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A steamy chance encounter when I was in college.
I’ve always wanted to share this story, but was never quite sure how or where to do it. It happened many years ago at an upscale restaurant I was working at as a waitress while going to college. I was 19 then and really just coming into my own sexually. I played three different sports in highschool, but with the demands of a job and school work I couldn’t find the time for it in college. Luckily my parents were well off and my gym membership never lapsed which I made time for on a regular basis. My parents thought it would be a nice graduation present for me to get breast implants. Although I’m sure that my begging and nagging for months had a little something to do with it as well. So, now at 19 my full D cup tits made me complete. Standing at 5'7 and just a smidgen over 115 lbs, my long blonde hair reached just past my shoulders and complimented my sky blue eyes. A couple of trips to the tanning bed a week completed my look with a nice even tan.

Business was slow since it was 10 p.m. on a Friday night and we closed at 11 p.m. My section was empty and Sandy was next up on the seating chart anyway. I wanted to be ready to go as soon as I was cut so I walked over to Lindy the manager.

“Hey Lindy, I’m gonna go put my left over lunch and apron in my car. You think it would be OK if I took my break early? I asked.

“Were pretty dead and I don’t think we’ll be getting anybody else tonight. Sandy’s up on the seating chart anyway so go ahead Rachel and take your break.” She replied.

“Thanks.” I said as I started towards the back door.

I walked out to my car and put my to go box and apron in the passenger seat. I sent a text message to my boyfriend, letting him know I would be at his house a little after 11 p.m., as I walked back into the restaurant. I was horny as hell and my pussy had been throbbing all day, so I wanted to make sure he would be awake and ready to go when I got there.

I walked through the kitchen and came out into the restaurant noticing that four middle aged men had just walked. There were all wearing business suits and they had probably just come from a meeting for a late dinner.

I was watching Lindy greet them and grab some menus when an idea flashed through my mind. I quickly scanned around the rest of the restaurant to see who else was about. Sandy must have been in the bathroom since I didn’t see anyone. I knew if I was going to act on my idea I had to make a decision quickly.

As quietly and as quickly as I could I made my way to a large round table at the back of Sandy’s section. All of the tables in the restaurant had white table cloths draped over them that touched the floor and I lifted the one on the round table and darted underneath. I knew I had a pretty good chance that Lindy would seat the business men there since it was Sandy’s preferred when available. Lindy didn’t know, as everyone else did, it was because she messed up a lot. Sandy usually dropped at least one item for any given meal.

I heard the chairs around the table jostle and I knew my hunch had paid off.

“Here are your menus gentleman, our special tonight is blackened Salmon and your server will be right with you.” Lindy said.

Lindy departed to a chorus of thank you’s and four sets of legs began to appear around me under the table cloth. I felt the butterflies in my stomach well up as I looked around at each man’s crotch. My pussy was aching more than ever as I thought of what lay behind those business trousers. I knew I had to wait for the right moment though. I could hear the men discussing charts and percentages as Sandy walked up.

“Good evening gentlemen. My name’s Sandy and I’ll be your server. Our special tonight is blackened Salmon, what can I get you to drink?” Sandy asked.

I could hear the men make their way around the table ordering mixed drinks. They must have been here before since they all ordered their entree straight away, much to my relief. The waiting was killing me as I felt my pussy start to soak my panties the more I thought about what I was about to do. I few minutes passed and Sandy came back to the table.

“Here are your drinks gentlemen, can I get you anything else while you wait for your entrees?” Sandy asked.

“No, I think we’re good for now.” One of them men said.

“OK, I’ll be back with your entrees as soon as they’re ready.”

I could feel my heart race as Sandy walked away. The moment was upon me to put my plan into action. I glanced around at the four crotches deciding which one I should go for first. I quickly decided to go with the one doing the least amount of talking, thinking this would be my best bet not to alert anyone to my presence.

I slowly crawled over to the legs covered in a grey pinstripe and positioned myself on my knees. His legs were spread wide and I could tell he was relaxed back in his seat listening to the other men speak. I slowly extended my arm until my hand made contact with the slight bulge in his pants. He twitched and his legs jerked a bit at my touch. My heart leapt into my throat as I waited for him to jump up or scream. To my surprise, he relaxed a bit and spread his legs a little wider. I slowly started to rub the growing bulge while I reached for his zipper with my other hand. I tugged the zipper down as I continued to rub his cock to full erection. I reached inside and fished around in his boxers finally freeing his cock. It had grown to 7 inches now and had a thick, spongy head. I licked one of my hand and began stroking it slow and hard. I used my free hand to undo my white blouse and lift my bra, my tits giggling as they fell out. I leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock. I swirled my tongue all around the head for few seconds before parting my lips and taking as much of it in my mouth as I could.

With my left hand I squeezed my tits and rubbed my rock hard nipples as I pumped the shaft of his cock with my right hand, meeting my downward strokes with my mouth. The cock in my mouth twitched and I felt the first spurt of hot cum shoot against the roof of my mouth. I paused at the tip of his cock, sucking greedily as the second and third shots of cum exploded in my mouth. I swallowed eagerly as the salty liquid trickled down my throat on its way to my tummy.

Slowly the cock started to shrink and I gave it a parting kiss as I tucked it back into it’s home and zipped him up. My panties were completely soaked, I was more horny than worried about being discovered as I looked around for the next in line. I spied a pair of black slacks next to the man I had just sucked off and slowly crept over in between his legs. I started my little dance over again, extending my hand to test the waters. The legs in the slacks jumped a bit as I made contact with my prize. I started off rubbing faster this time as I was craving more sperm. I kept rubbing his growing dick as I unzipped him. This one wasn’t as long as the first one, but it was much thicker. Again I pressed my tongue against the tip and began swirling it around the bulging head. I used my free hand to undo my pants and slide into my panties to rub my swollen clit.

“Oh fuck ya.” I whispered softly as I took the entire length of the shaft in my mouth.

The girth of the cock filled and stretched my mouth as I began my bobbing rhythm. I flicked my clit faster and faster as I stroked and sucked the thick piece of meat vigorously. Just as I felt my orgasm about to unleash it’s power the first jet of jizz erupted in my mouth.

“MMMPFFF ” Was all I could get out with the spurting cock in my mouth as my orgasm washed over me.

I quickly sucked down the second and third shots of sperm still feeling the glow of my own pussy contractions. I simply left this cock to it’s own devices, as I was a raving mad woman for cock and cum at this point, and scooted over to the next set of legs.

I noticed that this man was sitting right next to his associate. I quickly eyed the distance between them and knew I could do it easily. I figured I would go for it since they were the last two and so far everything was going splendidly. Besides, I was still horny as hell I positioned myself again on me knees with equal distance to both crotches. At this point I reached for their bulges much more quickly than the other two. By the time their legs had stopped jerking from the initial reaction of my touch I already had their zippers down and stroking their cocks.

The cock in my right hand was the biggest I had ever seen It must have been 10 or 11 inches The one in my left hand was no slouch though, measuring at least a good 7 to 8 inches and uncut I started alternating sucking each toll in turn, but quickly found myself concentrating on the uncut dick. The monster cock was nice, but I never had an uncut one before and I was loving the extra foreskin.

I continued stroking the huge rod while sucking and jerking the other one when I heard Sandy approach the table.

“Here are your entrees gentlemen. Is there anything else I can get you?” She asked.

“Th-thank you. N-no, were good.” I heard the man with his cock being milked in my mouth stammer.

Sandy left and I continued with my labors. I was stroking the fire hose in my right hand so hard that my tits were giggling back and forth with each tug. I felt him shift in his seat to face me better as I sucked as hard as I could on the uncut cock. I felt the cock in my right hand convulse and a long spurt of hot cum splashed on my swaying tits quickly followed by another and another. When the fourth stream slathered my jugs, the cock in my mouth tensed and exploded in my mouth. There was almost no time in between shots, as spurt after spurt of warm salty cum filled my mouth. There was so much I couldn’t swallow fast enough and it started to leak out the corner of my mouth. I had to pull off to keep from drowning and when I did two more successive salvos splashed across my lips and cheek.

“Uuhhh, ahhhh, mmmm.” I purred as I was being covered in the hot sticky fluid.

I teased the last few drops out of each cock and rubbed the cum all over my face and tits like I was putting on lotion. While I sat there having my little bath and rubbing my tummy where all that sperm was churning around, the men’s hands reached under the table and put their cocks away.

As I finished buttoning myself back up, the men all got up and remarked about how that was the best meal they ever had as they walked towards the door. When I was sure they were gone, I popped out from my hiding spot and glanced around. Sandy must have still been in the back as no one was around. I noticed three on-hundred dollar bills siting next to the check. Their whole meal had only come to a hundred dollars.

“Fuck that ” I said as I grabbed the extra two hundred and stuffed it in my pocket.

I looked at my watch.

“11:30 Shit ” I said as I knew my boyfriend was waiting.

I scurried towards the kitchen passing sandy on the way through he back.

“Have a good night Sandy, hope you they left you a good tip.” I chuckled as I flew out the back and got in my car.

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2008-11-03 15:20:50
I'd like to hear about her adventures next time...Maybe she should follow a group of men into the bathroom and get gangbanged or walk up on her manager with the lights off and go to town on him...I love the idea of not seeing who see's sucking off...very hot

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