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Sarah =14, Myself =15
When i was young, i loved to masturbate. At about age 10 - 11 i learned how. One day at a sleepover, my pre-adolescent friends and I were doing the regular sleepover thing. Until, one of them came downstairs with a porn mag. They all took their turns in the bathroom, but i didnt know much about it, what they were doing, or what i should i passed on that. After a while when everyone was asleep, I started touching my dick with my hand, as they had told me thats how you do it earlier. It felt so incredibley good, but i didnt climax until i was home the next day. After that first event, i have been masturebating ever since.

One day when my cousins were over for christmas, i was hanging out with Sarah. Sarah is my cousin and we were very close in age. It didn't take long for me to notice her very tight sweat-pants squeezing her amazing, perfect ass. It wasn't something she would wear going out, but it was only cousins around so im sure she didnt care.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but then the same sort of thing happened again not too long after.

We were at a restaurant celebrating our aunts 54'th birthday. We took up a whole section of the restaraunt because we have many family members. I was sitting at Sarah's table. I took one glance at her, and saw her sexy outfit..which consisted of jeans and a loose top. The jeans fit her ass perfectly, and the top allowed a good amount of her tits to show, which were a good sized B. This time, i did think a lot of it.

After this, i often masturbated while thinking of her.

I then though of the best plan to get in her pants.

Thanksgiving came, and i was more than ready to try my plan out. All of my cousins and i hung out while we waited for food. While nobody was watching, i snuck over to Sarah's room. For a while i searched her room, looking for sexy clothes, panties, or even a dildo or something that i could keep for myself without her really noticing. Sarah's bathroom was connected to my other cousin (her sister) Megans room. Sarah decided to go change into more comfortable clothes, like she always does and get-togethers. I followed her a good bit behind so she didnt notice me. As she walked into her room, i headed to Megans room. I quietly snuck into the bathroom to act as though i was already in it.

I walked out of the bathroom into Sarah's room. There she was, sitting on the bed in a pink thong and a black bra. This was a beautiful thing to see. She screamed and squirmed off of the bed to hide behind it. I acted surprised and hid my face with my hands. I could barely see her body, but she adjusted and i was able to see her thong covered pussy. Then i looked closer, and saw that it was soaking wet.

I said out loud "Why are you so wet?"

She then smiled and looked at me and said, "For you!"

I instantly ran to her and pulled her up on to the bed. We kissed for a while and rolled around. When she was on top of me, i grabbed her ass with my hands. It felt so good and perfect. I moved my hands up towards her tits, and played with them. She started to push me down with her arms, and rub her crotch against mine. By now i had the hardest, most paintful Boner ever. She did this for a while then she unbuttoned my pants and undid my belt, slid my pants off and turned around.

I was now lying on the bed, she sat on me and pulled my dick through the whole in my boxers, which turned me on so much. I slid her thong out of the way of her pussy. I slowly slid my dick into her, then saw a bit of blood dripping out. I asked her if she was ok, but she didnt respond..she just stared at my eyes. After a few seconds, she spoke, "Fuck me now." I followed my orders.

I started to move her up and down and fuck her. It felt so good, the sensation running through my dick into my stomache, i had to stop a few times before i climaxed.

I stopped and she said, "Don't worry, im on the pill."

I then proceeded to fuck her. Her pussy was so tight, and i could feel the muscles clamping my dick on each thrust. I then looked at her pussy which want hiding behind the thong anymore, and saw that she was shaved. This turned me on even more. I reched for her tits with one hand, and the other for her clitoris. I rubbed her clit until she started to climax. With her female juices pouring out of her, i began my climax as well. It felt so good and i was so happy to fuck my cousin Sarah. I felt my load fly out into her vagina and she screamed..good thing we have a lot of younger cousins that make a lot of noise throughout the house. We both climaxed about 2 more times.

After we fucked for a while, we both lay there. We were worn out, and tired. She kissed me and whispered in my ear, "I love you."

We both fell asleep only to be waken by the parents downstairs yelling, "Foods ready!"

We went downstairs and ate a delicious meal. After thanksgiving, i couldnt wait for christmas to come around. I told her that we should do the same thing, except this my house where christmas was going to be held.

Trust me, we did the same thing..multiple times for many years until we were married.

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2016-11-07 17:57:20
Negative vote for the shaved pussy.

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2015-02-21 23:34:41
love the story

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2014-08-16 01:09:04
That Was A Good Story And You Should Write A Part 2!

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Nyc story buddy!
U must have included longer and deive foreplay..

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This isn't femdom. '_'

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