Part 2 of Chocolate Fun! yea the first part was bad, but i think i did better on the second one. please read both and tell me if i did better
Part 2. Sorry everybody that read part 1 and thought it was shitty. I took people’s advice and I think this one is going to be better.

Maurice shouts out at Monique
“What are you doing you dumb bitch!”

“I’m tanning you moron!” Monique shouts back at him.

“Why don’t you have your clothes on?” Asks Maurice.

She replies with “I’m trying to get rid of my tan lines.”

“Whatever bitch!” he says back.

Chris comes up from the water, he has a puzzled look on his face. He asks “ Do you and your husband not get along Monique?”

“No” says Monique “ He cheated on me with a white girl! We have been married 12 years now, and I still can’t get over it. We are going through a tough time right now. We are always shouting at each other, and there is barely any sex anymore, and if there is then it’s just me sucking him off or just giving him pleasure then he falls asleep with me unsatisfied. I have to rub my clit myself in the dark before I can go asleep.”

“Well then, maybe I can help you get pleasure. Call me anytime you want” says Chris while he hands Monique his number. “Well I have to go now, call me soon. Bye Monique.”

“Bye Chris” says Monique with a frown on her face.

Chris walks off towards his house when his friend Mike calls.

“Hey Mike, what’s up?” Chris asks

“Nothing really dude. Are you ready to go to the mall?”

“Yea, come pick me up on Washington road. I’ll be waiting there.”

“Ok, I’m on my way. Be there in a minute.” says Mike before he hangs up.

Chris stands there on Washington road waiting for Mike, when all of a sudden Monique stops right in from of him in her car. “Hey there Chris, I really loved your company today. I’d love it if you came back tomorrow and we could do it again.

“OF COURSE!!” says Chris “So I’ll see you tomorrow then Monique.”

“Perfect, see you tomorrow Chris.”

Mike pulls up right as Monique leaves. Once Chris is in the car he says “Dude, who was that in the car?”

“Oh, that was Monique. I was walking to the gas station to get some food and I saw her in her backyard swimming! She was so hot so I went into her pool and started licking her pussy. SHE LOVED IT! She wants me to go over to her house again tomorrow so we can have some more fun.” Chris tells Mike.

“…. Are you serious?!?! I really hate you did you know that?” Mike says jokingly.

“Haha yea, you have actually. Lets go to the mall.” Replies Chris.
Chris and Mike arrive at the mall and it’s crawling with some hot girls.

“Dude dude, look over there! Blonde with pink shirt.” Chris points out.

“ DAMMMNN! She’s hot! Think I have a chance with her?” Asks Mike.

“Maybe, and look at her friend, I’d like a piece of that! Lets go talk to them.”

The guys walk across the food court to talk to these girls.

“Hey there, I’m Chris and this is my friend Mike” “Hey there” chimes in Mike. “ We saw you and we thought that you two would be cool to hang out with, and we were wondering if you wanted to see a movie with us.” Chris tells them.

The two girls turn around and start whispering to each other. Mikes sees the smiles on their faces and he knows that they will say yes. “Alright, it sounds like fun.” says the blonde girl, “Oh by the way I’m Ashley and this is my friend Christine.”

The groups walks over to the movie theater with Chris walking with Christine and talking and laughing, while Mike walks with Ashley. They get to the movie theater, and Chris and Mike both buy two tickets each and both give one to Ashley and Christine.

“Do you ladies want some food or a drink?” asks Chris.

“I think we could all split a popcorn, don’t you think?” explains Christine. “Yea that will be good” Ashley adds, “Sounds good to me” says Mike.

“Ok then. Can we have one large popcorn please?” Chris tells the theater worker. He hands Chris the popcorn and they all walk into the screening.

“Where do you want to sit?” asks Mike.

“Lets go sit in the back corner” says Ashley while laughing with Christine. They rush up there and sit in the corner, leaving space in between them so Chris can sit next to Christine and Mike can sit next to Ashley.

The movie starts and Chris slowly puts his arm around Christine, and he sees her smiling so he fully lies his arm around her. Mike sees Chris doing that and he knows he needs to put a move on Ashley so he slowly sneaks his hand underneath Ashley’s hand and holds it, she seems fine with it.

The movie goes on and Chris sees a little disappointment on Christine’s face so he takes it to a new level, he slowly pulls her closer to him and when she looks at him, he kisses her right on the lips. They pull away, her eyes glistening and they start making out. Mike also starts making out with Ashley, and they continue doing this until the movie ends. They walk outside and they say their byes, but not until the girls give Chris and Mike a little piece of paper that says “Call me 846-5942. Can’t wait to hear from you. XOXO”

Chris and Mike gets in Mike’s car and they just sit there. “Wow this has be a best day ever” says Chris.

“Yea. When are you gonna call Christine?” asks Mike.

“Um probably after I’m done fucking Monique.” Explains Chris. “But I have go get home now so can you drop me off at my house?” “Sure”

Once Chris walks into his house, he hears his mother pounding the floor from upstairs and hears her walking down the steps towards him. Once she sees him she shouts “Where have you been? I thought you would be home 3 hours ago? And where’s the milk I told you to bring home? You better have a good explaination for this young man!”

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Make it sexier I'm trying to jackoff

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Make it sexier I'm trying to jackoff

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i think it a good story could be a little better but its good don't listen to those bitch that rag on u read some of fbaily's stories to get some more i deas


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Are you having anyone read these before you submit? A second opinion might save you from the slamming you are getting in comments. Better than the first, but still a disappointment.

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