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Audrey comes for a Massage
Spreading Seeds

Chapter 9 Audrey in the Baths

I had been in Burney almost three months now and had settled into a routine. There are some routines that are dull and boring, but mine wasn’t. I would get off duty and go to dinner, go to my room in the Kiva and put on my robe and shave, and then I’d go to the Bathes. Most nights I’d just sit on the pedestal and talk to the women as they socialized with each other, some nights I’d have a woman take me into an alcove for an insemination. It depended if I was on duty or not, most nights I’d just talk and fondle a few as they wouldn’t be on the schedule or would be on the rag.

Tonight was different however; tonight I was going to start my business. I had gotten Maria Bitterwater to build me a shampoo chair and a massage table. I got the Village Council to agree to lease me one of the Alcoves and let me set up my shampoo chair on the duck boards off to one side of the bathing area. I went over to the baths that night kind of excited.

I got into the baths while there were a number of women and girls bathing. In the early hours after dinner was when the women washed their kids and tonight was no exception. I found a couple of girls about 12 or 14 sitting on my chair and playing with it as they waited for an opening to bathe.

“Hello girls,” I said. “Do you like my chair?”

“Hello Mr. Perkins. What is this for?” The older of the girls asked.

“It’s a shampoo chair, see how it has a basin to hold the water and the seat adjusts up and down so you can be just the right height and lay back so your head is just right?” I said and showed then how I could adjust the seat height, and, there were foot rests that could be adjusted to make it comfortable for any sized woman.

The older girl said, “Why would you need a shampoo chair? Can’t you just wash your hair standing up? I always do.” She was kind of coltish, thin and just starting to grow her boobies.

“What are your names, you know mine but I don’t know yours?” I asked them.

The older one said, “I’m Beth and this is Gene, my sister.” She smiled at me, “Everyone knows your name Mr. Perkins. You are here all the time.” Gene giggled and whispered something to her sister.

I smiled at them, took my robe off and hung it up. They were both naked as everyone was in the bathing area. I asked Beth, “Would you like me to wash your hair? I can show you how it works and maybe generate some interest in my business?”

Beth grinned and looked at Gene, “Should I?”

Gene giggled, “Yes, I want to see how it works and we can tell every one at school how you got Mr. Perkins to wash you.” She laughed and Beth blushed, but smiled and nodded to me.

“OK, here sit in the chair and let me get it adjusted for you,” I said and Beth sat on the seat and leaned back. I had her get up and adjusted the seat so her head would be just over the basin, then I got the foot rest adjusted so her legs weren’t just hanging off the seat in mid air.

Now I had asked Maria to make the seat heart shaped. There were reasons for that, first I wanted the seat to fully support the thighs so a woman wouldn’t get a sore butt if the washing took a while and second, the shape made the woman spread her legs naturally, exposing her crotch so I could trim her pubes, if she asked. The indentation went well back and while Beth didn’t have any pubic hair to speak of, so when she sat down her legs spread and showed her pink little pussy off really well.

Now I didn’t have any designs on Beth, she was far too young to play sexually, but it was kind of nice to look at a sweet young thing like her. She sat there innocently and I smiled at her, “Is it Comfortable?”
“Yes a little cold but I guess it’ll warm up,” she said.

“Good, let me get some water and I’ll be right back.” I went to the water heater and dipped out a bucket and added some cool water to get the right temperature and went back to the chair. Gene was giggling and standing next to her sister.

I poured a bit of water into the basin and had Beth lean her head back so I could get her hair wet. I put some shampoo in her hair and lathered her up. She had very fine hair and it felt nice to massage her head and tickle her ears. Beth giggled and squirmed in the chair a little. A woman came over and watched me. I nodded to her. “Are you Beth’s mother?” I asked.

She gave me a suspicious look, “Just what are you doing to her?”

I grinned, it was pretty obvious what I was doing, “We’re trying out my new Shampoo chair. Beth and Gene are helping me break it in.”

”Why?” She asked.

“Well someone has to be first,” I said. “I want to start a new business and thought if I started washing it would give others the idea that having someone else wash your hair was the right thing to do. Can I do you next?”

She was about late thirties and not too ugly, actually in the right light she wouldn’t be bad. She was pretty pudgy and had a wild bush between her legs, her face was round and her teeth were pretty straight. She asked, “Business, what kind of business is this?”

I smiled at her, “Personal Services, I thought I’d offer shampooing and hair cutting, if I can find the right person to help me I thought I could add manicure and pedicure services too, but I want to get the shampoo part started first. What’s your name?”

“Molly, Molly Bracken. How much are you going to charge for this?”

I smiled at her, “Only five cents, but I’ll do Beth and Gene for free since they are helping me try out the chair.”

Molly smiled at me, “You’re not going to make much money at five cents a head.”

“Well I may raise my rates after a while. After all I have to pay off the chair and the shampoo costs a little. But this is mostly to keep me busy and I like to handle women’s hair.” I rinsed Beth’s hair by dipping water from the bucket. I squeezed her hair to get the soapy water out and then took the basin out and poured it into the urinal that was nearby. I lathered Beth’s head up again and massaged her head and hair for a while then rinsed her out and emptied the basin again. I dried her hair and made a turban for her to hold her hair up and helped Beth out of the chair.

Beth was smiling as she got up, “Thank you Mr. Perkins. I liked that.”

“Go finish your bath Beth,” Molly said. Gene hopped upon the chair and leaned back. She was so light I didn’t have to make her get up to adjust the chair for her. Molly just stood there and watched as I washed and dried Gene’s hair. Gene giggled the whole time as my fingers massaged her head.

When I had finished Gene and handed her up off the chair, she kissed me on the cheek and ran off to finish her bath. I looked at Molly and asked, “So are you going to be my first paying client?”

“Sure why not,” Molly said and sat down.

I laughed, “Molly, I need you to get up and adjust the chair.” She got up smiling and I readjusted the chair.
She leaned back and smiled at me. “It’s comfortable.”

“Good I was wondering if Maria and I worked out the dimensions right.” I got another bucket of water and began to wash Molly’s hair. By the time I had given her the first rinse, several women were watching me and by the time I had finished her hair, there were several more standing around.

I helped Molly up and she smiled at me, “How do I pay for this?”

“I made a deal with the snack shop, Molly. You can give Roger the money or a chit in the Snack Shop. Roger’ll put it on my account.” Sarge had set up a snack shop and had the guys who weren’t on duty manned the counter for free beer and left overs. That’s what we called the women who needed service but couldn’t get one of the duty crew to cover them.

Molly smiled, “That felt marvelous, Josh. I think you’ll do well if you raise your rates.”

“Well,” I said, “You could tip me, a little.”

Molly laughed, “Let me give you a kiss Josh, I’ll tip you too, but that isn’t very personal.”

I grinned and bent so she could kiss my cheek, “Thank You Molly.”

I looked over at the women who had been watching, “whose next? Only five cents a wash,” I said.
A short woman in her late 20’s came forward. She was dark and a little pudgy but had a smile on her face, “Can I be next?”

I asked, “And what is your name?”

“Bonny, Bonny Bitterwater,” She grinned and I had her try the chair so I could see if I needed to adjust it.

“Are you kin to Maria or Gloria?”

“Gloria is my sister and Maria is a cousin, Josh,” she said and settled into the chair.

I went around and adjusted the foot rest for her. She had a riot of long black curls for a bush and I said, “Do you want me to trim up your bush? I can do that for another five cents.”

Bonny giggled and said, “Josh should you be doing that during Kids hours?”

I looked around and said, “Maybe your right. It could give the wrong impression.”

Bonny smiled at me, “I could come back, after the Kids are gone, you could do me then.”

I smiled at her, “Perhaps you’d like a massage too. I need to break in my new massage table and we would have some privacy in the massage alcove.”

Bonny smiled, “What will you massage?” She giggled and looked up at me. “I never had a massage before.”

I took her head in my hands and started to wash her hair, “Well I can offer you a back massage, or a full body deep tissue one. It depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to put out for it?”

She looked up and said, “Oh I’d be willing to put out a lot, Josh. Maria said you were very good and I’d like a full body one.”

The way she said ‘full body’ gave me the impression that she was looking for a inner-vaginal massage and I couldn’t do that as I was due for duty the next night and had to save my seed. “I can’t tonight Bonny; I’ve got insemination duty tomorrow.” I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “but I could massage your little pussy until you climax. I charge 25 cents for that service.”

Bonny laughed and looked up at me. “I’d pay that Josh, if I can’t get you to give me anything else.” She raised her bushy eyebrows suggestively.

Bonny smiled and talked to me as I washed her hair. “I’m a saddle maker,” she said. “I make saddles and harness, there are only three of us who do that kind of work and I need to get an apprentice.”

I asked, “Is there all that much work that needs to be done around here?”

“No, not yet, but I’ll bet once the mule trains start running and people start coming to Burney I’ll have more than enough business to keep a couple of apprentices busy.”

I talked about her ideas for the saddlery and asked if she provided accessories like saddle blankets and bits as well.

“Well, I don’t forge bits but Maria’s shop can do that. I hadn’t thought about making saddle blankets but that is not a bad idea. Most people use old blankets for their horses but if I...” She drifted off in thought as I washed and rinsed her hair. She was still in thought as I helped her up and she kissed me a little absentmindedly.

“You can pay the guy in the Snack Shop for the shampoo, Bonny,” I said.

She looked at me and then smiled, “Sorry Josh something you said got me thinking. I guess I kind of drifted off.”

I kissed her cheek, “No problem Bonny. Would you like a massage then? I promise I’ll keep your attention.”

Bonny giggled and said, “Yes Josh can we do it now?”

I looked around and all the women who had been watching had gone. “Sure, but let me get a beer and take a break for a while. Would you like a beer?”

“Why don’t you go have your beer and I’ll take a bath. I’m still all sweaty from the shop.”

“Fine I’ll be on the pedestal waiting for you,” I said and got my robe off the hook. Bonny smiled and waved at me as I left for the snack shop.

Roger Oster was behind the counter and smiled as I came in, “Hey Josh, a lady came in and gave me a dollar chit for you.”

I smiled and said, “Good then give me a beer and a bag of pinion nuts. I can splurge now.”

Roger laughed and pulled a beer out of the cooler behind the counter and handed it to me with a small bag of nuts. “I’ve got some smoke here. Sarge said I could offer a few freebies to see how folks liked his blend. You want a sample?”

“Sure if it isn’t too powerful. I’ve got my first massage tonight and I wouldn’t want to loose track of time.”
Roger laughed, “No it is pretty mild. I tried some and it’s not bad.”

He handed me a short clay pipe already loaded and held a candle for me to light it. I took a drag and held it in. It wasn’t bad, not harsh and it tasted of peaches. I took the beer, nuts and pipe over to the corner table to finish the pipe.

As I was sitting there Audrey Reilly came in and saw me. She laughed came over and sat down at the table. “Hello Josh, are you on duty tonight?”

“Hello Audrey, It is good to see you and no I’m not. I just came in to run my massage and shampoo business.”

“Massage? You do massages?” She asked and took the pipe I offered her.

“Yes I just got my table set up and thought I might get a few customers. Can I offer you a massage?”
Audrey handed me back the pipe and smiled at me. “Yes I could do with a massage.” She giggled and squeezed my knee. “Perhaps I could do with a little more too.”

I grinned at her, “I might be able to help you out Audrey, but I have to be careful. I’m on duty tomorrow and I have to be fresh in case I need an insemination.”

Audrey smiled, “So we can’t... You know?” She made a circle with the fingers of her left hand and put her right fore finger in the hole and stroked it back and forth.

I smiled at her, “I think I can make you happy Audrey. I just have to be careful and not waste my seed. You wouldn’t mind would you?”

She came up close to me and fondled my leg, “Well I do like to feel you spurt and moan. You do it so well.”

I laughed and kissed her lightly. “I have a client who should be ready for me. Can you wait until I finish with Bonny? Then I can massage you.” I reached down and massaged her leg a little.

Audrey wiggled and smiled at me. “I can wait a bit Josh, I need to bathe anyway and if you can make it fast, so much the better.” She kissed me on the lips and ran her hand up my leg.

I removed her hand which was causing me to get a hard-on and said, “Why don’t we go see if Bonny is finished with her bath then?”

Audrey and I got up and went out and found Bonny pacing in front of the Massage parlor.

“Hi Bonny,” Audrey said to her.

“Oh, Hello Audrey.” Bonny said and then looked at me curiously.

“I see you are ready for your massage. Shall we get started?” I asked.

Bonny smiled and said, “Yes Josh let’s get started.”

I opened the drapes and let the two women in to my parlor. I had the table and a stand next to it which held my oil heater. There was desk and mirror and a couple of candle stands. “My,” Audrey said, “it looks nice Josh.”

“Is Audrey going to be here?” Bonny said with a look of concern on her face.

“No,” Audrey laughed, “I just came in to see the way he had fixed it up. You get him all to yourself Bonny. I’m going to go take my bath and when he finishes with you, he’s going to do me.” Audrey came over and kissed my cheek, “Aren’t you Josh?”

Bonny looked relived to hear that and smiled as I kissed Audrey and hustled her out, “Go get cleaned up Audrey, I’ll be finished in fifteen or twenty minutes.” I patted her on the ass as she left then turned to Bonny.
“So Bonny shall we trim you bush first?”

She blushed and nodded. She took off her robe and I hung it on the stand. “Let’s start by having you get on the table,” I said.

Bonny hopped up on the table and grinned, “I’ve never had a man trim my ‘bush’ before.”

“I can see that Bonny. You’ve got a lot of brush down there and I spread her legs and looked at her. Like a lot of plump women her mound was prominent and her lips were nice and plump. I got my scissors out and a comb. “Can you lean back on your hands and put your feet on the edge of he table?”

Bonny leaned back and I had to spread her knees a bit. She looked down and said, “How much are you going to take off?”

I looked at her now that she was fully in view, “Well if we were in Davis I’d trim it to about a quarter inch. Would that be Ok? It shouldn’t be so short it feels stickery but I think it should be short enough so you can see how pretty and plump you lips are.”

Bonny looked at me and giggled, “You think my lips are pretty?”

I stroked the hair on her belly, “Yes I do. You are nice and plump and it appears you inner lips are nice and excited.” I looked into her eyes and fondled her cunt with my fingers.

She giggled and grinned at me. “Ok Josh do what you think is right.”

I smiled at her and had her lift her hips up, put a towel under her and had her slide back a bit so the towel would catch the trimmings. I started up at the top of her belly and snipped the hair off. In a few minutes she was all done. There was a pile of dark curly hair on the towel and her lips were wet from my stroking her to get the hair off. She was moaning a little as I massaged her lips just to feel her smooth plump cunt.
“There,” I said as I lifted her up so I could remove the towel and fold it to contain the hair. I brushed her off with the towel and said, “How does it look to you?”

Bonny looked down at her now trimmed bush, “I look a little bare,” she said and looked up at me. “What do you think?”

“I think you’ll like it after you see how easy it is to dry and when you pee it will be a lot more comfortable to get dry easily.” I rubbed her outer lips and spread them, “It looks good too.” I looked up into her eyes and stroked her opening a little.

She closed her eyes and moaned softly until I stopped rubbing her. She smiled at me, “You don’t have to stop Josh.”

I grinned at her, “I thought you wanted a massage?”

Bonny smiled, “I do. I want you to massage my pussy Josh. Does that make me a bad girl?”

“No, just a horny girl. How long has it been since you had anyone massage your pussy?”

She thought and said, “Over a year Josh.”

“What! I can’t believe a woman your age hasn’t had sexual contact in over a year. Don’t you have any friends?”

She blushed and said, “Not many that good.”

“Well you have now Bonny. I won’t let you go that long without a little relief. You can come in and I’ll massage you anytime you get horny. And when you’re in season, I’ll fill your belly with a baby. Do you want a baby?”

Bonny laughed, “Oh Josh yes! I want a baby very much. You’ll do me like you did Maria?”

“Sure, I’d be happy to.” I kissed her plump mouth. “I’d even kiss you pussy and make you climax two or three times before I filled you up.” I pushed her down on the table. “But I’ve got another client Bonny. We should do the massage now.”

She lay down on her back and spread her legs a bit, “I’m ready,” she said.

I laughed, “No on your belly first. I have to do your back and get you relaxed. She frowned at me and then ginned and turned over.

I spread oil on her broad back and gave her a pretty vigorous massage over her back and worked her legs well. She made little noises as I did her inside thighs and went down to her calves and feet. By the time I worked back up her legs she had her legs spread and was lifting her hips and I massaged her pussy and fanny. I patted her on the ass, “Ok, turn over and we’ll give you a thrill.”

She flipped over and spread her legs for me. I grinned at her and spread oil over her chest. Bonny had small breasts, less even than Maria but her nipples were sensitive and she closed her eyes as I fondled her breasts and rubbed her nipples, pulling them softly and making them firm and erect between my fingers.

I poured a little oil on her belly and smoothed it over her stroking it down into the top of her bush. I bypassed her bush and worked both her legs, paying a lot of attention to the inside of her thighs and then cupped her plump mound in my hand. She lifted her hips up and I split her lips with my middle finger. The oil I had on her made her feel slick and with the juice she had developed it was easy to enter her vagina with one finger. I stroked her clit and slipped my finger into her then withdrew it and went in again. She was feeling good to me and I thought about Audrey who was waiting.

I slipped two fingers into her and she moaned as I stroked her g-spot. I hooked my fingers so I stimulated her spot really well. I didn’t figure she could last much longer and fondled her breasts while I rubbed her G-spot and ran my palm over her clit. She really started to moan loudly then. I squeezed her nipples and pulled them firmly while I stimulated her hot, not so little pussy.

She took that for about three minutes and then she cinched up and grunted out a nice long climax. I eased up a little but kept rubbing her as she came for maybe 15 or 20 seconds. She gagged and had her hips up, her hand pressed to mine to hold my hand still while my fingers kept working her spot. Finally she pulled my hand away and gasped as my fingers ran over her clit as my hand came away. I leaned down and kissed her mouth and kept massaging her breast as she panted and moaned for a few moments. She put her hands in my hair and kissed me for a little longer than she sighed and relaxed.

I massaged both her breasts and rubbed her belly and thighs while she caught her breath. I leaned over her and kissed her lightly, “Feel better now?”

She opened her eyes and smiled really big, “Oh yes Josh. I don’t think I ever came so hard. I want to do that again.” She took my hand and put it on her cunt, but when I touched her clit she flinched and moaned, “Oh, Oh maybe not Josh.” She pulled my hand away and gasped a little. “Maybe I should wait a bit.”

I kissed her lightly. “Yes Bonny I think you should. Besides Audrey is waiting for me and I know she’s anxious.”

Bonny laughed and said, “I think I know how she feels.”

I began to wipe the excess oil off Bonny and sucked her nipples a little. She liked that and grinned at me. “Audrey’s waiting Josh.”

“Are you ready to get up Bonny?”

“Yes, I’d hate to get Audrey mad at me for delaying her thrill. She might tell her mother.”

“Oh I don’t think Audrey would do that.”

Bonny laughed, “You don’t know her like I do Josh. She can be pretty vindictive if she’s crossed. And I need to stay in Ms. Reilly’s good graces. She throws a lot of work my way.”

I helped Bonny up and into her robe. “Come see me again, I’ll be here most nights.”

Bonny laughed, “How about I make a standing appointment for every Thursday?”

“Ok Bonny, I’ll put your down in my appointment book, once I get one set up.”

She pinched my cheek and kissed me lightly as I held the drapes up and let her out of the parlor.
Audrey was talking to Able on the pedestal and Able was fondling her nipple and whispering in her ear. I came up and said, “Are you ready for you massage Audrey”

She turned and looked at me, she blushed and pushed Abel’s hand away from her tit. She stood up and grinned, “Yes Josh. If you will excuse me Able, it was nice talking to you.”

Able grinned at her and said, “It was very nice to meet you Audrey. Perhaps we could meet again?”
“Perhaps,” she smiled at him and took my hand, leading the way to the parlor. “God Josh, I’m glad you came and got me. That Able is so handsome and so smooth I was almost ready to let him take me into an alcove to give me some, what he called ‘Stimulation Exercises’. I realize now,” She looked back at Able, “that he was just trying to get my robe off to ravish me and drive me mad with his long and hard penis. Have you seen how big he is?”

“Yes I’ve seen his wand in action many times Audrey.” I didn’t tell her how glad I was that she hadn’t been stretched out by his mighty wand. It was hard enough to find girls who felt nice and tight without Able stretching my maidens out.

She pulled me into the Alcove and when I dropped the drapes, she opened her robe and untied my sash, opened my robe and cuddled up close to me. She looked up at me and pulled my head down and kissed me hard.

I kissed her back and lifted her up a bit so I could feel her smooth belly next to mine. She put her legs around my hips and hugged me tight. I walked her over to the table and sat her on it. Audrey’s pussy was hot and when my cock came up I could feel how wet she was. I guess Abel had done the warm up on her and perhaps I shouldn’t feel so mad at him now that Audrey was in my arms and wiggling against me.
I was debating if I dared fuck her. I probably had enough control to not cum, but there was always a chance she’d pull my seed. She was pretty motivated so I figured I’d better not, at least not until I had her cum a couple of times.

Audrey leaned back, “What’s wrong Josh?”

“Nothing, I was just trying to decide if I should trust you not to pull my seed. I have to be on insemination duty tomorrow and I have to conserve my seed.

She smiled, “Maybe we should just do a massage Josh, I mean I wouldn’t want to spoil another woman’s insemination.” She grinned at me, kissed me softly and fondled my dick, “Although, it is tempting,” she said as she pulled it softly.

I pushed her robe off her shoulders and fondled her breasts a bit, “I know Audrey, and I’m horridly tempted to ignore my mission just so I can feel you warm and wet on me. You’re very tempting.” I pulled her nipples and kissed her neck.

“Umm, I’m tempted to let you too.” She pulled back and looked at me, “But it wouldn’t be right would it?”
I looked at her, “No, It would be wrong to make some woman miss getting pregnant just because we can’t control ourselves.”

She grinned at me and said, "Maybe we should just cuddle and neck then?”

I kissed her hard and long. She moaned in her throat and squeezed me with her legs, pulling my stiff prick up against her warm smooth belly. My resistance was fading and I forced myself to break the kiss before I did the wrong thing and just fucked her ‘til she squealed.

She let me go and sat there, rubbing her nipple and making kissey faces at me, “Oh Josh, I almost made you forget your mission.”

I nodded, “I almost succumbed to your charms Audrey. You need to be more thoughtful of your sisters.”

She looked down and said, “Yes Josh, I should but its Abel’s fault he got me so hot and bothered.” She looked up and said, “Maybe I should go and let him give me the Stimulation Exercises?” She started to get off the table.

“No!” I said, perhaps a little too loudly. “Don’t do that Audrey, I’ll make you climax and perhaps I’ll even make you forget all about Abel.”

She grinned at me, “How can you make me forget his long hard dick Josh. I mean it was big and it felt so good in my hand.” She blushed and looked down, “I did feel it Josh. He could make it dance and I can’t stop thinking how good it would feel to be up inside me, all hard and hot.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her neck, “Oh Audrey, don’t do it. He’ll stretch you nice little pussy and I’ll never be able to satisfy you again. Oh say you’ll stay away from Able and Raule Audrey. I couldn’t bear it if you were ruined by them.”

Audrey stroked my cheek and looked at me. She kissed me softly, “Oh Josh, I was just pulling your leg. Abel scared me, his cock was so big. I still think about Morgan and how she’s afraid to fuck anybody after Raule stuck her with that big dick of his. I wouldn’t want to be afraid like she is.”

“Is she still afraid? She shouldn’t be, I mean Mike or Roger could make her happy. She didn’t seem to mind me, when I tried to open her for Raule that night.”

Audrey looked at me surprised, “What do you mean? You opened her for Raule?”

“Yes he asked me to get her opened up a bit because he couldn’t get it in her. So I went over and opened her up. I thought I had her ready for his tool but I guess if she’s afraid still, I must not have done a very good job.”

Audrey smiled and said, “That explains it then.”

“What? Explains what?”

“Well, she said she thought that Raule made his dick real small and when it started to feel really good, he took it out and made it big and then forced it into her. She bled for a couple of days and she was so sore after that she swears she’ll never let anyone fuck her again.”

“Oh, God Audrey you have to tell her what happened. She shouldn’t feel that way. She needs to get over it. Tell me you’ll tell her what happened, Ok?”

Audrey smiled and nodded, Ok, Josh, I will next time I see her.” She smiled at me, “You feel bad for her? I mean you really feel for her don’t you?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I didn’t known she felt that way. We should have had someone else service her on her first night. I guess we were all so swamped with 23 of you that we overlooked her. Tell her I’m really sorry.”
Audrey stroked her hand over my cheek and kissed me, “You’re so sweet Josh. I think having you is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I grinned at her, “I like you too Audrey, You are so beautiful and you feel so nice and warm next to me.” I fondled her little pussy, “Say you won’t let Abel ruin this for me.”

Audrey wiggled her hips, “I will if you kiss it Josh. Please kiss it and make me forget all about Abel’s long thick hot cock and how good it might feel in my tight little pussy.”

I kissed her lips and gave her some tongue, “Ok, I kiss you all over but let me feel your nice smooth skin first. I’ll make you feel real good and then I’ll kiss your sweet little pussy until you just can’t take any more.”
Audrey giggled and hugged me.

I got her down on the table and began to rub hot oil over her back and felt her smooth skin. She groaned as I worked her lower back and then massaged her smooth little ass. I played with her for a long time stroking up between her legs and then down over her calves and massaged her toes and feet. I turned her over and kissed her, then poured some oil on her firm titties and massaged them real well. Her nipples were up and so I just had to suck them for a while as my hand stroked her belly and her crotch. She wiggled her hips and groaned as my finger found her clit and massaged her love button in circles and then I kissed my way down her belly and raised her leg up pulling the knee out so I could rub warm oil over her trim little snatch.

She was really wet and the oil just made her smoother as my fingers massaged her inner lips for a few minutes. She made little noises as my finger entered her vagina. I didn’t penetrate her very far but just laid my hand on her so I rubbed her clit as my finger went in up to the second knuckle and I moved my hand in a circle feeling her soft little mound move under my hand as I kissed her lips and neck.

She held my head to her and moaned softly until I put my finger into her as far as I could and waved it around to massage her inner vaginal wall. When I touched her G-spot she humped my finger a bit and so I withdrew and put in two fingers and began to rub her G-spot with more vigor. Her hips came up then and she began to hump my fingers moaning in my mouth and sucking my tongue.

I pulled back and said, “Now can I kiss it Audrey?”

“Oh yes Josh kiss it and make me cum.”

I pulled her down so her legs were almost off the table and raised her legs up and spread them out so I could kiss her inner thighs and blow hot breath on her hot wet pussy. She liked that but pulled my head in so my lips were just touching her. I put my tongue into her little pit and rimmed her opening reaching my hand up so my thumb could rub her clit though her hood softly.

I licked her inner lips and sucked first the left then the right one, running my stiff tongue up her slit as she squirmed and pulled my head around and around so I was circling her slit and my tongue poked her a little she groaned and quivered so I sucked her clit and plunged two fingers into her finding her g-spot and pressing my fingertips firmly against it.

She grunted and said, “Ooh, Ah, Ah Ummph, Ah,” as I felt her climaxing contractions. She quivered and hung there for a moment then humped me hard and collapsed.

I licked her as she quivered again and moaned softly. I gave her a soft kiss on the clit and withdrew my fingers and licked her warm juices. She was gasping and so I let up and went up and kissed her mouth while massaging her firm breasts. She was limp and moaned as I kissed her for a long time. Finally she caught her breath and lay satisfied in my arms as I leaned over the table.

I smiled at her as she opened her eyes panting little, “Did that make you forget Abel’s hard long cock?”

Audrey smiled at me, “Yes all I could think of was your soft insistent tongue Josh. The only thing that would be better is if your hard hot cock was inside me.

I grinned at her and went to the end of the table, pulled her hips down to the edge and put the tip of my dick into her a little. She was so wet and I had oiled my dick, so it was easy to slip it into her and she moaned and pulled me to her. I leaned over and kissed her nipples and stroked it a few times as she groaned and humped me for a while. I felt her contractions as she climaxed again. It was a little one but she climaxed and I pressed it to her and felt her move on me for little while.

I pulled it out slowly and with regret. I had to save it for some other woman who might want to get pregnant, but I had the feel of Audrey’s pink and she felt my firm hot cock a little, so I guess all was not lost.

Tomorrow I could vent my frustrations and who knows maybe she would be young and beautiful, maybe she would have a tight little pussy that would be hot and could suck the cum from my dick like she had a mouth in her cunt.
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