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Thanks for all the positive feedback for Part I. Settle in - this one's a little longer

I woke up freezing. Lying naked on your bed all night without any covers will do that. At about the same time as I was pulling blankets over me I suddenly remembered why I was naked.
“Do you feel that hard bump, near the top? That’s your clit. That’s what you want to focus on.”
“Amy… Oh my God, Amy!”
“Just relax, just let it happen.”
“Augh… augh!”

Last night, my best friend Minda and I had gotten a little experimental. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were masturbating in front of each other. I’d been doing it for years, but it had been Minda’s first time, and it had been one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. Getting myself off had been doubly exiting watching her do herself, knowing that she was also watching me. My pussy started tingling just thinking about it.
Say… where was Minda, anyway?
I came more fully awake and rolled over, looking around. Expecting her to be lying there next to me, I was thrown off when I saw that she wasn’t. I frowned and felt the space she had been occupying… still warm. She must have just left; maybe that was what woke me up, too.
I heard a familiar clink from downstairs, the sound of a spoon in a bowl. I smiled; so that’s where she was. I got out of bed, stretched, and found some clothes – ratty jeans with all kinds of holes in them and a black T-shirt. I went down the stairs and into the kitchen, where, as I expected, I found Minda, sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.
“Good morning,” I said, getting a bowl of my own out of the pantry. She nodded back at me, her mouth full.
Cereal. Milk. Banana slices. Spoon. I sat down across from her. She seemed focused on her bowl, and so I didn’t bother her. We ate in silence. But soon we were finished, and even after we’d rinsed out our bowls we sat back down, and the silence continued. We were both clearly nervous about speaking to one another about what had happened. What if she didn’t like it, we were thinking. Worse – what if she did?
Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to know if last night had been just a random, crazy fluke, or of there was a chance we were going to do things like that in the future. Did I want to? Well… I still wasn’t exactly sure. But I felt I deserved to know Minda’s feelings on the matter.
“So what happened last night?” I said suddenly. My voice sounded abnormally loud breaking the silence like that.
Even with Minda’s darker skin, I could tell when she was blushing. “Amy… I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for… all that to happen.”
I stared at her. “Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy it?”
“No, no,” she said quickly. “That’s not…” Her eyes went distant and she shuddered a little. “That’s not what I’m saying at all.”
“So you did enjoy it.”
She nodded.
“Minda. Minda, look at me.” I made sure she was looking right at me before I spoke. “I enjoyed it too.”
I saw her shoulders sag as she let out a breath, and giggle a little as the tension was released. “You have nothing to be sorry for,” I continued. “It was a little weird at first, but after a while I wanted you to keep going. We both agreed that we’d stop if the other said to, remember?” I caught her gaze again. “You know I would have stopped immediately if you’d said to, right? You’re my best friend, I trust you. I know that I could have stopped you anytime I wanted to.”
She smiled a little. “It might have been a little hard for me, but I would have stopped if you’d said so.”
“What do you mean?”
She took a deep breath. “I’ve known for a little while that I’m not quite normal. I’m attracted to girls as well as guys.”
“You’re bi?” She’d never said anything about this.
“I think I might be gay, actually,” she said. “I mean, I know about sex, from Sex Ed, and I like boys and I kinda like the thought of having sex with a boy, I’ve heard it feels really good, but… well, I remember being a lot more interested when we were going over the female anatomy. And then they went over gays and lesbians, and I was like, ‘You can do that?’, and I started thinking about what it would be like to have sex with another girl, and that was a nice thought, too, and… You’re my best friend, Amy, but it’s hard to be around you sometimes. I think you’re hot. And I’ve wanted to do things like what we did last night for a long time.” She looked away, hiding a smile behind her hand. “I didn’t expect us to go quite so far, though.”
I grinned. “Neither did I. But, Minda… I had no idea you felt this way. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
She shrugged. “I was afraid if what you might say. I didn’t think you’d, um, swing that way.”
“Well, obviously I do!” I laughed.
We both started laughing then. It felt good to release all that anxiety; felt good to just be ourselves again. Nothing would ever be quite the same between us, and we both knew it, but despite everything, we were still ourselves.
A few moments passed. “So what now?” Minda asked. “Do you…” She bit her lower lip. “Do you want to go back upstairs?”
I smiled. “A little. But we’ve got Danny’s thing today, remember?” Danny was a friend from school, and had invited us to a party that afternoon.
“Oh yeah.”
“But,” I said quickly, “I don’t think we should just leave things like they are, do you? I think we owe it to ourselves to – God, I sound like our school counselor – to explore these feelings.”
“I agree,” she said, the familiar smile back on her face. She was looking and acting more like her old self. “So what should we do?”
We talked about it and came to an agreement. For the rest of the day, we would put last night out of our minds. We’d go to Danny’s party and just be our old selves. We’d pretend like nothing happened. This way, we’d clear our heads, we said. But we were still expected back home at ten, according to Mom’s curfew. So we agreed that, after ten, and after Mom called, we would lock the door, shut all the curtains, and see what happens.
“We should agree right now,” I said, “that anything goes. We’re both allowed to ask any questions or make any suggestions we want. The other one can refuse if they don’t want to answer or do whatever was suggested, but I think we should be able to ask anything without the other getting offended.”
“Right,” Minda said, “we need to be as open as possible. And I think we should at least try everything we come up with before saying no. Experiment. This is new for both of us; we should see what we like.”
“Experiment,” I agreed, nodding.
We shook hands, and said no more about it.

Danny’s parents were pretty well-off, and his house was about twice the size of mine. Its backyard was huge and had a very nice view of the pine forest behind it. Since it was summer, the party was being held outside. His father was grilling burgers and hot dogs and his mom had a table set out with chips, dip, drinks, and other stuff. The sun was bright and hot, and I was glad I’d changed out of my black shirt and into a much cooler white top. Minda had put on a chocolate tank top and light khaki shorts, ones that really showed off her ass. I kept catching guys sneaking glances at it, and had to hide my smirk, because every time, I kept thinking that I had seen that ass naked, and even touched it, and they hadn’t. I tried to remind myself that I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about that. Those sorts of thoughts were for tonight. Still, I found myself sneaking glances just as often as some of the boys.
The party started winding down at about six, when many people left (most were going home to dinner). We moved things inside and started watching movies on the enormous plasma TV in the den. The first was awful, and we amused ourselves by shouting comments and making fun of it MST3K-style, laughing and generally making idiots out of ourselves. The second was much better, and we were able to be quieter when Danny’s parents went to bed.
The movie ended at about nine twenty, leaving us a decent amount of time to get home. We said our goodbyes and stared to leave.
“Aw, c’mon, stick around,” Danny said. “We were going to play Truth or Dare.”
“We can’t,” I said, and explained about my mom’s trip and the curfew. He seemed a little disappointed but he understood. Some of the other boys, though, started making comments about my mom being away, saying they’d be more than happy to come over and “keep us company.” Minda flipped them off (a normal reaction she had to dumb boys) and we left amidst jeers and laughter.
The drive home felt longer than it usually did. We kept trying to chitchat but we’d soon lapse into silence. I think we were both thinking about what was going to happen when we got home.
We walked in the door at about nine forty-five, and I locked it behind us. We sat down in the living room and flipped on the TV, just to kill some time before Mom called. And sure enough, six minutes after ten, the phone rang.
“Hi Mom.”
“Hey Amy. How’s everything going?”
“Good. You?”
“Boring,” she huffed. “Meetings and seminars all damn day. It’s driving me crazy. But you girls are okay?”
“Yeah, we’re fine.”
“Do anything today?”
“Not really. We went over to a friend’s house for a party he and his parents were throwing. Saw a lot of people from school I hadn’t seen in a while. We got back about fifteen minutes ago.
“Good. Any plans for the rest of the night?”
If you only knew, I thought. “Nothing special,” I said, trying very hard to sound casual.
“All right, well, I love you. Have a good night.”
I swallowed. “You too. G’night.”
I hung up the phone and went back to the living room, my heart beating at what had to bee a million miles an hour. Minda had already turned off the TV and was looking at me expectantly.
“Let’s go upstairs,” I said.
She practically leapt off the couch and followed me up to my room. She shut the door and turned on the lamp while I closed the curtains, making damn sure nobody could possibly see inside. We were on the second floor, I know, but neither of us knew exactly what we were going to be doing, and I wanted to be careful.
“So… what do we do first?” I asked, sitting on the floor with my back against my bed.
Minda sat down cross-legged in front of me. “Well,” she said slowly, “I thought maybe we could take Danny’s suggestion, and play Truth or Dare.”
My eyebrows went up. “That’s a great idea,” I said. It fit so perfectly with what we were planning to do. I was sorry I hadn’t thought of it myself. “Yeah. Okay.” I smiled. “Truth or dare?”
She licked her lips. “Truth.”
I asked the question I’d been dying to ask since last night. “Was that really the first time you masturbated?”
She laughed, and looked a little embarrassed. “It might as well have been. I’ve… you know… touched myself before, a couple of times, but never all that much. Whenever I’d start to get going, I’d start thinking about it too much. I kept picturing myself doing it, and it would make me uncomfortable. Or I’d think about Victor in the next room, or I’d be afraid my parents would hear me or something. I never got very far.” She grinned. “I’ve never had an orgasm before last night. It was… pretty amazing.”
“Yeah it was,” I agreed.
“Okay, your turn. Truth or dare?”
I thought for a second, debating, but eventually decided on, “Truth.”
She took a while before she came up with a question. I spent the time unashamedly staring at her chest. “Did you ever think you’d do something like that with another girl?”
“No,” I said instantly. “If you’d told me before last night that I was going to play with myself in front of another girl I’d have told you that you were crazy. I’ve never really been attracted to girls.”
Minda’s smile faded. “You’re not?”
“Well, let me rephrase. I’m comfortable looking at another girl’s body, and I can appreciate it when she’s good-looking, but it’s the same if I were to do it with a guy’s body. So I guess it’s the same thing to me. But,” I smiled wickedly at her, “I will say that I’ve never been so turned on before.”
She looked pleased. “Really?”
“Really. Like I said this morning, it was weird at first, but that was because I couldn’t tell what you were doing. Then, once I figured out that it was because you wanted to, because it was turning you on, that made a lot of difference.”
Minda nodded. “It turned me on quite a bit.”
I nodded back. “And knowing that, more than anything else, I think, turned me on. It was nice getting all the attention.”
“You get attention all the time from the boys at school.”
I grimaced. “That’s not the same. They’re little boys, just staring at my tits because they don’t know how to act around a girl they like. I think if one of them were to come up to me, and openly and maturely ask about me, or want to take me out on a date, I think I’d be different.”
I realized what I’d said had been a mistake as soon as I saw the crushed look on Minda’s face. “Oh. So… you and me…”
“I meant before last night,” I said quickly. “Last night… kinda changed things. Now, well, I don’t know what. All I do know is that last night was very, very good, and that I’d like it to continue, if you do. I wouldn’t have agreed to do this otherwise. But enough. Your turn.”
“Truth,” said Minda.
Damn. I’d decided on a dare a little while ago and was hoping for her to ask for one. But I smiled as I came up with a good truth question. “What did it feel like to finally get to feel me up?”
Minda grinned at me, and then her eyes went distant. “It was… wonderful, Amy. I’d wanted to do that for a long time.” She closed her eyes and sucked in a breath. I could tell she was replaying it in her head. “It was really nice when you grabbed my hands and put them on yourself. That was hot. And I just about fainted when you turned around and kissed me. And then there you were, naked. I mean, I’ve seen you naked before, but it was way different last night. I felt like I wanted to touch you, all over, and that I’d never want to stop.”
I began to feel that familiar tingle in my tits, and between my legs. She was hitting me in my weak spot, making me feel desired. She was watching me, studying me. I realized that she was doing it on purpose, just to watch me sweat, the bitch. I loved her for it.
“Your turn,” she said softly.
I decided to torture her just a bit longer. “Truth.”
She looked disappointed, but said, “How often do you masturbate?”
I shrugged. “Probably a couple times a week. Whenever I’m in the mood.”
She nodded. “How do you usually do it?”
“I usually do it in the bath. It’s really easy when I’ve got warm water all around me. It’s relaxing, and I like the feel of it down there. I have done it a time or two in bed. Mostly in the mornings. I’ll wake up sometimes really horny.”
“Don’t you worry your mom’ll catch you?” she asked, pulling her knees up to her chin.
“She’s always left for work by the time I wake up, especially in the summer,” I said. “It’s easy to hide in the bath. It’s hard to tell one splashing sound from another.”
“How do you do it?”
“Ah-ah-ah,” I said, waving a finger back and forth. “That’s a separate question.”
“Sorry,” I smiled, enjoying the look on her face. “Technically I shouldn’t have even answered the last one. Your turn.”
She huffed a breath, hesitated, and then said, “Dare.”
Finally! I grinned and leaned back against my bed. “I dare you,” I said slowly, “to take off all your clothes, and play the rest of the game naked.”
She looked surprised. “All of them? Already?”
I nodded. “I didn’t really get a good look at you last night. I was… distracted at the time, if you recall.” I had been furiously horny, actually. Minda had toyed with my boobs until my panties started to get damp. “So c’mon,” I snapped my fingers at her, “off with ‘em. Let’s see that ass.”
She contorted her face into a look of mock outrage, barely concealing her grin, but she stood up. Crossing her arms in front of her, she stripped off her tank top. It was the kind that had the supportive cups built in, and so she hadn’t worn a bra underneath it. Her small but perky tits were capped with small, dark brown areolae, and the nipples, while maybe not fully erect, were nevertheless standing at attention, poking out like fingertips. She ran her hands over her breasts and pushed them together a little before sliding her hands down her smooth stomach to the button on her shorts. She turned around as she unfastened them, facing away from me, and wiggled a bit to get them off her hips. She then dropped them to the floor, showing off a black thong like the one she’d been wearing yesterday. This she teased me with, stretching the band with her thumbs up and away from her body, before bending at the waist and sliding them down her legs. Not only did this give me a good view of her ass, but I also caught a glimpse of her pussy lips between her legs. She turned back around before I could start drooling. The hair at the base of her belly was very dark, almost black.
“Like what you see?” she asked.
“I like,” I breathed.
“Good, ‘cuz it’s your turn.” She sat back down with her knees in front of her.
It was getting warm. Now that I’d gotten a good look at Minda, I very badly wanted to start touching her again. But I made myself stay where I was, savoring the anticipation.
“Come on, Amy,” she said. “Truth or dare?”
“Sorry,” I said, shaking my head. “It’s getting hard to concentrate.”
Minda laughed. “I can’t imagine why.” She said this while pulling on one of her nipples. I’m sure she loved the face I must have been making.
I swallowed – or tried to, my mouth was awfully dry – and then took a deep breath. “Dare,” I said.
Minda grinned. “Dare, huh? Let me see… Well, I was going to ask what I wanted to know before, about how you masturbate, but since you were so mean and didn’t tell me, I’m going to ask for something a little different.”
“What?” I asked teasingly. “You want me to demonstrate?”
“Nope,” she said. This surprised me, and, I’ll admit, disappointed me a little. “Now, it’s not about your pleasure. It’s about mine.”
I raised my eyebrow. What was she planning?
“I dare you to come over here and play with my tits. Oh,” she added, just as I was about to get up, “just one more thing.”
“Yes?” I dragged the word out. I didn’t quite know where she was going with this, but I liked the look in her eye.
“You can’t use your hands.”
My eyes opened wide. That little minx! I couldn’t believe she’d just said that. I couldn’t believe how eager I was to try it.
I crawled over to her slowly, watching her watch me. I gently touched her knees and pulled them apart; she followed my lead, spreading her legs wide to let me get closer. Her pussy lips were parted slightly in arousal.
She leaned back onto her elbows, presenting her breasts to me. I put one arm on either side of her and kissed her. Now that we both wanted it so bad, we both meant business, and our mouths met opened, our tongues thrashing out at one another. She took mine into her mouth and I stroked her tongue in long, slow motions. She took my bottom lip between her teeth, biting gently.
“Amy,” she whispered, “you’re not doing your dare.”
“Quiet.” My voice was muffled by her mouth. “I’m busy.”
Eventually, though, I did break the kiss, and started working my way down. First, a row of small kisses along her cheek and to her jaw. A small nibble on her neck, at which she gasped in surprise. Then a slow lick to the base of her throat, another kiss there, and then a row of kisses down to her collarbones.
“Mmm, that’s nice,” she said. “Keep going.”
I needed no encouragement. I led my trail of kisses down the center of her chest, between her breasts. I gently bit the very top edge of her right breast, and she let out a pleased sigh, shuddering. I changed how I was kissing her, made them slower and wetter, and started circling the mound, making smaller and smaller circles, getting closer and closer to the areola.
Minda wasn’t saying any words by this point, but every breath was coming out with a small moan and her eyes were closed tight. I hovered my mouth over her nipple, letting my breath caress it.
She was shaking now. “Please Amy,” she begged.
I laughed quietly, wickedly. “That’s all you had to say,” I said, and put my mouth over her areola.
The noise she made was priceless; a sharp, drawn-out moan of absolute pleasure. Her elbows failed her, and she fell back onto the floor. Fortunately I’d been expecting this, and was able to follow her down, my mouth locked onto her breast the whole way. I sucked on her nipple, pulling it away from her body with the suction my mouth created. Her nipple grew very hard. Minda tossed her head back and forth, her body shivering.
“Oh, that’s so good,” she groaned.
I released her very suddenly to her cry of protest, but then started kissing my way around her left breast like I had the right. Her hands came up through my hair, holding my head to her body, occasionally tightening into fists. When I circled down to her nipple this time, instead of sucking on it, I gave it one, very long, very wet, very slow lick.
“Oh my God,” Minda whined, dragging the word out.
I sat up on my knees, watching her whole body heave with the size of the breaths she was taking, but otherwise didn’t move. I could feel her legs around me, resting up against my sides. I thought I could feel the heat coming off of her vagina, but then again, that could have been me. I hoped she’d let me get out of my clothes soon, my panties were soaked.
“Your turn,” I said in a low, husky voice.
“Dare,” she said quickly, “daredaredare, oh please dare.”
“My goodness,” I said. “Eagar, are we?”
“God, yes.”
I laughed a little, running my hands along her stomach. “I take it that felt good?”
Minda finally propped herself back up on her elbows. “Oh, Amy, you have no idea. Please dare me to do the same to you.”
“I’m thinking, I’m thinking,” I smiled.
She rolled her eyes. “Think faster,” she said, and we kissed some more.
I thought for a while but wasn’t coming up with much. “How about I cut you a break,” I said. “Since you seem to hot and bothered. I dare you to do yourself. I want to see you come again.”
To my surprise, she pouted. “Aww, that’s no fun, Amy, I did that last night.” She had to have been aching to touch herself after what I’d just done; I’d expected her to start diddling herself as fast as she possibly could. Instead she squeezed me gently with her legs and said, “Dare me to do something to you.”
I was so turned on I couldn’t speak for a minute. “Something to me, huh?” I finally whispered. “Are you telling me you don’t want to stick your fingers in your pussy, right this second, and fuck yourself until you can’t see straight?”
“Of course I do,” she grinned, “but that’s not what this game is about, now, is it?”
I chuckled. “I guess not. Well, I suppose I could dare you to take my clothes off with your teeth.”
She laughed and started running her fingernails up and down the tops of her thighs. “As fun as that might be to try, I don’t think I could get your bra off like that, and I don’t want to have to wait all night to see those gorgeous tits again.”
“Mmm… fine, then.” Making sure I had her attention, I unfastened my jeans. “Since you won’t touch your own pussy,” I couldn’t believe I was saying this, “I dare you to touch mine.”
She sprung up and tackled me, knocking me backwards and kissing me furiously. We weren’t slow and careful about it this time; instead, she worked her lips and tongue and teeth like she was trying to devour my face. I was excited enough by this point to give as good as I got. We ended up stretched out on the floor, me on my back, Minda mostly on top of me, our legs tangled together. I felt her hand flat on my stomach, fingers spread, rubbing up and down and in little circles. Soon, though, it traveled down, down, past the waistline of my jeans, over the top of one thigh, around to the inside of it, and slowly, with one fingertip, tracing a line up. Closer… closer. She was driving me crazy; I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to grab her hand, shove it inside me, and scream, “Do me!” but I settled for digging my fingers into her ass cheeks, pulling her into me, grinding her pussy on my leg.
All at once she grabbed me. Her two middle fingers pushed against my crotch, stroking up and down. I could barely feel it through the jeans. I tried to push myself harder onto her hand, but it didn’t really work. But I think she understood what I wanted, because she then moved her hand up a little, sliding her fingers between my open zipper, over my panties. I let out a low moan and felt my body shake a little. I could feel her much easier now.
Her mouth was on my neck and I felt her laugh. “Amy, you’re drenched.”
“I’m aware,” I snapped. “It’s what happens when a beautiful girl takes off her clothes and starts kissing and touching you.”
“Mmm,” she hummed in my ear, all the while her fingers dancing lightly over my labia. “I’ll have to try that sometime.”
“How about you try doing what I told you to do.”
“Ooo,” her voice got all high and mocking. “ ‘What I told you to do.’ Like you can just unzip your pants and I’ll do whatever you want.”
“I can’t?” I turned my head so that I could look into her big brown eyes. “What if I said please?”
Her playful grin turned into a smaller, more serious smile. “That might work.”
“Then please. Please, Minda, touch me. I want you to so bad.”
She leaned closer and we shared a slow, intimate kiss. “That’s all you had to say,” she whispered, repeating my own words back to me.
Smoothly, her fingers slid back up, glanced off my belly button, and pressed just hard enough to duck under the elastic of my panties. I started breathing faster and faster as I felt her hand running through the hair down there. She slid her fingers over the very surface of my pussy lips and my hips bucked in response. She didn’t tease me this time, didn’t make me wait. She planted her first finger squarely on one lip, her ring finger on the other, and expertly pushed them apart. And then – finally – her middle finger descended onto my clit.
I gasped sharply at the first contact; it had somehow surprised me even though I’d been expecting it. My back arched as she started working it back and forth, much faster than I usually liked to go at first, but at the time it was way more than okay. My hips started moving back and forth involuntarily. I suddenly realized my breast hurt like hell and was shocked to see my own fist there, gripping my nipple through my shirt and bra in a too-tight pinch. I hadn’t even realized I’d moved my hand there. I made myself relax, but didn’t remove my hand, instead I spread my fingers out, grabbing the whole mound, massaging the nipple with my palm.
Suddenly Minda fingers slipped and my whole abdomen lurched in response, trying to find her again, but instead of withdrawing her hand she was actually reaching deeper, and I suddenly felt two of her fingers just at the edge of my inner labia. With barely a moment’s pause, she pushed them in.
“Ohhhhh!” I cried, and it felt like all the muscles in my body tightened up. Putting my fingers actually into my vagina wasn’t something I ever did; it was too much work and at an awkward angle, and my clit just felt better, and got me off faster. The sensation of Minda’s fingers fucking me like that was amazingly different. I gripped her hand through my jeans and pulled it into me in time with my hips, silently willing her to do it harder.
And then suddenly… she stopped.
I cried out again at the very sudden and very rude absence of sensation. My body jerked a couple of times, trying to re-establish the rhythm, but without her hand there I couldn't. I almost started crying.
“Why?” was all I could say. I wanted to call her all sorts of names. I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to hit her. Mostly wanted her to put her hand back. But all I could force out was that one word.
She smiled faintly down at me, silently apologizing. “Because it’s your turn now. And I’ve got something planned for you,” she said softly. “Say that you want a dare.”
What? It took me a while for my brain to work, to remember the whole Truth or Dare thing. I’d forgotten the game entirely. “Fine,” I said, struggling to catch my breath. “Dare me.”
She untangled herself from me and stood up. “You sure? It’s a big one this time.”
I glared at her. “Stop playing around and tell me what it is already.”
“All right.” She took a couple of steps away, giving me space. “First, you have to get rid of those clothes. You’ve spent way too much time today not being naked.”
“About time,” I muttered, hooking my thumbs into my underwear and lifting my butt off the ground, pulling them and my pants down off of me. I pushed myself up onto my knees to take off my shirt. My bra gave me some trouble; Minda’s work with her hand had made the tips go a little numb. But I got it off and threw it across the room, glad to be rid of it. I rubbed my boobs a little, enjoying the sensation of freedom.
“Okay,” said Minda, “now sit on the bed.” I did. “And spread your legs.” I did, as much as I could. “Wider.” She was pulling on her nipples, clearly enjoying the show. I scooted to the very edge of the bed and put my feet flat on the floor, opening my legs until they both touched the side of the mattress.
“Perfect,” she whispered.
“Anything else?” I asked with one raised eyebrow, putting my hands behind me and leaning back. I knew this would really show off my tits, and I enjoyed watching her eyes keep looking back down at them.
“Yes,” Minda said. “Try not to move.”
She dropped down onto all fours, and slowly crawled towards me. Her movements were slow and sensual; she deliberately placed one knee before the other to make her ass move back and forth. I watched it out of the corner of my eye only. Mostly, I watched her eyes. She was staring at me like I was a three-course meal and she had been starving. There was this sort of wild hunger there, and it scared me, just a little, but mostly just excited me to no end.
Her head met my left knee, and she kissed it. She started kissing along the inside of my thigh, clearly in no rush, working her way inward. When she got about halfway she stopped and started again at my other knee, and when she got halfway there, she went back to the first. She alternated legs; left, right, left, right, moving closer and closer the whole while to my pussy. I was practically shaking with anticipation now. I knew what she was about to do – my mind, somewhat detached, had logically put together the inevitable outcome of her actions. But I still couldn’t quite believe it. I kept thinking she was going to stop, and move on to something else. But she kept going. Closer and closer she got. My pussy was practically dripping.
Minda ran out of leg to kiss. Her eyes drifted up, met mine, stayed there. I felt her hands run up my shins, along the tops of my thighs, and settle on my hips. I felt her thumbs dig into my flesh and pull gently, opening me up, spreading my sex wide. I was so turned on I could smell my own arousal.
Her mouth opened. Her tongue came out. And then, watching me carefully, she licked me.
Never in my life had I felt anything even remotely close to that. The feeling of her warm, wet tongue gliding up between my vulva and over my clit set my body on fire. I let out a long, primal, guttural sound, something like “Haaauuugh.” I shook violently all over as the tip of her tongue slowly ran up, up, up, all the way to the very tip of my vagina.
And then she dove in. I mean, she attacked me. Her fingers gripped me tighter as her thumbs pulled me wider apart, and she flicked her tongue over my clit over and over again. She kissed it. She sucked on it. A time or two, she actually pulled on it with her teeth. It was the most powerful, mind-altering, life-shattering thing I could have imagined. Beyond it.
Oh! Oh, yes, Minda, oh my God... ohh, God, that is so good. That’s incredible. Oh my God, yes![i/]”
I leaned back, staring at the ceiling. I felt her hands slide down over my ass and up my back, her fingers spread wide, partially feeling my body and partially holding it up – which turned out to be a good thing, because my own arms didn’t last much longer. I held onto her head instead, and then started using it as leverage to thrust my hips into her.
“Oh, yeah, come on, fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me with your tongue. Oh, [i]fuck,
that’s so good…”
She started tonguing me faster, and I could feel myself starting to go over the edge. I wrapped my legs around her back, clawed my fingers in her hair, and hung on for dear life as my hips bucked wildly into her mouth.
“That’s it… that’s it, oh, don’t stop, don’t stop for anything, I’m almost there… Oh God, that’s it, right there… Oh God… Oh God! Oh! Ohhh! Hohhh! Oh fuck! Aaaa!
I couldn’t scream; I tried, but even my throat had seized up. It came out as a sort of squeak. The orgasm hit me like an earthquake, and my body reacted accordingly. I shook and shivered and shuddered all over and wrapped myself completely around Minda’s head, while she just hung onto where she was, pacing herself down after the initial wave had hit me until she gave me just a few more slow, soft licks.
I fell back onto the bed. I didn’t have the strength to move. I’d never come that hard before. I was shocked at how much it drained me; I couldn’t do more than twitch my fingers for almost ten minutes.
Eventually I was able to lift my head. Minda had stayed right where she was, kneeling between my legs, resting her head on my stomach, one hand gently rubbing the small of my back.
My head flopped back down onto the bed. Strands of my hair were stuck to my sweaty forehead. “Shit, Minda,” I managed. My voice sounded hoarse. “That was the most incredible thing ever.”
She turned to look at me and smiled. “I’m glad you liked it.”
“Hell yes I liked it! Oh, God, Minda…” I couldn’t speak. I just didn’t have the words.
A thought struck me. “Of course, this brings up a problem.”
She sat back a little. “A problem?”
I raised an eyebrow at her. “Yeah. A problem. You haven’t come yet.”
“I was hoping you’d notice.”
“And it seems only fair that I do the same thing to you that you just did to me.”
She sighed. “I like the sound of that.”
“Except I can’t move, you nasty girl, you.”
She actually looked a little embarrassed. “Sorry.”
“Please,” I murmured, “don’t be. But you see the problem.”
Minda shrugged. “What do you suggest we do about it?”
“You’re going to have to come up here,” I said, “and sit over me.”
She looked surprised. Surprised and delighted. She started to stand up. “Does this mean we’re not playing Truth or Dare anymore?” she asked lightly.
I took her hand and looked her straight in the eye, as serious as I’d ever been in my life, and said simply, “I’m through playing,” and pulled her onto the bed next to me.
We kissed, a little less fiercely but every bit as passionately. I tasted myself on her mouth. Our hands, and our lips, explored each other’s bodies. She did a lot of work on my breasts, squeezing and sucking on them. After a time I caught her eye and, pulling on her hand, whispered, “Come on.” She got the hint.
She carefully positioned a knee to either side of my head. I’ll admit it was a little intimidating, staring up into her naked pussy like that. But I wanted to repay her for the wonderful thing she had done for me. I wanted to taste her. I wanted her to explode with pleasure. I reached up and grabbed her ass, and pulled her towards me. She came in fits and starts, repositioning herself every couple of inches until she was comfortable. But soon, her body was just barely touching my lips. Using her ass for leverage, I pulled my mouth up to her.
The coarse hair all around my nose and mouth wasn’t pleasant, but it didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would. I wormed my tongue between her pussy lips and found her clit, and started working it at a steady pace. Above me – and with her thighs around my ears, she sounded very far away – I could hear Minda crying out incoherently. I’d noticed last night, too, when she’d been masturbating, that she’d soon lost the ability to speak. It made me happy to know that by doing this for her, I was able to reduce her to the same wordless puddle.
Like me, her hips soon started rocking back and forth. She lost me at first but I quickly started bobbing my head to the rhythm, using it to deliver alternating light and hard strokes. She fell forward onto her hands, holding herself upright. I could tell by her breathing and moaning that she was getting close, so I increased the pace, trying to copy what she’d done for me, and waggled her clit back and forth as fast as I could with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly she thrust her hips forward very hard, once, twice, three times. The third time she held herself there. She was just about there, and I tongue-fucked her like my life depended on it.
She came. Her body convulsed with a short but loud scream, and she had the presence of mind to roll off of me before collapsing in a heap. We lay there panting for what seemed like forever. I wondered if it was possible to get a muscle cramp in your tongue.
Minda pulled herself over to me, wrapped her arms around me, and squeezed tight. “Thank you,” she said. “That was wonderful.”
My God, I thought, did I really just do that?
We gave each other a long kiss. After a time, we laid down the proper direction on the bed, with the covers over us. I briefly considered putting on my usual bedclothes, but quickly dismissed the idea. What was the point? Besides – I wanted to lay naked against Minda all night. We kissed one last time and drifted off to sleep, cradling each other like lovers. Which, I guess, we were.

The next morning we woke up at almost the same time. We smiled sleepily at each other.
“Good morning,” she said.
“Good morning.”
We kissed, lightly. Then again, a little harder. And suddenly we were making out, tongues and all, picking up right where we’d left off last night. We both had pretty bad morning breath, as we hadn’t brushed our teeth before going to bed the night before. I didn’t care. I don’t think she did either.
I started kissing and nibbling her neck, and then her breasts, hungrily. She giggled when my little nips tickled her. “My goodness,” she sighed. “Feeling frisky this morning, I see.”
“I told you I get horny in the morning sometimes,” I said. “It’s not my fault I had a naked girl sleep next to me all night.”
“It is, actually.”
I shrugged. She was right. I went back to what I was doing.
My mouth found its way down to her belly. I very much wanted to taste her pussy again. Remembering the feel of her slick lips around my tongue turned me right back on. I had to have her, right then. She, of course, made no effort to stop me, and in fact threw the blankets off the bed to give us room.
She suddenly sat bolt upright. “Wait.”
I looked around. “What?”
She didn’t answer immediately. Then, “I thought I heard something.”
I glanced at the clock (noticing at the same time we’d left the lamp on all night). “Well, it is after noon. It’s probably a friend from school knocking on the door, looking for us.”
“Should we answer it?”
Pfft. Hell no. Why?” I glanced significantly between her legs. “Do you want to stop?”
She grinned, and waved her hand at me as she lay back down. “Continue.”
“That’s what I thought.”
I kissed her hips, then her legs, which she parted eagerly. I wasted no time going right to it, sticking my tongue right into her pussy. She closed her eyes, bit her lips, and made the most delightful sound.
I was just starting to really get into it when I heard Minda scream. And it wasn’t the good kind of scream either. She jumped away from me, staring at something behind me.
I turned, and felt the cold hand of dread grab tight. My room is small, and the bed close to the door. There could have been no way to hide what we’d been doing. No mistaking the fact that we were completely naked and that my head had been between my best friend’s thighs. That I had been eating her pussy, and enjoying it.
I said the only thing I could think to say.

- - -

This was planned as a three-part series, and Part III is definitely on the way. But maybe - maybe - if you're lucky, there might be more. Hope you're enjoying it so far.



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