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The making of a Lesbian
When I was 17 we moved to a town where I had 5 cousins, all girls, ages from 16 to 18.
Right after we moved there, I called the oldest one Wendy and asked her if she could throw a welcome party for me with the other girls.

She said she would be happy to do it, so we arranged that the following weekend, which was in the late spring with nice weather we would all meet at her place and stay all day and overnight and maybe the next day, Sunday.

Saturday morning at about 10:00 A.M. I went over to her house riding my motorcycle that my parents gave me when I was 16 on my birthday. I rang the doorbell and she came to the door after a few minutes. When she opened it, I was astounded. She was starkly naked, as in jaybird naked, and I opened my eyes and mouth wide at the glorious sight she presented to me. Lovely full projecting not hanging boobs with such a lovely pink areola about 2 or 3 inches in diameter., and OH, her nipples were like big pencil erasers and projecting nearly a half inch. It made my mouth water, I swear it did.

After staring at her open mouthed for what seemed like eternity, she lunged forward grabbed me by the waist and pulled me inside. This was the first time I had seen her and I was in total awe of her. Next thing I know, her mouth is glued to mine and her tongue probing my mouth for all it is worth. Naturally I could not resist and opened my lips to allow her access and then reciprocated. We both began breathing very heavily and kept this up for ten minutes? It seemed like forever in paradise.

As we kissed I could not resist cupping the sides of her boobs with my two hands and stroking her sides. This was so much turning me on. I am pretty sure she was turned on too. I reached down and slid my finger through her soaking wet slit and massaged her clit. This was the first time I had ever even kissed another girl, and I knew right away that I was a born lesbian.

When we broke apart, and after putting her hand under my skirt and rubbing my own wet pussy while we kissed, she told me I was the first one to show up and that her parents were gone for the weekend so we had the place to ourselves.

She took me around for a tour of the house. They had a very big house with 5 bedrooms, one downstairs, the master one, and four more plus a den upstairs. The exterior was done like an old English Tudor Mansion, and the interior was decorated fit for a royal palace.
I had no idea that her parents were so wealthy. Every bedroom had its own private bathroom with tubs and shower. The master suite also had a dressing room with an 8 foot long mirror over the vanity. The faucets were all in gold, the floors inlaid tile in lovely contrasting colors. We toured all the rooms, but first she asked me if I minded being nude like her.

I told her of course not, and so we went into the bedroom she gave me and I stripped off all my clothes. As we had ascended the stairs and proceeded there, I felt her hand in and on my pussy as she was walking behind me. Naturally I was dripping and my panties were soaked. So then she surprised me and said she wanted to undress me herself. I was amazed that she found me so inviting to her. This was all new to me. I had never played with any girls sexually and had not done anything with boys other than go to movies or school games before this time. I had never actually even thought about the fact that some girls liked to have sex things with other girls instead of men up until now.

She slowly started undressing me and kissing and playing with my body the whole time. First thing she did was lay me down on the bed on my back and rub my belly under my skirt then slowly pulling my wet panties off of me after removing my shoes. As she slid them slowly down, and brushing my hot wet clit and slit with her delicate pale white fingers, I was gasping for breath, and felt so warm. I had started masturbating with my own fingers when I was about 12, when I discovered that wow rubbing that hard little spot felt really good. I had my first orgasm just before I was 13, and couldn’t help but bring myself to at least 5 every day, sometimes more as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep.

Funny that I hardly ever had anyone in particular in mind, I just liked the feeling and blowing out my orgasms. She continued pulling my panties off, pushed my legs up in the air after removing them, and told me to grab my ankles and pull my feet up to my head.
I had no clue what she had in mind. But I did it, then out of the blue I felt something I had never felt before. She had placed 3 fingers in my hot little twat, and pushed her face right into my soaking wet slit. I could hear her making slurping sounds as she moved her tongue vigorously all over my hot wet female parts, all the while furiously finger fucking me. Well I tell you now, it wasn’t but a minute or two and I had the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever had. And not once, not twice, but I think about six times. I never had done that before either. Although I do remember one night I gave myself 3 of them fairly close together.

As she continued to work me over with her mouth and fingers I then felt another new sensation. She had taken her other hand and was rubbing my oh gosh other hole. More new sensations. I had no idea there was any such feeling there. Then I felt her push her pinky inside my backdoor. Oh my, more incredible new sensations again. She was now playing one hand against the other inside my body, and I could feel the pressure from when her two hands touched fingers from both sides.

I was moaning and groaning and breathing so hard, and shaking the whole bed with my spasms. After an eternity, I was so relaxed and weak from all the orgasms I finally could take no more and told her she had to stop. She kissed my pussy, sucked up some juice and kissed me on the lips squirting it into my mouth. For the first time I tasted pussy juice. My own at that mingled with her saliva, a wonderful taste sensation.

I told her that was so good, I felt I should do the same for her, but she told me, not now, we can do much more later. So next thing she did was unfasten my skirt and slide it off my bottom as I raised my butt off the bed for her. She leaned over me then and placed her nipple right over my mouth. It must be natural for I opened my mouth and sucked it in. It felt so nice to suck on it. I did that for a few minutes while it was her turn to moan and groan, then she pulled it out and gave me the other one. I liked that so much I could have done it all day.

After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples, so hot and stiff, so pretty and pink, I felt her pull me up to a sitting position. I complied meekly, and she began to unbutton my blouse in the back. I was wearing a white blouse trimmed with embroidered roses and leaves. She finished, and pulled it off of me.

Then she unhooked my bra, freeing up my little round titties than were very perky and projecting not hanging, but only about a B cup or a more. My bra’s at that time were 30B’s.

She pushed me back down on the bed now that I was completely nude except for socks.
She started rubbing my breasts, kissing my nipples and licking my ears. I had never been made love to before, and I was in heaven. As she continued she put her mouth over my
left nipple and sucked like a Hoover, I felt it pop out and harden, what a great sensation.
She continued for a while then moved over to the right one. Meantime I had begun to rub my hands all over her smooth pale body myself, and put two fingers inside her pussy, giving her the pleasure she had first given me. I said Wendy, this is wonderful, I never did anything like this before. She replied, from now on, you are going to get all the loving you want from me and your other cousins, Lucy, Sandy, Jennifer, and Betsy.

I said, what do you mean? She told me that they all get together at this house as often as they can, usually nearly every weekend, and that this had been going on for years, since they first reached puberty. Then she told me that I hadn’t yet seen it, but they had an Olympic sized pool in the backyard and complete privacy from high fences so they always swam naked. And of course, she said, that always led to other nice things, giggling. I said what is this, an orgy club? She told me no, it was just the way all of the cousins loved each other and gave each other sexual pleasure. She hoped it would still be happening when all of were in our 70’s. I laughed at that, trying to imagine five 70+ old ladies having sex with each other. I just couldn’t get my mind around the picture.
I think I thought that anyone over 30 was too old for sex. I was very naive at that time.

She continued her ministrations on my virgin body, and virgin mind. Then she said now if you are ready you can try this out. I said OK, I’m game. She moved up straddled my head and planted her pussy lips right on top of my mouth. She said now try to do to me what I did to you.

I hesitantly stuck my tongue out, holding her hips with my two hands, and started licking up and down her slit. Then I tried to stick my tongue inside her vagina as far as I could, moving it around the whole time. Next I sucked her hot wet hard pink clitty into my mouth and sucked up as much of her labium as I could, using my tongue to move it all over the folds and texture. It tasted so good, I just loved it, and thus this woman became a lifetime committed to being lesbian. After she had cum at least four times, I heard the doorbell chime.

She got off me and said that she thought the other girls were here now. I said what if it’s the mailman? She said don’t worry, I have done him and he loved it. My face got red, as I said, you mean you have...........she interrupted me with yes, I suck him off every chance I get. It tastes almost as good as pussy when he comes. I was thinking, oh my God, what have I gotten myself into? Then she said, he is married and has 4 children. I fuck him whenever he comes by and my mom and dad are gone. Then he eats my pussy for as long as he can stay. I just love it, and he is such a nice man. I said to her how old is he anyway? She told me that he is 45 and she has been fucking him since she was 15. She said someday I will tell you the story.

So by now we were downstairs near the door, she looked through the peephole and there were two girls looking about my age, and very, very beautiful with long silky hair, one blonde and one redhead. Wendy’s hair was also a reddish brown or auburn and just past her shoulders. She had shaved it all off her pussy and I had never seen a bald pussy before except when I was little (my own of course!).

The two girls were talking while waiting for the door to be opened but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I later found out they were very excited about meeting me.
Wendy said, that is Sandy, the redhead, and Lucy, the blonde, just before she opened the door. They came in and started pulling their clothes off as we made our introductions.

Wendy said that they would be in the room next to mine, since they always liked to sleep together, giggling again. She said Jennifer and Betsy will be here soon, they had to wait until their moms left because their moms told them they could spend the weekend here but needed to get some housework done first. Just then the phone rang. Wendy went to answer it and in a minute or two came back and said, that was Jenny, she is picking up Betsy and they should be here in about a half hour.

So the two girls picked up their clothes and we all went up the stairs in single file. I had noticed that both Lucy and Sandy had also kept all the hair off their pussies and just had a little heart shape of hair above their clits. I asked Wendy if the other two girls also shaved their pussy. She told me that did, because no one liked hair in their mouth, and if I wanted her to, she would shave me. I thought about it and decided that would be a good thing to do, especially since it looked like there was going to be a lot of sex.

We let the girls put their clothes away in their bedroom and then Wendy said now lets all go down to the hot tub and pool. So we traipsed back down the stairs with Sandy just in front of me and with me admiring her great ass and figure, and with a new twist in mind for the admiration.

We proceeded through the living room, dining room, study and out the sliding doors to the huge backyard and pool area. There were trees all around the yard that gave full shade to the pool and yard except for one corner where there were about 8 lounge chairs laying flat to sun on.

We all went to the hot tub and jumped in as Wendy turned the jets on. We began to tell each other about ourselves, well, mainly ME, of course, they already knew about each other, but I didn’t know anything about them. Next thing I know, Wendy is handing me something I never saw before. It was flesh colored, and about an inch and half thick, and had a funny shape on the end of it. I said what is that thing that you gave me. She had another one in her hand and said watch. She spread her legs and slid the thing with the funny end up her pussy all the way in and started moving it in and out, also twisting it around. I heard a funny sound and asked what was making the noise? She said this is a vibrator, you should have one. I will give you the one I handed you. They run on batteries and we have plenty on hand. Try it out, now. So I got up on the deck sat down with my legs spread and knees up in the air. I pushed it into my pussy and turned the back section like she showed me to turn it on. When it started, I nearly came again then and there. It really felt good.

I asked her why it looked so funny. She said that is the way a boy’s penis looks, it is very realistic. Well I had never even seen one except in some pictures from books, so I didn’t even know that was what they looked like. Well NOW I know. Not very pretty, if you ask me. Pussies are much nicer. I think I was developing a thirst for pussy juice. I sat there for two orgasms, pulled it out, licked the juice off of it, and hopped back in the tub.
While I was exploring this new thing, the other two girls were busy doing the same thing with vibrators they had. I guess Wendy had put them out earlier by the tub.

We had traded off some stories of our lives, and then we heard the door chimes. Wendy said to stay here, she would get it, so she toweled off and walked back into the house.
In a few minutes she appeared with two stunning shapely girls. She introduced me to Betsy and Jennifer. They joined us in the pool and I traded stories with them.

After we had relaxed in the hot tub for about an hour, playing around with each other, and getting felt all over by all of them, and getting to feel and play with them in turn, Wendy suggested that we go into the house, throw something on and go out for hamburgers. So we did.

We got into a hummer that was in the garage and Wendy drove us to the nearest fast food place. It happened to be Wendy’s. I said to her, hey do you own this place? She said no it was named for me, and that is why I always like to go there. The staff always kids me about being their boss.

We all got whatever it was we chose and after we finished eating and gabbing we returned to the house for what I suspected was lots of fun and games. I didn’t know it until we got back but both Jennifer and Sandy had put their vibrators in their pussies before we left and had them on the whole time running. They had put maxi-pads over their pussies to hide the sound. I was learning more every minute. I thought that they had made some rather strange faces at different times while we were eating. Now I know they were cumming from the vibrators. I asked them if they did that very often. They both said they went around most of the time with one in their pussies.
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