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My eyes closed as I looked out of the plane I was on, I seemed to be cold but I wasn’t sure. My body shook but I didn’t know if it was from being scared or just because I was cold. Today was the day I met my new customer. Yes, I am a 16-year-old prostitute, but honestly I don’t mind it at all. I love sex and my parents needed the money so they sold me. It didn’t bother me at all, though I have to admit I get scared when I meet new people. The man I was supposed to meet was hot; he sent me his picture with an attached picture of his cock, which turned me on whenever I saw it. I couldn’t help but play with myself when I stared at it so for now it was in my pocket. Anyway, the man was tall, about 6 feet and had short black hair and did I mention he was hot. He had gorgeous blue eyes and his smile made me wet but that was normal, I guess.

I fidgeted in my seat trying to calm myself down, my hand unconsciously roaming down to my pussy and rubbing against it softly. I couldn’t help but moan, and as a reaction everyone looked at me. One man grinned and motioned me on but I stopped blushing before I looked out the window. We were so close. I closed my eyes trying to think of something that wouldn’t make me so horny but I couldn’t, I was wet and had to do something. I quickly got up heading to the bathroom. I shut the door locking it and grinned a bit, but I was distracted by my mirror image. I know that sounds conceited but I was hot. My long black hair was in a messy bun, I had nice thick eyeliner on, my eyes bright green. I didn’t have the tiniest imperfection on my face and I don’t think I ever have. My shirt was white and see through; mind you I had no bra on, of course I did this on purpose but still. I had C-cup boobs, the biggest in my grade; my nipples were so hard. I smiled looking at my short skirt; I cut it down and didn’t wear panties for my client’s advantage. If I bent over you could see my pussy perfectly and I liked that.

I smiled and bent over looking in the mirror so I could see my wet pussy, my fingers lightly outlined it and I moaned. It was such a good feeling, I definitely wanted more. I sat on the toilet and stuck my fingers in my pussy pushing them in and out; I moaned and leaned my head back using my thumb to stimulate my clit. I moaned even louder, this time my body pushed up against my fingers. I wanted someone there to eat me out, I was so wet and I wasn’t even close to Cumming yet. I took a deep breath and held it in unintentionally, as I rubbed my clit more. Twitching in anticipation I groaned standing up and bending over. The bathroom was so small it was hard to maneuver. I let out my breath and stuck my fingers deeper inside my pussy. I gasped as I felt myself tighten a bit. It felt absolutely amazing; I stood up and spread my legs, my fingers rubbing over my wet clit. I leaned back against the door and put my one leg up on the toilet. I smiled and stuck my free fingers into my tight ass and I almost screamed. It felt amazing. This was going to be one interesting weekend. My body tensed up, my pussy tightened against my clit and I moaned louder letting my cum leak on my hand. I smiled contently with myself as I cleaned up. I left the bathroom and moved to sit down once again. I noticed when I looked around how all the guys were staring at me and I just smile, being a young schoolgirl had its advantages. I sighed putting my seat belt on and looking out the window. We were about to land.

My heart raced as I got off of the plane, I looked around to try and find the man who made me so wet. I was beginning to believe he wasn’t there when I didn’t see him. It was seconds later that I heard my name called loud and clear. “Kaylee? Sweetheart! Is that you?” My face instantly turned to the man who called it and I smiled. He was as cute as in the pictures. I grinned and ran up to him jumping into his arms. “Daddy!” Of course this man wasn’t my real daddy but he asked me to call him that. The man smiled and kissed my cheek before carrying me to his car. He was acting like a real dad, he carried my luggage and me to the car, opened the door, and kissed my forehead. It all seemed perfect, like he was my dad until he got in and closed the door. “You’re so fucking hot.” He spoke in a raspy voice as he licked his lips. “You did exactly what I told you, you’re such a slut!” I smiled at his words and nodded taking his free hand as he drove. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into my slut.” He spoke smirking. I couldn’t help but think he was right.

The car ride was long and interesting. It was a couple minutes into the ride when I noticed his boner. I grinned and ran my hand over his pants where his cock was. He let out a grunt and slapped my hand away. “You don’t touch me without asking.” He spoke before grinning, his extra hand feeling my wet cunt. He chuckled taking his hand away and tasting my juices. “Mmmm,” He spoke happily. “You taste good.” I nodded smiling. For the rest of the ride he caressed my boobs and fingered me a bit, though he paid more attention to the road then me. I was sure when we got to his house that was all going to change.
We arrived at his house about an hour after we left the airport. The man seemed too excited to wait any longer. He took my hand and led me into his house, it was huge, and he must have had a lot of money. I stared at his living room and walked over to his couch touching it a bit. I marveled at everything that was in his room, it was nice, like he designed this room for relaxing days. The man laughed at me as I looked around. “You really must be poor, your parents must love that I’m your customer.” I looked at him oddly. “How much are you paying them?” He answered without really thinking. “Fifty grand a day.” I gasped, I knew I wasn’t worth that much but he thought I was. He quickly took my hand as I thought about why he was paying that much and he took me to his basement.

The feeling changed immediately, when I saw exactly what was down there. A huge bed was in the center; around it had tables filled with chains, whips, gags, any bondage item you could think off. Over on the side there were clothes, sexy bras and panties, see through shirts and any other items a girl could wear to turn on her significant other. An open chest was next to the bed; sex toys were piled in there, vibrators, dildos, everything and anything you could use to have fun with yourself. A camera was at the end of the bed pointed at it so it could capture the scenes. I looked at the man who brought me here and he smiled unbuttoning my shirt. “You sure have…a lot of things.” He nodded kissing my forehead once more. He threw my shirt off and took off my skirt; his eyes stared at my body with lust. “You’re so hot.” He whispered before pushing me roughly on the bed. “Now, I want you to grab some toys out of the chest and fuck yourself until you cum.” He grinned and turned on the camera. I had the feeling that if I disobeyed him I would be in a world of pain.

I began to shake a bit before I smiled and crawled to the chest taking out a huge nine-inch vibrator that helped stimulate my clit and a regular vibrator. “Hmmm…” I bit my lip looking at the toys not really sure what else to grab. He chuckled and told me not to worry about any other toys because he would be helping soon. “Yes Daddy.” I said his name seductively and laid down on the bed so the camera and my new Dad had a great view of my wet pussy. I began to rub my boobs as I moaned, my body pushing itself up in the air; it felt amazing. “Daddy.” I whispered his name pretending he was the one on top of me fucking me insanely. My fingers moved around my nipple, it was becoming hard. I smiled and licked my lips as my hand ran over my clit. I moaned loudly before bringing my boob up so I could suck on my nipple. I took the hard nipple in between my teeth and moaned. I couldn’t believe what I was doing at all. I whispered daddy once more before I put the vibrator up into my pussy; I felt like I was going to scream.

The man smiled and watched, his cock becoming erect as anything. He began to rub it through his pants like you would pet a cat’s head. He grinned watching my every move; as the vibrator moved in and out you could here him whisper ‘faster, faster.’ I did as I was told, my hands working as fast as they could. “Kaylee.” He spoke my name like a father would. His smile conveying more then just love for a daughter though. The man pulled down his zipper and his cock sprang out his fingers running up and down. “Sweetheart, look at Daddy’s candy.” He whispered. “Now pretend that vibrator is as sweet as this thick piece of candy is.”

I watched his mouth as he said those words. My body wanted those lips on my nipples, sucking them, biting them. My pussy wanted his tongue to run up and down it, sucking on it causing my juices to flow out like a river. My ass wanted his large cock stuffed up it, pushing violently up and down making my pussy twitch. Above all, I wanted him to whip me as I masturbated in front of him, for him to call me a dirty slut, a whore. I wanted him to soil me with his cum so I could rub it into my body, put in my hair, and suck it off my nipples.

My pussy twitched more with that knowledge, my body heaved up and down on the vibrator like I was an animal. It wasn’t long before I but the other vibrator up in my ass. I cried as it stretched out my walls, but I didn’t cry out in pain, I cried out in pleasure. I wanted this so bad and the man could tell I did too. As I fucked myself he walked over slapping my face with his hard cock. He smiled and watched me flail in pleasure and before long I screamed my body shaking with wholehearted excitement. I just came hard all over his vibrator. As soon as he heard my scream I must have sent off a signal and his came all over me, my hair and face took most of the cum.

After I settled down a deadly smirk came to his lips. “Clean yourself.” I nodded licked what I could off my face, I used my fingers to gather up the rest of the cum and swallow it. This may sound odd but I rubbed the cum into my hair and my nipples so they would become hard once more. I smiled finally done cleaning up and the man laughed. “You are such a dirty little slut.” He spaced the last three words out and sat down next to me, his cock still as stiff as ever.

He took my hand and harshly threw me to the ground; I gasped hitting it hard, my eyes looking up to him in fear. “Suck me.” Were his only words; I nodded not questioning him. I got on my knees and placed my mouth on the top of his cock, my tongue running around his head as he groaned shamelessly. “I have a few rules.” He spoke as he started playing with his balls. “One, I have a lot of fetishes that you will for fill for me. I don’t care if you don’t like it. I like bondage, violence, blood, pain, rape, feet, I will pee in your mouth and you will drink it.” I didn’t really care what he was saying. I was too interesting in his nice firm cock to care. I started nibbling on it gently, his moaning increasing. “I-I will fuck you when I want…and no clothes…ever.” He had to stop talking after that because he was too busy moaning. I smirked to myself and deep throated his cock, my hands playing with his balls. I stopped and looked at him soon taking my mouth off of his cock and placing them on his sack. I sucked gently and he shoved my face hard up onto them and he screamed. “Yeah that’s right slut! Suck me!” He was becoming uncontrollable, but so was I, and I was ready to fuck his brains out.

I sucked on his balls for a good while until he told me to put my lips back on his cock. Of course I didn’t hesitate and I was giving him deep throat in no time. I gagged as his head hit the back of my throat most of the time but the man just laughed. “You are just so amazing.” He spoke as he pulled my hair and then pushed my face full force on his cock. He let out a large moan and came in my throat. The hot salty tasting cum filled my mouth and I swallowed every bit of it. He smirked and pulled me up on his lap and for the first time since we saw each other, he placed his lips on mine. I opened my mouth letting his tongue roam inside me. I moaned into the kiss and let our tongues lap together.

He broke the kiss and smirked. “That’s enough for right now.” He got up turned off the camera and headed up stairs. I went to follow him but he locked the door and I couldn’t get out. So I stood there, Naked, horny, desperate for his cock in my pussy. I sighed from boredom and looked around the room. It was like a sex chamber. Of course I didn’t really mind all the much. I was ready for something to stick up into me, anything but a vibrator. I sighed and walked down the steps and sat on the bed. What could I do now?


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