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Feeding the inner animal
She went unnoticed. Even with her stunning good looks, most people didn’t give her a second glance. She had long wavy jet black hair that glistened in the sun. Normally it was pinned up. Only when she let her hair down did it get noticed. She hid her sky blue eyes behind black rimmed reading glasses that sat low on her nose. Only when she wore her contacts did her eyes shine bright enough to be seen. She had flawless skin and a beautiful ivory complexion that rarely saw makeup. Without makeup her face blended into the crowd with everyone else. She was taller than average for a woman, almost 5’10. Her long legs and lithe frame was hidden underneath plain clothes that neither accented nor hid her figure.

She was quiet and said little. Even when she spoke most people didn’t really pay attention. She could have been the girl next door, the woman in the cubicle next to you, or someone you brushed past on the commuter train. She went about her day the way she wanted to, going here and there quietly unnoticed. She worked downtown as a librarian in the reference and periodicals section. If you needed to find some information, she knew how to find it. The wealth of knowledge that she had at her fingertips was immense and went largely ignored. Only those people she worked directly with knew her name. When asked to describe her, they drew a blank or were wildly inconsistent. When questioned about her personal life, they knew even less, not knowing what part of town she lived in, or if she had any family or relationships.

This is the woman everyone saw during the day. The woman she wanted to be. The woman she wanted everyone not to remember. But at night, when she went out, well, she was unforgettable. The difference was day and night. When she let her hair down her black mane flowed down her back almost to her waist. You could get lost in her sky blue eyes. If you caught them just right the silver flecks glinted in the light making her eyes light up. Her smile was alluring and seductive. Her lips full poutty and begging to be kissed. Her face was made up to perfection. Not too much, but enough to flatter. Her nails were long and sharp and tonight painted dark ruby red to match her lips. Her body was chiseled, lean and lithe. Not an ounce of fat could be found on her body. Still her curves were soft, feminine and perfectly proportioned. Full round, luscious breasts and an ass so tight you could bounce a quarter off it completed the package. (Mind you most people had other things they wanted to do with her ass when they watched it swing past.)

Recently, one man had caught her eye and was now the focus of her entire attention. She’d been watching him from afar for awhile. She had a single goal in mind and her patience was wearing thin. The right moment hadn’t presented itself yet so tonight she was hoping to help fate along. She dressed with extra care and attention and made sure everything was perfect down to her makeup and accessories.

Her hair was brushed until it was silky soft and shiny. It cascaded in soft waves down her back. Around her neck was a black velvet choker with a dark ruby red pendant that hung from it. It lay just above her cleavage that was bursting out of a white lace, off the shoulder poet shirt. The black leather corset she wore over top the shirt thrust her breasts together and out. The shirt and corset barely covered her dark nipples. A dark ruby red velvet belt wrapped around her just above her waist and accented the curve of her hips and her small waist.

A short tight leather skirt just barely covered her tight round ass. When she sat down it barely covered her clean shaven pussy. She wore thigh high black leather stiletto boots that hugged her long lean legs. The tops of her back silk stockings and the attached black garter belt peaked out from under skirt when she walked. If she bent over just right you might catch a glimpse of her black thong.

She had such a small window of opportunity her timing had to be exact. If the moment didn’t present itself all of her preparation and planning would once again be in vain. Catching his eye with all of the various distractions for his attention would be difficult. Keeping it however would be much easier. Everyone has a weakness and she knew his, adjusting her tits last time. She dabbed some musky intoxicating perfume on her wrists, neck and cleavage, and set out for the night.

As she pulled up to the club, she drove around the block, checking the rear entrance and alleyway. He wasn’t here yet. Perfect. He wasn’t one for pomp and circumstance. He preferred to slip in and out unnoticed, just like her. She parked in a space behind the club but away from where he normally parked and walked around front. She went directly to the front of the line and smiled at the doorman as he pulled aside the velvet rope and let her in.

This was the hottest club in town and attendance was by invitation only. She’d been here many times before and had a standing invitation. The club was dimly lit and smoky. The music was loud and bass thumping. Multi colored lights pulsed in time with the music. People crowded the dance floor, bodies grinding and moving to the music. Scantly clad women and men danced in cages or on stages in various places through out the club. Small tables and chairs surrounded the stages and cages offering one front row seating for the entertainment. She blended into the crowd and moved about checking the place out.

The evening’s special entertainment hadn’t started yet, so she slipped into the VIP room wanting to watch the shows in there. Plush carpeting covered the floor. Two private stages and cages reserved for only the best entertainers sat in various spots around the room. A private dance floor, separate DJ, as well as three private bars was part of the amenities in the VIP room. Private booths were scattered around the room so that people could watch the entertainment and not be seen by others if they chose. She walked up to a bar and with just a smile was handed her favorite drink made just the way she liked it.

Moments later she spied her target slipping, surprisingly alone, into the VIP room unannounced through an unmarked door that blended into the wall around it. He was tall dark and handsome, with deadly good looks and killer charm. He stood about 6’5 had broad shoulders, was lean and well muscled. His hair was long dark and wavy and tonight pulled back at the base of his neck and braided. The first thing you noticed about him wasn’t the angular lines of his face, but his deep dark eyes. They gave away nothing, but said everything when he wanted them too. He was a sharp dresser and tonight was no exception. He wore a black leather jacket and jeans just tight enough to show off his very nice ass. His black button up shirt hinted at his chiseled chest and rock hard abs. Italian leather boots and a matching belt completed his outfit.

Before he even sat down the entire room jumped to attention catering to his every desire before he even spoke a word. The room buzzed with gossip. You could hear the whispers, “Who was he and why was such a gorgeous hunk of man here, especially alone?” Gradually the crowd around him cleared. Her pulse quickened when she realized he sat alone. There was no female at his side tonight to distract him. She stayed in her seat watching him from across the room heart racing in her chest. She was a heartbeat away from grabbing her opportunity when the lights and music changed signaling that the true entertainment for the evening was about to start. She maintained her control and composure knowing that it was still early. She could still get her chance.

The crowd in the VIP room fell silent. The only sound to be heard was the steady beat of the music. The dancers quickly left the stages and cages. New people came up bringing with them their tools for the evening. Each person started to lay out their equipment differently but did so in such a way that each simple act became a titillating and tantalizing advertisement of what was to come. People moved and shuffled around, surrounding the stage or cage that interested them the most. Some people chose to stay and dance, the entertainment not the focal point of their attention but fed on the atmosphere around them.

She didn’t move. Her gaze moved slowly from station to station watching with detached interest what each person was laying out tempting the audience with. What she watched even closer was his reactions to what was transpiring. He had the best seat in the house and could watch any station that he wanted. She knew he was no newcomer to this scene and his attention drifted lazily around the room before settling on his choice for the evening. She wasn’t surprised by his choice.

Bondage was the main theme for one of the two cages and one of the two stages. In that cage different lengths of hemp rope were being laid out some being quite long. Lengths of chain, metal shackles, bracer bars and various “toys” including clips, nipple clamps, and small weights on chains where laid out on a table in the corner of the cage close enough for the audience to see. Other metal contraptions where locked in various places around the cage making the best use of the space available while offering many different options for positions.

On the stage where bondage was the theme leather cuffs and collars along with blindfolds and full face masks started to fill the table. Suspension bars as well as pulleys were lowered from the ceiling above the stage. Large rolls of plastic and what appeared to be liquid latex were set up as well.

Pain was the main theme for the remaining cage and stage. In that cage, there was a table that would tilt to various positions with straps in multiple places allowing a large range of flexibility. Floggers of every size and weight, a nice variety of paddles and a cane were being laid out for all to see. On the final stage an Andrews cross was set up. That table held a small bull whip and a cat of nine tails with weights not hooks on the ends, cloths pins, knives, and more nipple clamps and weights.

Each set up was artful and unique. They were all movement and music in motion. One did not overpower the other, but instead they worked together, well choreographed and planned. As the set ups progressed whips cracked, floggers spun, chains rattled and everything was tested. Each test of the equipment was done to tease and tantalize the audience hinting at what was to come. Moan of appreciation could be heard throughout the room. Everyone who was gathered around was jockeying for position not only to see, but also to be seen. You could smell the scent of sex starting to permeate the room. Even those people who were dancing and not watching directly were aroused. They danced closer, grinding and groping. Elsewhere around the room bodies pressed against each other hands starting to roam and explore others and themselves.

She never left her seat. She didn’t care about being the center of attention. They both gained much more pleasure and arousal from watching others. He would scan the room briefly and then settle back on the cage he preferred tonight. Each time a length of rope was pulled, measured or tested, he would have to adjust himself. His calm detached demeanor was starting to crack. A set of cuffs were laid out and tested, and again he adjusted himself. A slight smile crossed her face. As he finished adjusting himself he looked up scanning the room to see if anyone else had noticed.

That’s when their eyes locked. Her smile broadened slightly, wondering if this was her moment. But heart fell when he looked away quickly. A slight blush crossed his cheeks in the dim light as he realized she saw him in his moment of weakness. She now knew how easily aroused he was by the simplest of things. She adjusted herself ever so slightly regaining her composure, when she felt his gaze burning against her full round tits. The lust and desire in his eyes hardened her nipples. They popped out above her corset and pushed against the lace of her shirt. Her skin tingled while he undressed her with his eyes. Her pussy twinged with excitement and throbbed with anticipation when she realized tonight she might achieve her goal. Their eyes met again and she smiled nodding slightly letting him know that his secret is safe with her.

The music died down and a hushed silence filled the room again. The set ups were complete and it was time for the evening’s entertainment to begin. The Doms on stage started to scan the crowd for people who wanted to be the center of attention and could withstand a session. Everyone was trying to get noticed and look like they didn’t want it all at the same time. People stood taller. Women adjusted their skirts so they were just a bit shorter, showing more leg. Tops were pulled down flashing more cleavage. Men stood in postures that made them look just a bit stronger, more muscled. Silently everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs pick me, pick me. Slowly one by one each Dom stepped into the crowd their choices made.

She wasn’t surprised when a Mistress walked up to her. Mistress was a bit shorter than she expected, but was very good looking. Her shoulder length brunette hair was pulled back showing off the angular features of her face. Her body was all business. She was in great shape. Muscular yet lean legs and a well defined ass complimented her small pert breasts. Mistress walked up and looked at her with the unspoken question in her eyes. “Would you care to join me onstage?” The Mistress’s smile was commanding letting her know that it would be a demanding session, but well worth the time. She replied with a challenging and defiant look, daring Mistress to take her best shot. She didn’t look back but could feel his eyes watching her as they approached the cage he’d been watching set up.

She took a deep breath and stepped up on stage. There was no turning back now. Mistress stood in front of her. Her presence alone forced you to look down and meet her gaze. Their eyes met again. This was going to be very good, or very bad, or both if there was even a difference. Mistress explained the guidelines, rules and limits. Being a Mistress herself outside of the club this was all stuff she had said before, but never really heard. She nodded in agreement and the required safe word was given knowing that it would never be needed. And so the session began.

The rest of the room faded away. Her only focus was on Mistress and “him”. She smiled knowing that she had his undivided attention. The first thing that Mistress did was to demand she remove her clothes. The only thing she could leave on was her undergarments, if she had any on. Without any protest she did as she was told and stripped, seductively, almost playfully, down to her stockings, garter and thong. She got a sharp slap on the ass from Mistress for being bold, playful, forgetting her place, and who was in control. Her ass was still stinging as she dropped her head submissively and apologized to Mistress. Mistress demanded that she take off the garter belt and stockings which left her crotch less black lace thong. Normally the voyeur on nights like this, she was surprised at the excitement that started to build in her body. It was an unexpected reaction to being so exposed and at the center of attention for all to see.

She took a closer look at the cage. It was larger than she thought. It was roughly a ten by ten foot iron cage. It was large enough for both of them to be in and still have plenty of room for Mistress to move around her. Her gaze shifted from the clips, rings and hooks in the cage, mind running wild with all the possibilities. She looked up searching for “him”. She found him and that last thing she saw before Mistress put on the blindfold, was him adjusting himself, and a look of desire she’d not seen on his face before.

As Mistress placed a mask over her eyes her world went dark. The rest of her senses heightened almost immediately. She felt cool air from the air conditioning vents blow across her nearly naked body. Goose bumps covered her flesh and her nipples hardened. She heard Mistress’s boots as she walked around her and the sharp jangling sound of metal against metal. The scent of sex filled the air and permeated her nostrils. Unexpectedly her already throbbing pussy got increasingly wet. Her thin panties were quickly getting soaked.

She felt Mistress’s firm grip on her wrists leading her forward. She felt cold metal under her feet and knew she was in the cage. She didn’t stiffen when she felt the cold metal iron shackles clamp shut around her ankles and locked into place. They fit perfectly, not so tight that they were pinching and cutting off circulation, but not loose enough that her feet would rub and chafe. Shackles were put on each of her wrists and locked into place. A metal collar was put around her neck and locked. With each click her heart skipped a beat. Just a few moments ago she was cold, now she was hot, her body burning with anticipation.

Then she heard it, the telltale sound of heavy duty chains. Not the tinkling of the lighter aluminum chains, but more solid rattling of iron chains. Mistress meant business tonight. She felt the weight of the chains as they were being attached to her shackles. Mistress didn’t put a chain on her collar…for now. She heard the repetitive jostling of the chains as they were pulled across more metal and quickly her left arm was raised above her head. Her right arm quickly followed suit. Both arms were now above her head high, wide, and slightly back, stretched to their limits of comfort.

With her arms in that position her beautiful tits were accentuated as they were lifted and thrust out just a bit. Warm hands caressed her full breasts, cupped them, and lifted them, as if to show them off. She knew “he” was watching and wondered how much he was enjoying the show. A sharp slap across each nipple brought her back to reality focusing her mind. She knew that feeling anywhere, as a leather ridding crop landed sharply on her hardened nipples again. Her breath caught in her throat and she felt the heat from her nipples as they stung ever so slightly from the attention Mistress was giving them.

As suddenly as it started it ended. Mistress’s warm hands were again on her breasts, this time pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her nails drug ever so lightly across the very tip of her nipples. Before she could catch herself a low moan of pleasure escaped her throat. She couldn’t help it. It felt too good. It had been too long since she’d had a session with anyone. She’d forgotten just how erotic and exciting they were. Being on the receiving end of a session helped her understand what her subs meant when they told her the pleasure far out weighed any pain.

Mistress heard her moan and snapped at her saying, “Did I give you permission to make any noise?” Her voice was deep and commanding.

“No Mistress” she replied trying to keep her voice steady and even.

Mistress was pinching both nipples painfully and she took slow deep breaths to keep from crying out. Mistress replied saying, “For your disobedience you shall be punished.” She heard a brief rustling and then winched as a nipple clamp was placed on each nipple and slowly tightened. It took her a minute to refocus and gain control of her breathing but when she did all she could do was smile.

The sound of chains moving again, and suddenly both of her feet were being pulled out from under her. Putting more strain on her outstretched arms. Her entire weight was supported by her arms since her feet no longer touched the floor. She did her best to shift her weight so that the intense stretch her body was being put through wouldn’t put any undue strain on her muscles. Her legs were spread apart exposing her sopping wet pussy to the entire room. Could he smell the scent of her sex? Was he turned on yet? Oh how she wished she could see his reactions right now. The sound of metal releasing and the slow grind of metal on metal caught her attention as she was spun around, still shackled spread eagle so her backside faced the room.

That sound again, the sound of leather on skin. A smart smack on her ass followed. Mistress continued to tease and abuse her backside across her shoulders, down her back, and across her ass and down the back of her legs. Mistress seemed to favor her tight ass the most though. Time stood still. It seamed never ending, the blows just kept on coming. Some soft just barely grazing her skin, others landed firm and hard, some quick and rapid, others slow and delayed. She could feel the heat radiating from her entire backside but most surprisingly her pussy was drenched and pulsating with excitement.

She was so lost in the moment she didn’t even realize that she had been spun around once again facing the audience. Shock waves rolled through her body when she realized Mistress was using the riding crop to heat up her already drenched pussy by smacking her sensitive clit. She could feel the rough edge of the riding crop being drug lazily across her pussy. Then Mistress worked her inner thighs with quick smart slaps back and forth on her legs. Vibrations of pain and pleasure traveled up to her pussy and around to her ass.

She caught herself before a groan that was deep in her throat could escape for Mistress to hear. It was taking all she could to control her breathing and not cry out. She couldn’t break. He would loose interest if he didn’t believe that she could handle anything she was put through. Her tough steely nature had to shine through this session. She started running all of the possibilities through her head and was abruptly snapped back to reality when Mistress started smacking the clamps on her nipples. Before she could catch herself a sharp cry of pain escaped her lips.

Mistress heard her and all she did was cluck her tongue and whisper in her ear, “And here you were doing so well. Let’s see what you’re really made of.” Her breath caught in her throat her mind raced contemplating what Mistress could be planning. And yet her entire body was electrified at all of the possibilities. She could cum right now if only Mistress would let her. Mistress was no fool. She new exactly how close she was to cumming and that was the worst punishment of all.

She heard Mistress tell the audience that she had been bad and she must be punished again. She heard the audience catch its breath. A few people encouraged Mistress, letting her know they approved of her decision. She listened carefully to see if she could distinguish “his” voice. But no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t hear it.

She felt the cold steel of the cage under her feet as she was lowered to the floor. Mistress asked if she had her footing and she obediently nodded yes, not making a sound. Her arms were released from their shackles and hung heavily at her side. She desperately wanted to massage her shoulders as the feeling painfully returned to them, but new better, fearing Mistress’s reaction if she even flinched. She was in enough trouble.

Mistress must have read her mind, because her firm warm hands started to massage her shoulders gently and lovingly. The shackles were removed from her ankles as Mistress massaged her shoulders down her arms to her elbows. With lightening quickness her elbows were suddenly pulled behind her till they were touching each other. Rough hemp rope was wrapped around her elbows all the way down to her wrists. At the same time she felt a chain being attached to one of the center hooks on her collar she was then lifted off her feet by her elbows. Her chest arms and shoulders stretched painfully under the strain.

Rough hemp rope was being wrapped tightly around her ankles. She felt a sudden tension on her collar as her ankle was grabbed and pulled up sharply behind her nearly touching her ass. She realized the chain on her collar wasn’t there to restrict her breathing but to help stabilize her as the rope was threaded through another hook on her collar pulling her ankle up toward her shoulder. The more Mistress pulled the wetter she got. Once Mistress had that ankle where she wanted it she followed the same procedure with her other ankle. She then looped the rope back through the collar so she could keep both ankles up where she wanted them loosing no tension in the rope and tied it off.

She was hanging precariously now, but her breathing started to even out. However, if she moved too much the collar would shift and she would have trouble breathing. Her knees were pulled apart as a bracer bar was placed between her legs, her bound arms still suspended above her back and bearing the majority of her weight. Her cunt was exposed to the room, knees spread wide.

Mistress was suddenly in front of her fondling her full breasts. The nipple clamps still hung on her rock hard nipples. She knew this moment of pleasure was soon to be followed by much more pain. In the audience she heard people moan as Mistress fondled her breasts. Mistress grabbed the nipple clamp and stretched her tit out in front of her. Her breath grew suddenly shallow as she labored to breathe through the pain. Mistress started wrapping her tit in hemp rope tightening it with each turn. It felt like a balloon ready to pop. Mistress followed the same procedure with the other tit. She was now wearing a hemp bra her tits thrust toward the audience as Mistress tied it to one of the front loops on her collar relieving some of the strain on the collar.

She was soooo wet. Her pussy juice was running down her leg. As Mistress was checking her bonds, she would casually run a hand across her supple flesh. Her touch was cool on her steaming hot skin. Mistress commented to the audience, “Now isn’t that a nice pretty package.” The audience cheered their approval. Their response only heightened her arousal, which she didn’t think was possible.

Mistress said, “Now that she’s all wrapped it up nice and tight, I think it’s time to decorate the package.” The audience started calling out suggestions. She had a hard time hearing any one voice clearly. Mistress however must have heard one she liked and said, “Yes I think that will do nicely” She heard some rustling and then a series of small thunks and light chains rattling. Mistress then said, “But which ornaments shall we decorate our package with, these or those?” The audience shouted out their answers helping Mistress decide which ornaments to use.

She was dripping with excitement. Panting and breathing hard to control her body, willing it not to cum. If she came without Mistress’s permission punishment would be extremely harsh and very very painful. She had other plans to attend to tonight. She let her mind drift for a moment to the plans for the rest of the evening. They hinged on the hope that her performance would keep him interested enough to stick around and see the whole show. He needed to be here when she was done or everything she was going through was wasted. Although she had to admit it did feel surprisingly good.

A sharp pain got her attention as Mistress pulled and twisted her nipple clamps. It sounded like she was attaching something. She gasped when Mistress let go of the clamps and she felt her nipples strain under the weights Mistress had attached to each of the clamps. It was enough weight to shift her balance forward slightly and make her position more precarious and much more exciting.

Mistress commented to the audience, “Now doesn’t that look so much better?” they howled in agreement. Each one of them glad it wasn’t them, but simultaneously wishing it was.

She heard a voice louder than the rest say, “It’s missing something, but not up front.” She knew that voice. It was his. Mistress heard him as well and responded with her own question.

“Then what do you suggest?”

All she heard him say was, “Her pussy”

Not her pussy she thought. She was so hot and horny the slightest touch could set her off and she might not be able to control her reactions. And yet, the thought sent new waves of pleasure through her already throbbing pussy. It ached so bad it hurt.

She was panting hard with anticipation, her body screamed in pain, delirious with pleasure. She couldn’t stand it much more. This time she wasn’t surprised when Mistress spun her around. The slight dizziness and disorientation only heightened her arousal. Her dripping wet pussy was now facing the audience so they could better see what was about to happen.

Mistress’s cold fingers plunged deep inside her. A low quiet moan rumbled in her throat. She caught herself, waiting Mistress’s sharp words but was surprised when none came. With a firm grip Mistress grabbed a pussy lip, pulled it taut and rolled it between her fingers. Suddenly a sharp piercing pain coursed thru her pussy as a medical looking clamp with scissor like handles was placed on her sensitive lip. Seven more were clamped on, four on each side. Her heart skipped a beat and a cry caught in her throat as each one was attached to her tender lips. A fine rope was woven through the handles of the clamps. The ropes were tied to each thigh, spreading the clamps apart allowing everyone an unobstructed view of her aching and swollen clit and hungry hole.

She was struggling to remain in control of her body. Her mind was reeling. She was used to giving pain, and being in control, not receiving pain and being submissive. The more pain she was subjected to the more endorphins her body released giving her a greater high and sense of euphoria. Now she understood the thrill that her subs went through. It was a totally different experience to give yourself totally to another. Especially someone you don’t know well, but are forced to trust, immediately and completely.

“And for the finishing touch” Mistress asked, “Will this do?”

She didn’t hear a reply but got her answer when she felt an icy cold metal dildo slowly being inserted in her. It felt huge and it was truly hard as steel and smooth as polished chrome. She was so wet that despite the size, it slid effortlessly into her hole. And when it she had taken it all in, she felt it fill and stretched her like none other. She was shaking now, trembling with excitement when suddenly a weight was placed on the steel rod pulling it closer and harder against her throbbing clit.

Out of nowhere His hot breather whispered in her ear, “Your secret is safe with me.”
Suddenly anger raged within her instantly killing her mood. She was no longer on the edge of ecstasy that she’d been riding for most of the session. It was as if she was a pot of water on the stove about to boil over and she was instantly taken off the heat. She got her emotions under control and a sly, tempting and slightly devious smile crept across her face. She was not going to be denied. Her pussy was still dripping wet and she ached for release, but now she had full control of her body again. Her mind however was still reeling from the new experience. Her boundaries had been pushed hard tonight, her personal envelope of comfort, shredded.

She was surprised to hear the audience applauding her. Mistress was complimenting her on putting up with such a demanding bondage session. Now came the hard part, the release from the session. It could be just as taxing as the session itself. She heard people shuffle around. From the sound of it the other sessions had already finished.

Mistress showed the same care freeing her from her bonds that she took with her submissives. Mistress removed the weight from the metal shaft in her stretched pussy, easing some of the pressure on her throbbing, sensitive, swollen clit. But the rock hard rod stayed in place. A tear rolled down her face as the eight clamps on her pussy lips were taken off, the blood rushing back to the numb area causing them to throb painfully. Mistress stroked her hair whispering words of comfort, assuring her that Mistress was pleased. She’d done fabulously.

Mistress carefully removed the nipple clamps and weights and then gently removed the hemp bra binding her tits. The metal dildo was finally removed and a stream of her juices ran down her leg. Mistress chuckled and said, “My goodness I didn’t realize you where ‘that’ excited. Well done.”
Another set of hands grabbed her by the waist as her ankles were released from her collar. Her feet finally touched the cage floor for the fist time in what felt like hours. Her legs had been stretched in one position for so long that they couldn’t hold her weight yet. Firm hands kept her steady as her ankles were unbound and the strength returned slowly and painfully to her legs.

Her arms fell limply to her side, chest caved in, as the bindings were unwound from her arms. A very annoying but not too painful pins and needles sensation ran down her arms from elbows to her fingertips. As her collar was removed she ignored the pain in her chest as she took full deep breaths. Still blindfolded she was lead silently by Mistress’s gentle steady hands until she felt soft velvet brush against her thighs. Mistress helped her stretch out what felt like a crushed velvet chaise lounge. The last words Mistress spoke to her were, “I’d love to do this again sometime. If you’re interested you know where to find me. Someone will be with you in a moment.”

The door clicked softly shut and silence engulfed the room. Still blindfolded she let her eyes closed and continued to breathe deeply into her entire body and relax. She wasn’t startled when firm fingers started massaging her. It only helped to relax her more. Warm lotion was rubbed into her ankles to help ease the chaffing from the hemp rope. The hands slowly worked slowly traveling up her leg purposefully massaging each muscle. The blindfold was removed and she kept her eyes closed relishing the soothing sensation of the massage. Her upper thigh and hip was being worked over, easing the tension from being stretched in such a tenuous position for so long. The warm hands started at her other red and chaffed ankle methodically working their way up her leg, showing the same care and attention to detail as the other leg.

Her eyes fluttered open though when her pussy was almost carelessly brushed and the hand worked its way around to her inner thigh. She struggled to focus as a moan of pleasure escaped from her lips before she could protest. Slowly her massager came into focus. And not as quickly as she would have liked, her arm came around, fist balled up swinging with all the force she could muster. Although her reflexes were slower than she liked, they were quicker than he expected and she just missed him as he ducked out of the way. His hands stayed frozen in position thumbs on the edge of her pussy. She swung again with the other arm, but this time he was expecting it and caught her fist in mid swing with one hand, refusing to move the other hand that was positioned so intimately close to her hole.

“You god damn, mother fucking son of a bitch,” she howled. “Who in the hell do you think you are? Do you have any idea…?” She was cut off in mid sentence as he leaned in and kissed her fully and forcefully on the lips. She swung again with her free hand, and again he caught her in mid swing and pinned both arms over her head. His kiss was hot and steamy, filled with passion. His tongue was demanding and forced its way into her mouth. He pressed his body into hers using it to keep her from struggling so much.

Her body’s need took over and shut her anger out completely. She stopped struggling and opened herself to his kiss, moaning with desire. Her pent up anger and frustration was now channeled into passion. She relaxed and let his body melt into hers. He stopped kissing her and looked her dead in the eyes and said. “Do you have any idea what I had to endure watching you up there? Do you know how hard I was, it was, being able to do nothing but sit there as she put you on display for all to see?”

She could feel how hard his dick was as he pressed against her. And oh god how her pussy throbbed when she realized he was larger than the metal rod that was just in her. Her mind finally kicked in and she realized that she was in the position that she wanted to be. Her target, the focus of her evening was here, wanting her and all she had to give. She was finally going to be able to give in to her inner most urges. He was going to get everything he wanted and more.

She looked at him and replies, “If it was so hard for you to watch, were you able to truly enjoy the show?” She looked around the room at her surroundings and realized that fate was definitely on her side. She was in a private play room. She had heard about these, but for as many times as she had frequented the club she’d never been in one. A large bed with a wrought iron headboard and footboard was against one wall. Straps, cuffs and other restraints hung from the wall and different parts of the bed, offering a number of different choices for restraining someone. A box of “toys” sat on a table next to the bed. Her mind raced with possibilities.

His answer surprised her however, “I wanted to personally reward you for a job well done and show you how much I enjoyed your show.” He leaned in and kissed her again, lust and desire pouring from his mouth into her. As she kissed him their tongues explored each others mouths daring in and out, roaming over teeth, battling each other. The pent up frustration they both felt from the session fueled their already flaming desire.

He released her hands and they fell around his neck, their mouths still locked in a furious kiss. He scooped her up off the chaise and pulled her body to his. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her nails into his back through his shirt. He growled in pleasure and she felt his cock throbbing against the fabric of his jeans, straining to get free. He laid her gently on the bed and straddled her. “Let’s finish that massage shall we?”

All she could do was moan in agreement. As he straddled her waist, his hands slick with lotion, started with her shoulders working firmly and slowly. He took great care working down each arm. Then he worked back up to her shoulders and across the front of her chest knowing that’s what took the most abuse from the session. “You’re just so damn sexy in hemp,” he said, as he started to massage further down her chest in between her voluptuous breasts.

She moaned her response. Her moans got louder and deeper as he started massaging her tits still red from their hemp restraints. He took a nipple between his fingers and massaged it carefully at first. He took his time and enjoyed the expressions of pleasure and pain written on her face and body. He’d roll the nipple between his fingers pulling and tugging on it. Then he’d work outward from her nipple in circles massaging her entire tit and then chest muscles. He’d work her chest some more and would move over to the other breast starting with the nipple using the same care and technique.

She could tell he’d done this before, but she didn’t care right now. It just felt too damn good. While he was working over her full luscious tits, he continued to slip down straddling her hips. She could feel his cock pulsing; throbbing, faster and harder the longer he massaged her tits. She started rolling her hips a bit, grinding herself against him. She tried to shift and move around so that his cock would be pressed against her clit, even if it was through his jeans.

Suddenly his mouth, hot, moist and wet was wrapped around her tit, sucking licking and nibbling. He picked up the pace devouring her, kissing one then the other, sucking hard on a nipple then biting it gently. She howled the sound a mix of pain and pleasure. “I can’t help myself,” he said, as he stretched his mouth wide and took as much of her large tit as he could in his mouth. His tongue rolled around it sucking on it fiercely. “You taste so divine all covered in lotion and sweat,” he said, as he swooped down on the other tit. He devoured it with the same ferocity as the other one.

Her nails dug into his shirt, saving his back from vicious marks. Her back arched and she screamed with pleasure, the sound filling the room. Her body had ridden the edge of pleasure for too long without release. All the pent up frustration was taking over turning into an animalistic desire for release. Her body wasn’t going to be denied. “I’m going to taste every last inch of you,” he said, as he worked his way up from her chest. He nibbled and kissed her neck. She threw her head to one side in an unspoken invitation, making herself vulnerable to him. He bit down hard and held it as she screamed, moaned and screamed some more. The bed was soaked with her juices. His shirt now ripped by her nails, fiber and flesh beneath them.

He released his bite and started to suck and nibble his way down her body. As he worked his way down her body, he forced her legs open with his body and slid slowly between. His hard cock drug across her clit and pussy, but she cried out in frustration as he kept moving his way down. His entire body drug across her sensitive pleasure organs and when he buried his face in her sopping wet pussy, she latched onto the bed, arching her hips thrusting them into his face. He stopped to lick up her juices that had puddled on the sheets his hair tickling her clit. He munched on her pussy again, the sounds of his eating muffled by her thighs. His tongue slurped and licked her every inch of her hot hole like it was an ice cream cone melting quickly on a hot summer day. Not a single drop of her sweat tangy cream was wasted.

He plunged his fingers deep into her hole and started nibbled on her clit. His fingers swirled around inside her, feeling every fold of her pussy. He played with her clit sucking and nipping at it, then pressing his tongue hard against it rolling it around in small circles. He pushed his fingers deeper inside as she drew her ass up off the bed, riding his face. Screams of pure animal hunger and lust filled the room. They were the sounds that someone makes when their humanity and control is stripped away and all that is left is pure instinctive animal lust and pleasure.
His fingers found her sweet spot. The one that’s buried deep inside a woman and sets off a powerful chain reaction when played the right way. And he played her; he pushed her button playing her song. Licking and sucking furiously on her clit, while his fingers stroked deep inside her, sent both her mind and body over the edge it had been riding for so long.

Her whole body arched off the bed and tensed up as she tore at the sheets still screaming as the first waves of orgasm surged through her body. It became so powerful that it finally took her breath away. All she could do was quake and tremble as she gave in to the pleasure and release she had been craving all night during her session. The last waves of pleasure left her body, leaving her voiceless trembling on the bed. He stayed buried between her legs tenderly lapping up all her juices. Finally he looked up, face smeared with cum and smiled.

She laid there smoking her cigarette, her body still hungry for more. She had just had one of the most powerful experiences of her life, but instead of putting out her inner fire, it simply fueled her craving wanting more. It had freed her inner animal from the cage she kept it locked away in. The inner animal wasn’t going to go away now until all of its needs where filled and its hunger satisfied. She watched him as he undressed. She could tell he was just as hungry as she was.

He didn’t care about his expensive clothes right now. He needed her and needed her now. He ripped his boots off and they went flying across the room. He tore at his shirt, now ruined by her nails, buttons popping off as he tossed it in a heap on the floor. His fingers fumbled, struggling to undo his belt and jeans. Finally they both gave way and he kicked them off.

She wasn’t surprised to see him going commando. She was done waiting, leaned over and snuffed out her cigarette. As she rolled back over, she felt the weight of the bed shift as he fell next to her. They both rolled over on their sides to face each other, eyes locked sizing each other up, bodies struggled for domination and control. Legs where intertwined fighting to find the right leverage that would help boost them over on top. (This begins the original ending that started the story. Livelier people please go to page 18)

Hands flew over each others bodies grabbing, pinning and pushing them apart and then closer. The entire time their lips locked in a furious kiss. Tongues dodged and parried each other; teeth nipped and bit lips when they could latch on. His hands raced down her body and snagged the thin waist band of her crotchless thong. He ripped them savagely from her hips, the fine fabric giving away, falling down her thighs. The remnants of her panties where still in his hand as he yanked them from between her legs and threw them on the floor rolling on top pinning her under his weight.

There was no need for words. Their bodies had control, freed from the constraints of their minds. They moved together as one animal. He shifted his weight to position his cock at her entrance as she spread her legs and raised her hips; his cock throbbed against her entrance. They breathed as one and when he entered her. They both exhaled sharply as he filled her in one fluid motion. His thrusts were sharp quick and deep, his breath became ragged and shallow. He sat back on his legs a bit and grabbed her hips pulling him deeper onto him, as she grabbed the headboard.

As he continued to drive into her, she ground her hips against his. She was riding the waves of ecstasy that were crashing over her body. She was so close, teetering on the brink, ready, wanting and waiting to fall off the edge. She wanted him to be the one to achieve her goal, to take her where none other had taken her before. But her mind refused to let go of the last little shred of control that kept her right on that dangerous edge. The battle raged, she struggled, torn between control and total submission and freedom.

He read her body language sensing her frustration and how close she was. He was surprised though when she pulled away from him, but started to smile when she flipped over and got on all fours. The finest ass he’d ever seen was presented to him high in the air, shoulders down and face buried in a pillow. “Damn what a perfect ass,” he said.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she growled. He showed no mercy when he grabbed her hips and rammed into her in one long hard stroke. He fucked her like an animal with strong fierce powerful strokes. He pulled almost totally out of her leaving just the swollen purple head of his cock pulsing in her entrance before he would drive into her again. She matched his thrusts her ass slapping loudly against his hips. “Harder!!” she demanded. “Faster!!” she yelled. Obediently he complied fucking her with everything he had.

Her face was buried in the pillow. It muffled the guttural and animalistic sounds that came from somewhere deep inside her. He reached up with his left hand and grabbed a fist full of her long, now sweat soaked hair and pulled her head back. Her back sank lower as her ass rose a bit grinding hard on his cock leaving no space between there bodies. His thrusts now rocked her entire body back and forth forcing her to grab the headboard again to help brace herself. His free hand was no longer needed to keep her locked on his cock. He started to smack her ass hard, one cheek than another, timing his slaps with his thrusts. Her cries got louder and faster urging him on. They were both close, both rolling towards ecstasy once again. His balls bounced against her throbbing clit with every stroke. It wasn’t enough. She reached between her legs with one hand and started to rub her clit hoping to force herself over the edge.

She’d get to the edge and then she’d fall a step back, get almost there and again, nothing. All of this and its still wasn’t enough. The battle still raged. Her mind wasn’t letting go, her body wouldn’t submit, freeing her from the shackles of control. Her inner animal refused to be fed this way. This isn’t what it was hungry for, so she remained trapped seconds from satisfaction. Her temper flared as her frustration grew when the realization struck her that he may not be the one after all.

She looked over her shoulder and stopped him mid stroke when she said, “Get out of me! You’ve had your chance. I won’t submit to you. I’m taking complete control.” He did as she ordered, releasing her hair and silently pulling out. “On your back!!” she growled, a hint of anger in flared in her eyes. Now she was in total control but angry and frustrated. It was a dangerous combination.

He did as he was told, quickly and silently. She wasted no time as she strapped him securely to the bed with the strongest straps she could find. She decided the basic spread eagle position was the best. It was easy to do, provided the most access to the body and yet very secure. She shoved a basic ball gag into his mouth but opted against a blindfold. She wasn’t trying to heighten his other senses. She’d much rather see the looks in his eyes as she controlled and dominated him.

Her time on stage with Mistress had stretched her mind and body forcing her to play a role she was unfamiliar with. Now she was back in familiar territory. She fell quickly into old habits and mindsets. She was the dominatrix and master. He was her slave, a plaything, a tool she would use. No matter what the cost, she would reach her goal or satiate the hunger of the animal freed within her. She’d allowed him to play master for awhile. She’d given him control, but he had failed. It was his fault she was this frustrated and angry. Now she had control of the reigns. He’d had his chance and blew it. He’d pay for his failure.

She grabbed a flogger. It had a heavy wooden handle and black braided strands of leather about 18” long. She started to work his body over. At first the blows where solid and rhythmic thudding when they landed on his chest. It wasn’t long though before the blows started coming much faster and less rhythmically. They went from thudding and stinging to slapping and really hurting. He moaned loudly and struggled against his bonds as bright red welts started to appear on his chest. Before the pain started to blur his vision, he noticed a shift in her demeanor. She stood taller, stiffer and was definitely more commanding. He saw shadows fill her eyes as they started to glaze over the longer she assaulted his body.

The flogging stopped as she threw the flogger away and grabbed a long thin dagger from the toy box on the table. She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over, her large tits inches from his face. She ran the flat edge of the knife down the sides of his neck. His body lunged toward her stopped only by his bonds, his cock still throbbing, as he tried and failed to get her tit in his mouth.

She pressed the tip of the blade firmly into his neck drawing a single drop of blood. She said, “You’re a very bad boy!” and then licked up the drop of blood as it worked its way slowly down his neck. She sat up and started running the knife down his chest and around one of his nipples. She flicked one with the tip of the knife and he moaned loudly. She moved to the other side and flicked that nipple as well, his moans muffled by the gag. His eyes where filled with a mix of fear and excitement. She tortured his nipples some more. “This isn’t a game for me. Now it’s for keeps,” she said while the blade traveled down his chest drawing ragged circles around his navel. It left raw red tracks marking where it had been.
She drug it down his hips and around his inner thighs. The blade skipped roughly across his skin as she moved it around his lower body. His entire body froze in mid motion as she slowly traced his entire stiff shaft with the tip of the blade. “I should just get rid of this. It’s useless to me anyway,” she commented mindlessly but firmly pressing the knife into the base of his cock. His eyes were wide as he shook his head no. Her soft hand suddenly had an iron grip on his balls. She lazily ran the knife around them as she spoke, “I’ve had battery operated toys perform better than you. I think I’ll just rid you of these useless pieces of flesh and put both of us out of our misery.”

Fear filled his eyes, as he continued to try and change her mind and save his family jewels with a gag in his mouth. Despite the fear, on his face, his dick never showed the same signs. It stayed rock hard and throbbed impatiently. “I’ll give you one more chance,” she said laying the knife on his chest. “But if you fail me again… the consequences will be very severe. Do you understand?” she asked. He nodded vigorously in agreement. Glad his jewels survived her rage.

She mounted him easily, sliding down his pole in one easy movement. She slowly rocked back and forth moving along the full length of his cock rubbing her clit against him fueling her arousal. He felt so good inside her. She was so stretched and full every pulse his cock made reverberated inside her. She lost herself in the moment her only goal now to fulfill her own needs and finally satiate the animalistic hunger that was controlling her. She’d been in this position before, the person had changed, but the motions were all the same to her now. He became just another tool to please herself with, another meal that would get rid of the awful hunger inside her.

She could feel the pressure rising within her again. She picked up the pace. Faster and faster, harder and harder she rode him driving back on him with such force he was pulled hard against his bonds. She ground her hips against him working her clit with every stroke. She kept fucking his cock with animalistic fury while she grabbed her tits pulling on her nipples twisting and rolling them between her fingers just as he’d done earlier this evening.

He watched her, as she fucked him. Her body was covered in sweat. She was lost in her own world of pleasure and ecstasy. Her eyes were totally glazed over and he knew he was the furthest thing from her mind. He didn’t care. He was getting off just watching. She was a wild, untamed animal. Her beauty wasn’t the only thing turning him on. Her total control of him and lack of concern for him was driving him to his edge.

Most women fucked him for who he was, fucked him for his money, or fucked him for what they thought he could do for him. She treated him like any other face in the crowd, just another dick for her to use as she wanted. That’s why he found her so attractive. And even though she was in it only for her satisfaction she worked his cock unlike anything he had ever felt before. As she was pounding him ferociously, her velvety soft pussy continually grabbed his dick like a woman wearing soft silky gloves giving him the best hand job of his life.
She was on a rollercoaster ride she couldn’t stop or get off even if she wanted too. And right now she was almost to the top of the biggest hill of the ride. She could see its crest. She was almost there. She knew that once she got over the crest it was all screams of pleasure and an exhilarating downhill freefall from there. But she knew that sometimes her car would stall at the top just like it had several times earlier tonight. She was seconds away from reaching the crest and she wasn’t going to stall out again. She wouldn’t be denied. She was going to do whatever it took to finish this ride.

As she reached her crest she could feel the battle rage once again. She was tired of the fighting. Her mind didn’t care about control anymore. All her body wanted to do was to get off. The inner animal controlled it all now. She no longer tried to control the situation, others or herself. The beast within her had won the battle. The war was about to be won. There was no stopping her, damn the consequences.

As the fight raged within her, the shattering of control, confusion and frustration transferred through her body and shoved him over the edge. His balls tightened, body arched, held down only by the restraints. Muffled grunts and groans escaped through the gag as the first shots of his hot sticky cum exploded into her.

She was going to ride the edge of orgasm no more. The battle within her was won and the beast poised itself to strike the final blow and win the war. She grabbed the knife still on his chest as he started to explode inside her lost in his orgasm. The move was strong, expertly placed and well timed. It was fluid and swift, driving through his soft flesh separating the muscles between his ribs and piercing his heart. His body was torn between cumming and dying. As the knife pierced his heart ending his life, his chest sank in, his last breath only sputtering and hissing past the gag. Simultaneously, his hips thrust upwards deeper into her emptying his last powerful stream of seed into her.

She watched victorious as his life left his body and flowed into hers. She reaped her rewards and spoils of war by flying over the crest of her final hill falling into ecstasy, screaming the primal screams of pleasure. She was flung like a rag doll as her body reacted to her second and most powerful orgasm of the evening. She instinctively ground her hips into his pressing him into the mattress wanting the freefall and freedom of animalistic pleasure and pure raw emotion to never end. Her inner animal fed on her orgasm until it could take no more. Satiated it went willingly back into its cage hidden deep in the corners of her mind locked away until it could take the hunger no more.

The ride had come to an end. She dismounted and got herself together making sure she would now go unnoticed to the rest of the world. As she was leaving out the back door, she looked over her shoulder at the carcass left on the bed and said, “I’m disappointed in you. Like all the others you have failed and suffered the same consequences.” The door clicking softly shut behind her.

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