This is a fictional account of a real experience.
The room was a mess as the 4 girls were getting ready for their night out. It was a small apartment in Tenerife and knickers, bras and discarded clothing were lying everywhere along with empty bottles, brushes, straighteners and makeup. Sonya had decided that 4 days without sex was long enough and while she had promised me that she would behave on a ‘hen week’ with a crowd of friends, she was going to get laid tonight.

She carefully straightened her long dark hair and put on just a little makeup, before getting dressed, white cotton panties, a short denim skirt that just about covered her beautifully toned ass and a pink vest top that was just a little too tight and showed off her firm 34C tits to their very best, thinking to herself ‘Why wear a bra if you don’t need to?’

Let me tell you a little about Sonya, she was 22 and since she fucked her first boyfriend when she was 15 had not gone more than about 4 or 5 days without sex. She was 19 and about 6 or 7 boyfriends later when I met her and fell in love (or maybe lust) instantly. At that time I had just split from my wife and was about 4 years older than Sonya, but it was her who taught me what real sex was like and did things that I had only seen before in magazines.

So initially I was a little worried when she said she was going away to Tenerife with a crowd of girls, but she promised to behave and not even to sunbathe topless. How gullible was I? First night back home what did I see? Yep perfectly tanned perfect tits! Then one of her friends let slip in my company one night (she was very drunk) that Sonya had shagged a guy in Tenerife, and this is the account of what happened.

So to get back to the start (I have a tendency to ramble – just ask my students) Sonya and the rest of the girls all tarted up headed out to a nearby club. After a short time and a few beers Sonya noticed a guy standing close to the bar. He was about mid twenties and while not overly good looking had that something that Sonya likes, he was tall, over 6 feet and slim. So she made her way through the crowd towards him and started to dance in close to him.

Sonya soon noticed that he was watching her move and so she moved closer until she was dancing just in front of him and ground her ass into him and could feel his hard cock up against her. At this she pressed into his body more and soon he had his arms around her and danced along with her. After a while Sonya leaned her head back and looked up at him and they began to kiss, tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. With her right hand Sonya reached back and started to rub his cock through his trousers. His breathing faltered at this before running his left hand under her tight vest over her flat stomach and caressing her left tit feeling the hard nipple push against his palm and the beads of sweat under her breast. Sonya let out a small groan and began to rub harder at his cock at which point he slipped his other hand under her short skirt and inside her panties, pleasantly surprised to find just the slightest wee tuft of hair above her pussy. Now this really turns Sonya on and she gasped as she opened her legs slightly to allow his fingers easy access into her extremely wet pussy. The guy, Sonya never asked his name, slowly stuck in 1 then 2 fingers and began to fuck her with them at the same time rubbing her clit with his thumb. This started to send Sonya wild and she pulled away from him and faced him and said to him “Fuck me, but not here.” He emptied his beer in one go before taking Sonya’s hand and leaving the club, with Sonya giving a big smile towards her friends. There was no talk between them just a lot of nervous tension as they made their way the short distance to his hotel.

On entering his room Sonya saw that it was nearly as messy as her own, and that he must have had a friend who was staying there as well. Anyway they faced each other with Sonya a good 9 inches shorter than him and started to snog again, tasting each other and feeling the heat from each others body. Sonya unbuttoned his shirt and it fell to the floor and she started to run her tongue over his chest, sucking and biting gently at his nipples, before working down over his stomach until she reached the waistband of his trousers. Sitting on the edge of the bed Sonya undid his trouser buttons and pulled them and his boxer shorts down and he stepped out of them.

Sonya took his fully erect and throbbing cock in her hand and slowly licked the tip of it tasting the juices that were leaking out of it before taking it all in her mouth and sucking it while running her fingernails over his balls. She then licked the length of his cock and started to lick his balls, and tongue that sensitive area just behind his balls and before his ass, driving him wild with desire. At this, he stood back and gently lay Sonya back onto the bed and pulled off her vest top exposing her beautiful pert tits with the nipples sticking straight up, and pulled off her skirt revealing her white panties with a damp patch on the front that almost looked like she had pissed herself.

The guy took a deep breath as he admired Sonya’s toned and suntanned body, before easing himself down on top of her and kissing her passionately, his hands roaming all over her body and gently massaging her tits, his hard cock rubbing against her thigh and every so often the head of it pushing at her pussy through her panties. After some minutes of this he started to gently kiss Sonya’s neck and shoulders before teasing her nipples with his tongue and then licking down her stomach, stopping when he reached her panties.

He slipped his thumbs under the waistband on either hip and after Sonya raised her ass of the bed, he slowly pulled her panties down gasping in wonder at the almost completely bald pussy, lips swollen and glistening with moisture and just the tiniest tuft of hair at the top. After dropping the panties on the floor, he began to trace the white marks left by her bikini with his tongue, going tantalisingly close to her pussy, but not touching it. Sonya began to moan in frustration and opened her legs wider thrusting her pussy towards his face, until finally he stuck his tongue into her warm wet pussy and began to lick her out. As he continued to do that he started gently to rub her clit with two of his fingers and as Sonya’s response heightened he rubbed faster and slightly harder while still working on her with this tongue. As the feelings inside her got more intense Sonya started to moan louder and faster, grabbing the sheets with both hands, wriggling her ass and pushing her pussy even further into his face, before the orgasm hit her and the love juices squirted from her, taking him by surprise and filling his mouth with a warm sweet tasting fluid. He swallowed some but the rest dribbled down his chin and onto the bed.

Sonya raised herself up onto her elbows and said to him ‘Now just fuck me!’ Not needing a second invitation he got onto his knees on the bed and lifted Sonya’s ass onto his knees and slowly slid his cock into her now very very wet pussy. As his cock entered her Sonya gasped with delight – not because it was such a big cock, she had had much bigger (and by the way mine isn’t the biggest she has had either!) – but because she was dying for a cock, any cock inside her. As he started to slowly ease the length of his cock in and out of her pussy Sonya shouted at him ‘Just fuck me hard and don’t stop until you cum inside my cunt!’ and locked her legs round his back pulling him deeper into her. He then raised Sonya’s ass up off the bed and began to thrust harder and harder into her pussy, making his cock feel even bigger than it was. They stayed this way with the guy thrusting as hard as he could and Sonya groaning with pleasure every time his cock thrust into her pussy and his balls slammed off her ass, both of them gleaming with sweat in the very hot evening. Finally he could hold back no more and shot a hot stream of spunk into Sonya’s pussy and collapsed exhausted on top of her, before rolling off to lie besides her. As the guy lay exhausted Sonya lay with a big grin on her face and a trickle of sperm dripping out of her well fucked pussy.

After a couple of minutes and she had come down to earth Sonya got up off the bed and pulled on her panties just in time to catch a big drop of sperm in them that spilled from her pussy, she then put on her skirt, vest and shoes got back onto the bed and giving the guy a soft lingering kiss, before walking out of the room without another word to him.

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2012-03-25 19:38:20
Hot story, but I would leave the bitch if she did that to me!

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