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It has been a very hot summer for Tammy. She's become a 13 year old fox who is even more in love with Tom as the weks go by. She's to young to marry and she craves Tom's mature dick. What can the cute sprite do?
Nubile Bliss 3 By Will Buster

Tammy was lying on a bright yellow mat beside Tom’s oft used pool. She was on her back stark naked while Tom slowly and carefully rubbed sun tan oil on her delicate, girly soft skin. She smiled up at him, licking her freshly glossed lips. She’d used hot pink to accent her mouth because she now knew that it made oral sex a lot more exciting for him. He loved to split open those virginal looking lips that were moistened by the kind of lip stick that whores were known to use, at least that is what he’d told her. . She practically purred as his fingers explored and fondled her damp pussy folds or rubbed more sun screen on her budding little tits and flat belly. She was about to get totally eaten and fucked. She’d been seeing Tom for several thrilling weeks now and she knew the drill perhaps even better than he did. He still had no idea how much she controlled each situation when she wiggled and stripped for his undivided attention. Tammy enjoyed the visceral excitement of the sexual power her young, vivacious body had over him. Sometimes it only took a pouting smile or a strategic jiggle of her scantily clad hips to coax him into another thrilling bed sport adventure.

Her bald cunt became extremely slick and warm with the tingle of arousal from his tender touch along with the fervent heat of the hot, Virginia, summer sun. Tammy’s skin glowed and glistened from the pleasant heat of his knowing hands and the thorough application of the aromatic skin lotion that he rubbed into every inch of her delicate skin. At last she lifted her legs back, offering her slick groin for much more intense inspection.

Tom made sure he covered all of Tammy’s sexual bases. He gently fingered the warm oil into her tiny rectum ever so carefully, sending even more pleasure through Tammy’s little girl groin. Tammy moaned in sheer delight. He was preparing her holes for his rigid cock. She knew it would be as hard as a rock because he needed her youthful, lusty body. He had to stuff his prick deep inside her and fuck her silly until his warm sap shot deep into her squirming little holes. By now, it didn’t matter which one or both. He was always gentle with her in the beginning, especially when he intended to fuck her wicked, rimming anal sheath. Thank God for those birth control pills! She was pretty sure if she hadn’t been taking those, she would have been knocked right up and then there would be hell to pay both from her parents and the members of the church they attended.

She could just imagine the scandal when the town found out that she’d had a baby fucked into her sinful little body. She might even be called a whore and a slut because she’d let a boy stick his dirty cock into her flaming pussy and squirt his milky lust right into her, day after day and night after night. The very thought turned her on even more.

“Oooooo! Tommy! You naughty boy! Lick me first! Fuck both of my holes with your tongue. Then we can fuck! God! I’ve missed you so bad, baby! Hurry! Eat me!”

Tammy was desperate for her new lover. She’d had to endure abstinence for an entire week without his massive cock searching her fiery insides. The family had gone north to visit relatives and she couldn’t very well say, “Well, I can’t come with you because I get balled by our very neighborly friend, Tom. Yes, he fucks me almost every day and I work his dick like some two bit whore. No, I don’t mind at all. In fact I love it, every tingling inch of it.”

Tom’s thumb eventually entered her anal pucker and she squealed from the sudden jolt of pleasant pain that shot through her inviting backside. She’d just turned 13 and she felt so grown up because Tom had made her into a cock craving woman. She was a big girl now and she’d even put her dolls away in a cardboard box and stowed it in the attic. She was headed for eighth grade. She should have been there all ready but she’d been held back a grade because of that damned strange illness she’d had. The doctor kept telling her she was over it but every three months she had to have a check up and x-rays and the whole nine yards. She shuddered a little. What if the doctor discovered she was sexually active? What if they started asking questions and more questions? After love, she always washed herself thoroughly to make sure there wasn’t any telltale DNA around to nail poor Tommy with. Tammy actually felt a little sorry for Tom. After all, she hadn’t given him any choice. She’d wanted the relationship even more than he had. She’d even gotten him to show her a few porn flicks so she could learn tricks both physical and verbal. Words like cunt, pussy, fuck and cock were turn on words that she’d quickly learned to say during love play. She’d known the f word from a few naughty students in sixth grade and a few conversations with a few older friends she knew in high school had widened her sexual vocabulary. However Tom’s dirty movies had given her the context which vastly improved her timing when it came to touching his mental hot buttons with her filthy language.

To her, he was new, exciting and so perverse at the same time. He played with every part of her from tip to toe with no compunction or hesitation. Oh he respected her, all right, after the sucking and the fucking were completed. However, for Tammy, respect was water in the desert. Respect was nice but it couldn’t turn her pussy into a molten pit of burning bodily fluids. It couldn’t relieve that creamy itch that only his tongue and hard cock could satisfy. Respect was fine in public but behind closed doors, the irreverence of a stiff cunt piercing shaft was what she wanted and yearned for every time she was alone with her very naughty boy friend. It was the blazing rapture of unbridled lust that made her blood boil and her body convulse. It was that full, wet feeling that drove her to greater acts of what should have been considered disgusting animalistic acts but was in reality the most beautiful expressions of human love that she could ever have imagined.

His lips found her cunt lips and stars began to form in front of her young eyes. She arched her back, welcoming his oral touch while his strong hands pushed back her slender, silky smooth legs much further back. He totally exposed her sex and ass hole for his expert mouth, lips and tongue. Tammy eagerly opened to him, offering her entire body like a willing sacrifice to satiate the hunger of the Gods. In fact, although Tammy would never have consciously admitted this, deep down inside, she worshipped Tom as if he were some earthly God, come to comfort her blazing senses. Her whisper was exciting and provocative. “Eat me Tommy! Eat my virgin cunt! Suck my juicy hole and stick your tongue in my ass hole. Yes, like that you horny mother. Yes! Now nip my clit! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes!”

Tom was very horny to. To his own surprise, he hadn’t fucked any women while she’d been gone. He’d decided to save his ardor for this youthful slut who came to him of her own free will without shame or propriety. Although he wanted to savor the flavor of her pool cleansed ass hole and peachy sweet cunt, his cock was demanding the soft caress of her tight pussy flesh. In spite of his good intentions he ended up only eating out her pussy or tongue fucking her anal entrance for a few minutes. Unable to hold back any longer, he mounted, ready to ride. Tammy gripped her ankles, making sure her legs were afar back and not in his way.
Her immature voice sang with the beauty of her desire. “Fuck me Tommy! Bury that big cock in my ass hole! Hurry!”
He’d lubricated her rectum very well but it was still a chore to get his aching cock head beyond that tiny anal rim of hers. How he yearned to split her ass bud open and stroke his hard dick deep into her anal cavity. He strained, telling her to relax and let him enter her. Weeks earlier, he’d told the cute, blonde sprite exactly what to expect. First there would be a sharp pain but then he would stay deep inside her, motionless until she got used to his thick hard dick filling and stretching her young bum hole.

With a shudder and a loud groan, he sank his manhood slowly down her waiting anus, relishing her tiny orifice. Her flesh gave and engulfed him, relaxing and clenching him at the same time.

Her command hissed with lust and pain. “Yes, Tommy! Fuck my virgin ass! I’m a teen slut now! I’m getting older and better! Oooooo! Slow Tommy! It hurts like a bitch! Slower! Let me get used to it you hot fuck!”

Tom fucked very slow at first. His cock felt the undulations and the quivering spasms that told him that her anus was getting used to his penetrations. However, Tammy got over the discomfort fast. She bucked towards the stiff invader, urging him to fuck her ass the same way he would fuck her hot cunt. Soon, Tom was in a frenzy, shafting her ass, desperate to relieve that insistent itch that inflamed his dick. Tammy squealed with the thrill of another approaching orgasm. “Ball me! Fuck my shit! Oooooo! Fuck! Shoot me full of cum! You can fuck my cunt when you finish with my ass! I promise! I’ll fuck your cock so nice with my pussy, just the way you love it! Oh Tommy! Tommy! Yes! Squirt your cum into my little ass hole!”

“Did you miss me slut?”

”Yes Tom! Yes! I was climbing the walls at Aunt Mildred’s. I thought I would go crazy without you doing me! Oh Christ! Screw my ass! I need you in my cunt next! I missed you so bad, you hot stud!”

“Did you miss my cock?”

”Fuck yes Tommy! I missed your big, nasty, shit fucking cock! Harder! Oh fuck! Do it harder!”

“Do you want it in your ass or your cunt?”

“Quick! Fuck a brat into my baby pussy! Hurry! Ooooo my fucking God! It’s so hot!”

Somehow he yanked out of her twitching anus and slammed his meat hard into her defenseless little twat. With an urgent thrust he buried himself right to the balls! The force of his entering fuck was so great, her small body was pushed almost a foot toward the edge of the mat. Tammy legs crept around his back side, urging him closer and blessedly deeper. His hands were already glued to her little tits and his mouth sought hers! Just before the torrid kiss, Tammy encouraged him some more. “Fuck my cunt! Fill me with your baby milk! God! I can feel it coming! You need me! You need my naughty little pussy! Love me baby! Fuck my pussy full of your cum! It’s all right sweetie! Let it go!”

The tongue that had searched her cunt and ass hole entered her mouth and she lost control. Tammy’s cock stuffed cunt exploded in a rippling series of spasmodic convulsions. Wave after wave of passion tore through her, sending her very soul to the outermost limits. A moment later she felt his entire body stiffen. He fucked harder into her contracting cunt and then his fluids poured into her, filling her with warmth and primal ecstasy!

Her head swam from the reeling sensations of exquisite release. She was his lover, his little fox, his whore and his plaything. She was there to provide him with every form of unrestrained sport and in return, she received indescribable rapture. Her pretty pink pussy was going to be red and sore but that did not matter. Her violated snatch was generously filled with rich, warm spurts of tom’s sticky seed. She felt like a pig and an angel at the same time. She was a goddess, bequeathing joy to a worshipper and at the same time an abject slave to this lovable barbarian who took and took and took!

She finally found her voice even as he was gasping from the power of his prolonged ejaculation. He croaked, “That was so fucking marvelous! Do you want to play some more, you little minx?”
Tammy giggled, “What is a minx?”

Tom chuckled, “It’s a cock craving whore who can’t get enough.”

She moved her finger seductively along his slippery semi-hard meat. “Well, why don’t you take me to your big, bad bed and teach me some more lessons that a naughty young minx needs to know? I don’t want my skin to burn. The doctor said it wasn’t good for me.”

He grinned. “Your wish is my command, your most royal and indecent highness.”

She grabbed the two halves of her bikini before he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the house. “You’re going to get it real bad now, girl. Speak now or forever hold your piece.”

She giggled at his joke. “I intend to hold my piece. Every fucking inch of it. My parents won’t be back until six, so we have plenty of time. I expect to be thoroughly serviced by you, good sir knight!”

Tom squeezed her a little harder in his strong arms. “Where did you learn that phrase, the good sir knight line?”

“Oh that’s daddy! He has us watch Shakespeare sometimes. He really is a darling but he’s also out of it. It seems like all his words have at least three or four syllables and he’s really high brow. Listens to Beethoven and Bach and God knows what. I have to sneak off to my room to hear some decent rock or rap.”

They were approaching their favorite room. He asked, “So can I have my way with you, my sweet lady?”

She returned his smile with both her eyes and lips. “I want it all, Tom. I must have fingered myself for an hour every night just to keep my sanity. Hurry Tom! Put me on that bed and stick it right into me again! I love it when you just take me and fuck my little brains out.”

Tom quickly dumped the squealing teen temptress on the unmade bed. Then he lay down beside her, kissing her and feeling her up totally while his body revived for the next round of primordial fucking. To his besotted mind, he wasn’t quite sure why he’d taken so completely to this sensual nymph. Perhaps it was the thrill of constantly plundering her relative innocence. Perhaps it was her youthful beauty which at times could be downright stunning, especially as her skin began to tan without any bikini marks attesting to the amount of time she spent totally naked under hot, summer rays. Perhaps it was her bubbling personality. She was quick to giggle, quick to plunge into the pool and very quick to strip, suck and fuck. It was obvious to Tom that Tammy held nothing back from him, now that he’d possessed her mouth, pussy and anus. He’d done everything possible to her sexy, young body and the girl practically begged for more and more. He just wondered how long he could keep this rutting-match secret from her parents. In point of fact he was beginning to get a bit nervous about it all. If she blurted out the wrong thing or if her father unexpectedly stopped over to check on the welfare of his little precious, he’d be up shit creek without a paddle. In fact he probably wouldn’t even have a canoe. His ass would most likely be dumped directly into a max security slammer for a few years, even though the little slut had practically jumped his bones in spite of his admonitions. It was too bad he wasn’t living back in the colonial period. Sometimes, couples got married at 13 or 14. The old timers had more common sense when it came to sex. If the girl was old enough to bleed, she was old enough to breed.

She broke into his reverie. “A penny for your thoughts?”

She was already giving his limp member a slow hand job. It seemed to Tom that this little lovely just could not get enough. True, she’d been gone for a week but even when she was getting laid regular; it was as if Tammy had a permanent itch in her pussy which demanded ferocious service from his thick man-meat. He replied after another long kiss. “I’m just a bit worried about us. What if your parents or someone else finds out what we’ve been doing? My ass would be grass and the local judge would be the mower.”

“Well, I’ll just tell them that I was the one who started it. I came over to your home and practically forced you to take me. At first it was curiosity but the more you are with me, the more I am sure that we are meant for each other. Now how can they possibly bring charges against you when I was the one who got things started? How could they be so cruel to you when all you do is love me and make me feel like some beautiful goddess?”

He rubbed his finger gently along the slit between her puffy pussy lips. She was very wet and still hot for him. She moved her legs a bit further apart, encouraging him to finger fuck her cunt even as they talked.

“Unfortunately, my little vixen, it doesn’t work that way. At the very least they will nail me for statutory rape and if your parents got really pissed, they might even get me for kidnapping, child abuse and God knows what else. The more I am with you, the more frightened I become. Every hour I am with you increases the chance we’ll get caught. Hell, I don’t even know if I could get a job once they let me out. If you were sixteen, I might be able to arrange a marriage contract with you even if it had to be in another state. But you just turned 13 my sweet piece of jail bate.”

He let his words sink in while her little hand clutched his, forcing his fingers deeper inside her. “All I know Tom is that it feels so wonderful when you are doing me. I want to be with you all the time. It’s torture to be away from you. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do when school starts. I’ll have home work and school projects and I gotta hang out with my friends a lot. I might be able to sneak over here for a quickie or two during the week ends but I know it won’t be enough for either of us and then you’ll start fucking around with some other chicks because I won’t be around enough to satisfy you and…and..”

She began to cry and she buried her face on his chest while her cunt wriggle on his slick fingers, eager for further play. She finally looked up at him. “I want to be with you morning, noon and night. Well, except when you have to work. I don’t know why this happened, it just did. I know it’s more than just an early teen crush. What are we going to do?”

He thought a long time about the problem while holding his young lover close, his fingers enjoying the texture of her boiling little box. His dick was hard once more, demanding a re-entry into Tammy’s vaginal paradise. He lifted her gently and moved her into the correct, straddle fucking position. She giggled, “I know what your cock wants big stud! Push me down on it and fuck me! Oooooo! God! It feels so good inside me, even when you fuck my little ass hole. I wish I could be your horny young wife right now and then we could fuck and fuck and fuck! Oh God! We’d stay in bed the entire fucking honeymoon!”

Tom gazed into her flashing eyes and blushing face. Even after weeks of sexual exploration, this sweet girl still experienced shame at what she was doing. He smiled at her while his hands frisked her tits or gently rubbed her budding little clit. Up and down she bucked, increasing the pressure of her stroking cunt, insuring his devoted interaction. He thrust upward to meet her vigorous plunges and he knew it was right as well. He pulled her forward to suck her tits while their bodies blended together in the wild rhythm of unbridled lust. “Oooooo, Tommy! Tommy! Fuck me! Stick that cock deep in my cunt and squirt me! Ooooo Jesus! You’re making me cum you stud! Whatta hot stud you are Tommy! You don’t know what you do to me! Aaaaaaaggghhhhhh! Fuck yes! Cumming! Cumming! Eeeeeeeeee! Fffffuuuccckkkkk!”

Tom was still a long way from consummation. He held her hips hard, not permitting her to escape his impaling prick. “That’s it baby! Keep your cunt on my cock! Fuck it! Just keep fucking it you hot little bitch! Show me how much you want me! Show me how much you need my big dick! Do it! Work me with your creamy little cunt! That’s the way you little slut! Work it! Now squeeze it harder! Harder! Now, push down on me faster and really milk it! Ooooo! Tammy! You’re such a hot little pig! I want you so bad! Fuck me! Fuck me! Faster! Faster! Whore on that cock! Do you love it, my foxy little slut?”

Tammy was breathing real hard now and she was sweating because he hadn’t put on the air con. That was all aright though. She liked being hot in every way when he was inside her, ravishing her tiny, teen cunt. “Oh Christ Tom! Yes!! You’re so fucking big! I love it! I love your cock! I love the way you fuck my pussy! I love you Tom! Push me on my back and really put it to me! I wanna be drilled and fucked harder until you pump that baby milk into my white, hot cunt! Hurry! Do me!”

Moments later he was on top after a very brief disconnection to facilitate a better position for her slim legs. He forced her sexy legs all the way back so that she resembled a pretzel getting her fuck hole slammed. For him it was a super turn on because all of the tension was concentrated on her pussy with nothing in the way. It was almost like fucking a dismembered, solitary cunt hole until he finally sagged forward to capture her tits with his suckling mouth and nipping teeth. Tammy was squealing almost at the top of her lungs from sheer rapture. She’d cum twice more within a few brief minutes of being mercilessly pounded from above. “Fuck my cunt! Fuck me! Plow my pussy, fuck boy! Oh Tom! Tom! You keep me cumming! I love it! Don’t you dare stop! Again!! Bang me! Yes! It’s coming! Cumming! Cumming! Quicker! Yes! Yes! Now!”

He felt her quake as her cunt contracted with a series of powerful ripples. To his amazement the little slit bitch still wanted more! He drilled her even harder. He added to her delight by sucking her toes and groping her little tits. Again she exploded, only this time, her own fluids spurted out of her cunt with an exceptionally powerful orgasmic burst. He’d slammed into her g spot a lot and that inner itch had finally sent Tammy to heaven. She almost passed out from the exquisite bliss that rushed through her entire groin and lower belly.

Tom moved forward and gently probed her mouth with his slick tongue while his hard cock searched and twisted inside her innermost depths. She was still clutching him, urging his dick deeper and deeper. Her own tongue wiggle don his, inviting him to do his utmost. Suddenly he groaned into her kiss and lost himself in her blazing, vaginal caldron. Again and again, his cock spewed spunk into her aggressively squeezing pussy-hole. He was her captive as much as she was his. There bodies were locked together, cunt to cock and mouth to mouth. She’d even held her legs by the ankles to insure that he had total access to her pussy. She’d noticed some porn slut doing that in one of the films she’d watched. Tammy was definitely a quick learner especially when it came to sucking a cock and getting fucked until her little pussy hole was pleasantly sore.

He just lay on top of her, relishing the tender feeling of the last trickles of his seed joining the warm wetness of his massive ejaculation. She continued to keep kissing him, holding his head with her hands to prevent him from escaping her torrid embrace. By now, all that could be heard was breathing and the occasional moan of delight as they seemed to float together in the after glow of their heart racing passion. His cock felt as if it were lodged in a warm pool of fleshy liquid while Tammy still thrilled to the full feeling that only a big cock can give to what is usually an empty hole. When she felt him move back as if to slip out of her, her fingers darted to his ass cheeks and she dug her sharp nails in, forcing him to stay right where he was. “Not so fast, buster! You’re not going anywhere! Your little girl needs you again.”


It was the second day of school and Tammy was clowning around with some of her friends after classes. They were hanging out behind the school building near the track field. Cathy was bragging to them. “Well, girls, I got a new boy friend this summer. I’m not saying who but we did it twice before I got on the pill. My parents have no clue. I have an older friend who gets me the pills. If any of you prissy little chicklets get lucky, I can get some for you for a price of course.”

They all laughed. Tammy asked, “So what is it like to get done by a boy?”

Cathy smirked, “It’s so hot! You just cannot imagine it. When he gets in me I feel like I’m gonna explode sometimes if he lasts long enough. Sometimes he shoots his load to quick and I have to suck him hard for more fun.”

Tina chortled, “Oooo, Cathy, you’re such a slut! You suck his cock to?”

Cathy grinned back at her friends. “Oh yeah! I even got him to spurt it in my mouth a few times. It tastes real funny but I swallowed quite a bit of it. It’s pretty messy though. It’s better to have him squirt in my cunt.”

Lisa mocked her. “You’re just making this all up. Hell you probably got all these ideas from a dirty movie or two or three.”

“Listen Lisa, I don’t care if you believe me or not. I did get a few ideas from a porn flick but I am telling you that my new boy friend does me regularly. That’s pretty good for an eighth grader, don’t you think? What will I be like when I’m legal?” She wiggled her hips very suggestively.

Tammy broke in. “You’ll be a cock craving slut. Maybe you’ll even hook for money you naughty tart!”

They all laughed. Lisa asked, “Are you for real? Are you really getting it like you say?”

Cathy became serious. “Yes Lisa! I’m not at liberty to mention who he is but he’s in high school which makes it even more groovy. An upper class man is doing my cunt and mouth because he thinks I’m hot.”

Tammy face became a mask of pure mischief. “Do you let him fuck your ass hole?”

Cathy finally blushed. “No silly! That’s too gross! Besides there is no way he could ever get his big banger into that tiny place. Hell, it would rip me apart. Get real Tammy!”

Tammy just gave her friend a sly, know it all grin and gave it a rest.


But when Tammy finally got home, she knew she had to speak with her mother. Her father could never understand the emotions that were coursing through her young arteries. Her little cunt was constantly itching and attempting to clutch a cock that was not there. She hungered for Tom’s hot firm flesh. Deep down inside, Tammy knew there had to be a way. Somehow she had to discuss things with her mother without spilling the beans. She gulped with nervous apprehension when she found her mother preparing a late supper in their large, eat in kitchen.

Tammy put a few clean dishes into a cupboard that had been drying in the strainer. “You know, mom, I heard some girls bragging about their dates with boys at school. I think it’s time you told me a few things. I feel like such a dork because I’m not really sure what they mean by blow job and swallowing and other stuff. It’s pretty embarrassing to have to pretend to know what they are talking about when you really don’t have a clue.”

Mary Timmons was shocked by the sexual terms that Tammy mentioned. What were children learning in school these days? True, she’d traded stud stories in high school but she’d been a junior before such conversations had gotten that graphic. She looked into her daughter’s vulnerable looking eyes and saw something flicker there that she hadn’t seen before. There was something troubling her precious innocent Tammy and she knew she had to explain a lot of things to her daughter. Mary sighed, “I guess you’re not my little girl anymore. You’re growing up too fast. Well, while the steak and potatoes are baking, let’s have a little chat in the den.”

Mary picked up the remote and shut off Wolf Blitzer as he tried to explain why the economy was going for a shit. “That’s better, now sit down Tammy and I’ll try to explain a few things to you.”

Tammy noticed that her mother was somewhat nervous as she attempted to describe the bird bee reality to her. At times the deions were so clinical it was actually funny and Tammy helped break the ice a bit with some well timed giggles. She would interject comments like, “You’re kidding!”, “That’s gross!” or “Really?”

At last when Mary had concluded her little lecture on the interaction between boys and girls Tammy asked the question she’d been actually aiming to ask. “I know a girl at school and she’s only a few months older than me. She was bragging how she was getting done by this new boy friend whose a grade or two higher than she is. She keeps claiming it’s fantastic. She really talks dirty about it. I’m trying to keep it clean but she used some pretty nasty words to describe what they did. That’s where I heard about blow job. What is a blow job anyway?”

Mary grimaced, “That is when a girl allows a man to stick his penis into her mouth. She then proceeds to suck on it until he releases himself into her. I know it sounds disgusting but when you get older and you find someone you love, it actually is a wonderful way to express your devotion to your lover. And before you ask, I’m not mentioning anything that goes on between your father and me, is that understood, young lady?”

Tammy nodded and asked her next question. “So what if this chick gets pregnant or wants to get married? She’s only 13 and the boy can’t be older than 15. Maybe they get over each other but what if they don’t?”

Mary stared at the blank TV screen to collect her thoughts. “Well, I would think that marriage would be out of the question. I don’t think you can legally marry before 16 or there abouts. As for pregnancy, the girl should use birth control if she’s got any brains at all but she really is far too young for such goings on. Abortion is a possible solution if the worst happens but a young girl is just not ready for such a huge responsibility while she’s still trying to learn how to live. Hell, you girls don’t even get home ec until your sophomore year. Maybe you can find out a few things on the internet about teen marriage. I bet the stats are very disturbing and I’d rather have you study about it rather than make uneducated guesses about such things. I certainly wouldn’t want to see you get in trouble. Now, lets get supper ready for hubby and you think about what I’ve said. okay?”

Tammy grinned and nodded but deep inside she was churning with mixed emotions. She knew her mother was right, of course. However even the most irrefutable of truths didn’t relieve that burning hunger in her cunt that Tom had triggered over the long, hot summer. While she cut the potatoes she imagined the tasty thrill of licking his balls and sucking his cock while he tongue fucked her cunt and even her tiny anal pucker. As she mixed the gravy she could only think of the wonderful feeling of his cum, squirting incontinently into her pretty little pink pussy or pour down her gagging throat. How warm that lush wetness was as he filled her time after exciting time. It seemed that almost everything reminded her about some aspect of his love making and she day dreamed a lot even in school. She had trouble concentrating on virtually every topic and she recalled how her first two days in class were a blur of boring irrelevance. What would she be able to do? Maybe the World Wide Web would have a few answers. She sure hoped so.


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