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This is complete fiction and fantasy that I hope you enjoy
The Lingerie Store

Our journey begins today at the mall. It is late in the evening and things are about to close up at a famous shop known for fine women's undergarments. You and I decide to slip in really quickly and see if there is anything that suits our fancy in this fine establishment.

We walk in as the tone makes the clerk aware that someone has entered the store. The clerk darts up from her chair behind a counter and her face is somewhat flushed and almost flustered looking. She greets us with a hasty "Hello and welcome," as she straightens her clothes. We both realize that its less than fifteen minutes to closing time and I'm sure this lady is ready to go home. I follow you to the skimpier section of the store nestled in the back. The small, comfortable room that contains some of the more risqu?ieces is well hidden from the main thoroughfare of the store. We walk in and you immediately hold the skimpy things you find on the shelves and tables up against your body. I become aroused and feel my the blood start flowing towards my flaccid cock, not content to be limp any longer…it grows slightly with the sight of you semi-modeling naughty lingerie before me. You mumble quietly under your breath “I wonder how long it would take for you to get this off,” as you hold a silky white teddy against your frame. “I heard that,” I say and “Not long!” muttering quickly. You shoot me a very naughty look in which I take much delight. “Just strip down right here, I’ll be happy to help you out of your things,” I say with a giggle.

As my laugh subsides, the flustered woman from the front of the store quietly enters the room. We immediately notice her eyes and lovely figure. She stands before us know a little more kempt than when we first walked-in and we notice that she is very beautiful. Standing 5’5” tall with a nice apple shaped butt, she makes her ways towards you and flicks her soft brown hair over her ear to reveal her sultry electric-blue eyes and exclaims “Let me help you with that.” You take a step back as she continues towards you, “That is one of my favorite pieces. It totally turns my husband on.” And then pauses for a moment to shoot me a look “And my girlfriend too,” she says with a wink and an open mouthed smile as if to spur a response from me. I think to myself “Whoa, did she just say that?” I brush the comment off and politely say “Look, thanks for helping, I’m sure you’re trying to get out of here tonight. I’m sure it’s been a long day.” She smiles and says, "Really, its no problem, I have a lot to do here and if you want to shop, feel free. I'm here to serve you!" She looks back to you as the words “serve you” escape her mouth. This time, it got my attention. You look down at her and her features. The blouse that cover her C cup breasts falls open and you can’t help but look down as she bends to stretch the material across your mid section. Her fingernails brush against the fabric covering your sides and it ignites hundreds of little tiny shockwaves throughout your body. “Oh yes, this is nice, but I think it might be a bit too big for you. Let me get a smaller size. You mind trying it on for me….uhhh…for us, “ she stumbles to vocalize the last part of her sentence.

“Sure thing,” you say with a wink at me. “By the way, my name is Maria and this is John! We’re fuck buddies,” you giggle out and shoot another look at me. “I’m Missy,” she says. “I’m the manger and owner of this store. I bought it about a year ago. I just love skimpy things…and nothing at all!” We both look at her as you make your way to one of the fitting rooms. Missy goes towards the exit of the room and asks, “You folks going to be here awhile?” I say, “Sure, we’ve got no real plans!” “Good!” she exclaims. “I’ll just go lock up so we can have some more privacy.”

With that, I look at you before you disappear behind the curtain. I grab you from behind and grind my semi-rigid cock against your ass. My hands wander to your front and move to unhook your bra to expose the meaty flesh to my warm hands. My fingers tickle your nipples to hardness. I can feel the blood flowing to them as the little nubs harden as my fingers graze across them. A little pinch and a lick to the neck as I push you towards the curtain and say “Why don’t you leave the curtain open so I can see you. How about a little strip tease for me and Missy when she gets back too?” I playfully suggest.

The sound of the gate at the front of the store crashing down and locking gives us the all clear signal that we’re mostly alone. “She is so HOT!” as you lick your lips and begin to unbutton your jeans exposing the top of your black silky panties and the smooth skin between the tufts of hair to your pussy and your naval. “Yeah baby, take those off nice and slow so I can see all of you!” I take a chair and position it in front of the dressing room and take a seat to take in the show as you wriggle your hips out of your jeans. You turn around as you take one foot and then the other exposing your bare ass and the thin little trip of your thong covering your sweet holes. I lean forward and slap your ass playfully evoking a sweet scream from your pouty lips. You shoot to look at me as you raise your blouse over your head as the bra straps fall across your shoulders. You turn around covering your nipples, now only in your panties. You squeeze your D cups tits together still hiding the sweet nipples underneath your palms. Your left hand then exposes the sweet breast as you lift from underneath to suck on one and then the other nipple shifting back and forth.

“Oh, I see you’ve already started without me!” Missy states as she quickly walks in the private room. “I brought a bottle of wine for us to drink. All I have is paper cups, but that will have to work! She says, not phased a bit by the display you’re putting on for us. She hands the wine bottle to me and asks me to open it as she pulls an opener from her slacks pocket. “Here, you take care of that while I help this lovely creature over here.”

I happily oblige not sure what is about to take place before my eyes. Missy walks towards you and says, “My Maria, you are incredible. You have such nice features as she takes one of your breasts in her hands and light massages it. She then kisses you right on the mouth and you succumb to her advances as her hand moves to your back and then down to your ass to slip the thong over it and down your legs. “Ummm, so sweet,” she exclaims in a more breathy tone. Let’s slip this on as she holds the teddy up to your body and you begin to slide into it, with her help. You pull it up over your body and she begins smoothing the skin across your shoulder blades and back as you turn around. Her hands raise the garment up and over your breasts as she firmly takes one in each hand and plays with them. “So nice,” she says again.

By now I’ve gotten the bottle open and have poured three Dixie cups of wine and I take one to you and you take a drink and then Missy. “Sit down big boy and watch. I’m not done seducing her yet,” she says as she pushes me back to where I came from. I take my seat back in the comfy chair and my hand wanders to play with my now rock hard dick under my pants. You whisper to me “Take it out…I want to see it.” I happily oblige by unzipping and taking my cock out of the hole of my pants and begin to stroke it lightly.

“Now, we’ve got to button this up below.” Missy says as her hands now wander down to your completely shaven and exposed pussy. Her hand rubs the slit gently then she sticks her palm up to her hand to moisten it with saliva and then back down to your crotch. The most hand rubs up and down your slit from behind and she grazes your clit lightly with the tops of one of her nails. “Hmmm, I’m having trouble buttoning this thing. I’ll have to work harder”. With that she motions for you to bend over as you hands brace your self against the mirror. She parts your legs and plunges her middle finger inside your hole. The shock of it makes you tremble. I can see your reflection in the mirror as she enters you and you bite your lip. “Ohhhh my!” Missy whispers in your ear…you are so wet. How does that feel my darling Maria?” You can only mutter a breathy “So gooooood!

As you mutter those words…I spit on my hand and rub my cock up and down as my eyes almost refuse to believe the display in front of me. Missy shoots a look back at me as she continues to plummet her finger in and out of you and says, “Help me get out of these things!” I jump up and move towards her. My cock pokes her in the side and I move my hands to un-zip her skirt. I slip the fabric over her hips to reveal thing high stockings held by a lacy white garter and her ass exposed to me. My hands rub her ass as the skirt drops to the floor all the while rubbing your pussy lips as you arch your back and press your hands harder against the glass of the mirror. I reach down and kiss her sweet butt check and move my hands to unbutton her blouse. I work on the buttons one by one as my hand rubs her sweet belly. As I finish unbuttoning, my hands move to her sweet tits. She stops for a brief second to let me help her out of her short and I quickly unclasp her bra. You spin around as I’m removing the garments from her, the loose teddy now around your ankles and I can’t believe the luck I’m in with two naked women before me. You kiss her sweetly and then tongue her mouth with great passion and skill. I look at you and begin to kiss your cheek then you kiss me and our tongues meet. Missy joins our kiss by placing her tongue right in between our lips. We both lap at it as I move in between you to take your both in. My hands move so I can rub each of your ass checks. I then feel one hand and then another grabs my cock and begins rubbing it skillfully.

Missy takes hold of my cock and whispers in Maria’s ear, "Watch this, my darling." Kissing down Maria’s body she then kneels in front of me. Her hand moves to my cock and strokes it as she begins to kiss and nibble at Maria’s lower abdomen as her fingers still working at her swollen clit. As Missy’s hand holds my stiff rod she moves from kissing Maria to taking your entire cock into her mouth working the full length of the shaft in her mouth and down her throat. Her moans, muffled as she skillfully engulfs the entire length. I turn to kiss my sweet Maria’s lips sucking her tongue into my mouth and swirling them together as we both take in the sight of Missy taking long strokes with her mouth full of my manhood. Missy kneels in between Maria and I as we create a sandwich of sweaty flesh longing to be pleasured Missy begins to suck me harder and with increasing lust. Maria gazes at Missy as her head begins a very steady rhythm and says, "Oh My God! She's so beautiful with your cock in her mouth." With that Missy’s intentions become more pronounced. She longs to feel my seed inside her mouth and begins pumping my pole with expert precision so it releases its load for her to savor. I lean back against the mirror that wraps us in a semi-circle and finally relent to the wonderful suction that Missy’s mouth is creating. My body undulates with her increasingly long strokes. “Ahhh,” I cry out. “I’m cumming!” With that my balls release sending multiple streams of gooey white cum into Missy’s waiting mouth. Splash after splash of sticky fluid lathers her throat. Missy drinks it down enjoying every minute only allowing only, “Ummmm, Ummmmm,” to be muttered as it sends vibrations as my cock slows the pulses of cum that stream from it. I hold back one last glob of cum from my balls as Missy releases her mouth from the shaft and head and let go on the side of her face so Maria can have a taste as well.

With that, Missy climbs up to Maria and kisses her lips. The glob still pronounced on the side of her face has smeared the goop on your face now as well. Missy licks the sticky fluid from her face and Maria follows suit licking every drop that has smeared against Missy’s pretty face as you then offer your tongues too one another as you savor the taste of my come and both of your saliva mixed together to create a wonderful concoction. Missy swallows the last bit down of mixture down. Seeing the beautiful exchange of lust before me my cock gains new life and returns to its hardness very quickly. "John," Maria says, "Go sit down and watch as I give this beautiful woman the orgasm of a lifetime." I sit in the chair and begin to rub myself slowly to keep my cock hard while these two beautiful creatures play before my lusty gaze. Missy and Maria look at me and begin to touch each other's swollen nipples. As hard as tiny rocks, their beautiful endowments touch each other’s bodies and sway as the movements between them become more pronounced.

You both notice the pleasure I’m receiving by watching this as you kiss each other softly, then gently and begin to more passionately embrace as you explore each other’s nubile bodies. You both lie together on the floor as Maria rolls over to place Missy on her back. Missy responds by opening her legs as if to make an offering to you as your hands begin to rub and massage the entire length of her body. Maria’s soft fingers playfully walk up and down her body to tease and prepare it for the wonderful pleasure she is about to bring.

She works the muscles of her thighs then moves to her hips, as she begins to softly lick just below her belly button and then down to meet the incredible folds between her sprawled out legs. "MMMMMMMM" she moans as your tongue lightly brushes the luscious folds and traces them down to her sweet opening below. Maria then begins to lightly touch with her fingertips again teasing them a bit and preparing them for what’s to come. Missy’s arousal is now evident as the fluorescent lighting reflects the shine of her juices as Maria kneels down to sample her nectar. Maria begins to suckle at the tiny folds and sucks one of them into her mouth as Missy spreads her legs wider to give her better access. My member stands at full attention now and all I see my cock in the foreground and the lovely sight of two beautiful women caught in throws of lust just behind. The veins become more and more pronounced as I take in the sight in front of me as I give it long strokes to help prolong the pleasure. My eyes shift back to see Maria shift to her knees to kneel between Missy’s legs devouring her fully as she works her tongue up and down the crease giving maximum pleasure to her lover. “Ummm, yeah baby,” Missy says as Maria begins to swirl her tongue around her swollen clit. Maria parts the folds to reveal the sweet, hidden pearl as it continues to glisten in the light. “Yeah, Uh-Huh, suck on it Maria.

Take it in your mouth, that’s my place,” she begs as Maria sucks it in her mouth. “Ohhhh, yes,” Missy screams as a wave of pleasure shoots through her body. As Maria feels the shockwave subside she then sucks in the sweet clit again and doesn’t release it this time. Wave after wave of pleasure hit Missy over and over again. “Ahhhhh, yes…I’m cumming,” she screams repeatedly at Maria. “Ohhhh fuck! YES!!! YESSSS,” she continues. Maria, with expert skills continues to suck and then glides her tongue down to the opening below and moves her hand to circle the sweet clit as she invades Missy’s sweet hole. Missy begins to steady herself with her arms raising her abdomen up and forcing it against Maria’s face.

“Yes, yes, I’m having spasms,” she cries and laughs closing her eyes and tilting her head back while Maria continues her work below. Her hips buck back and forth slamming against Maria time and time again but Maria doesn’t relent knowing that missy is now in the throws of having one, two and yes even a third and fourth orgasm right in a row. “Yes, yes, yes,” she continues and laughs at he same time. “That is amazing baby!” she looks down to Maria as their eyes lock upon one another. “Ohhhh yeeeesssssss!!! You are my fucking hot lover baby,” she says as she then shifts to attack Maria and kisses her passionately and pushers her onto her back. Now that missy is on top of Maria she grinds her hips against her body as she tastes herself against Maria face and tongue.

Amazed at the sight my hand instinctively begins to pump my cock harder and harder. I raise myself from the chair as I kneel beside them and dangle my rock hard cock as I continue to pump my fist around it. “Here’s a little present for you both,” I say as they look up and smile and open their mouths knowing that I’m about to explode. I hold it for a second longer and then let go. I can’t believe the amount of cum that flies into the air and then slaps across each of their faces. As if flung from a catapult another long spurt of cum flies directly at them and hits Missy right on the mouth. Maria laps it up quickly as I offer my cock to either of their willing mouths. Maria sucks my cock in and takes the last few drops and then offers her tongue to Missy. “That was amazing,” I say to both of them. “You girls are so fuckin’ hot,” I think I could cum five or six more times just watching you again. “Baby, Missy says,” and then Maria finishes the sentence, “The night is still young,” as they both laugh and grin and continue their embrace cleaning the remains of my seed from their mouths and faces together.

The muscles of your pussy clench around my dick and milk it, sucking the sweet seed from the shaft. I withdraw it from you and place the head at the mouth of the willing Missy. She licks your sweet juice from my shaft and takes the last dollop of cum that has built at the head into her mouth. I pump my head in and out of her mouth again. Your body goes limp and collapses atop Missy and she lets out a giggle and says, “When does my pussy get satisfied? I need a cock inside me too! Won’t you help me?”

“I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Give me a minute to recover! You girls are trying to wear me out huh,” I ask with great enthusiasm and a smile across my face. “We would never try to do that,” you exclaim rising from your position atop her. Missy then leaps to her feet and disappears into the store stark naked and yells “I’ll be right back!”

You come over to me as I sit down in a chair and you sit on my lap. I brush your belly with my fingers and deeply kiss you while I rub your tender skin. The sweat has built on both of our bodies as you run your hands through my chest hair as we wait for Missy to return. I whisper, “Do you want me to fuck her?” You look into my eyes and say, “I want to see your cock ramming her pussy.

She has such a nice pussy it tastes so sweet…I want to lick your cum from her writhing pussy! Do you think you can manager that?” I answer with an enthusiastic “Your wish is my command,” as Missy steps into the room and comes into view. “Oh my gosh! What are you going to do with that” you ask as you see her holding the biggest two headed dildo you’ve ever seen in her hands flopping back and forth as she raises and lowers it. “You’ll see. Now, come over here and lie down with me.” You leap from me with great enthusiasm and hop over to Missy taking the dildo in your hand. “I figured while Johny recovers we could play a little bit and get the mood going again. Do you think he’ll enjoy watching us play? I want us to fuck each other with this thing,” as she kisses you passionately leaving you holding the dildo in your hands.

You have to take it with both hands as she slides down, licks one of the heads and then hungrily begins to tongue your pussy as you stand there. The sight of this pleases me so much and I am content to watch Missy seduce you. You open your legs as you stand thrusting your hips forward and spreading your feet wider to give her greater access. You put the head of one of the sides into your mouth and begin to take it deeply into your mouth as Missy works her magic on your treasure chest below. She pulls you to the flow and you begin to suck her breasts, kiss her belly and begin to lap at her sweet and slick cunt, spreading her lips and lapping at her beautiful clit. “Yeah baby….do you like that,” you say as you plunge one finger inside her and begin working on her clit again. “Oh yes Maria, that’s it…right there baby…don’t stop,” Missy screams into the deserted store as you suck the bud into your mouth and thrust and second and then a third finger inside her.

You grab the two-headed beast of a dildo and give her one end to suck on as you look at her with lust as your fingers thrust in and out of her. Her whole body shakes with the motions and her sweet tits sway back and forth from the pounding her pussy is taking at the will of your hand, she sucks one side of the dildo into her mouth as deeply as she can and it snakes its way down her throat. She almost gags as you rip it from her hand again take your hand from her twat and begin to shove the head that Missy was just sucking deeply inside.

This amazing site before me allows my cock time to recover and leap back to full attention as if to salute the lusty display in front of me. I kneel down to get a better look and the head disappears into Missy’s shaved pussy lips. You grin at me widely and say, “Does that get you going?” I nod with approval as you begin a motion back and forth with the huge dildo. “John, stick the other side in me,” you say with great hunger as you lick your lips. You lean back as I take the dildo and continue the motion inside Missy as I lick one of my hands covering it with spit and begin to rub you’re already slick pussy. I use my index and thumb to expose your bud and bend down to lightly lick it before I plunge this huge dildo into you. Your body jolts as I begin to place the head at your entrance. You spread your legs and pussy lips wide as I insert it inside of you. You close your eyes and let out a moan as the head slips past your lips and you feel the entire length slide inside of you.

I look over to Missy and with my hand part the lips and begin to work on her nub. She is bucking wildly as I play with the bud, sucking it into my mouth. She grabs the back of my head and forces it closer to her body. “Yes! Fuck yes….that’s it….oh my Goooooooodddddd!! You’re going to make me cum. Please make me cum,” she says wildly. The motion that Missy is creating with her bucking hips drives you wild as the massive dildo plunges in and out of you. You steady yourself with your hands so you can see me licking Missy’s sweet twat. “Maria, John is a good cunt licker, you’re so lucky! This is amazing! My pussy is on fire! I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me.”

You push forward and backward impaling yourself against the dildo and the amazing show we’re putting on for you. You grab one of your tits and suck it into your mouth as your pussy lips grab the dildo tighter. “Oh yes,” you scream out “I think I’m going to cum again. Lick her pussy John. Make her cum and feel as good as I do. I want to see her cum.” The dildo continues to plunge in and out of both of you. You rub your clit to match the motion of my tongue against Missy. I grab the dildo in between you and begin to furiously pump it in and out of both of you continuing my work on her pussy.

Missy’s hands now grab the floor and she as she screams, “Yes, I’m going to cum for you both. Oh yes my little fuck buddies….I am going to cum for you so good!” With that I work up the motion to an even faster pace. You both begin to moan in ecstasy as I continue my handy work with Missy. I taste the juices first before she lets out a moan. “Oh yes….I’m cumming…..OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she screams into the air. “Just after the echo of her moan subsides, you burst yourself, “Ohhh yesss……I’m cumming, my little pussy is cumming.” You rub your clit in circles fluidly as your body tenses for the massive orgasm. “Ahhhhh…..yesss….Missy I’m cumming so hard, my pussy is dripping.” With that you let go and fall to the ground as does Missy. I give one last lick to Missy’s pussy lips and then move to kiss her deeply inserting my tongue in her mouth. She sucks my entire tongue into her mouth and I look her glazed-over eyes.

“Please fuck me with your cock!” she shouts to me as our kiss ends. “Yeah, fuck her John, let me see that cock plunging and out of her!” you shout from a few feet away. You take the dildo out of both of you as I begin to mount her. She flares her hips up to meet my cock floating above her. I take my cock and begin to run it in between the folds of her beautiful pussy and across her sweet clit. With one motion, I rare back and plunge my cock inside her and begin to pump furiously. You move to her side and begin to suck her nipples. You move her hand to her clit as she finds yours between your legs. She looks at you and you passionately kiss while both of your hands massage each other’s sensitive clits. I pump long and hard strokes almost assaulting her pussy as I look at both of you.

“Am I fucking her good Maria?” I ask. “Yes, John, you’re fucking her good. Fuck her like you’ve never fucked before,” you command at me. “Ahhh,” .Missy screams again as you brush her sweet clitty again with your fingers. One of her fingers slips inside you as I continue to pump my cock into her. My seed wants to explode as one bead of sweat runs down my face.

“Ahh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh,” I groan straining to keep from cumming, abstaining the pressure of my cock as at it glides along the walls of her pussy. My efforts subside, I can’t hold back my sticky cum any longer. I thrust my hips forward and say, “Oh Goddd, I’m fucking cumming.” My cock begins to pulsate and then it shoots its seed deeply inside of Missy. “Oh yesss, that’s it baby, fill me up!” Missy says to me as she continues rubbing your pussy. You give me a hungry look as I thrust against her body furiously. All of my muscles contract and you lean to kiss me deeply as the streams of cum continue to unload inside beautiful Missy.

“Was that good baby? I hope we’re not done yet.” You say with a grin. “I think I just got my second wind!”

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I was laying here in my lingerie while reading i soon found hand on my cock it was my sister,still horny she sliped a vibrator up my arse and suck me off while reading couldnt stop cummin

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