a story about how a girls father showed his love for her
Addison loved both of her parents. She thought they were happy together. She was 14 and never saw them fight once. Her father Dan and mother Leslie always seemed so happy. That is until Leslie decided that Addison should go to the same school she did. A little private school in town for all girls. She had thought that high school at small, exclusive, all girls school would help Addi stay on track.

The uniform was typical. A black skirt that sat on thigh, above her knee, a white button up shirt that was almost transparent, white knee highs, black shoes and a red sweater. Her mother thought nothing of the out fit. The only problem was Addison was starting to fill out a little. She was devloping round firm breast, large and full like her mothers. Her hips were rounding alittle and her ass was tight and firm.

As a young child Addison was skiny and lean. She was very pretty, but you wouldn't think future sex kitten when you looked at her. She was a very happy girl, a little sheltered, and never aloud too spend too much time with boys. Dan liked it that way. She was his little girl. No other boys or men were in her life to corrupt her or take any love and attention she had away from him. He devoted his life to her in return, attending every play, soccor game, and gymnastics compatition she had ever been in. Anything she wanted he would go out of his way to give her, even if it ment betraying Laslie.

Addi started school in the fall. Prancing around in that little uniform. Dan started to look at her different. She was so close, and yet so far, from being a woman. It was bad enough he had to watch her flex about in those little spandex gymnastic outfits, but now she was changing infront of him. He had always had a thing for school girls and this was pushing him over the edge. Seeing the skirt ride up on her thighs as she walked, her bras through the shirt, and a glimps of her panties as she went to sit down.

As time went on he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He would only fuck Leslie from behind so he could picture that he had little Addi bent over infront of him begging for him to fuck her harder. As time went on he stopped screwing his wife all together. Dan would spend his time only watching Addison. Leslie noticed it over time and one winter day she had enough. Addison was sleeping in her room and was woken up by the sounds of Dan pushing her mother into the wall right outside of her room. "I swear to God you stupid bitch, if you try to take my daughter I will kill you!" Neither of them had ever heard a rage like this in his voice before. The next day Leslie had left for her sisters in Boston. She went to see her sister lawer about leaving. She thought about taking Addison, but knew she would never want to leave school, or pick her over Dan. So the two of them were left alone, and Dan knew he had little time to show little Addi how he felt about her.

One Friday Dan stayed home from work after taking his daughter to school. He layed in her room smelling her clothes and pillow. The scent of her ran through his blood. He picked up her gymnastics outfit and rubber crotch. All he could think about was how sweet, she was, how this was so close to her innocent little cunt. He knew she had never had anyone before. She had never even been kissed. He un-zipped his pants and pulled out his semi-errect cock. He touched himself as he pictures fucking her for the first time. He knew she would love it and want to be with him so bad. He cummed in his hand and went to take a shower, and waited for his little girl to come home.

Addison came home around 4pm as usual. She climbed the stairs in her big house to her room. She sat down and started to work on her math homework at her desk when Dan walked in.
"Hey Hun, How was School?"
"Great Dad. How was your day?"
"Wonderful. I missed you. Im so glad that you're home now." He smiled at her a gazed into her eyes
"I missed you too, Daddy!"
She smiled back at him. He glanced at her, checking her out up and down. He could see the bra she had on was a dark gray. She didn't even know that it could be seen through her shirt. It drove him crazy. Her skirt was sitting high up on her thighs and he took a step back to look up and see her panties. Black as well. He couldn't control his self anymore. He walked up to her and kissed her on the head softly. Then a second time lingering there for a moment. He bent down and kissed her soft pinkish lips, sucking on the bottom lip for a moment before moving to her ear. She squired uncomfortably and Dan could tell. He ripped her shirt open on top a little so he could see her perky tits better. She tried to push him off. Dan became enraged. He pulled her up by her arm and grabed the nape of her hair with he other.
"Don't you know what I've done for you? I've done everything for you. Now stop being a little cunt like your mother and do something for Daddy," He roared

In a panic she agreed and cried lightly. "Tell Daddy you Love him!" "I love you Daddy," She whimpered. He reached down and lifted up her black skirt and then down into her black panties. He started to rub her pussy lips with his finger while she shook in fear. He slowly found her cunt and entered one finger up to the knuckle. "God you're so tight! Like a little satin glove for Daddy, huh?" He started to finger her a little moving his one finger in and out a little deeper each time un till he tried to fit two fingers in. Addison cringed in pain. He moved his fingers faster and faster until she was very wet.

Dan ripped off Addisons panties and the rest of her shirt leaving her in a bra, skirt, knee highs and shoes. He sat her up on her desk and sat in her chair. He pulled her to the edge and placed his head inbetween her legs. He fucked her tiny virgin pussy with his toung while he rubber her clit. His tongue swirled in his young daughter, slurping her up. He sent her into her first orgasam. Her body shook with pleasure, but she still wouldn't give in. He stood up and un buckeled his pants and threw her in the chair. Dan took a hand full of hair in one hand and the side of her face in the other and slamed poor Addisons face down onto his hard cock. "Suck on Daddy, baby. Like like a sweet popsicle Addison." He bobed her head up and down on his rock hard shaft. She had tears streaming down her cheeks as she gaged slightly. Dan moaned in approval of how her little face kept up with his thrusting into it. He felt like he was about to cum and pushed himself deep into her throat forcing her to swollow. "Thats right baby, swollow for Daddy like your mother never could."

Once he was sure she took it all he stood her up and bent her over the desk. He pushed her already fucked face down onto it while he kissed her back. "You're my little slut Addison! I own you." He fingered her some more to make sure she was still wet. Once he felt that she was deep inside he lined his cock up against her little virgin hole. he whispered that he loved her and slamed into her. She let out a small scream in discomfort and closed her eyes tightly. He held his position for only a moment as he felt her tense up around him. When she relxed he pulled out and then back in with force. The desk wobbled under her and he pushed deep into her tight cunt. He moved quicker and quicker, raming into his sweet little girl. His balls slapped on her ass and her hips beat against the desk. With one hand holding Addison down he used to other to play with her hard little nipples, pinching them and rubbing them around and then moved down to her tiny hard clit. "God you are great Baby. Tell daddy he owns you, that its his cunt now!" "It's you're cunt daddy." She moaned as she began getting use to the sensation of her father filling her small, tight slit with his large, 8 inch cock. She started to have another orgasam on his hard cock. Her juices run down the end of the desk. Feeling her little body explode on him be grew closer to cumming once more. He slamed deep into his little Addison as far as he could and filled her with his hot load. He moved away and pulled out after a minute and She feel limp on the desk. She didn't try to run, she just panted and turned her head to smile at him so he picked her up and carried her to the hot tub in the basement.

Dan stripped down and undressed Addison and climbed in, pulling her with him. He sat down and placed little Addi over him. He used viagra to stay hard. He wanted to take all of her, not just part. He positioned his cock over her little ass. He turned her so the back of her head was facing him. He placed the tip of his penis or her little ass hole and told her she would have to sit down as far as she could on him. He hoped the hot water would relax her and help him penetrate her ass even more. She pushed down just a little so the head was about to enter her tight little ass then dan pushed her shoulders down causing heself to violate her ass. Addison bit her lip in the pain, even though it was a nice sensation. He pulled her up and pushed down lightly this time.

Dan Slowly moved her up and down on his shaft. After about 15 minutes she was relaxed enough to move faster. With little Addison on his lap bent forward slightly, Dan fucked his daughter's ass. He spent a little while moving fast, then moved to rough pushing her body as far down on him he could. He kissed her shoudlers and started to finger her cunt while he fucked her firm little ass. Addison came from being fingered but Dan was not yet done. He continued to fuck her ass for a nother 20 minutes and then slamed Addison down hard onto him so he was deep in her ass and then filled her up.

After they were done he dried her off and much to his surprize she wasn't upset anymore. He had actually turned his sweet daughter into his little slut.

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