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Aunt Ellen's daughters join the fray
The next morning I woke up alone in the bed in the guest room. The first thing I noticed was how sore my dick felt. This also made me realize that all the action I had gotten last night had bee real and not just a wet dream. Not that I’d ever had a wet dream, I masturbated way too much for that . . .
I crawled out of bed and glanced at the clock. It was almost noon. I looked around to see if I could find any kind of clothing somewhere, but I didn’t see anything so I walked out of the guest room naked. My aunt was nowhere to be seen. I quickly walked to my own room, put on some clothes and walked down the stairs, where I found my aunt in the kitchen. She was frying some eggs. “There you are, you horny little devil,” she grinned, “I was just about to come and wake you up. You must be hungry?”
I nodded and my aunt put some fried eggs on a couple of slices of bread that were waiting on a plate. I sat down at the kitchen table and gobbled up the meal in no time at all.
“That was good,” I said, “thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” she said. “You know, I’m going to drop by my place in a while, to check if my girls aren’t making too big a mess while I’m away. You wanna come along?”
“Well, er, rather not,” I mumbled. The thought of being harassed again by those girls wasn’t particularly appealing to me. Even more so, I was much more in the mood for a repetition of last night, something my aunt had more or less promised me in so many words.
“Come on,” she said, “I promised your mother that I would keep an eye on you.”
I grinned inwardly at this remark. When my mom had asked her sister to ‘keep an eye on me’ she had undoubtedly intended it rather differently than the way my aunt Ellen had interpreted it.
“In case you’re worried,” my aunt said, “that my girls will be mean to you again, you shouldn’t be. I just called them and told them not to.”
“Well, all right,” I hesitantly agreed.
My aunt took off her apron and put it away. She was wearing the same elegant red dress she had worn when she had arrived at our place the day before. The dress wasn’t really very sexy or anything, but it did reveal what a gorgeous body she possessed. I couldn’t believe that before last night I had never noticed what a hot woman my aunt was.
We got into my aunt’s elderly Volkswagen and drove to her house on the other side of town. When we got there we found both of her daughters there, who were hanging out in the living room, watching music videos. Neither really looked like her mother. Shanice, seventeen, the daughter from my aunt’s first marriage to a black man, was wearing a wide grey sweater and dark green jogging pants. In spite of these loose-fitting garments it was obvious she had rather large and firm breasts – not quite as big as her mother’s, but those knockers really were rather otherworldly – and a very nice butt. She was a bit chubby, but certainly not fat. She had a nice, round face with full red lips and long curly black hairs.
Cory, sixteen, the daughter from my aunt’s second marriage to a German guy, was rather slim and, compared to her half-sister, dressed very sexily: a strapless purple top that showcased her not very large, but beautiful breasts really well and matching purple shorts. Combined with her high, white boots the shorts did a spectacular job of showing off her wonderful long legs. She had a pretty face and long, straight blond hairs. She kind of looked a bit like Kylie Minogue, I suddenly realised.
Shanice and Cory bother welcomed me in a most friendly way, something that made a rather odd impression on me. They had never done that before. Well, maybe a very long time ago, when I still was an infant and they were toddlers, but for the past ten years they hadn’t said a kind word to me.
There was a bit of a weird mood in the house and I felt a bit uncomfortable. My aunt and cousins seemed completely at ease, though. Cory invited me to sit next to her on the couch and asked if I wanted a beer. That struck me as a rather strange question, but I said yes anyway. I had never had beer before and wondered what it would taste like.
Aunt Ellen said that she had to discuss a few things with Shanice and before I knew it, my aunt and her elder daughter had disappeared upstairs and I was left alone on the couch, watching a boring video of some kind of uninteresting rock band.
It didn’t take long for Cory to return, though. She handed me a cold can of beer. For herself she’d gotten one of these popular mix drinks. She sat down next to me and we toasted. I kind of liked the taste of the beer – even when I’d always heard that you had to learn to drink beer – and took a couple of big gulps. Cory leaned against me and put a hand on my leg, a move that provoked an immediate response in my pants. I could only hope that she wouldn’t notice.
Cory smiled at me. “So, little cousin,” she said with a naughty look in her eyes, “you used to be such a useless little guy, but now I hear that you’ve become a man.”
I had to swallow really hard. Could my aunt have told her . . . ? No, I couldn’t imagine that. That was simply unthinkable. Aunt Ellen herself had said that what had happened should stay between us?
“Don’t worry,” Cory smiled, “mom and I don’t keep secrets from each other. And you have nothing to be embarrassed about; coming four times in a row really isn’t bad.”
My mouth fell open in amazement. What kind of family was this? With my painfully decent middle-class background this utter openness was even more shocking to me, than what had actually happened last night.
“You know,” Cory laughed, apparently very amused by my reaction, “we are a bit different from the rest of the family. We aren’t so narrow-minded. The rest of the family doesn’t need to know that, because they wouldn’t understand. But mom thinks that you will understand it and appreciate it too.” She took a sip from her drink. “You know, mom is kind of a nympho. And I think that Shanice and myself have inherited that trait.”
Without further ado Cory suddenly kissed me on the mouth. I answered her kiss and while our tongues were exploring each other, she grabbed my crotch with her hand. “Oh my,” she chirped, “I believe my little cousin has a pretty hard weener. Now why don’t I do something about that?”
Without waiting for a response she unzipped my pants and freed my stiff cock from my underpants. “You know,” Cory grinned approvingly, “I think you and I are going to be really good friends.” She got up, unfastened her top and threw it away. I saw that her nipples were already erect. Next she pulled down her shorts and before I knew it, she was standing before me almost completely naked, with the exception of her high white boots.
She sat down on my lap and started frenching me again, while she moved her abdomen back and forth against my dick, which felt very nice. After a while she ended the kiss and got up. Sitting back down on the couch, she started to take off her boots. “Come on,” she said, “go and get undressed.”
That was a request I was most happy to comply with. As soon as I was fully nude, Cory took my hand and got up, so I got up as well and followed her. “Where are we going?” I asked.
“To the garden,” she said, “I feel like fucking outside today.”
She led me out of the living room and through the kitchen, were she halted for a moment to grab a plastic bottle from a cupboard, we arrived in the garden. It wasn’t a special garden in any way: not very large, full of short-trimmed grass and some shrubs here and there. What immediately caught my eye was the fact that the garden was surrounded by high, blinded fences on all sides.
The weather was warm and sunny – it was the middle of summer – so I didn’t feel cold at all, sanding naked in the open air.
Cory let go of my hand, put the bottle on the grass and sat down on her hands and knees in front of me. It seemed obvious what she was up to, so I sat down on my knees behind her and started to put my dick in her pussy. “No, don’t,” she said, as soon as she felt what I was up to, “not in my pussy. I really feel like being nicely ass-fucked right now.”
I pulled my cock back and glanced at her butt hole, that seemed very tight to me. “Is that possible?” I asked naively. “Of course,” she smiled, “just put some oil in my butt hole and on your dick and then it will go just fine.”
So that is what’s in the bottle, I thought. I took the plastic bottle, opened it and poured some oil on my stiff cock. Then I knelt behind Cory again and poured some on her butt hole. I put a couple of fingers in the hole and lubricated her asshole pretty well.
“Well, here we go then,” I said, more to myself than to Cory. I pushed my erection against her sphincter and started pushing a little. Before I knew it, my dick easily slid in. Even though it went much easier than I’d expected, it did feel really tight. I started to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Every time I let me cock almost completely slide out of her ass, only to push it back in all the way to my balls. Apparently Cory liked it because she started to sigh and moan.
Slowly I started to push faster and faster, until Cory let out a few loud cries, leading me to conclude she was having an orgasm. I was nearing a wonderful orgasm myself. “Are you coming?” Cory moaned, apparently sensed my impending explosion.
“Yes,” I grumbled.
“Then take it out,” she moaned, “and spray it all over me!”
I stopped and took my dick out of her butt. Cory laid herself down on the grass and turned on her back. I grabbed hold of my cock and just had to jerk it once or twice before I emptied my balls on her naked body. Thick clots of sperm splattered down on Cory, on her belly, her breasts and her face. While Cory was rubbing my semen all over her body, I sank down next to her, feeling really wonderful. Soon she bent over my crotch and began licking the last drops of semen from my shrinking dick. As soon as she simultaneously started to massage my balls, though, my cock started to stiffen again. After a while she stopped and while my pole fell back on my belly, Cory got up and extended her hand to me. “Let’s go inside again,” she said, “and I will show you our special room.”
Back in the house Cory led me to the hallway and the up a staircase. On the first floor we walked through the hall, until we reached a rather ordinary-looking door. She opened the door and I looked inside. I saw an almost empty room, lined with purple carpet that looked soft and covered the entire floor. The walls as well as the ceiling were covered with large mirrors. “This is our sex room,” Cory whispered in my ear in a naughty voice, “in this room, not a day passes without fucking.”
She stepped into the room and I followed. The first thing I noticed was the fact that the carpet not only looked soft, but was indeed really very soft. Cory smiled and said, “well, what do you think?”
“Nice,” I said, not really enthusiastically yet, because the room didn’t strike me as something really special. The fact that people had reserved a special room in their house for the sole purpose of having sex here, struck me as more special – and more exciting – than the room itself.
“It’s great,” Cory beamed, “no matter what position you do, you can always see yourself in a least one of the mirrors. We’ll try it in a minute, so you can see how cool it is.”
That idea sounded very appealing to me.
“Go lie down nicely,” Cory said, “I’ll go fetch us something to drink.”
She let the room and I lay down. It feel very comfortable, I had to admit that. Now that I had a moment to quietly think – for the first time this day, really – I realised how much my young life had changed in less than a full day, but also prominently on my mind were the infinite possibilities that appeared to come with my renewed acquaintance with my aunt and cousins.
Soon Cory returned, carrying another cold beer for me and a mix drink for herself. I sat up straight, she sat down next to me and we toasted. “I never thought,” I said, “that you would be so uninhibited when it comes to sex.”
“Oh well, not everybody needs to know that. But for me it is completely natural. My sister and myself were raised as free spirits. We really can’t relate to prudish people.”
I wondered, exactly how free their spirits were, as well as how incredibly broad Cory’s definition of ‘prudish’ had to be. I had the distinct impression that in her book, anyone who had less than three orgasms a day on average would qualify as ‘prudish’.
I thought it better not to bring this up though. Cory didn’t seem interested in talking anyway, since she was already pouring some of her drink on my cock and then began to eagerly suck my rod. At the same time she manoeuvred her body on mine and pushed her crotch in my face. Her intention was clear, so I started to eat her out just as eagerly. I could see us going at it in a mirror on the ceiling and I had to admit that this indeed was an additional turn-on.
We were just really getting into the groove of things – my prick was rock-hard again and her cunt was dripping wet – when the door was opened. Cory immediately let my dick slide out of her mouth and rolled off me. I looked up and was in for another shock when I saw, that both aunt Ellen and Shanice were walking into the room. Didn’t this family know any shame at all? The fact that her mother and sister came to watch Cory having sex with me, was shocking enough already, but from the way they were dressed I got the impression they were intending to do more than just watch.
Aunt Ellen was wearing a black lace bra – which I thought was at least two sizes too small, since her gigantic boobs were almost bursting out of it – and black stockings. Nothing else, not even panties. Shanice was wearing a wide, light blue nightgown that was hanging open, allowing her wonderful big tits to be seen in almost their entirety.
“Well,” aunt Ellen said to me, “I see Cory has already shown you our special room.”
“Er, yes,” I said hesitantly, not really knowing how to respond.
“Just relax,” my aunt smiled comfortingly, “the three of us are going to show you a really good time.”
Shanice let the nightgown slide from her shoulders and stood in front of me, completely nude. The sight of her voluptuous curves almost made me drool. She smiled and squatted down on my face. “Now you be a good boy and eat my pussy,” she said. I was more than eager to comply and pushed my mouth against her cunt.
While I was licking her pussy lips and softly nibbled on her clit, aunt Ellen was doing her part. She had knelt down between my legs, spit of my prick a few times and then began to give me a very wet and noisy blow job.
Cory, in the meantime, had sat down in a corner of the room and was watching us while she was fingering herself.
It didn’t take long for Shanice’s cunt to be dripping wet. She got up and my aunt also stopped sucking my cock to make room for her elder daughter, who immediately sat down on me and let my prick slide into her pussy. While she started to slowly move up and down on my cock, she leaned over me and pushed her wonderful tits in my face. Passionately I sucked on her large, erect nipples. After a while she straightened herself again and started to move faster and faster. From her moaning I concluded that she was close to coming.
Meanwhile, I could see in one of the mirrors, aunt Ellen had sat down next to Cory and they were frenching and fingering each other! I hadn’t thought that I would be able to be shocked by anything by now, but this was too much! I do have to admit that I found it an incredibly horny sight, to see a mother and daughter going at it together like that. It didn’t take me too long to come and I shot my sperm deep into Shanice’s womb, who was coming herself too and did so screaming loudly. Moaning, she let herself fall on top of me and gave me a very wet kiss on the mouth. I put my arms around her and kissing we rolled through the room together. Not until we came to halt did my shrinking cock slide out of her cunt.
Shanice rolled off me, while I was still lying there, savouring the moment. My aunt and Cory had both gotten up too by now and all three horny women stood around me.
“You’re a good student,” my aunt said, “right, girls?”
Shanice and Cory both nodded approvingly.
“So you do this often?” I asked, realising that this was a bit of a silly question, but I didn’t really know what else to say.
“All the time,” Cory laughed.
“We have a lot of friends, male and female, who often come by here to have lots of great sex,” aunt Ellen said, “but since this is your first time here, we didn’t invite anyone else today. But if you want to we can ask some people to come over tomorrow. We have very horny girlfriends.”
Again I was at a loss for words. I did, however, realise that I had more or less ended up in paradise.

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