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This is my first and a work in progress... go easy on me.
Jaime jerked awake with a gasp as water was thrown in her face. "What the fuck?" she cried indignantly. "Where am I?" She was blindfolded and tied onto a weird kind of table. Her arms were tied to the same rope over her head under the table so that when she tried to pull free on one side, it pulled the other arm. Her legs were tied to stirrups and she could feel cold air fanning her spread pussy lips. It dawned on her the- she was NAKED! How did this happen?! She tried to remember what led up to this but the last thing she remembered was getting into her car to meet some girlfriends at the club.
Jaime felt her heart rateescalate as she felt two hard fingers push roughly into her dry pussy. "OW! Who the fuck are you? Stop touching me! Please! I'll give you whatever you want!"
"You already are. I've waited for this day for a long, long time." He was slowly pushing his fingers in and out of her pussy- stretching her out.
"Please," she was crying in earnest now. "I'm a good girl. You're hurting me- I'm still a virgin."
"I'm sorry; how remiss of me. We'll have to lube you up." With that, he knelt between her legs and started licking her dry cunt. He ran his tongue over her asshole- ignoring the screech she let out. He traveled higher and dipped his wet tongue inside. He went higher still and flicker over her tiny clit. She screamed again, but this time it was different.
"Ah, I can tell you like to be eaten out. Then again, what woman doesn't?"
She hated this! Her mind was screaming NO but her pussy was on fire. Her own body was betraying her! This made her very angry and his and at herself. She couldn't even see what her captor looked like!
"I think you're ready for my cock in your sweet virgin cunt. You're so fucking hot for it. I am just going to rip right into it so I can hear you scream when my 11 inch cock pops your cherry."
"I would rather fuck a dog! You can't fucking do this to me!"
She heard him growl deep in his throat. There was a loud CRACK! as he slapped her across her face. Jaime cried outat the sharp stinging pain in her cheek. "It can be arranged, slut!" He slapped her again just for good measure and grabbed ahold of her waist right above her hips. She was so thin around that his large hands spanned her tiny waist. She felt his cock at her entrance. His head was in her- it had to be four inches in diameter! He was going to rip her open! There was no way she could take a cock that big!
"Please-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." she screamed as he jammed his dick into her- breaking her hymen. Her pussy was stretched to it's limits and beyond. She could feel him pummeling her cervix.
The pain was so excruciating it was like a fire that started at her cunt and moved in swift waves through her legs and back up to the top of her head. "Please!" she screamed. "You're too big! You're splitting me in half!"
His only reply was to pull her hips to meet his thrusting penis to allow him even deeper penetration. She continued to cry as wave after wave of pain pulsed through her pussy. She was haing trouble catching her breath and she could feel her face, hands and feet tingling. Had she been drugged too?! The huge stranger now abusing her no-longer virgin pussy reached one of his huge hands between her legs and rubbed her clit. "YOu're so tight, Jaime," he whispered in her ear. "I'm going to make you come so your tight cunt will milk my cock as I shoot my load inside you. You'll like that, won't you?"
Jaime felt her hips start to push towards him. She felt... something... "Please!" She pleaded, but her cries were no longer pain filled. "I need..."
"What?" he asked, continuing to pound her pussy and massage her clit. "Do you need to come?"
She didn't know what that meant! "I just- I need... Please!" she panted.
"This?" he asked joyfully as he applied just a little more pressure to her clit.
"Yes! Yes! Yes! she screamed. Her body exploded in her first orgasm. SHe felt her already swollen tight pussy walls convulse around his huge prick. It must have been too much for him to be squeezed even tighter because he pumped into her three more times and let his load explode into her. Jaime felt a second orgasm come on as her insides were bathed forcefully with hot cum. She felt it overflow her pussy and drip down her crack and asscheeks. She was still milking his cock and moaning when he pulled out of her.
"Mmmmm... That was the best fuck I've ever had. You'll do yet." he said as he slepped her spread pussy as hard as he could. She was crying again, embarrassed that this rapist had made her get off.
"Please! You've had what you want! Just let me go and I won't say anything!"
" Okay, now then," he said, ignoring her, "what now? Oh, Yes! I'm getting tired of your voice, so I'll just..."
"Just what?" She felt his hand on her face. "N-!" A piece of cloth was shoved in her mouth and tied with another cloth around her head. She screamed and screamed and just barely heard him say, "Don't scream too much- you'll choke to death on the gag."
She immediately stopped screaming. "Ha! That's what I like- a good ovediant little girl. Now, we're just going to see how truthful you were being about fucking my dog." be continued

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2009-01-22 19:39:29
Damn I want to know what happens next shiiiiitttt !

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