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beautiful redhead has pussy stretched by black cock
Let me start this by first giving you some background. My wife owns a retail business and occasionally has to go to market in other cities. She's not a very worldy person and is a bit naive at times. She has not had a whole lot of sexual experiences in her life, we fooled around once with an older neighbor when we first got married, but that is the extent of her "wild" days. She is a very beautiful woman to me.

She is 30 years old and is 5'7 and 120lbs. She's a redhead with pale skin and freckles. Perky little bcup tits with perfectly formed nipples about the size a quarter. She has absolutely the most sexy pair of legs and my being a bit of a foot man, has gorgeous feet also. She occasionally shaves her pussy bald, but most of the time there is a little "landing strip".

Anyway, recently she had to fly to Los Angeles to go to market and I told her that while she was there I would give her a pass to have sex if she wanted to. Of course I really didn't think she'd take me up on that, but I thought it would give me plenty of hot images and fantasies to talk about when she got home. Her first night there, she called me and told me that she had actually met a guy and ended up having sex with him. This story is how she explained it to me, and I had to write it down before I forgot the details.

She said that she got into L.A. in the evening and after a full day of flying decided to go to her hotel and change and grab a bite to eat at the restaurant across from her hotel. She said that since no one there would know her she would wear a shorter skirt than usual to try and look "cosmopolitan". She had on heels that showed her toes and gave her beautiful legs an incredible shape. She wore a blouse that showed a little cleavage, but nothing too revealing. I'm sure she was gorgeous!! I wish I could have seen her.

During dinner an athletic looking black man got up from the bar and introduced himself as Patrick and asked her if he could sit down with her since she was eating alone. He was very dark skinned and also very muscular. About 6 foot 6 or so and very well dressed. She said he was a very handsome man, but she's not into black guys (she was raised in the deep south, so that is a thought that never crossed her mind)so she wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not.

He said, "look its obvious your not from here by your southern accent and I bet you could use some company to help you get acclimated around here." Sounded like a line to me, but she was lonely and he seemed to be very kind and trustworthy. So she asked him to sit and join her.

She said they ate dinner together and small talked about everything under the sun, from jobs to personal lives including her being married and him being divorced. She said the more she talked with him, the more at ease she became, or maybe it was the wine he kept ordering. She said that during the conversation he told her that he was a professional football player for the 49ers (an obvious bullshit line if you ask me). She believed him since he had to be around 6'5 or so and very solidly built with no fat at all.

All of a sudden he became very attractive to her!! She told me that she thought back to the conversation we had had before we left and she decided this might be her only chance in her life to have sex with someone "rich and famous" and that she had never been with a black man or a man so large before.

After dinner she asked him if he would walk her back to her room because she was unsure of the area she was in and would feel safer if he would accompany her. She told him, "I'm a little tipsy from the wine, would you put your arm around me to help steady me?"

Patrick smiled and put his arm around her and said, "I'd be glad to walk you to your room." She said they chatted the entire way to her room and she opened the door and turned and told him goodnight and leaned out to give him a small kiss on the lips. Patrick leaned in and put his muscular arms around my wife and kissed her very passionately. They eased into the room and closed the door behind them.

After kissing for awhile Patrick leaned in and began nibbling on her ear and whispered, "You are such a gorgeous woman,can I ask you a favor? I've never seen a white woman naked before, would you mind taking your clothes off for me?" She was stunned at his boldness, but very turned on so she backed up and flipped on a light so he could get a better view and pulled her shirt off.

"Would you mind getting the clasp of my bra so I can take it off?" He eased up to her and she turned around, he then reached up and undid the clasp of her bra. As the bra slid to the floor he reached around her and softley squeezed her tits and sensously pinched her nipples. She turned around and he took both of her tits in each hand and began to lick her nipples, flicking his tongue over the sensitive tip. She then sat on the bed and began taking her heels off and as she did she he gave soft kisses and licks to her toes and her ankles and caressed her sexy calves and thighs. The entire time he ran his hands over her smooth and sexy legs paying particular attention to her trembling thighs.

She laid back on the bed and said, "do you think you could take this skirt off for me ?" He reached up and grabbed a handfull of her skirt and panties and started easing them off. Now I had told her to get a Brazillian wax the morning she left, so I know her pussy was as smooth silk. He eased her skirt and panties off and then stood up and backed up to get a better look at her.

"You are so hot, thats the most beautiful sight I've ever seen!" "I wonder if you would do me another favor?" At this point she would have done anything. This enormous handsome black man staring at her naked body had her pussy really starting to get wet. She said nothing, but just smiled back at him with a very sexy look that assured him that she would do anything he asked.

"Would you spread you legs as wide as you can and open your pussy for me?" Now this is incredibly hot to me, because we have a child together and when she opens her pussy her little fuck hole gapes open about the size of a nickle. She laid back and lifted her knees up and spread her legs as wide as she could get them. "Oh my god thats hot! Would it be ok with you if I got my digital camera and snapped a few shots?" Surely she would say no!

"Yes", she replied breathing harder. He got his camera out and got close to her cunt and began snapping shots. "Look at that sexy little hole! I want you to finger fuck your pussy for me!" She reached down and began to slowly finger her gaping cunt, occasionally she would bring her finger to her mouth and lick her sex juices off her finger. The whole time he was snapping pictures. She began using two fingers and stretching her fuck hole for him to give him the best show of his life.

He reached over and started fingering her pussy while she held her pussy lips wide open for him. She told me that she looked down so she could she this black man's fingers disappearing into her pale pink cunt. "Would you mind sticking one finger in your pussy and one in your asshole for me? If thats too much I understand." She licked her fingers and slowly began sliding her middle finger into her tight little asshole while pushing her index finger into her cunt. He snapped a few shots of that then he got up and started taking his clothes off.

"Don't take your fingers out of that pussy!", he told her. She said when he got his clothes off she realized how dark he was and how sexy his body was. Then she saw his cock! The biggest cock she'd ever seen before, had to be 10 inches she estimated. He picked up her legs and held her feet up and began sucking her toes and licking the soles of her feet. Then he opened her legs and started licking his way down until his tongue touched her aching clit. She put one hand on the back of his head and played with her nipples with the other.

She said she wasn't sure how long he ate her out because she was in such a state of bliss that it seemed like he was between her milky thighs for an hour. Licking her slit up to her clit. Licking her asshole. Burying his tongue into her hot white fuckhole. She told him she was about cum, so he stopped and repositioned himself with his dick close to her mouth.

"Your gonna need to suck my cock and get it wet before I fuck you so I can get it all in you easier." She rolled over and licked the head of his cock, licking the precum off his head and swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. She slowly starting parting her lips and eased his ebony shaft into her pale white mouth. She said she got about half in and started bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. "Oh suck that cock baby!! You know that little pussy of yours needs this black cock!"

She pulled her head off his massive cock and laid back and spread her legs wide open and began rubbing her clit and told him, "Please fuck me!! I need to feel that cock in my pretty little pussy!" With that he eased between her legs and placed the head of his ebony cock to the gaping hole of my very horny and sexy wife. He ran the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit covering her pussy in precum from her hole to her clit. He then began to slide his cock in. When the head of his cock penetrated her cunt, she opened her mouth and threw her head back and let out a low gasp. As soon as he got his dark manhood half way in he reached over and grabbed his camera and snapped a picture.

She moaned deeply and bit her lower lip as his cock stretched her fuck hole wider than it had been stretched before. Once he got it all the way in he said he was going to give her a minute to get used to it, and he began licking the sweat that had formed between her tits. He had one hand squeezing one of her tits and the other between her asscheeks running his finger over her asshole while he was licking her other nipple.

He started pumping his cock in and out of her cunt. She said she could feel his big heavy balls slapping against her asshole. Picking up the tempo as he thrusted his cock into her married pussy! "Oh my god I love that black cock!! Fuck your little white slut hard!!! I need to feel every inch of that hard black cock!!" Wow where did that come from? I'd never heard her say things like that before! She grabbed his muscular ass and squeezed and said, "Oh my God your fucking my pussy so good! Mmmmm, I love feeling that hard black cock stretching my little white hole."

Her talking like this seemed to really turn him on and he really began to pound her pussy and give her the fuck of her life. He leaned back and raised her legs up over his shoulders to give himself a better view of his cock penetrating my wifes cunt. She reached down and started rubbing her clit as he held onto her thighs to give himself better leverage.

"Oh yes fuck me hard. Look at that big cock going in and out of my wet cunt! Punish that bad pussy!" She occasionally could talk very dirty. It is one of her biggest turn ons. I'm sure Patrick had no complaints!

"When I cum, I'm going to cum on your beautiful face." He said as he eased back down on her, spreading her legs as wide as he could.

"Yes baby shoot that cum out of that gorgeous cock" He sucked his middle finger, then reached his hand around behind her and slipped his hand between her soft asschecks. His finger rubbed her tight asshole in a circular motion. He then slowly started easing his finger into her asshole. She squeeled loudly as he began to finger fuck her asshole while his cock was piercing her pale pink cunt.

They fucked for a while longer and when he was ready to cum he pulled out of her and straddled her chest. "I need to taste your cum!!" She opened her mouth and he shot about two loads into her mouth and the other five shots covered her beautiful face.

"I'm going to take a couple of more pictures." He grabbed his camera and shot about two shots of her cum covered face with his cock laying on her chin. He scooped up some of his cum into the palm of his hand, then he moved down between her legs and pushed his cum into her pussy that was by now open to the size of a silver dollar. He milked his cock for a few drops of cum into her gaping pussy and asked her to spread her pussy lips. He shot a couple shots like that as his cum dribbled out of her stretched and tired pussy.

He then buried his cock in her cunt again until his balls were pressing against her pink asshole and she began to rub her clit furiously. As she was concentrating on her pleasure, he wiped the rest of his cum off her face with his hand and rubbed it all over her pale tits. She began to spasm as the waves of her orgasm swept through her body, squeezing the hard black cock that was still in her fuck tunnel.

After she had cum he pulled his cock out of her and carried her to the shower. She said they cleaned each other up and while in the shower she gave him another blow job which quickly led to his monster cock filling my wife's pussy once again. As he was getting dressed he smiled and gave her a flirty wink and told her, "I'll pick you up tomorrow and show you around." "See you for late breakfast at the restuarant I met you at around 9 in the morning."

She told me that he was a complete gentleman while she was there and that they fucked like teenagers every chance they got. She said she's got some great stories to share with me and I can't wait unit the mood strikes! But I can't help thinking, what a naive little slut she was!!

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wish i could get my wife to fuck a big black and then ask for more more more would love to see her sweet tender lips wrapped around his cock and her cheeks full of it sucking crazy then forces her lilly white tongue into his ass sucking once again

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suzy rox; i keep my little white cunt shaved bald. i was in New Orleans for i conf. one year and noticed i sexy white girl that had 2 big muscular all over her. it looked so erotic; i decided then and there i was going to have a big black dick in my sweet white pussy before i went home to my redneck hubby. well; he wasn't touched this shaved cunt sense then. only big black cocks for me!!

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I'm Patrick and I don't fuck little titted redheads.


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Awesome story!! I would love to see that black dick in my cunt I fingered myself to three orgasms just reading this hot letter.

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Patrick Willis is only 6'1" dipshit

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