watched Robert explained usually a slave has to count her lashes and thank her Master for them but you being so new to this are allowed to forgo this formality for now, this time. With that said he struck her again and she screamed again. Never she said I would never do any of this willingly, I will never be your slave I hate you!! Robert walked over to the wall and hung his flogger back on its hook, took something else down and came back over to the bed. There you see punishment is not something you want and if you behave yourself the rest of the night you wont get it again . Now he said you are forgiven for striking me as you have received and accepted your punishment for it. It is over and forgotten.He placed his hand on her back and she flinched, oh now he said sure it hurts a bit but his wont even bruise. He began feeling her body from her back down almost like a massage he reached her ass and with no hesitation he grabbed one cheek in his hand and squeezed it hard then moved to the other side and did the same he rubbed and squeezed her ass for a few moments then moved to her inner thigh right next to her pussy. He could see that it was still very wet and he asked her do you like this slut? Keira replied just rape me and get it over with so I can leave. Robert laughed and said oh I have no intentions of raping you but you just may be begging me to fuck you before you leave here. NO way not ever!!! she screamed at him. He stopped rubbing her leg and pinched it way up high on the inside ever so close to her pussy ow she said stop it. I give the orders here slut not you and I have one right now and it is this you will not yell at me, you will use a respectful tone and level of voice when you speak to me. NO ow ow ow ow ok I will. Robert twisted a bit more and said say yes sir i will. Yes Sir I will in a sneer type of voice, not quite there but you will learn he said and he released his pinch. he rubbed his hand across her pussy and then brought it up to her face and said see your body tells on you, you are enjoying this slave now lick my hand and taste your own betrayal. No I wont I wont do it she said Robert placed his other hand on her back and traced one of her welts and said slut I gave you an order and you as my slave must obey. No movement from Keira and he pinched her welt. Out came her tongue to his hand faster than lightening. that's a good little slut he said as she licked his hand. Now next time I tell you to do something say yes Sir and then do it right away. I know you understand now so there will be no more pinching next it will be the whip for disobedience. He walked back to the middle of the bed and sat down and said now you can prepare yourself for some pleasure and he slapped her ass lightly. She jumped and clenched her ass cheeks together. Robert adjusted the pillow under her and it raised her ass right back up in a nice rounded position. He placed his hand on her ass and rubbed it and then slapped it again then rubbed and spanked then just when she was realizing how much she was liking this he darted down to her pussy and rubbed two fingers inside the lips of it. OOOHHHH very wet slut that tells me you like this spanking lets see how you do with a paddle. Oh no please don't she begged please no. Robert smacked her ass with the paddle and watched her ass turn even redder than it was. Keira couldn't believe she was feeling all she was feeling. She was so hot and wet and she just wanted to be untied and have sex with this man who created these feelings but no he wasn't about to do that he just continued paddling her not soft but not extremely hard either and with every strike Keira could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Robert stopped paddling her and inserted 2 fingers right inside her cunt and she came instantly she was so surprised but it felt so good her ass was hot and tingling and the force of that orgasm was unbelievable!! She collapsed into a shuddering heap as she finished her orgasm. Robert laughed thought you wouldn't like this didn't you? Slut you are not a sick person you just use more to feel with. Keira did not speak, she was ashamed of herself for cumming like that and ashamed that her body had betrayed her mind. I will let you rest a bit before I come to play some more with you he said. Do you need a drink he asked? Yes i do she said. How do you answer your master slave? Yes Sir i do. Good Robert said then you will be willing to suck on my dick for 2 minutes and then I will allow you to drink. No she said I wont do it. Ok he said but then there is no drink. Keira thought for a moment If I drink he has to free at least part of me that means I have a chance of escape. Finally she meekly asked, Sir may I suck your cock so that i can have a drink. Why yes slut you can and if you do it well you can have a drink of your choice of what is here in the house. Keira opened her mouth and he put his cock inside she began to suck then pulled away and said Sir please loosen this thing holding my head so far down so I can better serve you. Robert looked at her carefully and then loosened her leash. Keira sucked his dick like she was starving for it. (truth be told she liked it alot and had forgotten it was to receive a drink.) Robert pulled away and she tried to follow it with her mouth before she realized what she was doing. Oh no not yet slut and he laughed. What would you like to drink you have earned your choice. Keira just asked for water. Robert went to the kitchen and listened to her try to free herself and then put a straw in the glass of ice water. He brought the water to her and said here drink. she started to say but I need to sit up to....she trailed off as she saw the glass in front of her with a bendy straw in it and so she just took a few swallows and layed down. Robert placed the glass on the night stand beside the bed. He turned to Keira and said, " Now that you have enjoyed yourself tell me again how people like me are sick." Do you think this is normal? she asked. This is not normal and how dare you say I am enjoying myself, I am not enjoying myself she was beginning to raise her voice and Robert calmly reminded her of how she was to speak to her Master. He asked her why she didn't enjoy cumming because it sure looked like she was loving it from where he was watching. That was just because I havent had sex for so long so any kind of touch there would have made me cum she yelled back at him. Slut I wont remind you kindly again, DO NOT YELL AT ME!!! Next time it will be a punishment that you receive for it not a reminder as they aren't working. All this time Keira was trying to figure out why she had cum so quickly and so forcefully. She kept telling herself that it was because no one had touched her in such a long long time. While they talked she asked for another drink and added Sir with out having to be prompted. Soon Keira realized her mistake, or was it a mistake,,,,,,,,,Sir she asked I need to go to the bathroom please let me up to go. Sure responded Robert that is not a problem at all. He went to the foot of the bed and released her ankles and then released her wrists as she tried to get up the leash caught her and he laughed you have to go so bad you forgot that you were still bound to the bed by your collar? he reached down and released one end but not from the collar. she sat up and rubbed her wrists and stood up to walk to the bathroom. She was thinking this is my chance when I come out of the bathroom I can make a run for the door naked or not I am going. Keira took two steps and realized she didn't know where the bathroom was. She turned to Robert and said helplessly where? he said follow me and started to walk away, at the last minute as Keira was taking her first step to follow him he turned and asked what are you doing? You are not allowed to walk you must crawl on your hands and knees when you are leashed. She put her hands on her hips and said I am not crawling around like some animal!! SLAVE he said you will be on all 4's or we will not leave this room, I am the Master and that is what I wish. If you wish a bathroom and toilet to use you will crawl like the leashed pet you are. What do you mean IF I wish to use a toilet what else would I use?? and she laughed at him. She laughed that is until he opened a closet door and pulled a pot out and said there you may use that no need to crawl or even leave the room. She began to sputter, I, I, I cant use that please Sir take me to the bathroom please I really need to go. Then down to your knees he said. She looked at him in disbelief and looked at the pot than back at him please Sir just let me......... No he said crawl or pee there he pointed at the pot. Keira got down on her knees and started to realize the kind of control he had over her even her physical needs. Robert looked at her and said good girl now lets go. He led her to the bathroom and took her inside and then stepped back outside the door leaving it open. Keira stood there waiting for him to shut the door. Finally when she could wait no longer she said please shut the door. Oh he said another lesson for you, slaves have no privacy from their Master they will hide nothing ever this door will never be shut so you can hide from me. But she said I cant go with you watching me! Yes you can now sit and that is an order. Keira sat on the floor. Get up slut and sit on that toilet or its back to the bedroom for you. Keira slowly got up and sat on the toilet but she could not pee she begged him to just walk away from the door or turn around but he would not. they were in the bathroom for almost 5 minutes when he said fine you do not need to go bad enough lets return to the other room. Keira got up and tried to run back towards the door to her car. Again she had forgotten about the leash. Robert jerked it and she stopped and then he pulled her to him and pulled her to her knees. Lets go slut I can see you are not retaining your lessons very well be they from punishment or words. He pushed down on her head until she was on all 4's again and he led her to the bedroom keeping the leash very tight and short. When they reached the bedroom Keira got up and started to get onto the bed. Oh no not the bed now slut and he pulled her close to him. He told her to face the wall in front of her and lift her arms above her head. Keira did as she was told and as he bound her wrists again she could feel the heat stirring within her again. After her wrists were bound he removed the leash from her collar. He then told her to spread her legs and he bound her ankles in matching cuffs and hooked them to the wall. He took the leash and put it between her legs and added something to it that went around her waist and up between her breasts and then hooked to her collar. Robert sat on the bed and admired the beauty of his slave. He told her that with every move she made the leash would shorten and increase pressure on her cunt. He stood up and spread her lips with his fingers and made sure the strap had a clear path to her clit if she struggled too much. Then he reminded her of her attempt to escape again.You are a lucky little slut slave he said for all punishment tonight will be just a light taste of what you would get if you were mine for more than a night. She saw him take down the leather belt with 3 straps on it. You will receive 2 strikes for trying to escape and 2 for trying to demand your privacy. This time slave you will count each strike and you will thank me for them or we will keep going until you comply with that. I think you will need a drink and so you will have some he brought her glass up to her mouth with the straw and ordered her to drink. He sat the glass down and picked the strap up. Robert drew back his arm and landed a strike on her thighs. It welted quickly and nicely. Keira jerked back and felt he leather inch up between her legs so she tried to relaxed. Robert gave a silent count to ten and struck her again she started to whimper. Count them slave or we will keep going until you count 4. 2 screamed Keira. No that is one as you have just started counting, now a thank you Master. Like this 1, thank you Master, 2 thank you Master. I can not thank you for this she said. Well you will or it will be 15 strikes and if you lose count we start over. Thank you Master she muttered. I will accept that he said but the rest I want to hear very clearly understood? Yes she said I understand. Robert struck her legs again and she counted and thanked him properly. When he was finished he said there now that wasnt so bad was it, but it will serve as a good reminder to not try to escape and to NEVER demand anything of me as that is not the place of a slave. Now Robert said drink the rest of this water, all of it. He brought the glass up and she drank it all. Keira's legs felt like they were on fire and they were stinging bad. she tried to turn enough to look at them and the strap between her legs inched up farther. By now it was well against her and rubbing. She still needed to pee and knew it wouldn't be long before she had to beg him and hope that she could make it to the bathroom or even to the pot across the room. She thought she had better just ask now. Sir please let me down from here I really need to pee and this strap is making it hard to hold it. Robert said my dear slave you had your chance to go even a choice of using a toilet or pot but you refused both, if you must pee then pee there is plastic under you. Oh no please i wont run please. She was horrified at the thought of peeing on herself while he just watched. She begged and pleaded but Robert stood fast in his refusal to let her down. Keira became silent in her efforts to not release her urine. Robert just sat and watched her struggle. She started to squirm a little trying to bring her legs closer together and of course he watched the strap dig further into her cunt. Finally she screamed crying please let me down please I AM GOING TO PEE PLEASE!!! There, there, he said hold still and I will help you this time and I hope you have learned a he spoke and was getting up Keira began to pee and cry. He sat back down and let her finish both the peeing and the crying. Now lets get you down and you can clean this and we will start again. This was a hard lesson for you but one you wont forget. He released her showed her where to get and where to put things to clean herself and the floor. when she was done he told her to stand with her back against the wall and raise her arms. Keira did as she was told and stayed still that strap was cutting into her cunt hard now. Robert came over and said keep your arms up as if they were bound. He reached over and released the strap between her legs and removed it from her waist and collar. As he did this he told her good girl you did not try to remove this on your own, you are learning. then he knelt down and hooked the cuffs back to the wall. He told Keira to lower her arms and put them behind her head and interlace her fingers and he would help her to her knees. Once she was on her knees Robert removed his clothes and came to her and said please me with your mouth slut she started to reach for his cock and he slapped her no he said leave your hands where they are use your mouth and the rest of your body to please me. she leaned toward his cock and opened her mouth. He put it into her mouth and let her suck and lick it for a few minutes then he moved away. I have a treat for you now. He walked over to the dresser and came back with something small in his hands. she again started to reach and again he slapped her, leave your hands there until you are told you can move them. then he knelt down and grabbed her nipple he pinched and twisted it and Keira gasped. He leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth while his fingers readied the other one. He bit down lightly and pulled back with his teeth then switched mouth for hand to the other nipple. He leaned back and smiled yes they are ready now and so are you as he reached down and felt the heat and wetness coming from Keira's cunt. What are those in your hand Sir she asked. These are nipple clamps slut and I know you will like them. He placed one on her nipple and she gasped like the wind was knocked out of her. then she began to resume normal breathing, he felt her and yes just as he expected wetter than before, he placed the other one on and she responded the same as before. when her breathing had reumed to normal he stood up and told her now suck my cock and please me like you have no other. When I cum you will swallow and if you waste any of my cum you will lick it up from wherever it lands. Yes Sir was all she said. Keira sucked his cock like she was trying to save a life she licked and sucked and at some point she began to moan. Robert was loving it, how lucky was he, a beautiful woman that could suck cock like no other. Robert grabbed her head and began to thrust his cock deep and hard Keira began to moan louder and Robert came bursting with heat and cum, it shot deep into her mouth and throat. Keira swallowed and swallowed but some dripped out the corner of her mouth onto her chin. Robert pulled back and ordered her to lick his cock clean. She did it happily. Her arms fell to her sides as Robert told her to get that drip on her chin, remember do not waste my cum, not a drop. No Sir she answered. Her nipples were going numb or something but it felt wonderful. Robert helped her to her feet and then bound her cuffs to the wall spread above her head and high she almost was on her tip toes. He reached and grabbed her cunt and rubbed his finger along the inside of her lips and smiled, oh yes very hot and very wet aren't you slut. You want me to make you cum again don't you? Keira didn't want to answer and didn't. Robert grabbed a hold of her pussy hair and pulled lightly, when I ask you a question you will answer. Yes I do she said meekly. In time he said. Oh and so you know, should you agree to become my slave that mess of hair will be shaved off and kept that way always. He reached for a bottle on the dresser and opened it put the contents on his finger and rubbed it on her clit. Then he reached up and clicked something on those clamps and Keira gasped again. He took his flogger down and walked towards her. But i didn't do anything wrong i didn't. Calm down this is not a punishment . He brought that flogger down lightly over her breasts and lingered there tickling them with the strands. then he lifted it up and brought it down with a quick little snap on her right breast. Keira arched her back as if to ask for more Robert obliged her with a strike to her left one. He alternated between the two until they were both a very bright pink. He put the flogger up on the wall and got a medium sized dildo from the dresser he walked over to her and showed it to her she began to quiver. He reached down between her legs and thrust it inside her cunt. Keira moaned loudly and threw back her head. Her cunt was on fire her clit felt as if it was as big as her fist. He withdrew the dildo and walked back to the dresser he came back to her with some straps then he put that dildo back into her cunt, he thrust it in hard and placed the straps to hold it there. Keira was writhing and trying to free her hands she just wanted to fuck and cum she was ready to beg. He had walked away from her and was watching her as she tried to free her hands and tried to make that dildo move inside her to make her cum. Robert just smiled, she was "there" he knew it. He walked over to his toys and took down a small crop and went to her he began to strike the inside of her thighs just quick light strokes and she moaned more with every contact it made. Soon there were welts running from her pussy lips to her knees and she was barely able to stand she was begging him to fuck her and fuck her hard please she said please, I will do anything for you if you will please just fuck me. Robert released her wrists and came to her and removed the dildo, she didn't want to give it up, her pussy gripped it as he pulled it out and she moaned deeply then he entered her with his cock as he did he told her next it will go in your ass, anything she said just give me release. Robert fucked her hard and when it was apparent she could no longer stand he moved away and released her ankles. He helped her to the bed and told her to lay on her stomach. She did she had barely enough strength to move at all but when he came to her and she felt a warm liquid on her ass she knew she was in for it. She had never had anal sex and told him so and begged him just to fuck her cunt please but no Robert said I will have all of you. he pulled her up and into him as he worked his cock ever so slowly into her ass. He added more and more lube to make it easy for her she screamed at him that it hurt and he just told her to relax it was almost all in and then she could and would cum. She didn't think she would ever cum now with that cock up her ass. She didn't think she liked it at all!! It was uncomfortable and it hurt every time he moved even just a little. Robert told her it is in all the way now slut get ready to explode, you will cum more than you ever have and like you never have. With that said he reached around and found her clit. One touch on her clit and explode she did it was so sensitive she didn't understand it but as she exploded she rocked back on his cock and fucked herself with it faster and faster until she could no longer move, never felt this, never felt this never feel...................she was out unconscious. Robert pulled out of her and just smiled he knew he had won and there would be no prison sentence for him. It was noon on Sunday when Keira woke up. She found the collar was off and the ankle and wrist cuffs were gone too. She had been covered up with a nice light soft blanket. She sat up and looked around everything in its place and it was very quiet. She looked and on the chair across the room were her clothes and shoes and her wallet (minus the panties of course) She got up got dressed and walked down the hallway looking and listening but heard nor saw anything. She reached the kitchen and saw that there was coffee made and a note. It read simply this: Have a cup if you like. Your purse will be ready as we agreed. You have until then to decide if you want to be my slave or not. When you come to pick it up if you want to be my slave simply kneel to me when you enter, you have much to learn but it will be easier if you are willing. If you do not wish to be my slave then we will just exchange the purse for the rest of the price and it will be done,,,,no discussion just a business agreement to buy a purse. Your choice maybe your last one. Keira poured herself a cup and sat down to drink it, pondering how she felt . She got up went to her car and started it up to leave, she noticed a bruise on her wrist she smiled,then reached down and pushed on it lightly and she felt the heat come to her pussy and she smiled again. As she drove away she thought what will I do, what will I do? Am I one of those sick people or not? Will I kneel before him and ask to be his slave or will I just pay for my purse and leave? She just didn't know, she was dazed but she felt good, I will just hold this good feeling for a while first,,,,,will I kneel before him????


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It had paragraphs when she posted it......dont know what happened in the transition

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