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a colombo high class boy giving good time to the neighbours wife
For almost three years now, I'd had a unfulfilled fantasy.
Last summer, that fantasy was fulfilled. We live in the place very near to Colombo called kolpetty and nadeesha and Sarath are
next-door neighbors, both in their mid twenties. Nadeesha is in
good physical shape, even though Nadeesha and Sarath have three young
children. She has blond hair, large breasts, a flat stomach,
fairly wide hips, and a lovely, heart-shaped ass. Believe me,
I've enjoyed the fact that my bathroom window gives a view of
their back yard, complete with Nadeesha laying out in a skimpy
bikini. Sarath is built solidly, with lots of muscle. Though I'm
only 20, I can't compare to him. However, Sarath flies for one of
the airlines and is often gone for a week or even more. That is
actually what my fantasy centered about. While a three-some
would certainly have been enjoyable, I had often thought about
Nadeesha and I having an encounter when Sarath was gone.

On the day it finally happened, I had the day off. My
sister, mom, and dad were all at work. It was hot, about 110,
but there was little humidity, as we were in Phoenix. I had gone
gym early that morning, returning at 7:00 to see Nadeesha looking
good in a knee-length robe. She whistled at me in my biking
shorts, the first indication I'd ever gotten that she was
flirtatious; uncharacteristically cocky, I flashed her a smile
and wiggled my rear at her, yelling out "You want it--come get
it!" She laughed and went back inside, her hips swaying from
side to side. I wheeled my bike in the garage and stretched
down, thinking of her.
Later that day, I was out in the back yard "painting" the
fence that hides the pool filtration stuff. Because I was
"painting" with a clothes-hostile mixture of linseed oil and
turpentine, and because of the heat, I had taken my shirt off,
leaving only my old, faded bathing suit on. The other advantage
to the bathing suit, of course, was that I could jump in the pool
whenever I got too hot (as, shortly, I was going to get).
Anyway, I heard the Nadeesha's door open and shut, followed by
the sounds of the chaise lounge scraping on concrete, which soon
quieted. I set down my brush and pot of goop and went over and
stood on the diving board, which gave me a view over the
cinderblock fence. Nadeesha was lying out about ten feet from me,
at an angle, facing towards me, her eyes closed. I felt
stirrings in my pants as I took in her long, tanned legs, the
string bikini covering her pubic region, her flat stomach, her
glorious breasts accented by the bikini top, and the cloud of
long, blond hair around her face. Rather than have her catch me
staring, I called out "Looking good," also unusually bold of me,
given how she and my mom talk together.
Nadeesha's eyes popped open and quickly found mine. She looked
a little startled, but also a little pleased. She got up and
came over to the fence, giving me a _great_ view of her breasts,
which were pressing together due to their confinement. I felt my
dick harden in response. Then, she mentioned that their pool
filter was acting up and that she didn't know how to fix it.
"Would you be willing to take a look at it?" was said with a
perfectly innocent look. I readily agreed, hard-on or no
After I hopped the fence, I followed her over to the filter,
adjusting my bathing suit in a completely futile attempt at
hiding my interest. As she bent over, it became difficult for me
to focus on the filter; the blue bikini bottom slipped a little
further into the crack of her cheeks. Gallantly, however, I
peered over her shoulder (ok, ok, occasionally I snuck a glance
at her impressive cleavage) and paid attention. After moving
around her, I looked at the pressure gauge, which was way too
high, and cleaned out the trap, which was clogged with bits of
leaves and grass. As I kneeled to screw the top back on the
trap, my dick, which had wilted enough to move around, slipped
down along my leg. Nadeesha, who had bent over (that cleavage
again!) to look at what I was doing, didn't seem to notice
anything. However, as I tried to shift my member around and it
hardened in reply, she seemed to catch on and smiled a bit. When
I stood up, my hard-on was quite evident.
Nadeesha just looked at it, smiled a bit wider, and offered me
a drink. I noticed that her nipples were a bit more evident
through the stretchy fabric of her bikini top. We went inside
and I commented on the lack of kids. She smiled again, and said
that they were farmed out at friends' houses, so that she could
run errands (I wondered if I was an "errand"). She opened a
cabinet and reached up to get a glass on a shelf that was just a
little bit too high. I reached around her and grabbed a glass
and set it on the counter. My cock pressed up against the side
of her hip. Then, I grabbed another glass, rubbing my cock
further up, around, and back down her hip. By this time, her
nipples were fully erect (or so I thought) and, in one place, the
faded blue of my suit was spotted dark blue by my oozing pre-cum.
Still playing like nothing was happening, Nadeesha went over to
the sink and filled our glasses with water. I stood behind her,
reached over her shoulder to get my glass, and pressed my hips
against her ass, nestling my dick between her ass cheeks. She
pressed her hips backwards and rotated them a bit as she filled
her glass.
Still playful, neither of us making a major move, though
both clearly wanted to, we went in to the living room and sat
down, Nadeesha on the couch, me on another couch facing her. Nadeesha
then got up and bent _way_ over to turn on the TV. Her bikini
bottom slipped further up her ass cheeks and, from my vantage
point, I could see the outline of her swelling pussy lips. She
stood back up and started the VCR. She had obviously been
watching the porno tape earlier, since it started in the middle
of scene. It was actually switching between two scenes, one of a
very vocal woman with long black hair and medium-sized breasts
being eaten by her husband, the other of a blonde with larger
breasts (supposedly their daughter, I guess) listening to the
couple and masturbating. When the movie first started up, the
blonde was running her hands over her breasts, milking them
upwards, tweaking and massaging her erect nipples. The other
woman's moans as she was given a tongue-lashing were clearly
evident. Then, the scene cut to the couple, as the man sucked on
the woman's clit and lightly tongued it back and forth. Then
woman's moans got louder and the scene cut back to the blonde.
The blonde still had one hand working on her breasts, but
was now also had a hand playing with her belly, pubic hair, and,
every once in a while, dipping down to rub along her downy-haired
slit. As this was going on, I had been sort of splitting my
attention between the TV and Nadeesha. My dick had gotten even
harder as Nadeesha spread her legs a bit, allowing me to see a
growing wet spot at her crotch. She also was lightly running her
fingers along the outline of her bikini top and sometimes over
and around her hard nipples. Her nipples, if possible, grew more
erect and pushed almost as hard against her bikini top as my cock
pushed against my swim trunks. When the black-haired woman
orgasmed from her husband's attention, the scene cut to the
daughter, who was approaching her orgasm as well, with two
fingers pumping in and out of her dripping pussy lips.
I got up, thinking I should have earlier, and sat down next
to Nadeesha. I reached my right hand around her shoulder into her
blond tresses and ran the other down to trace along the bottom of
one breast. I felt her lips vibrate with a muffled moan as I
covered them with mine. With my left hand, I traced over to the
other breast, spiralled in to the nipple, and gently pulled it
between two fingers. One of Nadeesha's hands slipped down to my
trunks and began to rub my cock through the short. Our tongues
were alternately entwined and probing.
As the blonde in the movie was moaning with her orgasm, I
slipped my right hand down from Nadeesha's hair to untie her bikini
top. As we broke our first kiss, Nadeesha arched her back, causing
her breasts to "present" themselves. As a result, the strings of
her bikini top came most of the way around from her back and
ended hanging loosely down her sides. When she relaxed and
hunched her shoulders a bit, the skimpy blue top fell completely
off. She tossed it to the floor and smiled a wicked grin as my
eyes popped.
Her breasts, fully revealed and unsupported, were at least a
'C' cup and most likely a 'D' cup. They hung ever so slightly
and met naturally at her sternum. Her aureoles were a medium-
sized and slightly darker pink than her large, erect nipples. We
moved closer and started another passionate kiss. With my left
hand, I traced an inward spiral over the smooth skin of her
breast, arousing a shiver, and took the nipple between the base
of my second and third finger. Then, cupping her breast but also
stimulating her nipple directly, I moved my hand in little
circles, sometimes pulling the nipple outwards.
During my play with her nipples, Nadeesha had started massaging
my dick again. Though it was still restrained by my swim trunks,
I felt it jump as Nadeesha squeezed it lightly, and gasped a bit
with the feeling. Nadeesha then broke our kiss and moved back
slightly. She got up and went over to the TV. I moved over to
the TV as well and pressed my hips forward against her ass as she
bent over and took the tape out. As she stood up, tape in hand,
I thrust my hips even further forward and reached both hands
around to cup her breasts and brush her nipples.
Nadeesha twisted around in my arms and nestled her hips against
mine. I could feel her breasts, tipped by erect nipples, press
against my chest. She kissed me lightly and mentioned that there
was a VCR in the bedroom. I was tempted to pick her up by her
hips, so that she would lock her legs around me, and carry her
into the bedroom. However, appropriate as that seemed, I also
knew I probably wasn't quite strong enough. Rather than upset
the mood by dropping her halfway there, I tilted my head towards
the hallway and followed her into the bedroom.
The room was fairly neat, but some clothes thrown on the
chair and the rumpled bed showed that someone actually lived
there. (I like a "lived in" look, provided it doesn't cross the
line to messy) A decent-sized TV screen sat on the dresser,
facing the queen-sized bed. Nadeesha popped the tape in the VCR and
started it. The sounds of sex came into being around us. Again,
I stood behind her, thrusting my hips forward and massaging her
breasts. She bent over a little bit, moving her hips backwards,
creating more pressure on my rock-hard dick, and reached around
behind her to pull me closer to her. I began running one hand up
and down, from breast to navel and back, gradually working lower.

As I did this, I was nibbling on an ear, planting little kisses
in her hair, on her neck, on her shoulders, doing my best to
drive her crazy.
Nadeesha had been moaning a little and trembling slightly
whenever I whispered wetly in her ear or seeded her hair with
kisses. After working slowly over the top of her bikini, working
slowly down the edges of the bikini, brushing her thighs with my
fingers, and returning to massage her breasts, I finally let my
hand brush down past her navel, over to top of her bikini, along
the edges of the bikini towards her inner thighs, along her upper
thighs. Finally, I let one finger extend from that hand, trace
lightly along the wet patch on the bikini, and apply pressure,
ever so slightly, from the back of her covered cleft to the
Nadeesha shuddered and moaned a bit, then stopped me and turned
around. Her breasts were red from my attention and her face was
getting flushed. Nadeesha kissed me once, quickly, and then tugged
my bathing suit down. My six-inch cock (it may have been seven
then) sprang free from its long confinement and stood out proudly
as I stepped out of my only clothing. As Nadeesha stood up, her
breasts brushed along my cock and gained a thin line of pre-cum.
She grabbed me by the cock, led me over to the bed, and left me
stretched out in the middle of the bed, watching her.
Nadeesha walked over to the dresser and leaned against its
edge, next to the TV, which still played, ignored. She spread
her legs to show the large wet spot at the crotch of her bikini
bottoms. Then, she closed her eyes and began massaging her
breasts, tugging on the nipples and pressing the smooth globes
together with the sides of her arms. Almost involuntarily, her
right hand crept in little circles down to her navel, down to the
top of her bikini bottoms, down the blue fabric to run along her
slit. She brought fingers to her face, inhaled the scent, and
then licked what moisture there was free. The next time her hand
crept down, it slipped underneath her bikini. She put one hand
on the dresser behind her and raised her hips enough to slide the
bottoms free. I was exerting all my willpower to keep in place
and not explode right there from the erotic influence Nadeesha was
having on me.
I must have made some noise, because Nadeesha seemed to come
back to what was going on. She stepped completely out of her
bikini and stood nude, glorious, and aroused before me. She then
turned around and bent over, giving me a _great_ view of her
gorgeous ass and puckered sphincter. Her breasts I saw only as
two globes hanging partially in view between her legs. I could
also see her pussy, puffy with arousal, surrounded by lightly
colored downy pubic hair. Many of the hairs had tiny droplets of
Nadeesha's juices hanging from them, a sight that turned me on even
more. She licked one finger and then placed it between her legs
and touching her sphincter. After lightly rubbing around the rim
of her asshole, Nadeesha pressed inwards briefly and then ran her
finger forward, bisecting her swollen lips. After licking her
finger clean, Nadeesha ran her finger along her swollen slit again,
this time pressing a bit deeper, a bit harder.
I couldn't stand watching her any longer and therefore got
up and pulled her to the bed. Nadeesha ran her fingers lightly over
the head of my cock, spreading the droplet of pre-cum that had
oozed out over my whole glans. I couldn't believe how good such
a simple action felt. After tugging on Nadeesha's nipples for a
minute, I moved my hands down to her dripping nether regions.
After pressing the tip of my finger against her clit, I moved it
further back and applied pressure to the length of her slit.
Nadeesha shuddered a bit, but moved away from my finger. At first,
I didn't know why, but her motive soon became apparent.
Nadeesha traced the fingertips of both hands down my chest and
stomach, leaning low enough that her nipples brushed a double
line as well. When she reached my navel, my dick slipped in
between her breasts and bumped along her sternum. I left a
slippery line of pre-cum along her sternum to match the earlier,
now dried line running over both of her breasts. I was reveling
in the sights and sounds of Nadeesha's actions when she began
intensifying them. Gently at first, but with gaining strength,
Nadeesha jacked my dick with both hands. After doing this for a
while and thoroughly coating the head of my dick with my pre-cum,
she leaned down and blow a hot, wet breath along the length of my
cock, ending by tickling the hair on my balls. When she gently
squeezed my balls, my cock jumped involuntarily.
Nadeesha smiled to see what she was doing to me, and took just
the tip of my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the
opening at the tip of my cock and tasting the pre-cum there. As
she swirled her tongue around the rest of my cock head and
trilled around the sensitive ridge, my cock jumped again and my
hips involuntarily flexed slightly. Nadeesha then took the length
of my cock into her warm, wet mouth. I could tell already that

she was good at giving head. As I looked down past her blond-
crowned head, I could see from movement of her hips that she was
working on herself, too. I could also see the TV above her head,
but the TV didn't have much attraction now, even though the same
blonde as before was getting filled from behind by a strapping
tanned stud.
As Nadeesha ran her tongue along the underside of my cock and
increased her suction, I knew I wouldn't be able to last long.
Already, I could feel a hallmark pleasant tightening of my
stomach muscles. Between gasps of pleasure and involuntary
thrusts into Nadeesha's mouth, I told her I was getting ready to
come. Nadeesha responded by squeezing my balls and, if possible,
taking me further into her mouth, sucking even harder, and
trilling her tongue in still more delightful convolutions. I had
both hands on her head, running through her blond hair, helping
me actively thrust against her mouth. I was getting closer and
closer to the edge; I could feel my balls pulling in to my body
in anticipation of what wasn't far away.
Nadeesha finally pushed me over the edge when she ran her
tongue repeatedly around the sensitive ridge on my glans. I
thrust spasmodically against her mouth and held her head tightly
as I started spurting down her throat. Nadeesha didn't even try to
move away; she just kept sucking my cock, swallowing its load and
draining the last of the sperm that had boiled forth from my
balls. After I had collapsed back against the bed and was idly
caressing Nadeesha's hair, she let my softening cock slip out of her
mouth and moved up to kiss me.
As I found out, Nadeesha hadn't swallowed all of my load; I
tasted my sperm as our tongues entwined. No woman had ever given
me a blowjob even approaching hers; further, no woman had ever
kissed me with my sperm still in her mouth. I was determined to
give Nadeesha as massive an orgasm as I'd had.
So, after recovering for a minute, I turned Nadeesha over on
her back. Though I was pretty certain Nadeesha was already highly
aroused ;) I couldn't possibly skip over her lovely breasts. I
kissed her lips as my hands ran circles around her globes. As I
traced the tip of my tongue down her throat to a collarbone, I
started to squeeze each _very_ erect nipple between my fingers.
Then I ran my tongue along her collarbone out to her shoulder
and back. Once I reached her sternum again, I traced along her
sternum with my tongue and continued down the underside Nadeesha's
left breast. I could feel her shiver in anticipation and could
certainly see her arousal in her tightly erect nipples.
Unable to resist those nipples, I spiralled the tip of my
tongue inwards until I was licking broad, rough circles around
her nipple, enticing the nipple to new heights. Nadeesha pressed my
head roughly against her breasts and gasped. I started licking
the other breast and then alternated, doing my best to drive
Nadeesha crazy. When she began trying to push me downwards between
gasps and moans, I figured I was getting close. So, I traced my
fingers slowly downwards, just barely touching the skin.
Similarly, I had my tongue arc in lazy parabolas down to her
navel, down to her downy, blond pubic thatch.
Nadeesha's hips began to arch to meet my tongue and fingers; as
she forced her hips upwards, I moved my tongue and hands back,
prolonging her enjoyment. After arching her back to its fullest,
she collapsed back on the bed and awaited my touch. Her fingers
were slowly massaging her nipples and breasts, a small motion
that turned me on even more. I ran my fingers around the edges
of her pubic hair, then caressed her inner thighs, and finally
ran them along her swollen pussy lips. The light hairs between
her legs were slick with sweat and an occasional depending drop
of her nectar. As I moved my fingers around her pussy, Nadeesha's
legs spread wider, giving me better access.
When her legs were spread almost as far as they would go, I
spread her pussy lips and blew gently upon her wetness. I could
see the hard nubbin her clit made and blew against that until it
popped free of its sheath. As I blew each time, Nadeesha's stomach
muscles would contract and relax; her asshole would pucker and
unpucker also. When her clit popped free, I slowly ran a finger
around her pussy, applying light pressure at first, but
increasing the pressure gradually. When the finger was wet with
her juices, I slowly inserted it into Nadeesha's depths. Her breath
came as an abrupt whoosh, then a slow, excruciating inhale. I
moved my other hand back to her ass and caressed it, finally
pressing one finger against her brown hole.
She seemed to like that; I set up an alternating rhythm,
first pressing a finger on her hole while massaging her outer
lips, then tracing around her ass cheeks as I probed a finger far
into her warm, wet pussy. As Nadeesha's moans began to intensify, I
traced my tongue through her pubic hair and around Nadeesha's
engorged pussy lips. She jerked upright and pressed my head
against herself, clearly enjoying the sensations. I was too;
Nadeesha's juices were sweet and copious. I sucked on each lip,
drawing it out and letting it relax back, eliciting moans and
shudders. By now, Nadeesha's hips were rocking back and forth,
gradually picking up speed. When I fastened my lips to Nadeesha's
clit and hummed, her moans turned to a crescendoing yelp, and
subsided gradually. I could feel her approaching orgasm and
started moving two fingers inside of her in addition to my tongue
on her clit.
Nadeesha began pressing her hands down on my head, forcing more
pressure on her sensitive nerve endings. As my fingers moved
back and forth, probing up the third knuckle, her pussy made
sucking noises. Nadeesha began moaning even louder and bucking her
hips against my face. I lubricated a finger with Nadeesha's juices
and pressed it slowly against her asshole. As the finger circled
her rim and gradually moved inwards and I drove my tongue all the
way up her pussy, the sensations abruptly became too much for
her. Every muscle tensed (including her thighs, with squeezed
tightly around my head) and she began to quiver spasmodically,
still bucking wildly against my face. As she orgasmed, I
continued to tongue-lash her, extending her throes of pleasure.
Finally, after gushing pussy juice all over my face and hands,
Nadeesha's muscles relaxed and her breathing started to slow. I
moved up alongside her and kissed her deeply, sharing with her
the pussy juice I still held in my mouth.
My cock was again jutting out from my body, a detail Nadeesha
soon noticed. She told me to lay on my back and began rubbing
her hands between her legs and transferring the moisture to her
breasts and especially her cleavage. I helped her out by licking
between her breasts and on each nipple. By the time she lowered
her breasts around my cock, the nipples were standing erect
again. Nadeesha began moving slowly back and forth, fucking my cock
with her hanging breasts. As she was straddling my leg, I could
feel her growing heat as she ground her pussy against it. Soon,
she was breathing heavily and I was thrusting into her cleavage
and groaning a bit myself.
When Nadeesha positioned herself over my cock and started to
guide it in, I asked about protection. Luckily, as I sure didn't
want to stop, she had had her tubes tied after her third child.
As she lowered herself, the tip of my cock touched her folds. We
stopped there and moved in tiny but opposite circles, stimulating
each other. Then, Nadeesha slowly settled onto my cock.
I couldn't believe the sensations; her pussy was very tight,
though not the tightest I'd been in. Still, though, I could feel
her pussy walls contract with the sudden intake of breath
accompanying my full penetration. My cock jumped a bit, but
subsided as we rested for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being
joined. Then, Nadeesha began lifting herself up and down and I
began to thrust in time with her. Each time, my cock would pull
out until the head was barely inside her and then would penetrate
its full length. I was groaning and holding onto Nadeesha's hips as
she pulled on her nipples.
After doing this for a while, Nadeesha started to get tired.
Changing positions was good; I was starting to have a hard time
holding back. We moved to classic missionary position. Again, I
rubbed my cock head around her opening before thrusting slowly
into her. She raised her hips up to meet my thrust and wrapped
her legs around me until I was completely inside her. Reveling
in the sensation of her warm, wet pussy grasping my dick, I
started thrusting deeply and quickened the pace. Every once in a
while, I'd pump Nadeesha with a series of short, tight strokes that
built tension in my belly. Nadeesha started moaning loader as I
pumped her, and shrieked "YES!" when I slipped a finger down to
press on her clit from the top as my dick stimulated it from
I knew I wouldn't last much longer and slowed down to try to
prolong the ecstacy. Nadeesha was flushed and breathing heavily; we
were both covered with a sheen of sweat. As Nadeesha's legs locked
and unlocked around my hips, my ass was bucking with a life of
its own, striving to meet Nadeesha's thrusting hips and drive my
cock even further into her tightness. The sounds of our sex were
liquid as my cock stretched Nadeesha's pussy lips around its
circumference. The familiar tightening in my stomach told me
that I couldn't last much longer. Between groans of pleasure as
Nadeesha contracted her muscles, I got across to Nadeesha my impending
orgasm. She began bucking even harder against me, trying to
bring me to orgasm with her. She was pinching her nipples
roughly, pulling them away from her breasts. Nadeesha's pussy had
been squeezing against my cock in firm contractions; suddenly it
clamped down as her orgasm arrived, accompanied by Nadeesha's wails
of pleasure. With the added pressure and a last spasmodic
thrust, I began to feel my sperm boiling out of my balls and
shooting deep into Nadeesha's pussy. We were moaning and groaning
together as our orgasms further stimulated each other. I had
never come as long or as hard in my life. When my cock was
finally done pulsating, Nadeesha and I collapsed together and lay
there, cooling off.
After a few minutes we rolled apart and I happened to see
the clock. It was 4:00!!! My parents and sister would be home
in about forty-five minutes and I was halfway through a project
that had to be finished by the time they returned. I explained
to Nadeesha and kissed her, first on her pussy (tasting my sperm),
then on each nipple, and finally ending on her contented mouth.
She sucked the last come off my dick and I left with a hard-on,
thinking about my fantasy come true.

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