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This is complete fiction and fantasy that I hope you enjoy
The beach trip

We decide that a long weekend getaway is in order. We steal away for a rendezvous at a location by the beach. Our day is filled with driving to reach and exclusive resort that not too many people know about. A buddy of mine recommended it to us and we decide this is a great excuse to getaway. We need a different location to explore our fantasies together and we’ve both always wanted a good fuck on and off the beach.

We arrive at the location and realize that there aren’t a lot of people staying here. Ever since the hurricanes came through, most have postponed their vacations. Thankfully, I called ahead and spoke with the owner and he said remarkably their hotel sustained minimal damage, more superficial than anything else. They have a backup generator in case something else like that happens in their neck of the woods. We are greeted by an older gentleman that I think I spoke with on the phone a few days ago. “Jerry,” I ask with a questioning look on my face? “Yes, you must be the guy I talked with on the phone a few days ago.” He says. “Ah yes, Mr. Jones, that’s it,” he says with a wink. “I’m so glad you decided to join us. As you can see there aren’t many guests here this week. Bad publicity with all the hurricanes lately.” He says. “I’m glad you’re here though. I’ve got the best room in the place for you, complete with a Jacuzzi on the balcony and of course the Jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom and of course full showers in the other bedrooms,” he described with precision. “Bedrooms,” I ask inquisitively. “Yep, they’re only two other couples here, so I figured what the hey and at no extra charge. It’s our best room!” he says with delight and joy.

“Well, I almost feel bad taking it from you, but I think we’ll manage,” I say with a giggle. You smile at me and look very surprised as I finish the business at the front desk. A young man approaches you and asks for your bags and if we need any help. You politely agree as Jerry says “Ahh, Hank will show you to the room. I sure hope you folks have a good stay. I live on the bottom floor so if you need anything, feel free to give me a call at extension 101.” He says as he shakes my hand and we follow Hank to the elevator.

Hank eagerly greets us as we enter the elevator and head to the top floor. “Man, the best room in the whole place. You have almost the entire upper floor, private balcony overlooking the ocean, private pool, Jacuzzi, the works,” he says with great enthusiasm. “Well, the man at the front desk, Jerry, upgraded us.” I reply. “Yeah, he’s like that. Good old Uncle Jerry,” Hank states with a smile on his face. “You’re related,” I ask. “Yeah, he’s my Uncle and has a great heart. He lets my girlfriend and I stay here on slow weekends sometimes, like this weekend. I clean the pool and keep things in shape around here since he’s getting older.”

“Wow, nice uncle,” I say as we arrive at the top floor. We exit into an exquisitely decorated room/apartment/house. The palatial room is amazingly decorated. Hank begins to explain all the normal things, where everything is, mini bar, Jacuzzi and he puts our bags in our room and shows us the Jacuzzi tub in there as well. “All I want to do is get in that Jacuzzi outside,” I say. “Hank springs to attention and says “No problem, I’ll get it all setup for you.” I follow Hank to the outside and he shows me the pool and Jacuzzi. As he sets things up and gets the jets swirling around and the lights turned on, I ask “You and your girlfriend staying here this weekend?” Hank adjusts the controls on the Jacuzzi and replies, “Yes we are, we’re one floor below you on four.”

“I wonder if you and your girlfriend would like to join us tonight,” I ask politely. “This whole place is so big and it’s just me and Maria. We could use the company, have a few drinks and have a good time,” as I enjoy the view from the balcony. “Sure thing, I’m sure Maria wouldn’t mind at all. There is really nothing going on tonight and you folks seem nice enough. I think Maria will like you both but, just so you know, she’s kind of a flirt,” he says with a wink. “That’s okay Hank my boy, my wife tends to like ‘younger’ men, so I’m sure she’ll be flirting with you as well.” As I wink back at him. “Deal” Hank exclaims. “By the way, my name is John,” realizing I hadn’t quite introduced myself formally. “Great, John, nice to meet you,” Hank says as we shake hands. “How about 1 hour from now. I have to get out of these work clothes and get changed.” He adds. “Don’t bother Hank, just throw on your trunks and head on up here.” I say. What do you guys like to drink,” I ask. “There is a ton of stuff in the fridge, beer, wine, all kinds of liquor in the cabinet beside the stove, so how about some brews.” Hank says. “You got it,” I say enthusiastically as you walk onto the balcony taking a deep breath in. I see that you’re wearing a robe and what I think is your swimsuit underneath but could be mistaken. “Sounds good man,” I say as I catch you taking off your robe and I see Hank’s mouth drop. I shoot around to see what he’s gawking at. I realize that you’re not wearing your swimsuit and say, “See what I mean,”: and flip my thumb and head back. “Flirt,” I say with a snicker.

“Ummmm, these ocean breeze is nice,” you say as the robe drops to the floor of the balcony. “I’m a little cold though,” as you test the water with your right toe. “Ahhhh, that’s nice and warm, just how I like it,” as you shoot a look at Hank checking out his bulge to see if its stirred by your nakedness. “Will you be joining us Hank,” you ask with a coy look on your face. “Hank, meet my girlfriend Maria. She’s the flirt I was talking about.” I say with a giggle and begin to head to the kitchen to grab some drinks and get things ready. “I most certainly will be joining you, and I’m bringing my girlfriend Maria.” He offers as he adjusts his pants no doubt to try to cover up the fact that he’s becoming hard as he gazes at your wonderful body. “Good then,” you say. “Well, we’ll see you in a few,” you add gleefully and staring right at the place where you guess his cock is. I stop at the door to see the exchange and give you a wink and a look of approval. “I’ll go get Kirsten,” Hank says as he turns to head back through the room, “You’re going to like Kirsten, John,” you say. “Babe huh?” I ask. “Oh yeah, 20 years old, so not much younger than your girlfriend or wife there.” He says with a wink. “Oh yeah, she’s my girlfriend, my wife doesn’t look or fuck half as good as she does.” I say with a giggle as Hank continues to the front door.

I head back to the outside as you and see you giggled with your head looking at the stars and say “I think I laid that on thick a bit,” you exclaim. “You think,” I say sarcastically. “I thought he was going to yank his pants down and jerk off right here,” I say as I belly laugh once. “That would’ve been nice,” you say. “Well, I think you’re going to get your wish babe.” I say. I think being with two guys at once is going to happen tonight.” I say joyfully “But what will Maria do,” you ask. “Oh, she’ll have plenty to do,” I add as you chime in and add “yes, she will.

I laugh and head off to gather drinks. I grab a make shift bucket to cool off the beers in ice and run them out to the hot tub. You look so amazing as you spread your arms around the edge of the swirling water and lay your head back to watch the night sky and taking in the smell of the ocean as it laps against the white and sandy beach. Your wonderful breasts bounce with the movement of the water and I lean down to kiss you and feel one of those beautiful cherry nipples hardened by the warm water circling around them. “Ummm, that feels nice,” you say as I continue to grab some snacks and set them out by the hot tub. After all of that is done I decide to get changed and shower off really quickly. As I do, I hear the doorbell to our room ring and I jump out of the shower, throw on a robe and run to the door.

I am greeted by a smiling Hank and his girlfriend Kirsten. “Hi guys,” I say, “come on in. I’ve got some beer and tequila out by the hot tub as well as some snacks and stuff. Make yourselves comfortable.” Kirsten and Hank enter and I have a chance to see them better in this light. “Kirsten, would you like a glass of wine or perhaps something else,” I ask. “How ‘bout you Hank as he breezes through the room to the spacious outdoors where Maria is still soaking in the pool. “Naw, beer and shots are good for me.” Leaving Kirsten and I alone.

“Hmm, I think a vodka tonic would be nice,” Kirsten says sheepishly and with a hint of a Spanish accent. “I’m Kirsten as she extends her hand to take mine. “It is a pleasure to meet you,” she adds with a smile as I take her smooth hand. I notice that she has the moist beautiful tan skin with a hint of olive. Exotic looking but not so much that she looks completely foreign. She stands about 5’ 1” tall with incredible legs, at least what I can see of them, a trim body, not too skinny and not too bulky either. The best way to describe her would be buxom. She doesn’t have supermodel good looks but there is something about her that draws me in. Her amazing green eyes seem to pierce right through me as she continues her smile as I hold her hand for longer than would be polite. “Sorry, you have the most incredible eyes. WOW,” I declare as she turns her head, giggles and says, “You’re too kind.” I release her hand and lead us to the kitchen to make her drink. “One vodka tonic coming right up. Would you like Grey Goose, Stoli or Kettle One vodka,” as I turn my head around as she looks at the robe that drapes my body. “Grey Goose is fine with me,” she replies and looks again at my robe. “Oh,” I exclaim, “the robe. I just got out of the shower and jumped out to get the door. Pardon my appearance,” I say looking to see if she was checking me out as I made her drink. “Lime?” I ask as she bends over the counter to watch. I catch a glimpse below her robe and notice that I don’t see any swimsuit. At least at the top. “Oh yes, she replies, maybe an extra as well,” She says as she continues her gaze at me leaning further and further so I can see down her robe revealing her sweet breasts squeezed together. “You truly are very beautiful. I’m glad we’re getting to meet. You want to go hop in the tub with everyone else?” I say and with that we move back through the kitchen and out the door.

As we arrive outside, Kirsten takes in the view of the moon as it dances across the water. I stop to glance with her but I notice that there is some commotion going on in the corner of my eye. My darling Maria is sitting on the edge of the hot tub drinking a beer with one leg up on the ledge and one in the water giving young Hank a look at her sweet assets as if to taunt him gleefully. I notice that they’re laughing and Maria is going on about the conversation as if its no big deal that she is fully naked in front of a strange man.

Kirsten and I walk over and I introduce you. “Hi Kirsten, you’re so beautiful, “Maria says as they politely shake hands. “My what gorgeous skin you have Kirsten, it is certainly a pleasure to meet you.” She says as she continues to give Hank the view of his life. “I see that you guys are getting along splendidly,” I add as I look at Hank straightening up. “Maria is certainly a flirt and definitely bold, I add to the statement. As I turn to look back at Kirsten, her robe drops to the ground to expose her wonderful breasts to me. She is wearing a pair of black thong bikini bottoms that show off her well-rounded ass. The view of her breasts against the moonlight is breathtaking. My cock, which as been stirring for quite awhile has now shot to attention and about to strain through my robe. “Well, I think I’m going to jump in the pool and cool off before I get in the tub, I see that you’re warming it up well you guys.” As I giggle remove the robe and jump in the pool. “I’ll join you John,” Kirsten adds and jumps in behind me. I swim underwater from my dive and come up for air at the other end of the pool as the splash subsides from Kirsten diving in behind me. I see her swim underwater towards me and come up right in front of me. My hard member is still erect as I see her eyes gazing upon it as she rises out of the water and presses her flesh against me. She places her arms around my back and swings her legs around and locks them behind my ass.

My rigid cock stabs against her belly as my hands move to meet her back and then wander to support her buttocks as we finally meet. Her buttocks feel so good and smooth. My hands almost slip and drop her. Out of the corner of my eye I see that I can no longer see Hank at all over in the hot tub and yet Maria is still in the position she was before I dove in. Although, the look on her face has changed, I can see that she is moving her hands between her legs and has spread them wider. She looks over at me and we make eye contact. You bite your lip as if you’re in excruciating ecstasy. Then you point down and motion as if to say that Hank is now licking your sweet pussy and you’re getting ready for a massive orgasm.

You shoot me a wink as I pull Kirsten against me and take us underwater. I press my lips against hers as her mouth opens and I blow bubbles into her mouth lightly as I slip my tongue to her. I bring us out of the water as our embrace continues. Kirsten moves her hand down to begin to stroke my rigid cock. I move to the side of the pool where I can take full advantage of the view of Kirsten who is about to suck my cock and you being pleased by the young and eager to please Hank. Just as I look at you move to the other side of the hot tub and Hank as he continues to devour your sweet pussy and I can have a full view of the play that is going on. You kiss his lips as you adjust and you taste your sweet juice and saliva that is mixed with the chlorine of the water in the Jacuzzi. “I’m going to suck your dick John,” Kirsten says….I like to suck nice cocks like yours and I’m so glad we’ve met. Does it turn you on to see your other lover being satisfied by mine,” she playfully asks. “Watch them as I gobble your sweet cock. I want to feel it pulsate as it enters my mouth,” and with that she completely swallows me to the point where she almost chokes lets out a guttural. “Uhmmm!” Then, Kirsten begins to bob her head up and down as my cock reaches into the back of her throat.

I now look over to you as Hank continues to work on your sweet pussy. I see his head move up and down the folds and you begin to play with one of your nipples. His finger now jams inside of you as he works your clitoris with his tongue. The muscles of the insides of your legs now start to shake uncontrollably as he continues to work your sweet clitty with extreme precision as he inserts a third and fourth finger into your hole. Kirsten is now bobbing her head up and down my cock, sliding it in and out. I strain my hips up to push myself deeper and deeper inside of her lovely mouth. The bottom of her tits slap against the water as she continues the rhythm. I play with one of the quarter-sized nipples that stand at full attention as it barely submerges in and out of the water matching the rhythm of her head. “Do you like this cock,” I ask her. She stops for a moment to look at me and say “Yes,” and goes right back to work. The slurping sounds arouse me even more as I glance at the moment I hear you scream from across the terrace.

“Ohhhh…fuck…..yes,” and explode into a wonderful orgasm against Hank’s face. “Fuck me Hank, I want that cock to fuck me. Will you fuck me,” you plead with him. “I want you to stick that cock in me and fuck me hard,” you command. “I want you and John to fuck me,” you say. “Let’s go over to John and Kirsten. I want John to stick his fat cock in my ass as you fuck my pussy,” you say in a husky voice, grabbing Hank by the hand and leading him over near Kirsten and me.

As I hear you say this…I explode immediately into Kirsten’s waiting mouth. Load after load of gooey gizm fly into her waiting mouth and splash across the back of her throat. I hold her head down so she gobbles all of it down. “Ahhhh, yes….that’s it…suck that cock dry Kirsten….let that sweet mouth of yours slurp every glob of my sweet seed,” I say to her as I finally release her head. She opens her mouth wide to show me that she got every drop and I kiss her and take her tongue into my mouth. You and Hank have now made your way over to us. “Come on,” you say as lay Hank down on a lounge chair near us. I help Kirsten out of the pool and we follow you over to the chair. Hank lies down so his legs are at the end of the chair and can touch the ground as you climb on top of him and insert his huge and thick cock in your pussy. You command Kirsten to sit on Hank’s face and she immediately goes over to straddle above his waiting tongue. You look at me and say, “Fuck my ass John! I want you both at the same time,” I begin to head towards this mess, realizing that everyone is now in position. “I look at Hank and ask, “You cool dude,” I say. “Cool man, just having a good time. Ummm look at this sweet pussy,” as he now devours Kirsten’s sweet cunt as you begin to rock up and down on his huge cock.

As Hank begins to pound away you steady yourself and position your hands to open your ass cheeks wide sticking one finger in your lovely brown hole to grant me easier access. I match the rhythm of the bucking that Hank has set and enter your ass fully with my hard pecker. As it invades you I grab your tits and squeeze them and play with the nipples. You reach for Kirsten and turn her head so your eyes now meet. Knowing from past experience that Hank is an excellent oral lover you say, “You’re a lucky woman,” and then lay a sweet kiss on her lips and then your tongues meet. You taste the saltiness from cum that still lingers and mixes with your saliva as your tongues explore each other’s mouths.

I continue to pound away at your back door and my eyes catch Kirsten’s as you both break off the kiss. Maria moves her hand to feel Kirsten’s sweet tits. Moving them underneath and then across the nipples as the wriggling of her hips against Hank’s face begins to speed and intensify. . “Yes, that’s it John and Hank are fucking the hell out of me. I’m a bad girl and I want you both to cum inside me. Please fill me up,” you plead into the night air.

The mess of bodies entangle as Kirsten turns to look me again. She bites her lip as our eyes lock on one another. She senses that she needs to let go of an amazing orgasm as it stirs from her inner most places and begins to buck her hips forcing Hank to suckle her clitty into his mouth and manages to say, “I’m gonna cum!” I speed my rhythm to match the pace that Kirsten as I turn your face and suck your tongue in my mouth. I feel the sperm welling up inside my ball sack as it slaps against your entrance as Hank continues to impale your cunt over and over again with his cock. I place my hands on the small of your back. “Oh shit, I’m cumming,” Hank spews. “That’s it, cum for me Hank….spill your seed inside me. John isn’t far behind,” you say as the welling up continues inside my cock. It is ready to explode on your command. You turn to look at me ad say, “Baby, this is a great gift. Ahhhh….yes, that’s it…cum boys…cum inside me.” Both of our bucking subsides at the same time as we plunge ourselves as far inside of you as possible and unload our creamy seed. Pulse after pulse of sticky hot pearl jam fill both your pussy and your ass at the same time. You grab your tits with your hands and smash them together and let go of your own orgasm and scream expletives into the night air as Kirsten follow suit with an amazing orgasm overcomes her as well.

“Oh shit, that was amazing,” You scream. “Fuck….I came so hard boys, that was so good.” As we both pull out of you. “That was a homerun Hank,” I say as I catch my breath. “Ummmm,” Kirsten says as she gets off of Hank’s face and walks towards me. I plant a kiss on her lips and bring her close to me. Hank pulls out of you as you walk closer to me and begin to kiss me as well. I can’t believe my luck as I kiss both of you feeling her sides as you gently begin to play with one another. “My you have the nicest round tits, Kirsten,” you say as you begin to pull her closer to you. The wetness of the sweat on your body mingles with hers as you gently tongue her lips and then passionately offer an open-mouthed kiss as I pull you together. Kirsten plays with the sides of your sweet breasts as I lean in to kiss both of you. I stick my tongue in-between you as someone grabs my semi-rigid cock causing it to spring to attention again. You both wiggle your tongues around mine as we start to laugh and prepare for what’s next in this amazing twist of fate that has brought us together.

“Mind if I get Kirsten all to myself, I don’t think she’s been fucked yet,” I look to you for approval as I mouth the words. “I’m so ready to have a cock stuffed inside of me, I’m so horny. Maria, how did you take both of these cocks inside you,” she says. “It was amazing! You must try it,” you say as you glance back to Hank who still has a raging hard-on.

“Kirsten,” I say as she turns towards me. “Let’s go inside and do a couple of shots of tequila,” I say as I take her hand, grab the bottle of Patron by the hot tub and head inside. We plop down on the couch and I pour a couple of shots and begin to kiss her. I feel her sweet young breasts and my hands begin to roam her supple body, soft in all the right places. I ache to taste her sweet shaven pussy as I place my hand over her box and begin to feel the gentle folds lightly. She takes my rock hard cock in her hand and begins to lightly rub it up and down. “Can we join you two. I so get off on watching others,” Hank states as he walks in the door with Maria riding piggy-back on Hanks broad shoulders and back. “Sure…the more the merrier,” Kirsten offers. “More shots for everyone,” I yell as I pour four more shots from the silver Patron bottle. “Here’s to new friends,” I say as I raise my glass. We clink them all together and shoot the tequila as quickly as possible.

“Hank,” you offer, why don’t you and I watch Kirsten and John and they can watch us,” you say looking anxiously at Hank. “I’ve got a better idea…just jump in whenever you want to. Let’s have fun…don’t worry about it! Heck, this is vacation,” I say. Just then Kirsten jumps at me and she lands atop me as I fall back on the couch. I kiss her and begin to angle her sweet hips so my cock can gain access to her waiting hole. “Oh yes John, I want you inside me right now,” Kirsten says, as Hank and Maria take a seat across from us. Maria plays with Hanks hard cock as she sits at his knees while giving it a nice long suck every now and then

I feel Kirsten’s ass and pull her hips down as my cock grazes across her sweet pussy lips as she positions it towards the opening and then pushes me inside of her. She moans wildly, “Yes, that’s it…that’s a good cock….ummmmm, I want all of it!” She begins to grind like there isn’t a tomorrow. I feel it slip in and out of her. Her tight pussy devours my cock as she flexes the walls pulling it deeper and deeper inside. She leans back to give me an incredible view of her chest. She plays with each of them in her hands and sucking the cherry-red nipples in her mouth. My hands move to touch them as she leans back then down and harder ramming me deeper inside. My hands move to massage Kirsten’s quads as they continue to work their magic. I lean back to get a view of my cock as it continues to impale her only to catch a glimpse of it as she raises up and down on it. Kirsten leans her hands back and places them on my knees and arching her back. Her sweet C cup tits sway and jut out to meet my hands as I gently pinch each nipple. I glance over to you and Hank on the couch to see that you’re now in a similar position as Kirsten and me as you straddle Hank’s member, only backwards so you can both view Kirsten and me fucking only a few feet away. You look at back at Hank and then to me as you match the rhythm of Kirsten with Hank and say, “Fuck yeah! That’s it my darling, fuck her good!”

I strain forward to give Kirsten a deep kiss. I turn her around and lay her on the couch. I pull her legs apart and rest them on my shoulders as she grabs my cock and guides it into her hole again. My hips jam forward in this new position. My cock enters Kirsten’s waiting and wet pussy again. My head slips past the tight little sphincter of her pussy and my cock extends deeply inside her. Kirsten lets out a deep moan as I slide all the way inside her deeper than when she was riding me earlier. The feeling begins to send shockwaves through her body. Like tiny little pins and needles gently poking her all over, she sighs and exhales rather loudly and says, “Ahhh, yes…so deep, fuck me! I grab her ankles and move them away from my stretching her legs and offering more of her pussy to me. I begin to buck against her plunging in and out of her sweet and tight pussy. The aroma of sex is overwhelming in the room. I look over to Maria and Hank as they continue who are both looking at me intently.

Hank is holding Maria’s tits in his hands as Maria has now slid her legs to the floor to gain more leverage and to take as much of Hank as possible inside her. I look back to Kirsten as she is looking over at Hank and Maria. Her tits gyrate back and forth across her petite frame as I continue pounding her harder and harder. She then grabs both tits, bites her lips and closes her eyes as her orgasm begins to build momentum. I see that she is close to cumming as I feel the cum begin to well and build inside my balls as they slap against Kirsten’s pussy. Seeing theat we’re both getting close to cumming. You leaps off of Hank and cross the room and begin to fondle with Kirsten’s breasts. You drop to the floor with one hand you play with her beautiful breasts and with the other steady yourself knowing that hank will be behind you at any second. You move to rub her clit as Hank then proceeds to mount you from behind. As your hand circles Kirsten’s sweet clit, you feel my cock pushing in and out ofher. You move your head to suckle on Kirsten’s left breast as Hank straddles over you and enters you from behind.

Fast and furiously you suck on Maria’s tit and play with her sweet little shaven pussy and clit.. “Oh yes,” you yell as Hank pounds in and out of you. “Kirsten, you are so sweet, I love tasting your sweet tits, you say as you continue to take Hank inch by inch, deeper and deeper inside of you,” “Ahhhh!!! Don’t stop” is all Kirsten manages to mutter as I continue to pound in and out of her. Just then, I stop my thrusts forward and pull out of Kirsten partially to extend my orgasm and partly to get another angle to enter her as I flip Kirsten around to her knees on the couch. I motion for Hank to do the same with you as you leap to the couch and both you and Kirsten sit side by side pointing your asses toward me and Hank. You and Kirsten kiss and swirl your tongues out of your mouths so that hank and I can see. Hank enters you and I follow suit with Kirsten as we both take you from behind. I quickly enter her sweet pussy as the play and kissing becomes more passionate between you and her. Hank pounds you harder and harder from behind as he slips his finger into your tight little asshole and begins to plunge it in and out of you. I play with Kirsten’s sweet tits and you kiss each other again. We both pound and pound our hard cocks inside both of you until I yell, “Switch!”

I quickly pull out of Kirsten and Hank out of you as I enter you and Hank enters Kirsten. You touch your clit and begin to rapidly rub it in a circling motion as I position my cock not to enter your pussy, but to plunge deep in your asshole. “Yes, that’s it….fuck me, fuck me hard,” you command. With that, I begin to pump as hard as possible. My throbbing cock in and out of you. I look at Hank and Kirsten as she gazes back at us seeing that I’m pounding harder and harder into your ass. You continue playing with your clit and I yell “I’m going to cum. “I want it in my mouth,” Kirsten yells at me. “Me too,” you say as I slip it out of you and you both turn to your backs and sit beside each other on the couch while Hank hangs back rubbing his hand up and down his cock to keep himself near explosion too.

Your arms touch at the sides as you kiss Maria and get as close to her as possible. I place one foot on the couch and one on the floor as I position my cock over your waiting mouths. You scoot down to get as close to my cock as possible as Kirsten says, “Shoot it inside my mouth!,” You follow suit and don’t say a ward awaiting the eruption of my cock. I few strokes of my hand around my cock and I can’t hold it any longer. Seeing two waiting mouths begging for my cum and begin to unload. I position my cock towards Kirsten as a long rope of cum gushes from the head and lands smack dab on her tongue and splashes across the side of Kirsten’s mouth. I then position to shoot a load towards you and I miss and it slaps against your cheek and nose. I then place my cock between you both and you lick the shaft as Kirsten now inhales the head and I let go of more gooey cum inside of her. She opens her mouth to tempt you to taste it as well. You willingly kiss her tongue first to taste her saliva and my sticky seed on her breath. You take some of the cum in your own mouth, show it to me and then swallow as does Kirsten.

You both then work on my cock again and suck every drop as Hank is nearing his orgasm as well. You both drop to sit on the floor as Hank moves over towards you both. He places his cock right at Kirsten’s waiting mouth, she opens it just in time to catch a blast of cum that seems like it had been shot out of a canon. You grab Hank’s cock in midstream as it still unloads and dribbles sticky cum on Kirsten’s tits and inhale it taking the last part of the load for yourself. Kirsten rubs the cum in on her tits and then begins licking her hands. I stand in awe as I see everyone in such ecstasy before me. You both then take turns sucking on Hank’s cock as I move over and slap Hank on th back and say, “Good teamwork buddy!”


2008-12-07 23:19:36
this was so difficult to understand who YOU were, it kept chaning

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2008-12-07 23:08:22
Okay, you have some weird combination of first and second person POV here, and it makes the story REALLY hard to follow, I'd suggest cleaning it up some, and sticking with one POV.

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2008-12-07 22:01:30
Kirsten, Maria and Maria??? Who's who here????

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Kirsten, Maria and Maria??? Who's who here????

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