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a waitress of MGM bambalapitiya getting a hard fuck from a new guy
Suneetha wiped the sweat from her brow, and touched the pencil to the
pad. The idiots sitting at the booth could not make up their mind, and she
was getting really impatient.

"Um," the guy said. "I'm not quite... sure." He let the last word escape
from his lips as if he couldn't decide whether or not he should even say it.

Suneetha had to manually force herself to prevent her foot from tapping
against the hard tile floor. She rubbed her palms on her apron, as the 90
degree sweltering heat made her uncomfortable. The airconditioning was
on the blink again, and every time she walked to the kitchen it was like
through hell.
Finally, the guy ordered, and she scribbled it down hurriedly, and went
to fill another customer's coffee cup. Two waitresses short, unbearable
heat, and a lecherous boss were really weighing down on her. The sweat
from her neck had fallen down her chest between her breasts, half tickling
and half itching. She dare not scratch, for fear that her boss would make
some comment about health or something of a sexual nature. She cringed
at the thought.

The polyester uniform began to cling to her skin, the sweat acting like
glue. As she walked, she felt her panties cling uncomfortably to the folds
between her legs. Still, she doggedly did her work.

Her manager pulled her aside, and told her that her tables were being
taken care of. He wanted her to train a new waiter, and show him all the
ropes. Suneetha was not thrilled with the idea of having to be pleasant to one
more person. However, she was sort of relieved that there was one more
person on the shift. Then she realized that she was going to have to cover
his mistakes as well as her own duties. She realized then that she wasn't a
happy camper.

She turned around, and faced the new guy. He wasn't at all what she
was expecting. He was about four inches taller than she was, and bore a
bright smile. She wondered how he could be so relaxed and polite in this
heat. She figured that that would change. Still... there was something
about him...

After two and a half hours of working close together, she was finally
having fun. Instead of Lakmal (the new guy) turning sour because of the
heat, Suneetha was actually getting into her work again. His humor was
infectious, and she had started laughing out loud, and even started telling
her own jokes. She really liked him now, and had all but forgotten the

Once, he bent over to get something from under a shelf, and she had
started to reach out to caress his ass before stopping herself in surprise.
She chided herself for what she was about to do, but she rationalized by
saying that she couldn't help herself. For most of the rest of the shift, they
had brushed against each other many times because of the close quarters,
and not always by accident.

The sweat between her legs became indistinguishable from another,
more pressing moisture. Her legs slid together as she walked, and she
found that she wanted to walk more and more to release the pressure. She
decided that she really swanted this guy, and there was a way to get closer
to him. Literally.

"There is one other place that you should know intimately," she said. He
raised an eyebrow; some of their jokes had risen to a sexual nature, so she
blushed at the implication. "The stockroom." She smiled as his eyebrow
fell, but the joke did not go unshared.

"Down here," she said as she bent down, "are where all the large cans
go." She looked up at him from her kneeling position, and swallowed hard.
Pressed close together between the metal shelving, and from her vantage
point, she could see that he was rock hard. She decided to do a little
teasing. She started moving the cans around on the bottom shelf with one
hand, and with the other she undid a couple of buttons on her uniform
blouse. Close quarters with Lakmal had made her perspire even more, and
even the little air that entered her bra felt good.

She turned back up, and continued talking. "And over here," she said as
she stood up. As she did, she ran her long fingertips along the bulge in his
jeans. She moved on down the line, as if nothing had happened, but she
swore she heared a small gasp from Lakmal. She smiled to herself. Work can
be fun, she thought, and stifled a giggle. Her manager had often made
passes at her, by using that line, one that she obhorred. Until now. How
funny that her manager's line could be used here.

She bent over once more, except this time, she didn't kneel. Her ass
jutted out at Lakmal, who was pinned against the tall shelf behind him. If
only we didn't have our clothes on, she thought. Zzzziiinng! She
continued talking about the boring subject matter at hand, and knelt down.
She turned to face Lakmal, and deftly unzipped his jeans while still talking
about regular shipments of ketchup. Lakmal's eyes opened wide, as this was
totally unexpected. The hot air swirled around his prick, which was
ramrod stiff. Still, the heat from the summer air was nothing like the moist
heat from the insides of her mouth. The silence in the small room was
deafening as her talking was interrupted. He felt her tongue swirl around
the bottom of his shaft, and he gritted his teeth together to prevent himself
from groaning. Damn, she was GOOD!

She bobbed her head on his prick, and thought about how long it was
since she had such a good time at work. This time, she couldn't help
herself, and she smiled wide. She held him with her hand, and stood up to
face him. Her breasts, covered in perspiration heaved with excitement.
Her panties felt about three sizes too small, and she wanted them OFF! He
raised her skirt above her waist, and nearly broke two fingers trying to pull
them down. The rush of air felt very good, but made her want him
between her legs. He bent his head down to her breasts, and licked the
sweat from them. She reached down, and guided him towards her. She
felt the head push between her lips, but the angle was too sharp. She
pushed him back on to the shelf behind him, and he sat down on one of
them. Straddling him, but still standing, she was able to thrust him into
her by lowering herself just a little. Once more, Lakmal kissed her breasts,
releasing them from their restrictive bra. Free from the constraints of the
cotton, she felt somewhat cooler and yet hotter at the same time.

Oh, yes, she thought. This is JUST what I need. Much better than a
cigarette at breaktime...

She was primed. Really ready. All day long she had teased Lakmal and
been teased, and the pressure was building inside of her. She felt it from
inside her chest. Lakmal's tongue licked her nipples, and he moved from one
to another. She held the back of his head to her, and wanted him to take it
ALL. GOD, could he feel them THROB?!

The familiar rush began along the insides of her thighs, and travelled up
her stomach to her breasts. Not yet, she thought, but at the same time,
there was the danger and excitement of getting caught, and that thought
increased the onslaught.

Inside of her, she felt Lakmal's impending explosion. She squeezed her
muscle walls tighter, and she heared his groan. His hot breath landed on
her breasts, and she felt the skin tighten into little goosebumps. Her pussy
began to contract more and more erratically, as Lakmal's dick bucked wildly.
Suddenly, she conuldn't control herself anymore, and she felt the runaway
train within her arrive. Her legs clamped on Lakmal, and she held his head
with her hands as she rode him on to ecstacy.

Lakmal felt the tightening muscles, and couldn't hold back. He shot his
load deep inside of her, and held on to her waist. He could feel her
wetness and how comfortable it felt to be inside of her. Suddenly, they
both heared a sound, and scrambled to reach for their clothes and make
themselves somewhat presentable. They looked at each other, and started
to laugh.

"Work can be fun," she said, and they both laughed.

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