Part Fantasy/Part True Story
Part I
I knocked at his door, nervous and excited—after fantasizing about such a moment for so long, after finding someone on the internet and exchanging e-mails and arranging to meet, here I was. He opened the door. "Dan," I asked. He nodded and let me in. He led me to the couch and had a seat. I joined him, feeling awkward and timid, unsure what to do or say. We chit-chatted briefly, while I kept glancing at his crotch, wondering what this was going to be like. He caught me staring and I blushed. “Are you ready to suck my cock” he asked as he leaned back and spread his legs a bit. I nodded yes and got down on my knees in front of him.
I undid his belt and then his fly, pulling down his pants. I could see his cock outlined by his boxer briefs, languid and long. I pulled down his briefs and there he was, so much bigger then I imagined it could be. I put my hand around it, his skin like velvet as I slid it up his shaft. I could feel him stiffening, his cock filling my hand. He was so big around I could barely fit my hands fully around him and he looked to be at least eight inches long. I lowered my head to him and took the head into my mouth. He was salty, a bit sweet too, a very masculine muskiness as I moved my tongue around him. He moaned as I began to suck his cock.

I was so excited, bobbing my head up and down on this magnificent cock, feeling the power of him and the power I had over him. His cock pushed against my throat and then deeper and I gagged—I have a strong gag reflex and don’t know how to deep throat at all, even though I wanted all of him it was just to much. I wrapped my hand back around his cock there, creating a buffer to ensure I didn’t get him too deep. I had sucked a few (so very few) cocks before, but I really am not very experienced, just enthusiastic.

I was overwhelmed, the whole world become just his cock and my mouth, I lost awareness of everything else. Licking, sucking, stroking him. He moaned and I moaned, encouraging him, wanting him, needing him. "That's it," he began to say, "suck it, take that cock, you like that, don't you, you want it, yeah work that cock, oh yeah, like that, like that, that's it." His throbbing cock was pulsing in my mouth, rigid and strong and I so wanted to make it explode, to get him to orgasm, to earn my reward of cum and sex. I could feel his pleasure building, his need getting closer. His hands grabbed my head, encouraging me, holding me. "Keep it up, don't stop, don't fucking stop, I'm gonna cum, that's it, oh yeah, come on, take it, take it all, OH YES!" Suddenly my mouth was flooded with salty, pungent cum. His body tensed, his hands clutched me close and tight, his cock pulsing as he shot jets of cum, coating my tongue with sticky spurts. There was so much it spilled over my lips even though I was swallowing big gulps. I was in heaven, I never wanted it to end, this was the reward I had been craving for doing a good job sucking his cock. Sadly, slowly, his orgasm subsided, his cock began to go limp, the stream of cum came to an end. HIs hand patted my shoulder in relaxed, fulfilled appreciation. I felt so good about how good I had made him feel, so sexy and excited, but not sated. I still wanted more. But my lunch break was nearly over, I had to get back to work soon.

Part II
I continue to see him occasionally on my lunch breaks; making quick visits to his place to suck his cock. I was obsessed about him, I constantly craved his cock, I went about in a state of perpetual arousal, thinking, dreaming of sucking him and drinking his cum. I work a lot and just finding a lunch break where we could hook up was too rare, I always wanted more.

I am at his place, this time he is in a recliner, I'm in my usual position on my knees, giving him a blowjob. His cock is hard in my mouth and his hands are rubbing my shoulders. He starts to tug at my shirt, and I help him take it off me. He goes back to rubbing my shoulders and chest while I bob my head up and down, up and down on his massive member. It's taking longer than usual to get him off and my mouth is getting sore. He asks me to take off my pants. This is something new, but the chance to rest my jaw is welcome at this point. His cock is covered in my slobber as I withdraw. I take off my pants and he asks me to turn around, he wants to look at me while he jerks himself off. I am lying on my belly as I feel his hands tug on my briefs, pulling them down. "You look nice, show me that ass," he says. I feel vulnerable and exposed, lying there naked while he strokes his cock over me, but so turned on too. I feel a need for him in me, and I move my hips, grinding my ass against an imaginary cock. "You look so good, your ass looks so nice," he tells me, "I want to fuck you." I don't know what to say: I'm so turned on, but the thought of his mammoth cock trying to enter me is frightening--I've never managed to get him into my throat, how could I ever take him in my ass? I just moan, enjoying the moment, enjoying being watched, enjoying the thought of his cock there behind me. "Can I fuck you? Is it alright," he asks. "No," I reply--both desire and fear bringing a tremor to my voice. "You're too big," I object.

He keeps stroking his cock, I keep slowly moving my hips, giving him a show. I keep thinking about feeling his cock him, the idea of being fucked is making me so hard. I'm glad he can't see my cock right now. "You look like you want it." Can he tell how hard I am, or is he talking about the way I'm moving and moaning? "You'll enjoy it, I'll make you feel good." Oh yes, please, please, his cock is so good. "No, I can't. I've never had that. No," is all I can say back instead. Quietly he keeps stroking his cock, I hear the sound of his skin sliding, and I think about how his cock looks, how it feels in my hands, in my mouth, how it tastes. One hand of his strokes my hip and I respond, pushing back into his hand, encouraging him with a sigh. He rubs my hips, my cheeks, my thighs; his hand leaving an electric trail along my skin. I keep writhing for him, lost in the moment. He shifts his body as he keeps rubbing me and then I feel his cock sliding against my ass. His cock head hits my crack and slides up and down. It is all wet and slippery and feels good sliding between my cheeks. I grind on his cock while his hands grab my hips: strong, commanding firm, they hold me in place, keeping me still. Then he's pressing it against me, his cock pushing against my asshole. Oh my god, it can't be. He's pushing it into me. Oh yes! YES! It's so big and insistent. "That's it, nice and easy. It'll be good, you're going to like my cock," he says, a soothing tone in his voice. I can only groan in response, but my body is responding for me: I want this so bad now, I want him to fuck me like I have never wanted anything. His cock is definitely sliding into me, I can feel it pushing now, at least a couple of inches. I feel stretched and stuffed, I cannot believe how huge he feels, but he keeps pushing still more into me. "Ugnh" I grunt, breathing hard.

He forces his cock into me as far as he can. I was right, it hurts. The feeling is so intense, way beyond anything I've ever felt before. But I'm liking it, feeling his cock, knowing how good I'm making it feel, knowing that I've totally given my body to his pleasure excites me. Despite the pain, oh the pain of him in me is almost unbearable, but the thrill is just as great.

Slowly he moves out, nearly all the way out, then slowly sliding back in. His cock begins to pump my ass, pushing just a little deeper each time. I'm breathing heavy, grunting with his movements. His hands begin to move my hips, pushing me away then pulling me back. He fucks me and though at first he was gentle and easy, I can tell the pleasure it taking over him. He is lost in his need, fucking me harder and harder, now pushing deeper and deeper into me. His body pounds mine, fucking me to the hilt, his shaft buried in my ass. And then his grunts and groans get louder, his body spasm, his cock pulses in my sore, throbbing ass. I move, fucking myself on his cock, riding his orgasm, milking him with all possible effort. He collapses on me, his body pressing down, his cock softening inside my ass. I feel sore and abused, but warm too. I feel such a sexual thrill thinking of what just happened, of how great it is that I gave that to him.

Part III
I still see him far too rarely. I'm his fuck-toy, sucking and fucking whenever I can. When he wants to reward me I get to suck him and have him cum in my mouth. When he wants to use me he fucks me good and hard. I'm very happy with this arrangement. I jerk off every night thinking about our times together. It's been several weeks since out last meeting and I'm bursting with excitement when I arrive at his place. What's going to happen today? I need his cock so much.

When he leads me into his living room I'm surprised to find two other men there. "Oh, is this, um, a bad time," I ask. "No, no" he says behind me, "I asked Tom and John here. I had something to share with them." "Really, what's that?" He replies as he puts his arm around my shoulders: "you". :"Uh, what? What do you mean," I stammer. "I want to watch as you take care of them. Suck their cocks for me. If you do a good job then I'll give you your reward." I can't believe this. He never warned me, never suggested or discussed this. Just wham, surprise, hey, here's two more guys, I want you to suck their cocks! I should be offended, I should be frightened, I should be outraged. But he whispers in my ear: "I know you always want more cock, I know how you never can get enough. I really want to watch you, it'll turn me on so much. Please, I know you want to. Go suck their cocks for me."

"Ok, well, uhh, have a seat guys," I offer, beckoning to the couch. "I don't have much time, so if you could..." They both undo their pants as they take a seat on the couch. I get on the floor in front of them. Tom is bold and shows his cock to me. I reach out, tentatively and touch it. It's a much more average looking cock: a very nice size probably, definitely not too small, but not intimidating either. Seeing his cock really gets to me: I want to suck it so badly as I look at it. I open my mouth, my tongue tracing my lips as I stroke him, making him hard already. "That's it, that's a sexy cock," I say as I move to take it into my mouth. I reach over to John and stroke his cock while sucking Tom's. His cock is much thicker, a little shorter too, a stout five inches or so. After a few minutes I switch, sucking John and stroking Tom. The differences in their cocks, in their taste is fascinating. I'm curious about how their cum will taste, I want to find out.

Dan comes up behind me, rubbing my back while sitting on the floor next to me. He's naked, I barely catch out of the corner of my eye. "Why don't we all get comfortable," he suggests. Tom and John stand up and begin to undress. Dan helps me take off my clothes too. They stay standing as I turn to go back to sucking them. I keep alternating between sucking one while stroking the other, all as Dan watches, his cock so hard and huge the entire time. Tom's cock is starting to pulse in my mouth, and he tells me he's about to cum. Dan and John both talk dirty, telling me to suck that cock, to take that cum as Tom shoots his load. It must have been a very long time for him since he last came, I think, because there's so much of it, an eruption of cum like I've never experienced before. I swallow as fast as I can, his load so thick and unending. Then John is groaning and starts to shoot. Quickly I turn as the first shot hits my cheek. I open wide in time for the second spurt to hit me square on the tongue and get him into my mouth for two more squirts. Such nectar, getting to have so much cum at one time. And then Dan grabs my head, twisting me around to him. "Take it now," he demands and I open my mouth and just as his cock gets there he's cumming, the biggest load he's ever shot. I can't even nearly keep up with it, it floods my mouth, pours down my throat, runs out and coats my chin. My face is covered with sticky cum, my belly is full of their cum--all three men satisfied by me, by my mouth.

I meet with Dan, Tom and John regularly. Often all three, sometimes just one of them. The best times are when we can meet on the (far too rare) Saturday. Those long afternoons are spent with me taking turns sucking and fucking, each resting while another has his way with me. Those days are my favorite, when I've been thoroughly fucked and filled with cum by the group of them; finally sated at last. Until the next time.

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I love this story, I also suck cocks the sdame way, I am a cum lover, I love to keep the sweet cum in my mouth and let it slowly go down my throat.

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great story. really great


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Good story, turned me on and made me so hard. Keep sucking and fucking, have the best of live. Please right more


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Superhot!!! great. I really came.


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Fabulous!!! very well written. Nice eroticism. You made me very hot-made my cock throb. I've always wanted to experience sucking and getting my ass fucked gently but hard like that. I want to be such a fuck toy! Thanks.

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