The first part of the second installment of "The Sleepover" recollections.
Before I begin the story, a couple of quick answers to a few questions.
-The cup. We dumped it out. We weren't horny anymore.
-Our penis lengths. This was about 10 years ago, and I wasn't sitting there with a ruler, telling him that 10 years from now, I'm gonna write an erotic story about this. I eyeballed it, and to me, they seemed to grow. In reality, it was probably because the first time I saw his dick was in the dim light, and I didn't really look at my dick all that much for length.
Okay, now that that's out of the way, onto the story.

It was about a week or two before I saw Josh again. I had gone out of state to visit family for Thanksgiving, and he had done the same. I saw him at school quite a few times, and we still talked, he was cool with everything. It was about a month later, right before winter break, that the story really begins.

It all started with a simple invitation for my parents to a friend's wedding. They didn't know me that well, so I wasn't invited to the wedding. However, being only 13, my parents didn't want to leave me alone for a week (it was pretty far away), so my parents started to ask my friends' parents if they could do anything. The three closest friends all were going away, but then my mom asked Josh's parents and they said it would be great. So it was arranged that I would go over to Josh's house for a week during winter break. So the day they were supposed to fly out, they dropped me off, told me to be good, and if I did anything bad, they would kill me the second they got back, yadda yadda yadda. Of course I answered with a series of yeps, and then they left. Josh's parents were pretty leinent about us being alone, so they would leave for a good amount of time (6-7 hours) and didn't care what we did as long as we don't hold a huge party or burn the house down. It was probably one of the best weeks of my life.

Sunday morning started out normally, we woke up and went downstairs and had some breakfast. That day, we were just gonna play inside because it was cold raining, and his parents were fine with that. We mostly just sat downstairs all day and played video games. We played pretty much all day, had dinner, and did the celebrations for Hanukah (his family is Jewish, and I was Christian, so it was a little weird but still really cool). Then we had to go to bed early because our school was making us come back for the Monday before winter break started, so we couldn't do anything that night.

We got up early and had breakfast and went to school. We didn't really have any classes together, except for one, History, so we couldn't talk that much. Luckily, it was only a half-day (3 hours instead of 6) and we were going to get home wicked early. On his bus, we were the oldest kids, and because a lot of kids were either taking an early vacation or "sick", the bus had about two other kids on it. We sat in the back of the bus, and because we were one of the last stops, we had about a 30 minute ride. So to pass the time, we started by talking about the project that our History teacher had given us, some crappy report on weaponry of the Middle Ages or something. Luckily, not only were we assigned as partners, his brother had had the same teacher, and had kept the project, so we decided just to take his project and change it around a bit and hand it in (the teacher was like 70, he had had Josh's brother almost 9 years previous). Eventually however, he put his hand on my groin and I slowly grew silent and did the same. We just sat there for twenty minutes just rubbing each other's groins, when suddenly Josh came. It freaked us both out, but thankfully, nothing leaked out and nobody noticed. I grinned at him and told him that we might as well finish, so he started to rub ferociously and within a minute, I came as well. Luckily, it was only 2 minutes later that we reached his house, so we didn't have to sit long. We got off of the bus and realized we were still very horny.

His parents both worked all day long, and since we were home about 5 hours before they would be home, we decided that it was safe to clean ourselves up. We both went into his parents bathroom and started to strip off our clothing. That day, he had on a really tight pair of bright blue breifs that were completely stained down the front. He had a little bit of cum leaking down his leg, but he didn't mind at all. I had a loose pair of plaid boxers on and also had a huge cum stain, but I was pretty much soaked to about halfway down my thigh. I called him an asshole and told him that he had to clean up the mess that he had made. He joked and said an eye for an eye, so we got totally naked stepped into his parents bathroom. His parents had a huge bathroom, so we grabbed a towel to lay down on. Since I had made the "mess" first, I had to clean him first. He stripped off his underwear and gave it to me, and I promptly started to lap up all of the cum inside of there. Josh was never had huge ejaculations, so there was only about a half-dollar of cum on his boxers, and a very light coating around his penis. I finished with the boxers and then threw the underwear away. I moved onto his groin and lapped up every last bit of cum that my tongue could find. After he was clean, he did me. I got lucky and had pretty decent ejaculations, so there was a lot for him to clean up. He did pretty much the same thing as I did, only he got some that had trailed down into my ass crack. Finally, we were both clean and decided to get squeeky clean by taking a shower. We both stepped into the shower.

I started first, by taking the sponge and lathering it up with soap. I slowly rubbed the soap all over his body. He had grown a little taller, as had I. He was now about 5' 3" and I was about 5' 7". He still had the sprinters body and I still had strong legs, but now I had a "youth six-pack" (y'know, the six-pack that young kids get?) Anyway, I kept soaping him up, starting with his torso and back, and slowly moving down to his legs and then back up to his ass, which I gave a thorough cleaning, and then his groin. After we washed the soap away, I gave his dick a quick lick, and he jumped at that. He started to try and make me do it some more, but I stopped him, and told him to wash me. So he started to lather me up and soaped me up mostly the same way. When he got to my groin, he asked me if I had to take a piss, and I said kinda, and he said to do it in his mouth. I was a little grossed out by this (didn't know what watersports was yet) but agreed to do it. So I slowly prepared myself and then warned him when I was ready. I started to let loose my stream and he opened his mouth wide and drank about 90% about. Then he told me that it tasted amazing, and that I had to try it. So, I reluctantly agreed and got down on my knees in the tub and opened my mouth when he started to pee. I swallowed a lot of it, but I really didn't like the taste, it was too salty for me. He asked me what I thought of it, so I told him my honest opinion, that I thought it tasted bad. He said alright, you don't have to do it again. We finished up our shower by washing each others hair. Afterwards, we got out and dried off, and then put our clothes away.

By this time, we had about 4.5 hours until his parents were home. So we both decided that we should have some hot sex, and to make it even hotter, we should have it on his parent's bed. I happily obliged and went into the room to lay down on the bed. Josh came running in a minute later and jumped onto the bed and landed right on top of me. We wrestled for a few seconds, completely naked, and then we started to kiss. Both of us had horrible breath, but we didn't give a crap, because it perked up both of our dicks even more. After a minute, he broke off the kiss and started to move down my body. He started to lick my nipples and made them really hard, moved down and licked my stomach (don't ask me why, it was a spur of the moment), and then moved down one final time. He gave my cock head a quick lick, and I moaned for him to suck my cock. He teased me and told me that he would suck me only if I sucked his dick. Without waiting for an answer (he already knew it), he swung his groin down into my face so his penis was dangling in front of my face. It was still pretty much hairless, unlike mine, which now had a solid bush of red hair, but he still had a few scraggly black hairs. He went down on my dick and very slowly started to suck it, so I reached up and grabbed his penis with my mouth and started to suck his. He eventually moved down so he was on his side and we sat there for five minutes sucking each others dicks.

After about five minutes, I started to feel the familiar sensation and I pulled my dick away. He asked me what's up, and I said that it was just that my cock was so worn out that my ass could use a pounding. He laughed and went over to the bureau by his parents desk. He went in and pulled out a tube of lube and started rubbing it all over his penis. I told him to save some for me, so he happily obliged by placing a large dollop of it in my ass and then rubbing it in. He then gave it to me and I rubbed it on my penis. I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs up, while he slowly guided his penis towards my anal hole. He plunged it in and I got the familiar feeling that I had been craving. I started to moan in ecstacy as he slowly pushed his dick into my ass. Once I could feel his few hairs against my ass, he started to move back and forth really slowly. I had forgotten the feeling, so it felt incredible to have a pulsing penis moving in and out of my ass. As a minute or so passed, he suddenly started to speed up until he started panting and then he told me that he was cumming. Sure enough, a few seconds later, my ass filled up with his sperm and his thrusts slowly died down. He slowly pulled out while his cum dripped all over his cock and onto the bedspread. He playfully told me that he had made a mess and asked me if I would clean it up. I was happy to oblige and I went over and licked up every last bit of his cum off of the bedspread and off of his dick. Then I went onto my knees while he licked up the cum that was slowly spilling out of my ass. He didn't swallow it and instead spit it out because he thought it tasted awful.

Then it was my turn to fuck him. I was already lubbed up, but he wasn't, so I put a fair amount of lube into his anal hole. He got onto his hands and knees and I guided my dick over towards his ass. I slowly started pushing my dick into his hole and he slowly pushed back. Eventually, I got the entire head in and then it was a lot easier. Once I was all the way in, I started moving in and out. It was odd to me at the time, but not now, but his ass felt much more loose than it had a few weeks ago. I didn't really think anything of it, but it was a lot easier for me to fuck him. After about five minutes, I felt my orgasm coming on, so I told him and then shot my load into him. For some reason, the earlier orgasm didn't affect the volume of this orgasm at all. After my orgasm subsided, I pulled out and as soon as I did, a huge amount of cum came out of his ass and fell 'plop' right on the bedspread. I playfully told him that I had made a mess too, so he started to giggle and turned around and sucked off all of the cum and then licked it all off of my dick. Then he turned back around and I sucked the cum out of his ass. I swallowed it because I didn't mind the taste. We were both pretty sexed out by now, so we called it a day and just hung around and played some games. His parents came home, dinner, more video games, and then bed.

Tuesday was not only Christmas Eve but also the last day of Hanukah. Unfortuantely, this meant that his parents would be around all day. However, this didn't mean that we didn't get to do anything. When we woke up, Josh's dad came in and told us that we had to go for a run (we were both on the track team and were both pretty good, so we had to practice over vacation). However, we were very lazy that day, so when we went out for our 5 mile run, we instead ran about 1.5 miles down to the YMCA by Josh's house. During the winter break, it was deserted, but because his mom worked there, he had all of the keys. So we snuck in and shot some hoops and stuff. After working up a sweat, we both went into the pool area. I told him that I felt like swimming, but Josh said that we didn't have bathing suits. I was prepared for this, so I said, just follow me, so I got completely naked and jumped into the pool. He started laughing and followed suit. We swam around the warm pool and eventually ended up holding each other in the shallow end. We didn't have any lube, so we took turns sitting on the pool side while we gave each other a blowjob. After about 20 minutes, we were both finished, so we dried off and put on our clothes and ran back to his house.

We didn't get much of a chance to do anything else all day, and we were tired out anyway from the previous day. So we just sat around and played video games and watched television. However, around four in the afternoon, Josh's brother, Michael, came home. He was home for the winter break (he was in college), so it was pretty great. Mike was very similar to Josh, except much taller. Mike was about 6 feet tall, maybe a little less, but in every other way was exactly like Josh. I really liked Mike, he was a wicked cool guy, he was always hanging out with us, putting up with our crappy kid stuff (before the sex) and was just in general, a really cool guy. So he came home that day and we were all excited. We had a great dinner, did the last day of Hanukah celebrations, and then watched a movie. However, around 9, Josh's mom got a call. Apparently her brother was having a party the next night and wanted to invite her and Josh's dad. She said that she would love to, but that her son had guests. Mike then offered to watch us for the next few days, so his mom said that they would be there. Josh's uncle lived down in Pennsylvania and it was too long of a drive to make it a day trip, so they said that they would probably be back Thursday night or Friday morning. After we finished with the movie, we went upstairs to bed. As we were climbing into bed, Josh told me that he had a surprise for me tomorrow. I tried to pester him about it, but didn't get anything out of him. So in the end, I went to bed wondering what was going to happen the next day...
Part 2 is on its way, so please be patient. Again, if you don't like this or if you find it offensive, then why the heck are you reading this. Its clearly labeled, so there should be no mix-ups.

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