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rocky and monica part 2...please read part 1.
please read part 1,though part 1 is not as good and is pretty amateurish.u cud just go through it so you get an idea of the story....this is much better story...u will definetly enjoy...

We Both Slept peacefully that day when we woke up we kissed passionately for 15 minutes.while kissing i started rubbing her clit and mom started moving her hand up and down my dick.she looked so sexy in that revealing nightie she wore just for me.after breakfast we both went to our workplaces.i went to school and she went to her office. i was not able to study at all in school and was just thinking abt monica mom and how would like to fuck her again.

we talked about certain things in the morning.she told me some rules which i need to follow everyday.
rule 1- i must concentrate on my studies
rule 2-i must only fuck her when dads not around.
rule 3- i must not forget that shes my mom and should give her respect.

i was ready to obey to all these..who wouldnt for the greatest ass and legs in the world??

mom came back from office at 7pm. we kissed and then i started sucking on her boobs then we stopped ate dinner, watched tv and went to the bed to one more night of action.
we fucked in peace for an hour and the room was filled with noises of only heavy moaning.
my mom then asked me something..
"hey u want to go to beach city for this weeked,that is tommorow and day after tommorow..lets go we willl have fun..she said with a smirk on her face.
"yup i wanna go"i said.she then squeezed my ass for about 10 seconds and told me to pack my stuff and get ready.
i started packing and then finally dozed off.i couldnt believe that mum had made up a plan so quickly normally she would have taken days to decide.
beach city was the most exciting place to go to for couples in the was a place famous for ,gambling ,booze,hot babes,horny and hot men,very horny men and the place was famous for its nude beaches and then its hot massage parlour.and to go there with my mom was exciting,specially this time.coz now i was certain that i could do all of this without caring about my parents.i was going to be allowed all of this.

the next day we woke up at 6 am and got things ready and left for beach city at 7 am .i drove and we reached over there in 4 hours.on every red light stop, mom would casually take my hand and put it on her pussy.all this stuff kept my pulse rate high during the drive.We checked in the best hotel in beach city a 7 star and took one of the best rooms available we had a huge bathroom a huge tub in which 6 people could get in easily and then there was this huge plasma tv ,a dvd player ,and a real big king size bed.
we were welcomed with free champagne and some nice chocholate coated strawberries.
mom and i sat on the bed with champagne and strawberries.she would suck on the strawberries and would lick on them to tease me..all this teasing made me hard and i climbed on her.but she stopped me and then opened the champagne,started drinking from the bottle and then she took off her sandals and started stroking her feet on my dick area and then started massaging my hair.

my dick now was harder than it could get and i was going to cum right there and then.but i controlled mom then took my hand and took me to the big bath tub.
she stripped and sat in the tub,which was filled with water and roses(herbal water) already for us.i then took off my shorts and followed her.we both became real horny in the tub.and i started rubbing her clit as quickly as i could and she gave me the hottest hand job.

"ooooooooh,,,fuck fuck u dog....faster faster"we both would moan,this went about for half an was 4 pm we both got out.and then mom decided to order some lunch form room service."noo i shouted ...i want to ram my cock into you"
"not now honey" she replied seductively and after a breif silence for 5 seconds."u have to fuck my brains out tonight"

"ok",i agreed with a laugh.

then she wore on her clothes which was this short top which revealed her tummy and the top was sleeveless which showed her sexy mom even opened the first button of her top to show some very very nice cleavage.she wore a micro mini skirt with this.

i was very shocked with her i had never ever seen her in such revealing clothes.
in shock i said"ure a fucking sex bomb,all the men in this hotel are going to run after me for ur phone number"
haha she laughed..and said"ure so sweet".
i wore a black shirt and a pair of cargo trousers,and put on my sandals and some strong perfume.then after 10 minutes of waiting.
a man came from room service. and got us our had ordered some salad and and i had ordered a club sandwhich for myself.

later after food we went out to explore the hotel ....
mom lead me to the swimming pool where we so hot men diving in the pool all of them had abs and were tall,fucking muscular.they all were staring at my mom and her smiled and even waved at them."a sort of an invitation for a nice hard long fuck"i thought.

over there i couldnt get my eyes off this hot chick who was in this sexy black string bikini.
she was fair,and had these awesome tits better than my mom's which were hard and firm.she had these hot thighs and that girl just looked fabalous.i soon realized ...
that the chick was the guys girlfreind who was smiling at my mom.

we then went to the bar. for a drink.

"order anything u want-beer vodka,tequila"my mom told me
i ordered a beer for myself and mom ordered some wine.
my mom usually gets drunk by drinking very little.
we sat there in the bar for about half an hour there too the men who were sitting opposite us kept staring at mom's legs for 12-15 good mom looked at them and smiled.she then got up from the bar stool and went to their couch. she shook their hands and then she introduced herself.i was not able to listen what she told them as there was some loud jazz music playing.
whatever she told them.?.
in 3 minutes both of them were moving their hands on her thighs as she sat between the two men.she then gave both men a nice peck on their cheeks ,got up and then we both went out of the bar.

Again we passed the swimming pool on the way. where we saw that guy t hugging his sting bikini GIRLFREIND who i found really hot,inside the pool.while his girlfreind had her face hidden in his arms.he looked up at mom and stared at her tits and gave her a nice mom just smiled.

we both went back to our was 8 pm took us a 15 minute walk to our room.the hotel resort was huge. and their were too many stuff to look on in the way.i saw atleast a dozen women in bikinis who looked absoloutely sexyyy.some of them even were topless.

when we entered,i quickly asked mom"baby,are u trying to get every guy in this hotel to fuck u"
"yup"she replied back quickly.and then asked"uve got a problem"..
"nope,i just want u too have fun,just dont leave me out"i said,"i wont"she replied and gave me quick kiss on the cheek.
she then pulled up her skirt a bit and showed the bikini she was was this leaopard design string bikini.i was left speechless.she then took of her clothes and started posing for me,she started showing off her hot body and then gave me a full kiss on my lips...

After a while...

we both went back to the pool.but found no one.we then went to the hotel restraunt for dinner.
where we saw that hot guy-hot bikini girl couple sitting and eating dinner in front of was a buffet.which had some hot continental mom invited the couple to join us.
they both agreed and sat next to us.

"hi,im howard"he told my mom and me confidently and shook my hand.then his girlfreind told us that her name is shay and that she was a musician.i just wasnt able to get my eyes off her at that moment.

we both-mom and me talked to them an introduced ourselves.howard was shocked to know that we were mother and son.i could make out from his face.he thought mom was 25 and not someone in her thirties.

After we had finished dinner,four of us walked together too our room,mum and shay were walking to the room eagerly,both looked tired.

howard then said"u girls look tired u both go to sleep,rocky u wanna get a drink?"before i could speak my mom spoke for me"yah ROCKO get a drink"

Then the girls went to their rooms while i went back to the bar with howard.there i met some of howard's freinds he introduced me to some of them,they all looked good and smart,most were single but
some of them had their wives and girlfreinds with them.
i ordered a beer and ate some peanuts with it.i had started to get bored .

As the couples and howard were talking about surfing on the beach,scuba diving and bunjee seemed as if that was all these people knew.i not so adventourous did not find the conversation intresting.
i wanted to leave.but even then i stayed on.all the couples and howards other single freinds -3 guys ,4hot sexy gals,left by 11 was only me and howard in the bar.

howard asked"having a good time?" ,i shooked my head in approval.i WAS DRUNK
After the beer howard had ordered some whisky for me and even poured me some champagne,which one of the guys had bought.
now i was dead drunk and i needed a leak.he then said something,which totally shook me-"man,i must admit ur mom,monica is very hot,monica is just too good.rocky .i want to spend some time with her.i know she wants me to do that too..can i go to her room ,i will come back in an hour?"

after listening to him for i fell silent for about 30 seconds,he too waited patiently for my answer.
"whats in this for me?"i asked.
"hmmm.(After a pause)
u can fuck,..shay..hey shes hot and she wont mind,ill just call her..she knows that i want to fuck monica,she wont mind..u wanna fuck her?...she likes young cock"he said enthusiastically
i thought about this for 5 minutes,i knew that monica mum wudnt mind.after some thought i finally agreed.

howard called shay on the phone and explained.then he gave the phone to me,which had shay on the line"u wanna fuck me?,come and get some" she told me in a sultry voice.
im cuming u naughty naughty girl"i replied with a grin and ended the call.

it was for shay.howard was delighted and went towards monicas room and i went towards shay's.

As i entered i found shay naked already lieing on the bed.she pointed her fingers at me and told me to come to her and fuck her..
"come to me...oooh i really want to fuck u"
she started pinching her nipples and moaning even before i touched her.i stood still,i cudnt beleive my luck.
she then started rubbing her pussy,her pink and soft pussy,shaved.
she then shouted"come to meeee...ooooooh what are u waiting for,dont do this to me"
i pulled my shorts down and jumped on the bed.she took my cock and gave me the best handjob in the world.she then put my cock in her sexy mouth and sucked me off.i came all over her mouth,in her mouth and on her tits.she took all of the cum in her hands and licked it,she put on this licking show,which i will never be able to ever forget,she sucked all of the cum which was on fingers,like they were some noodles.slurp slurp...

man i was hard again,in after that, she guided my cock to her pussy and i fucked her for some good 10 minutes ,i started going slow and kept a slow pace.
she got angry and got off and jumped on my dick and sat on my dick as i lay down then she started hopping on my dick.first time i had done this in my life.
"fuck me u lazy bum,fuck me"
then taking this as an insult i increased my pace..and started fucking her like a horse,i thenk fucked her doggy style and then we went in a 69 position,she just wasnt able to get enough of me,i was literally sucking on her pussy as it was some chocholate delicacy,the sweet aroma from her pussy,left me intoxicated.and then i started again fucking her in the pussu
and then cummed again after 20 minutes,in her pussy.."oops i said,ive cummed in ur pussy i told her
as i got off.."its ok",she said cutely.."i will take a pill tommorow.but next time use a bloody condom,dont forget"
then i got off
and said"its bin 2 hours now lets see what howard has done.

i knocked on the door ,we got no reply both me and shay waited impatiently,shay had now worn this red bikini with shorts and i had put back my clothes.after 2 minutes howard opened the door,he kissed shay as i walked in..
i found monica mum lieing on the bed...cum all over her tits and stomach..and some even on her mouth.
"hi honey" she waved at me sweetly,"i am proud of what uve done, come here" and then she kissed me on the cheek.

all 4 of u sat on the sofa in the suite,shay then got some coffee for all 4 of us.we told each other about the last 2 hours.
"ur son is a lady killer" shay told monica.
"ur boyfreind is this sex machine which never stops" monica replied.
we all laughed and i imagined that howard would have been a good fuck.
"see u guys tommorow",howard then said.and went back with shay to his room.

mom and i then talked about the night and then she explained how she and howard had fucked each others brains out.then we both tired,just went to sleep.
we both woke up the next took a bath and then ordered me too take one was 8 am.after i came out from the bathroom,i came out naked,
and saw mom in the bathrobe.she opened it and dropped it on the floor.i hopped on her and now kissed her clean body .then she took my cock and gave me a very satisfying blowjob.but before i wud cum,i stopped her.
and then went down with my hard dick,which was going to flow out a lot of cum in seconds.
"we will cum together" i said.
i went down and started sucking on her pussy,her shaved pussy,monicas pussy,i licked her pussy,shoved in 2-3 fingers at a time,rubbbed my tounge and kissed it,finally after 5 minutes of very heavy moaning" u love me...last night u did something mommy wanted,mommy loves u....ooooooh FUKKK..ooooh omg..fuck"
she started cumming..and then lay on the bed closed her eyes.and went into a state of nirvana.

i looked at her beautiful body and just by the sight i came then and there tooo...

we met howard and shay for breakfast that day,and made a plan,we went to this hot disco at night.and came back at 2 am,we went to howards room.
and there i got the opportunity to fuck shay and monica together,howard fucked shay in the ass and at the same time shay sucked my dick off.
and we did the same thing with monica.howard fucked mum in all styles,doggy,cowgirl..he tottally fucked her.
then i too had my special time with shay and fucked her again,i even fucked her in the ass.
the too girls then sat down and gave blowjobs.howard cummed into monicas mouth and i cummed in shays mouth.then both girls did something which shell shocked us.
both of them exchanged the cum,and did some cum swapping ..then swallowd the cum and kissed.
an eventful night had ended.all 4 of us were now tired to do anything .SO we all slept on the same king size bed.

we woke up and i kissed shay for about good 10 minutes and so did howard kiss monica,we all said our goodbyes,hugged each other,exchanged phone numbers and email ids and then went to eat breakfast,after breakfast,me and mom checked out.and then drove back to our home..

we definetly had the time of our life..
in the car i commented"baby,ure such a sex bomb,oooh and uve lost some weight u look better than ever"
to which monica replied"lets go home ,i want to do it again"
we both laughed.

this vacation in beach city was the best vacation of my life.


how is this story?this is part 2...please give me positive feedback and tell me if u want part 3?

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2016-06-21 21:51:52
This would be hot... except for shotty english. Go back to 4 grade.

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2012-05-07 23:56:00
i want the third part of this story with more fuck

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-09 02:51:23
Good story
Agreed, correct your grammar...

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-09 02:49:05
Great Story.

Smiles from other guys and the fact howard got you drunk for you mom...the connection between those links, wouldn't that make you a little mad?
he tricked you
grammar = 4th grade, make it happen

johnny triggReport

2008-10-27 16:20:50
Good story a little lose at points to make it something that was real what ever,,,shows little respect of the both as to who they fucked before more like one dog on another not caring who your last was or your next,,,no tgood along that line,,,sexy but low level sexual stimulation for a mother and son...

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