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Candy tries to attract attention and becomes a treat for five young men.
Candy’s doctor told her that the intense pressure of the real estate business were causing too much stress and she should take a week off. Just relax. Go to the beach. Take a trip. Anything but think about real estate.

Candy was a 40 yr. old real estate agent and vivacious single blonde. The demands of her business meant she had not had a date in at least 2 years. But that didn’t bother her, as long as the money came in to pay for her bungalow and BMW she was happy. Taking even a one week break was a difficult choice but finally she made her decision. One full day off at the beach! She would even turn off her cell phone.

A short stop at the swimwear store and she had what she needed: sunscreen, a beach towel, and a skimpy red halter-top bikini to cover her gorgeous milky white body. She enjoyed admiring herself in the mirror. She knew the suit would turn lots of heads to stare at her luscious 38-34-36 body. A thin string tied at the back enabled the clingy top to barely restrain her twin orbs while equally thin strings tied at each hip kept the dainty bottom in place. She enjoyed a good tease even if she didn’t have time for a date.

Leaving the BMW X5 SUV under a tree in the crowded parking lot, Candy sashayed down the sandy beach smiling and feeling the appreciative stares. She managed to brush off 3 approaches already. Too bad they were all balding and pot-bellied. The healthy, robust ones seemed to be a bit inattentive.

The teeming water was cooler than a hot tub so she decided to just lie on her blanket and look sexy. Leaning back, one knee bent, one leg straight, she closed her eyes so that her admirers would feel less self-conscious. Some yummy hunk was bound to approach her soon. Candy was so proud of her good looks. Some people thought she was stuck-up and arrogant but that was only because they didn’t share her beauty.

Dozing off, she had just now suddenly woken from a nasty rape nightmare. Her soft blue eyes flooded with tears until she realized it had all been just a particularly bad dream. Oddly, her nipples felt quite hard and her pussy distinctly damp. Why, she was in fact feeling rather hot and bothered!

Wondering why none of the beach hunks had approached, she looked around and saw two gorgeous hunks of male flesh lying on a towel just yards away. She gave them her warmest smile but then froze as she saw their hands around each other’s waist. Oh well, wrong hunks.

Several other muscular beach boys, probably mid-20’s sat off to her right enjoying the beach sights. Smiling seductively, Candy let her hand slowly slide to her right hip. Untying the string on that side she pretended not to notice that her milky white thigh was now fully exposed. Gawd that made her feel hot!

Two of the young men, looking in her direction, got up and walked toward her, cheerfully smiling. Candy, returning their smiles, leaned forward so they would get a better view of her superb boobs. She was going to really enjoy their company. And later, who knows?

The hard, muscular bodies walked right by her stopping when they reached the two young girls just past Candy. How could those idiots pick inexperienced youngsters when they could have some mature, experienced “candy”?

Next Candy tried lying on her belly letting her beautiful, desirable, trim butt stick up. Untying the bra string as well as the left hip string she knew any movement would show her off ‘au natural’. Her bare creamy back would certainly attract interest as would her lovely rump. The gentle breeze made her bottoms flap a little bringing the crack of her ass into and out of view. Resting her chin on her arm she quivered with expectancy knowing her luscious, delicious body would lure at least one of the many beach hunks spread over the sand.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes --- NOTHING! What the hell was wrong!? There she lay, a truly beautiful sex Goddess amid loads of muscular young guys and --- NOTHING! What was the matter with them? She was the only game in town! Other than her, the only thing the young guys could hope for was one of the many young girls littering the beach. No contest! Candy was the only possible choice!

Pouting, she loosely retied her bikini, got up and walked to the water’s edge. Her tits jiggled invitingly as her hips swayed. The gentle waves lapped coolly at her toes. Stepping a few paces back, she took a deep breath and ran whooping into the cool water until, at knee depth, she dove in. Coming up at hip depth, Candy’s thin red top felt as though pasted to her skin. Looking down she could see her hard, erect nipples clearly poking through the flimsy fabric. Walking back toward the beach she could feel her wet, dainty bottoms accentuating every crevice of her body.

She smiled to herself, “OK guys you can’t ignore my luscious ass now!”

Candy strolled about the beach making sure to swing her hips while keeping her shoulders back to accentuate her fantastic boobs.

Soon, two pretty young girls smilingly came up to her giggling, “Hi! We wondered if you would put cream on us. Or maybe we could put cream on you?”

Oh GAWD! “Get lost.” Candy hurriedly headed in the other direction.

Returning to her towel after a bit, another idea came to her: why not just wear the towel? The guys on this beach were obviously none too bright and needed to be hit over the head with her beauty. Picking up the towel she wrapped it around herself while smiling demurely at all the guys nearby.

When she was sure some of them were glancing in her direction, Candy reached back, undid the bikini top and pulled it out. Then she reached under the towel, untied her bikini bottoms letting them drop to the sand. Bending down to pick the bottoms up, Candy gave a superb show of her ass. Several whistles showed the beach hunks finally taking notice.

She now held her entire swimsuit in her hand. Anyone looking could clearly tell she was stark naked under the towel. The towel itself was a bit small for a beach towel. It reached only to about 4 inches below her cute butt and just barely concealed her boobs. Actually, they exposed plenty of cleavage. Rather than tucking the towel in at the front so it would stay on by itself, she just held it closed with one hand. The other hand held the bikini in plain view.

Ready for inspection, Candy’s lovely pink nipples remained erect and hard in anticipation while her pussy felt very wet. Any time now --- a beautiful hunk would greet her asking, “What’s a sweet thing like you doing here?”

Candy sauntered along the sand-covered sidewalk smiling. Now and then she “accidentally” dropped her bikini and had to pick it up again, bending over, knees straight, giving a fantastic view of her bare buns and yellow-haired pussy; lots of lookers but no actual approaches. These guys remained more interested in the young girls. She felt treated like a half-time show; nice to look at but not the main attraction.

Waiting in line at the refreshment stand Candy noticed a geeky young man serving fries and sodas. She decided to try a more direct plan.

Reaching the counter, Candy smiled warmly at the young man and ordered fries and a coke. She was delighted to see him trying not to stare at her “attire” and how it covered or, more correctly, didn’t cover her “assets”. Waiting as he cooked another batch of fries she gleefully enjoyed his peeking from the corners of his eyes. Finally, the fries were ready.

Candy looked at him with a pout, lifted her hand to show it held her bikini and said, “Gee, I seem to have a problem – no hands left. I don’t know how to carry my order without dropping my towel. Oh, and I forgot my money in the car. Do you suppose you could be a darling and help me??”

The young man looked uncertain, “Uh…what?” He gawked at her towel and the tops of her silky white boobs straining against the material. Clearly he was not accustomed to being this close to a near naked woman.

Candy enjoyed his discomfort immensely, “I mean, oh my god, I might drop my towel accidentally so, could you be nice and carry my fries and coke to my car? My purse is in the car. Please?? I’ll give you a nice tip?” She sounded so helpless.

Then, for good measure, she dropped her bikini again. “Oops. I better pick that up.” She bent her knees to squat and pick up the bikini while looking up into the man’s eyes making sure he caught a glimpse of her blonde pussy. “Oh, and what’s your name?”

The man just gulped, stared and stammered. “Uh…uh…uh. Ok. I’ll…uh… help. My name’s Eddy.”

Suddenly, Candy heard another voice.

“We’d be glad to help too!” Two other young men, one black, one latino grinned at her from the side of the refreshment stand.

Eddy seemed to regain his composure, “These are my partners, Jamal and Carlos.”

As she turned her head to lead them to her car, she managed to sneak a quick peak at the three crotches. Candy smiled to herself as she noted the three tent poles pushing on their shorts. She shook her long blonde hair letting it cascade down her back.

The young men walked a couple yards behind her, obviously admiring the sway of her hips. Candy heard inaudible talking between the men. She knew they must be hoping to touch her beautiful body but she was just teasing, there was no way they would get a piece of her ass!

Somehow the air suddenly felt very warm. Little droplets of sweat formed on her forehead, arms, and legs. Little droplets of sweat rolled down her face, down her arms and legs.

Candy’s heart pounded as she drew near her sleek, black BMW X5 SUV discreetly parked under the big weeping willow tree. The spacious soft-grey leather interior seemed to beckon seductively. One hand kept her towel from falling, the other clutching skimpy bikini fumbled with the key hanging from her neck. Click! The locks popped open.

At the same time she felt a firm, hand grab her ass. Another hand pushed her hard against the still closed car door. Her towel covered breasts squashed against the window.

“Hey guys, stop! What are you doing!?” Her husky voice managed. This wasn’t exactly as planned.

Eddy giggled, “What do you think we’re doing? Flouncing around with nothing but a towel, letting us see your tits and cunt, I think this is a definite invitation. Right guys?”

The hand on her ass squeezed hard as she heard the other two guys mutter their agreement.

The hand slid between her damp, sweaty thighs and she felt two fingers slide into her hot, sweat pussy poking her love hole over and over. Her legs involuntarily spread giving the hand easier access.

Someone took her hand and pulled her to the side causing her towel to fall to the ground. The driver’s door opened. A hand pushed her head down and shoved her torso into the car. Face down, bent over, legs spread, Candy knew her pretty bum was fully exposed. The fingers continued to pump her slit. She closed her eyes.

Slap! Someone was slapping her ass! Hard! It felt good!

“Yeah! Slap me. Spank me. I’ve been a bad girl!” She cried.

Her reddened ass cheeks burned as the men took turns spanking and laughing. Just as she was about to plead for them to stop, she felt the tip of a hard cock probing her pussy lips. Which one was it? Nerdy Eddy? Ebony Jamal? Carlos? Who ever it was, his cock, once inside her continued to swell and harden.

“Two years without a fuck,” she moaned. “Oh god, yes. FUCK ME!”

The stiff young cock slowly plunged in further, pulled back, plunged in again. Her body squashed against the rich, leather seat felt the cock crash into her like a ram hitting a castle gate. His cock impaled her soft flesh on his rigid member.

“Oooh. Mmmm,” she gasped.

Suddenly the man shuddered several times completing Candy’s first fuck in two years. His cock slid out leaving Candy moaning face down on the car seat. The soft leather felt so good.

The bulging head of another cock prodded her wet, leaking slit. As it slid in, she knew it was a different cock; thicker but shorter. Muscular hands slid under her belly, up to her tits, seizing them, squeezing them. The short, thick cock thrust forward. Candy’s body slid forward on the leather even as the hands squeezing her tits pulled them back. The man gripped her erect, pink nipples sending warm sensations to her pleasure centers.

Grunting like an animal, the man goaded her slippery, wet love hole rocking her body back and forth.

“Yeah,” she heard him remark, “That’s the way the slut likes it.”

“Please…” Candy panted, “Ohhh! Ahhh!” Her whole body shook with convulsions of lust. Waves of pleasure ran through her body. The rock-hard ramrod poking her soft insides made her whimper with animal excitement.

The cock plunged in again and again. The hot balls slapped her red ass as the naked man bellowed and shot load after load of hot, sticky cream into her aching flesh.

The short, thick cock pulled out only to be instantly replaced by the tip of a third cock; longer than the first, thicker than the second. Her eyes rolled helplessly with pleasure as her third fuck began.

Eddy’s voice groaned gruffly into her ear as he too grabbed her waiting tits and squeezed, “Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you hard. Pretend you’re my mommy so I can get real hard. Do this for me.”

“Oh yes honey, fuck momma hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, you’re so good. Fuck me hard and I’ll give you milk and cookies.” Candy played along. The pretense made her feel hotter if that was possible.

Eddy pulled her back and forth, sliding her hot cunt along the length of his long, thick quivering cock. She felt helpless as he penetrated her trembling flesh over and over with his long, mighty rod.

“I’m fucking you momma. Your little boy is fucking you.” Eddy groaned again.

“Oh, yesss,” Candy hissed, “Keep going little boy. You’re doing good. Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!”

Eddy increased his speed. His rigid cock rammed in and out of her wanton pussy like a piston pumping into a cylinder.

“Ahhh! Ohhh! Mmm!” Candy gasp in time with his powerful strokes, before throwing her head back and screaming in ecstasy, “That’s it baby, come in mama!”

Eddy’s body shook as his rod blasted into her quivering love hole.

Candy felt Eddy slump down from exhaustion. She too sagged forward on the seat absorbing the new leather aroma. Her pussy still pulsated from the three fucks. Although spent, she waited for the three young men to turn her around and continue fucking her hot milk-white body.

Several minutes passed without a sound other than the waves on the beach. At last she felt a hesitant touch on her ass. Had one of her lads recovered enough to give her another workout?

A cock lightly touched her still hot, moist cunt. It timidly nudged her love bud, just enough to get sticky from her love juices and the jism from the previous three fucks. The cock seemed a bit smaller and thinner than before. Candy figured the lad simply was unable to get as hard as the first time. She enjoyed feeling it slowly cautiously slide up the crack of her ass to the entrance of her bum. She wondered which one was being cautious after having given her such a forceful fuck.

The cock, bit by bit, forced its way into her ass. She helped by pushing back gently. The cock went in easily as it was very slippery from poking at her love hole. Candy noticed it seemed shorter and thinner than before but, again, it was the lad’s second time. He couldn’t be expected to be as hard or long the second time around. His small hands moved smoothly up her back and grasped her shoulders.

Candy thought, “Funny, the hands seemed bigger before.”

Curious, she was about to turn her head to look when the passenger door opened. She glanced up. Her mouth dropped open. “??”

A young, naked Chinese guy was standing there his short cock rigidly pointing straight between her eyes. Her astonished blue eyes widened. She quickly glanced back to see the ass-fucker was another Chinese guy. Where did they come from? What happened to her three studs? On the verge of screaming she thought, “Oh my god!!”

The scream didn’t come. The cock in her ass felt warm and hard. The one staring in her face looked ready to burst. She looked up at the naked guy. He pointed at his cock then pointed at her mouth.

“Oh! You want to f-f-fuck my m-m-m-outh?” She asked just as the ass-fucker thrust hard causing her to stumble over her words.

The smiling fellow just pointed again, smiled and said, “No inglee.” He pointed again and got on his knees on the passenger seat, his rock-hard cock jiggling in front of her nose.

Another powerful thrust in her ass; her face almost collided with the cock in front.

“OK, your cock looks good and I’m hungry. Let me eat your meat. Understand?”

The smiling man looked puzzled and pushed his cock closer.

Candy pushed herself up with her hands and opened her mouth just as the small cock in her ass thrust hard again. Unexpectedly, her lips landed square on the cock waving in her face. Her lips closed.

“Mmm.” She thought, “Hot sausage. Yum. Chinese take out.”

Her eyes closed as she started sucking. She tried to suck it all the way in. It was so warm, and juicy. She could taste its salty drippings. Eagerly she gobbled and sucked, her tongue licking up and down the short shaft. Candy enjoyed its shortness – it didn’t get stuck in her throat. She squeezed the balls as the young stud pulled and twisted her nipples.

The two young Chinese bulls pumped her mouth and ass enthusiastically every now and then saying something in their own language. She hoped they were talking about her fantastic body.

The cock in her ass suddenly convulsed and the man made a universally understood comment: “Ahhh.”

The cock in her mouth seemed to grow readying itself for an explosion. Sensing this, Candy tugged hard on the balls and excitedly sucked harder on the cock hoping for a blast of sweet man juice. Harder she sucked. Harder she squeezed the balls. Success!! A bellow of ecstasy from the guy and he blasted in her mouth. His juice filled her cheeks rewarding her tongue with a delicious, unforgettable taste.

His cock slowly became limp and he pulled out. Both Chinese guys quickly dashed away but she could hear them their voices fading away in the distance.

“No inglee?? You gotta be kidding! Do you think she bought that bullshit?”

“Don’t care. It was like fucking my teacher.”

Astonished she got up to look after them. Looking around she realized:

“My clothes and towel are gone! The little brats!” Still, she smiled.

Candy drove home, naked listening to the honks as cars drove past and men weaved trying to ogle her bare bouncing white tits.

Parking in her garage, she stopped for a few minutes to fondle her dripping pussy with deep, slow strokes. She closed her eyes to dream once again of her young studs.

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2015-02-13 23:19:39
Shot for story! I wonder if I'd let 5 guys fuck me in one go for my first time after denying myself for almost 2 1/2 years, but then my reasons for sexual chastity are so very different from hers. I like her - 'if it rains soup, you might as well get scooping'- attitude.

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2013-09-12 04:20:07
Loved it...especially as i was a real estate agent myself and had a similar experience at our nudist beach with a very curvy big breasted Milf a year ago....a tight pussy and even tighter arse.....would love to read more similar stories

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nice story

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