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My name is Lauren. I am 39, about 5'6", shoulder length red hair, and have managed to keep my body in very good condition. I am a little plump, but my curves are womanly as a woman should be. It isn't easy, but I have managed to keep my figure to 36C-26-38 (yes, my butt is still a little big, I know)with exercise and dieting.

Since being left a widow 10 years ago, my time has been devoted to providing a home for my two sons, Kevin, 18 and Patrick, 16. They were just boys when their dad was killed by a drunk driver, but they pitched in and helped me in every way they could. The three of us became quite a team.

I wasn't able to date much due to working and taking care of my sons. But as they got older, became young men, and more self-sufficient, I did go out every once in a while. But most men I dated were interested primarily in getting into my panties and had no interest in becoming father by default to my sons. I got tired of being treated as a piece of meat, being expected to put out just because some semi-stranger would buy me a meal in a cheap restaurant. As a result, I dated less, masturbated more, and paid attention to my sons.

One night, around 1 am I got up to go to the bathroom down the hall. I slipped on my light bathrobe and quietly tip toed down the hall so as to not disturb my boys. I noticed a dim light shining through Kevin's bedroom door where it was not completely shut. Apparently he was awake and watching TV. Just to make sure he hadn't gone to sleep with the TV on I crept up to the cracked door and prepared to peek in when I heard voices. Both my boys were in the room, watching something, and whispering. The first thing I recognized was the cheesy rock music soundtrack that normally accompanies a porn movie. I snickered to myself. My boys were watching porn late at night. It made me think of the time I found a couple of Penthouse Magazines stashed in Patrick's closet with the a few of the pages stuck together. Boys! But watching porn together was a little different, it seemed, more intimate, more intense.

And then I could begin to make out what they were quietly saying to each other.

"Look at her. Damn she has nice tits. And they look even better with all that cum on them" I heard Kevin say.

"Yeah no shit. She sure is a babe. Where did you find this tape anyway? I've never seen one with women mom's age and guys our age. This is fuckin' hot! Better slow down, I don't want to cum too soon."

Two things struck me about this. First, that my sons were watching porn about older women and younger men. I would have assumed they would be drawn to young women their own age. Second, what did Patrick mean by "slow down. I don't want to cum too soon?"

I eased myself toward the barely open door and let my eyes adjust to the dim light. I peeked around the corner of the door breathlessly. There, on Kevin's bed were my two boys, naked, slowly stroking each other's cocks. The boys were finely muscled. I expected that as I had seen them in swim suits and with out shirts many times. But I had not seen their hard erect cocks, ever. They were both about 7" long and finely shaped. Their hands slowly slid up and down the shaft of his brother's cock, milking it lovingly as they whispered.

"The only problem with this tape is that none of the women are nearly as hot as mom is" Kevin said.

"Yeah, no kidding. I mean they are ok, but mom is just a babe. I saw her in her bra and panties the other morning. Fuck, I had to jack off three times to get over it" They both chuckled at this.

Watching them jack each other off and listening to them describe me in lusty terms began to have an effect on me. My nipples hardened against my robe. I felt my clit begin to swell and tingle. I could feel my pussy moisten. I was not really surprised at any of this, actually. My sons and I had been very close over the years, through good times and bad times. I had been their mom, their friend, and their confidant. And now I was the object of their lust. I couldn't remember the last time I had been fucked by someone that really cared about me. Sure, guys just wanting to get their nuts off had fucked me, but that wasn't the same at all. And now, on the opposite side of this door, were two young studs with hard cocks that I knew loved me deeply. I made my decision. My hand was trembling as I raised my hand to gently rap on the door.

I tapped three times lightly. I had to suppress my laugh at the scrambling that I knew was going on. I could hear covers being rearranged, muffled grunts and groans, and then the TV was off and it was dark. Then a shy voice said "Uhhhhh…. Yeah?"

I pushed the door open and stepped into the room. "I saw the light and heard voices and thought I would see what was going on?"

"Sorry, mom, we didn't mean to wake you up"

"That's not what I meant. It's your house too. You are free to do what you want. I was just wondering what was going on. I was kind of lonely and thought maybe I could join the party." I left the hint hanging out there hoping one of them would take it. They just looked back at me not sure of what to say or do. Finally Kevin offered "We were just bored and were watching a video. Sorry if we had it too loud."

"No problem. Well, I'm awake now." I sat on the edge of the bed. "What's the movie?"

They looked at each other. I could see the confusion and embarrassment in their eyes. Finally Patrick said, "You probably wouldn't like it, mom… it's porn… sorry."

This broke the ice. I laughed. They both laughed at having been caught like little boys peeking at a Playboy. I said, "Well I'm a big girl now. I've seen porn before." I jumped up on the bed and wedged myself between them. My nipples were rock hard and I could feel my pussy leaking juice, knowing these two fine young men were naked under the covers next to me.

Kevin hesitantly picked up the remote control. "You sure about this mom?"

"Go ahead honey… maybe it will be good for this old lady's heart"

Patrick piped right up, "You're no old lady, mom. You are a real fox"

"Thank you baby" and I kissed him on the cheek, holding my lips there a little longer than necessary. I let my breast press against his arm.

The image came up on the screen. An attractive woman about 50 years old had four young men about 20 years old with her. She was riding the cock of one, sucking the cock of another, and jacking off the remaining two. I felt my two sons squirm under the covers as they tried to hide their obvious erections from me.

"My, she certainly is coordinated, isn't she?" I joked and the boys laughed and the tension was somewhat broken.

The actions continued through a series of fuck scenes and cum shots. My boys were breathing a little faster as their excitement rose. My pussy was soaking through to my panties. I could smell my own secretions and wondered if the boys could also. They were hesitant to take the next step so I did.

Feigning being cold, I shivered and said "Is there room under there for one more? I'm freezing?"

Patrick blurted out "Mom, we don't have any clothes on"

"Honey, I have seen excited men before. I won't be embarrassed to see two more."

Kevin was more cool. He looked down at my tits showing through my robe and said "Yes, I can see you must be cold.", referring to my hard and showing nipples. I laughed. He then held the covers up to allow me to slide under with them. I caught a good look at their hard cocks and trim bodies. "Hmmmmm…. You certainly have both grown into fine young men."

I snuggled up to Kevin. I wrapped my arms over his chest and threw my leg over his thighs. I could feel the hair on his balls tickling my leg. "Patrick, my back is freezing, come snuggle up with me"

Patrick spooned with me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against the crack of my ass. He put his arm over me, between me and his brother, right below my tits.


2014-03-30 21:57:40
another great story thanks

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2011-06-28 05:06:34
I went to tons of links bferoe this, what was I thinking?


2009-12-04 21:36:36
fuck e

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2009-04-08 15:23:01
I have read a few of your stories now and they are all too short.. It seems just as your getting started it ends.. This is as bad as a girl tease when you know she's not gonna fuck you, it is just a waste.. I won't bother to read any more..

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2009-02-16 01:07:35
awesome but to short!!!!!

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